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Michigan’s cannabis trends 2024: From Super Boof to Gazzurple’s remarkable rise



Michigan, known for its robust automotive industry and beautiful Great Lakes, is also carving out a significant niche in the cannabis market. As we explore the state’s top cannabis strains in 2024, we see a mixture of steadfast favorites and surprising shifts, including the astronomical rise of Gazzurple. Let’s delve into the strains setting trends in the Wolverine State. Here are the top 5 most searched strains on Leafly in Michigan.

Michigan’s Fab 5

1. Super Boof: Continuously holding the top position, Super Boof is celebrated for its potent effects and complex flavors, embodying the peak of cannabis quality in Michigan.

SuperBoof by Virgin Leaf. (Ryan Herron for Leafly)

Super Boof


  • Relaxed • Hungry •Happy
  • THC 28%

Super Boof is a zingy hybrid weed strain made by crossing Black Cherry Punch and Tropicana Cookies. It has the same chunky, deep green buds as its parents that look wet with silver calyxes. The effects of Super Boof are believed to be intensely relaxing and giggly

2. Blue Dream: Always a crowd-pleaser, Blue Dream secures its spot with its balanced high and sweet berry notes, a testament to its versatility and widespread appeal.

blue dream marijuana strain

Blue Dream


  • Creative • Uplifted •Energetic
  • THC ~18%

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Blueberry with Haze. Blue Dream originated in California and has since achieved legendary status among West Coast strains and has quickly become one of the most-searched-for strains in the Leafly database. 

3. Lemon Cherry Gelato: With its vibrant flavor and euphoric effects, Lemon Cherry Gelato remains a constant favorite, showcasing Michigan’s love for strains with distinct profiles.

Is it Runtz? Just Gelato? Fig Farms-grown Lemon Cherry Gelato. (David Downs)

Lemon Cherry Gelato


  • Tingly • Giggly •Relaxed
  • THC ~20%

Lemon Cherry Gelato is a hybrid weed strain made from a genetic cross between Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies. Lemon Cherry Gelato is 20% THC, making this strain an ideal choice for experienced cannabis consumers. Leafly customers tell us Lemon Cherry Gelato effects includetingly,  relaxed, and euphoric.

4. Permanent Marker:  Leafly Strain of the Year 2023 climbs the ranks to offer a unique aroma and balanced effects, reflecting a growing interest in novel and memorable strains.

original art celebrating Permanent Marker as the Leafly Strain of the Year 2023. text is on left of frame, then a large image of purple and image bud with a circle drawn around it and lines coming out of the circle connected to other buds, plus a red blue and yellow graffiti-like design on the right side of the image

Permanent Marker


  • Tingly • Talkative •Aroused
  • THC ~18%

Permanent Marker is a modern cannabis strain and is Leafly Strain of the Year 2023! Los Angeles indie brand Doja Exclusive released the Permanent Marker weed strain in 2022 on both coasts. Bred and grown by Seed Junky Genetics’ JBeezy and selected by Doja Pak, the strain fuses several well-established cultivars: (Biscotti x Sherb Bx) x Jealousy. Floral, soapy, candy, and gassy funk smells fully translate into the taste. 

5. Runtz: Maintaining its place, the Leafly Strain of the Year 2020 is known for its fruity flavor and relaxing yet euphoric high, indicative of Michiganders’ preference for dessert-like strains.

runtz marijuana strain



  • Talkative • Happy •Giggly
  • THC ~21%

Runtz, also known as “Runtz OG,” is a rare type of  hybrid marijuana strain. Runtz is made by Cookies Fam by crossing Zkittlez with Gelato and it is loved for its incredibly fruity flavor profile that smells just like a bag of the sugary candy we all know and love. Because of the rising popularity of this cannabis strain, it’s no surprise Runtz was named Leafly Strain of the Year in 2020..

Noteworthy Movers and Shakers

Gazzurple: The story of the year, Gazzurple’s leap from 5,811th to 69th place since September 2023, highlights an extraordinary shift in consumer interest, likely driven by its unique properties and the buzz it has generated among cannabis enthusiasts.

Cadillac Rainbow: Moving up the list, Cadillac Rainbow, with its colorful name and potent effects, has piqued the curiosity of many, signaling a trend toward strains with both visual appeal and depth.

Cap Junky: Gaining traction, Cap Junky’s ascent from 23rd to 13th spot points to a broader exploration of strains that offer both a strong high and a memorable experience.

Pure Michigan: Making a significant jump, Pure Michigan climbs from 36th to 21st, underscoring a rising pride in locally-named or themed strains, reflecting state loyalty and cultural identity.

Michigan’s cannabis scene in 2024 is dynamic, characterized by an appreciation for both classic strains and the thrill of discovering new favorites. The remarkable journey of Gazzurple is just one example of the evolving tastes and preferences within the state’s cannabis community.

As the summer progresses, we’ll keep our finger on the pulse of Michigan’s cannabis trends, ensuring you’re always in the loop on what’s hot, what’s emerging, and the stories behind the strains. Stay tuned for more insights as we continue to navigate the vibrant world of cannabis in Michigan.

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leafly picks

Memorial Day’s best weed, prerolls, carts, and more 2024




Put some smoke in the air—the unofficial first days of summer arrive with Memorial Day May 30, and America’s 36 weed legalization states stand ready. 

Campouts, road trips, flights, and barbecues all require the right accessories, and that includes the ganja. The midwestern state of Ohio might see its first legal sales in June. New York’s first indoor-grown weed hits dispensaries. And California keeps hitting new heights. Leafly rounded up some staff and freelancer picks with our unmatched data to crush Memorial Day. 

Check back often as we add more picks in the coming days.


top of fuzzy marijuana plant with thick fleshy leaves and cola in shades of light and dark green and dark purple, with other plants visible behind it
Fresh Permanent Marker finishes flowering in Northridge in November 2023. (David Downs/Leafly)

Memorial Day in California means tasty and potent flowers, pre-rolls, carts, hash, and no shortage of gummies for the wine moms.

Popular strains: Permanent Marker, Lemon Cherry Gelato, Blue Dream

Leafly staff picks:

Over at GOAT Global in South LA: Seven Leaves, or Trilogy 710 Sour Wilson live rosin dabs. 


Popular strains: Gary Payton, GMO, Jack Herer,

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Leafly staff picks:

Magic Number Magic Drops—Super easy to dose this strawberry lemonade-flavored tincture. Add them to Spindrifts, and LaCroixs, etc.

Mt Hood Magic—Consistently one of the freshest strains out there. Smells amazing. We’ve seen it from Tree House Collective and Archive.


How to order weed delivery online with Leafly


Popular strains: Permanent Marker, Sour Diesel, Northern Lights,

Leafly Staff picks:

Freddy’s FuegoGary Poppins—Gary Payton and Red Runtz combine in this winner grown by Freddy’s Fuego in Washington. 

Torus brand Gas Face—Bring some stank to the campout with this Face Mints x Biscotti Sherbert strain grown perfectly by Torus. 

Method brand Red Bullz—This hype brand from keeps cranking out like Gouda Berry, Juicee J, Pink Certz, Roll-Ups, Red Bullz, Jealousy BX1, and Jaffa.

Wyld edibles in Sour Apple are delectable. (David Downs/Leafly)
Wyld edibles in Sour Apple are delectable. (David Downs/Leafly)

Dabstract Sour Diesel cart—This one-gram Live Resin Cart tastes nice and skunky, like the East Coast Sour D of our youth.

Harmony Extracts XJ-13 “Raw” CO2 cart—Tasty jack terps in a clean, smooth hit for under $40. So you can spend the rest on gas and craft beer.

Wyld Raspberry Sativa Enhanced Gummies—One of America’s go-to edible options. They are tasty, easy to dose, and pack the right amount of punch without totally knocking us out. It’s got 100mg THC per box, or 10 mg per gummy.


All of 2023’s Cannabis Cup winners and where to buy them


Popular strains: Gary Payton, Apple Fritter, Runtz


Love Lemon Tree? Go even blingier with Lemonatti. (David Downs/Leafly)
(David Downs/Leafly)

Arizona has gorgeous reservoirs, stunning hikes, and sunlight to spare this Memorial Day. Here’s stuff we’re smoking, from our most popular stores:

Popular strains: Apple Fritter, Kush Mints, Permanent Marker,

Leafly staff picks:

Potent Planet brand Tricho Jordan #23

Connected brand Lemonatti, or Gelonade

Legends flower Motor Breath—Affordable Chemdog x SFV OG for a classic smoke.

Gron 3:1 CBG edibles—When you went too hard at the gym, perfect for taming the soreness without getting so high you can’t function. CBG doesn’t get you high. It actually might help tame THC, while also having healing effects.

Timeless vapes Blue Dream—The low-stakes Modelo Especial of vapes goes perfect with cookouts.

See also: Tru | Med Zoap, Sherbanger OG live resin batter, Pure gummies Watermelon sativa, Dutchie 0.5-gram pre-roll 6-pack, Cookies Apples & Bananas preroll


Trending strains: Lemon Cherry Gelato, Cereal Milk, Gush Mints

Leafly staff picks:

Florcal Jealousy live rosin badder—The live rosin wave is hitting Illinois and the price is steep. But if you want to dab the best in class Leafly Strain of the Year 2022, pony up.

Royal Tree King Louis OG—This King delivers some price relief among punishing the prices of Illinois 


Medical marijuana Florida sends an adult-use proposition to voters this Fall. Register to vote!

Popular strains: Biscotti, GG4, Blue Dream


Prohibition states get high, too. Here’s what’s hot in the Line Star State. Just mind your Ps and Qs.

Popular strains: GG4, Runtz, Blue Dream

New York

Popular strains: LCG, GG4, ICC

New Jersey

Popular strains: Gumbo, Biscotti, Gary Payton

Product picks:

Prolific Grow House brand P-Funk—New Jersey flower so fine you’ll learn to roll joints, instead of hit prerolls all the time. A new era of craft cannabis is dawning on the East Coast. 

Cookies brand Mexican Flan

Binske Tangerine Twist

Rythm Xeno flower


Trending strains: Apple Fritter, Durban Poison, Super Boof,

Freshly Baked Northern Lights cart—This cart helps with sleep. For a weekend daytime‚ buzz all-in-one Acapulco Gold, Pineapple Express, or Blue Dream.

Middlesex Integrative Medicine—Frozen Lemons diamonds extract


Popular strains: Super Boof, Sour Diesel, Ice Cream Cake


Popular strains: Wedding Cake, Permanent Marker, Biscotti,

Product picks:

Dogwalkers 5-pack—In Las Vegas, these Dogwalkers are great for a short session, just like when you’re walking your pup. Smoking them supports animal resuces, and the swag is cool.


Trending strains: Lemon Cherry Gelato, Wedding Cake, Hash Burger,

Product picks:

Garcia Hand Picked Highland OG—Keeps it classic.

Fade Co Mule Fuel—For that more savory kick.

Curie Wellness LA Kush Cake pre-roll—Works surprising well on date night.

Curio Chews “Oh” Bedroom Berry—Backup for the LA Kush Cake.

Strane live resin Juicee J cart—For that zaza on the go.

SunMed Pineapple x Geasae Monkey live resin batter

And that’s a good place to start shopping for an epic Memorial Day stash.

Rest in peace to all of America’s fallen warriors, and may their relatives know peace.

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May 2024 Leafly HighLight: Pink Runtz strain




You’re running low on time. The cool moms of America deserve some fine, trendy, fragrant weed for Mother’s Day and Memorial Day campouts. They’ve earned some Pink Runtz.

Why? It’s a battle out there. Moms need something pretty, fragrant, and relaxing that lightens the mood. Bring on that strawberry, sweet, grapefruit taste. Cue the giggly, talkative, happy effects—Pink Runtz wins our Leafly HighLight strain for May, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and beyond.

Around since at least 2020, Pink Runtz scores an average 4.6 out of 5 points after 334 ratings. 

It’s got the high THC that moms need after unloading all those freakin’ groceries all by herself again, good God. 

“The very first hit had the knot in my shoulder unwinding,” says one review.

One in four Pink Runtz smokers is hitting it for tension, mood, and life’s doo-doo.

“I’ve never been so happy and smiling while unclogging a toilet,” said another reviewer.

“My 13-year-old kid clogged the toilet. Here I am smiling, happy as a lark while I plunge this toilet with a rubber plunger. Probably in my top 5 all-time favorites.”

Pink Runtz packs flavor and a punch. So drink some water first, stay seated, and put your phone on airplane mode. It’s a relative of Leafly Strain of the Year 2020, Runtz.

“The smell is like a fruity pebbles almost. Crazy smell,” said one reviewer.

“Euphoric antidepressant. Great for social connection, being present, and open. Instant happiness,” said another.

ILGM and Phylos Bioscience empower homegrowers to reach their fullest potential with genetically stable F1 Hybrid seeds. Phylos has deciphered the genome of the cannabis plant, and selected for the markers of greatness. Shop the Phylos collab line of cannabis seeds from ILGM in three categories: Elite, Premium, and Autoflower. See Gelato Sunrise.

Who’s got Pink Runtz? Best Pink Runtz across the US

Pink Runtz has increased its menu presence 40% year over year from Malibu, CA to Maine—with a ton of bargain flower and THC vape cartridges that keep costs down.

Shop highly rated dispensaries near you

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In Los Angeles, Pink Runtz crushes as a $25 vape cartridge, or in bulk flower; just $60 for 14 grams. 

On the top shelf, indoor, small-batch flower brand Woodwide drops flawless Pink Runtz eighth-ounces for $55 by the end of the month in Northern California.

Oregon growers mass-produce Pink Runtz to get 1-gram joints down to $3 from Fire Dept. Even Seattle gets in on the $106 ounce of Pink Runtz from KIND.


How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

Colorado makes a lot of Pink Runtz hash: $48 live resin 1-gram carts, and $20 grams of Tropical Pink Runtz caviar.

Oklahoma offers smokers better access and prices than Illinois: with $5 grams, $4 joints, $15 all-in-ones, and $10 dabs.

Over on the East Coast, Electraleaf brings Pink Runtz to New York shops.

Pink Runtz seeds

Jelly Donutz — a relative of Pink Runtz. (Courtesy of Humboldt Seed Company)
Jelly Donutz — a relative of Pink Runtz. (Courtesy of Humboldt Seed Company)

Gardeners—put some Pink Runtz in the ground right next to those tomatoes. Lots of stuff gets renamed, so expect a Gelato x Z plant, or some good, old Gelato #33. 

Either way, we’d start with some Karma Genetics Runtz crosses like Pink Pie, Pink Fritter, or Guava Runtz.

Blimburn sells Pink Runtz as feminized seeds and in automatic flowering.

Other good bets in that wheelhouse include Humboldt Seed Co Jelly Donutz


World’s best seeds and clones to grow in 2024

More future forward: Umami Seeds’ Paau, Cookies Seed Bank Pink Runtz x Hollywood, and Thug Pug’s Pink Peanut.

See also: ILGM Runtz.

Pink Runtz awards

Pink Runtz on its own may not have a trophy case, but the Runtz family certainly does. It has won bigly every year since 2020 Leafly Strain of the Year.


All of 2023’s Cannabis Cup winners and where to buy them

Pink Runtz terpenes

Lab samples labeled Pink Runtz have averaged high in the smell molecules limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool—giving it a balanced mix of fruit, fuel, and floral notes.

Other highlights this May

Can’t buy our HighLight? Don’t cry, dry your eyes—with three related or seasonal picks.

Pink Zaza

Pink Zaza by SOG Army. (David Downs/Leafly)
Pink Zaza by SOG Army. (David Downs/Leafly)

Impress the most picky weed snob mom at the campout with this jar of fuego. Pink Runtz keeps evolving with Pink Zaza, popularized by high-end indoor flower growers SOG Army in California. It’s Georgie Pie x Pink Runtz for dessert-on-candy terps. 

Pink Guava

Sense cannabis-grown Pink Guava. (David Downs/Leafly)
Sense cannabis-grown Pink Guava. (David Downs/Leafly)

One of the stand-out strains from 4/20 in San Francisco—the flawless Pink Guava from Sense Cannabis. Allegedly some Nepali Pink x Guava, it smells, tastes and feels like a refined variety of Guava Gelato. A little candy. A little dessert. The fuel notes add to the loudness. Again, if she already loves Runtz and Gelato, this conjures her best memory of it. 

Pink Boost Goddess

Pink boost goddess from Emerald spirit botanicals
She’s praying: Emerald Spirit Botanicals’ Pink Boost Goddess. (Courtesy Emerald Spirit Botanicals)

Keep the pink theme going for your goddess with this highly regarded sativa hybrid. Pink Boost Goddess—the award-winning heirloom strain from Northern California—turns super-pink in flower. It’s got a mellow, energetic, focused effect that works with yoga, hiking, cooking, and even chores. Scoop up perfectly cured, super-affordable jars of 2023 full-sun sativa hybrids during this peak season. Smoke sungrown in the sun, family.

And that’s four flower favorites for making every day Mothers Day this May, and beyond. Those gifts don’t buy themselves—so snap to it!

Hey, what’s ‘Leafly HighLight’?

Cannabis dispensaries can sell more than 200 types of flower. It’s overwhelming. Leafly HighLight cures choice paralysis with a monthly deep dive into a top 200, national cannabis strain you should smoke. We combine:

  • Leafly Strain Database search data
  • dispensary menu data
  • dispensary visits
  • and smoke sessions

Then we select one cultivar that pairs with the season and mood. That’s Leafly HighLight.

Read past Leafly HighLight columns.

We’re copywritten, so don’t copy us.

Like Leafly HighLight? Fave this post, leave a nice comment, and order some trees on Leafly.

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bath bombs

Mother’s Day weed gift guide 2024




Mother’s Day is pretty much here, and we know you’d never forget to shower your mom with love and affection on her big day. But just in case you’re stumped for gift ideas, we’ve got a round-up of lovely, practical, relaxing weed accessories that are perfect for cool moms everywhere.

Below $40

Edie Parker Grinder & Storage Case

(Courtesy Edie Parker)

If your cannabis-loving mom is on Instagram, chances are high that she’s pining for something from the super-fashionable flower accessory brand, Edie Parker. Make her dreams come true with this handy dandy grinder, which comes in six super-juicy color combos. $15 from Edie Parker.

Broccoli Magazine Subscription

For moms who love to read with their weed, check out Broccoli Magazine. It’s quirky, thoughtful, and fun—ie, the ideal reading material for a stony afternoon. A subscription buys mom two issues, one in April and one in October, of this coffee-table-worthy publication. $39 from Broccoli.

Kush Queen CBD Bath Bomb

(Courtesy Kush Queen)

With this fizzy chamomile, sandalwood, and lavender-scented CBD bath bomb, you’ll have mom saying, “Kush Queen, take me away!” Designed for maximum relaxation, these bath bombs are made from cannabinoids, essential oils, and pure olive oil, and they’re available in three dosages, including CBD and CBD/THC. $16 from Kush Queen.


How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

Tetra Queue Stick Lighter

(Courtesy Tetra)

Trust this elder millennial mother of two when she tells you this: Your mom would love a lighter that looks exactly like a tube of Great Lash Mascara. This one, from Tetra, is a big step up from her usual Bic, and since it’s so unique, no one will dare snatch it from her. $30 from Tetra.

Blazy Susan Shorty Pink Pre-Rolled Cones

(Courtesy Blazy Susan)

Why roll one joint for your dear old mom when you can roll her a dozen? With these pre-rolled cones, Mom will be smoking in style in no time. The 53mm size is perfect for a little of ‘me time’ Mom so desperately needs, and most importantly, they’re pink! Just load ‘em up and go! $4.99 from Blazy Susan.

Chill Mode Cannabis Seed Oil Eye Gels

(Courtesy Patchology)

These moisturizing eye patches made with cannabis sativa seed oil and tea leaves will have Mom’s tired eyes feeling blissed out in no time. These are perfect for in-flight wearing. Instead of the usual slightly scary post-flight puffy face, Mom will be radiant and refreshed, ready to hit the ground running. $15 from Patchology.

Shop highly rated dispensaries near you

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Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen

(Courtesy Chronicle Books)

Mom loves cooking with herbs, so you know she’ll love cooking with her favorite herb of all. Packed with recipes for the cannabis-curious cook, “Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen” is a great place to start for folks who are new to cooking with cannabis. $18.55 from

$40 and above

The Grateful Dead x G Pen Dash Vaporizer

(Courtesy Gpen)

If Mom’s a total Head then you can bet she’ll be stoked to cop this Grateful Dead-emblazoned vaporizer from G Pen. Lightweight and relatively discrete (as discreet as something with a Stealie on it can be), the Dash fits neatly in Mom’s pocket, and unlike you, she’ll actually remember to take it out before doing laundry. $49.95 (Sale Price) from G Pen

Pure Beauty Sativa Babies

(Courtesy Pure Beauty)

Mom loves all her babies, but if you force her to choose a favorite, she just might pick these pre-rolled Sativa baby joints from Pure Beauty. Each 3.5g joint is pre-rolled with a Cali-grown tropical-tasting Sativa blend for Mom’s enjoyment. $50 from Pure Beauty.

G Pen Micro+

Give Mom a head start on “Oil Day” July 10 with this leading low-profile affordable dab pen. The number “710” spells “oil” upside down. Just scoop in a gram of extract like a live resin glob, and grip it and rip it for big clouds, and tons of flavor and effect in a tiny package. $74.95 from Grenco.

Wandering Bud Bubble Collection Nebula

(Courtesy Studenglass)

Is it a pipe? Is it art? It’s both, my friends, and Mother, a lover of beautiful things, deserves to add this bubble-glazed nebula pipe to her collection. The pipe is designed for your fingers to rest comfortably in the grooves, whether your right-handed or left-handed, making this an ideal equal-opportunity bowl for entertaining a crowd. $90.00 from Wandering Bud.

$100 and up

The Nesting Set From Gossamer

(Courtesy Gossamer)

Your mom is a master at mutli-tasking, and so is this nesting set. It includes a one-hitter, a pipe, and an ashtray, all in an eye-candy jadeite colorway that any mom would love. Mom can keep it neat and discreet by packing up everything under the set’s lid, or display it proudly on the coffee table for all to admire. $110 from Gossamer.

Snugbox Celestial Stash Box

(Courtesy Snugbox)

Mom loves it when everything is put away nicely, so give her a beautiful caboodle for her stash. The super luxe ultra-suede wrapped stash box includes two locks for maximum security and allows mom to charge her devices while they’re safely stowed. Best of all, this smell-proof beauty can pass even Mom’s sniff test. $159.00 from Snugbox.

Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Infuser

(Courtesy Studenglass)

Mom’s book club is about to get way more lit with this modern version of a gravity bong from Stundenglass. You load the water, load the weed, flip the tumbler and smoke blasts into your face. The smaller “Kompact” gravity infuser comes in pink, and is going to infuse your couch with gravity, so don’t make big plans. $599.95 from Stundenglass.

And that’s 14 weedy ideas to get you started thinking about how to honor and celebrate the cool moms who smoke in your life. Time’s running low, so get on it now.

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