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Pop seeds 2024-Part II: Attack of the Sours



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World’s best seeds and clones to grow in 2024

There’s a universe in every nug, so let’s continue our journey through time and space with Part II of the World’s best seeds and clones to grow in 2024, aka Attack of the Sours. Also starring Purps, Tangies, sativas, and vintage stuff.

Sour Diesel strains

An AJ's Sour Diesel appears. (David Downs/Leafly)
An AJ’s Sour Diesel appears. (David Downs/Leafly)

As New York City finally warms up to legalization, expect an onslaught of Sours. We all love Sour Diesel for its sour lime and gas smell and energetic hybrid sativa effects.

At the top of my list for sours to check out: Humboldt County-based, 7 year-old CHAnetics’ whole line of Lime Sour, spotted in the cave at The Ego Clash 2023 in Mendocino, and online now for $100 a pack. Lime Sour consists of Skunktech’s Sour D x Lime F5. CHAnetics Weasel’s Sour may prove the most sour, but we’re also intrigued by the Zangria and Zoap hybrids.

All your sour—are belong to us. (David Downs/Leafly)
All your sour—are belong to us. (David Downs/Leafly)

Karma Genetics keeps the sour flame alive in 2024 with their latest Sour Lemon Mochi—(Mochi x LemonTini) x KG Sour D bx.

If you love sours, you’d be foolish to ignore Clearwater Genetics’ Sour Diesel crosses to Triangle Kush, Lime OG, Maitai #4, or Pablo’s Revenge.


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Pushin’ OG Kushes

Sour Diesel and OG Kush are cousins—no doubt. If Sour D hits limey and biting and zippy, OG hits lemony, biting, and relaxing.

Purple City Genetics founder and head breeder Auryn McCafferty said, “We want to see more high-quality OG Kush on the market.” 

Preach. PCG brings back ‘BTY OG’ this year—which stands for ‘better than yours.’ And they don’t put out new OGs lightly. 

“BTY OG is one of our favorites and Oaksterdam OG is one of the best performing. BTY has got more lemon-pine and reminds us of LA. Oaksterdam is a huge yielder and easy to grow and has more of a tennis balls and gas to it, and reminds us of Humboldt.”

All Gas, no brakes. Humboldt Seed Co All Gas OG. (Courtesy Humboldt Seed Co.)
All Gas, no brakes. Humboldt Seed Co All Gas OG. (Courtesy Humboldt Seed Co.)

Buy the OG seeds and cuts you want to see in the world, said Auryn. 

“We’re gonna keep dropping OG’s over the next few years from our archive if we get a good response. We have six other cuts in mind that we feel like fill out the fullness of that family, so let’s hope they hit.”

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The whole world should can tap Humboldt Seed Co.’s All Gas OG—with notes of skunk, orange and pine. It comes in feminized and autoflower.

“Everything about All Gas OG is huge—the plant, the leaves, the nugs, and the high. It’s a great producer of dense, bright green nugs,” HSC writes.

Double OG Chem wrapping it up in 2023. (David Downs/Leafly)
Double OG Chem wrapping it up in 2023. (David Downs/Leafly)

The multi-Emerald Cup Award-winning Rebel Grown Seeds returns in 2024 with their Double OG Chem crusher. We grew that last year. It slaps.

And for the transition to the Tangie section—peep Wonderbrett’s Byrdseed brand and their Tequila Zee—mixing Brett’s OZ Kush (Z x OG Kush) with Pineapple OG x Clementine. That’s how you keep it Cali Sober.

Take me to Tangie town

A photo of Mimosa (David Downs/Leafly)
Mimosa. Hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

Citrusy strains rock for all-day creativity that goes into evening.

It’s such a great time to buy iconic Clementine seeds straight from Crockett Family Farms in the Sierra Nevada, or legit Mimosa seeds from Symbiotic Genetics in Sacramento. Pour it on even thicker with Lemosa (Str8lemonade x Mimosa V6) this year.

Brian at Crockett Family Farms said younger smokers don’t even know about anything besides mainstream purple candy-gas. He predicts more “fruity strains and real OGs in 2024. Strawberries and Tangies—big wave, bro,” he told Leafly.

Also, branch out with highly regarded Biovortex and his Kurious Orange. It’s Mandarine crossed to his highly respected Black Dog x (Tangerine Haze x Golden Goat).

“Huge plants, super-terpy, very unique, and great high that finish in early October.”

Auryn McCafferty, founder, Purple City Genetics, on Orange 76

Furthermore in ‘24, PCG drops small batches of tester seeds, like their favorite modern sativa, Orange 76, which will finish on time; unlike other sativas. It’s Orange Cookie Dough x Motorbreath15 x Moroccan Peaches. 

“Huge plants, super-terpy, very unique, and great high that finish in early October,” said McCafferty. 

Also check out Cel-Ray—Lemon Tree Skorange x GovernMint Oasis—with “a super unique ginger lemon pepper terp, and a great high, and also finishes in October.”

Vintage sativa thrills

Spotted in NYC, the narrow green Piff Haze. (David Downs/Leafly)
Spotted in NYC, the narrow green Piff Haze. (David Downs/Leafly)

Speaking of sativas, add some diversity to the cannabis gene pool this year—grow a feral, weird equatorial strain.

Equilibrium Genetics specializes in such fantastic beasts, and recommends Maui Bx, and Vietnamese x Blueberry. You can get them delivered right to your house from Leafly in California.

Compton, CA’s force of natural selection, Masonic Seeds, sells a vintage Haze x Colombian x Rainbow Belts dubbed Rainbow Escobar for this season.

Masonic Seeds' Rainbow Escobar pack. (Courtesy Masonic Seeds)
Masonic Seeds’ Rainbow Escobar pack. (Courtesy Masonic Seeds)

Also, sample some real deal old-school New York Piff haze from Purple City Genetics with the strain Sango.

“We lament the increasing lack of diversity in the gene pool since the end of Prop 215 and continue to try and inject more of our 8 to 9-week modern sativas into the market that test around 30%, have bag appeal, and are bred for production,” said McCafferty.

“We see more farms taking chances on planting some long flowering sativas too. We love Sango (Cuban Black Haze x Gush Mints) that tastes like the perfect mash up of late 90’s New York piff and that modern Cali gas.

PCG also offers a Congolese Bubblegum (Bazooka Joe x Black Congo) x Gush Mints that “has an incredible high and metallic piff and cedar terps, so exotic for the true connoisseur.”

One more from the 16 year-old PCG: Bob Hope (Super Lemon Haze x Durban Biscotti) looks “like purple candy-gas, but tastes like Dutch herb from the ’90’s and has an amazing well-balanced sativa high.” 

Vintage indica chills

Purest Indica. (David Downs/Leafly)
Purest Indica. (David Downs/Leafly)

Come down from your astral sativas with some vintage indicas. Todd McCormick at Ag Seed Co recommends another run of his ‘83-era Purest Indica. We grew it last year and it’s such a satisfying reference point for what we talk about when we talk about indicas. This short, squat, icy bush smelled like burnt brakes and sent us to dreamland. It’s upstream of Northern Lights, and Todd said it contains a lot of skunk aroma called thiols.

For more old school, Rebel Grown Seeds out in Vermont brings out Segunku Skunk, an improvement on Adirondack Gold, an old skunk of the Northeast; with proceeds going to a local indigenous tribe.

Furthermore, Masonic Seeds connects the ‘60s hippie trail to your gardens with a straight-up Mazar Sherif.

Aged Cheeses

Before we go, let’s put out a little charcuterie board for you this year with three cheeses from our reporting.

On Jan. 27, Dynasty Genetics released a line of crosses of the famed Exodus Cheese—from the ‘90s English rave commune. We’d run the Super Silver Cheese ‘98 for fun.

Equilibrium Genetics unites two continents in his African Cheese.

More modern—Masonic Seeds offers a Cheese Romulan that should leave you stunned.

And a fistful of Purps

Rest in resin, Frenchi Cannoli. (David Downs/Leafly)
Rest in resin, Frenchi Cannoli. (David Downs/Leafly)

Lastly, we wrap up part II with two purps—another old-school flavor everyone would love to see come back around.

Equilibrium Genetics serves up an Urkle GDP worth adding to your library.

Meanwhile, CHA honors the legacy of famed hashmaker Frenchie Cannoli with multiple crosses of Frenchy’s Grapes (Frenchy’s Force x Creme De Papaya). 

This line unites a ton of hitters: Glue, GAK, Papaya, and Grape Cream Cake. 

CHA put pollen from a male Frenchy’s Grapes on 31 insanely hype crosses from 15 breeders. Start with Frenchy’s Grapes x Masonic’s (Grape Gas x Peach Ringz).

So that’s another 1,000 words of wisdom on what to pop this Valentine’s Day. If you’re bored by the usual suspects—don’t hate, germinate.

Next up: Pop Seeds 2024 concludes with Part III, dubbed ‘Hash Rules Everything Around Me.’

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Bob Marley

Leafly Buzz: 13 top cannabis strains rated for February 2024




Welcome to Leafly Buzz for February. We got your monthly bouquet of West Coast fire flower. But we’re changing up the format here in year 3 of the Buzz. You gotta keep it fresh. You gotta keep it moving.

Let’s go.

Data Grinder

Strains are like celebrities. One minute you’re in, the next you are out. Here’s four flowers on the move in February:

  • Grand Daddy Purple—⬆️ 5.1%. The grape-tasting classic taps nostalgia fans.
  • Super Runtz—⬆️ 14.5%. A Runtz variety stays winning into 2024.
  • Zoap—⬆️ 6.4%. Readers chose to add Zoap to our Top 12 hot strains to smoke in 2024.
  • GastroPop—⬆️ 29.8%. Compound Genetics’ royalty strain finds new fans.

New in the Leafly Strain database

The top 50 growers could release 20 strains this year and we would have 1,000 new varietals to try, easy. I guess that means no days off. Fresh in the database: a Jack Herer for 2024; and new-new from Umami Seed Company and Seed Junky Genetics.


How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

Picks of the dispensaries

We are seeing some fabulous flower on shelves in California this winter—just smokin’ hot remixes of the latest and greatest. Zoap has escaped into the wild. RS-11’s next wave is here.

Fresh in stores

Best-selling top-shelf

Dig down deep this February for some change to splurge on some life-changing ganja. See our tasting notes on fresh stuff from Wonderbrett and Ridgeline Farms.


Leafly Ratings 2023: 45 top-shelf and value buy flowers rated from 8 US states

Best-sellers—Value buys

Winter is a fabulous time to scoop up amazing 2023 outdoor full-sun that’s perfectly cured, affordable, and hype. We’re talking Mule Fuel. Indoor keeps crushing this winter with a classic: Paris OG.

High Note

Smoke the perfect cultivar for the new Bob Marley biopic “One Love.”

And that’s the newer, tighter, chunkier, more modular Leafly Buzz. Hope you liked it! Let us know in the comments below.

About Leafly Buzz

So good they steal it—the popular, monthly strain review roundup Leafly Buzz is in its third year. We report independently on the connoisseur cannabis conversation, focusing on strains and branded flower of the US West. Reporting includes:

  • review samples
  • dispensary shopping
  • grow visits
  • events
  • Leafly search data
  • staff and reader tips, and more

Read back issues of Leafly Buzz

David Downs

David Downs

Leafly Senior Editor David Downs is the former Cannabis Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle. He’s appeared on The Today Show, and written for Scientific American, The New York Times, WIRED, Rolling Stone, The Onion A/V Club, High Times, and many more outlets. He is a 2023 judge for The Emerald Cup, and has covered weed since 2009.

View David Downs‘s articles

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Blue Dream

Smoke the best-selling cannabis strains of 2023




In a sea of nearly 6,000 strains, what merits the best? If you flip through an old copy of High Times, or ask an OG smoker about their favorite strains of yesteryear, you’ll get a much different answer than from a 2023 member of Leafly nation. Weed is like wine, fashion, and food—every region has their preferences, their unique styles, their legacies and trends. And what might be called Michelin-starred or haute couture isn’t necessarily what keeps the people puffing.

We’ve named Permanent Marker our 2023 Strain of the Year for pushing the envelope of Gelato-family genetics and its national, titanic wave in popularity. But that doesn’t mean weed tastemakers and hype beasts have forgotten the stalwart classics of cannabis creation and culture. The best-selling strains of 2023, based on a review of a lot (a lot) of dispensary sales data, indicate that Leafly nation has a fondness for both the old and the new.

Let the blue sky come out. Blue Dream. (David Downs/Leafly)

Blue Dream

Blueberry x Haze

  • Creative • Uplifted •Energetic
  • Blueberry •Berry •Sweet
  • THC 18% •CBD 0%

There are some universal truths we must accept. Everyone, at some point in their life, has bought a pair of Air Force 1s, has eaten at Cheesecake Factory, and has smoked Blue Dream. Created in 2003 in Santa Cruz, CA, this Blueberry x Haze cross is nearly old enough to buy an eighth of itself at the local dispo, though its heyday winning cannabis cup titles has passed. It endures because it offers growers of the medical industry solid returns, and soothed a large spectrum of patients’ symptoms. 

As former Leafly contributor and EIC of High Times Ellen Holland wrote in our Blue Dream strain history in 2021, “New cultivars quickly rise and fall, but, whether you like it or not, Blue Dream will rip eternal.”

Wedding Cake

Triangle Kush x Animal Mints

  • Relaxed • Hungry •Happy
  • Vanilla •Pepper • Sweet
  • THC 24% •CBD 0%

Not to toot our own horn, but do we not know how to pick em? Wedding Cake, the first Seed of Junky Genetics’ creations that we crowned Strain of the Year back in 2019, remains beloved by cannabis lovers for its striking balance of flavor and effect. Its genetics of Animal Mints x Triangle Kush created the winning blueprint for 2022 and 2023 SOTY winners Jealousy and Permanent Marker—big healthy buds that ooze that mix of sweet and sharp terps coupled with effects that offer euphoria without paranoia. We wrote back in 2019 that Wedding Cake.

Gelato terps will never go out of style. (David Downs/Leafly)


Sunset SherbetThin Mint GSC

  • Euphoric • Aroused •Happy
  • Sweet • Vanilla • Mint
  • THC 21% •CBD 0%

I think former Leafly Subject Matter Expert Danté Jordan said it best: “The smell? Loud. The taste? Sweet. Gassy. The smoke? Smooth. Wondrous. It’s a combination of everything good that comes from cannabis, all in one strain, like a cannabis Captain Planet.” You can’t have a cannabis sesh, let alone a cannabis conversation, without Gelato coming up; Sherbinksi was in his bag when he crossed Thin Mint GSC x Sunset Sherbet all those years ago. At this point, our 2018 Strain of the Year winner has so many cup trophies, rap song name drops, and progeny strains that it has nothing more to prove. 

Dark Heart Nursery offers a 2003 Ken's Granddaddy Purple this year. (Courtesy Dar Heart Nursery)

Granddaddy Purple

Mendo PurpsSkunk x Afghanistan

  • Relaxed • Hungry •Happy
  • Dizzy •Dry Mouthiest
  • THC 18% •CBD 0%

Trends are cyclical, just like cannabis cultivation. Purple weed in all its forms, from Lavender to Mendocino Purps, were in high demand given their unique pigment, grape flavors, and bone-deep pain relief. In a landscape dominated by Cookies crosses and whatever Seed Junky comes up with next, Grandaddy Purple, or just GDP, keeps the love for the purp alive. It’s a deeply indica strain with generations of history; here’s to hoping it stays en vogue for the next generation. 


How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

Apple Fritter. (Courtesy Veritas, Colorado)

Apple Fritter

Sour Apple xAnimal Cookies

  • Relaxed • Tingly •Giggly
  • Apple •Cheese •Butter
  • THC 24% •CBD 0%

Surprised? As the “youngest” strain on this list, Lumpy’s Sour Apple x Animal Cookies cross Apple Fritter has taken its place among the people’s favorite buy. It’s a unique pick—apple tartness mingles with the gassy dough of Cookies and even notes of cheese to create a brain-tingling hybrid. We noted its dominance last fall in a HighLight column, and it’s clear that 2023 has been a strong year even as more and more boutique strains hit dispensary shelves.  

(David Downs/Leafly)

Sour Diesel

Chemdog x Super Skunk

  • Energetic • Talkative •Creative
  • Diesel •Pungent • Skunk
  • THC 22% •CBD 0%

At our recent New York City linkup with Sour progenitor Asshole Joe, the classic strain beloved on the East Coast is actually more a hybrid than straight sativa—and we moved with the quickness to make sure our strain database reflects this. Sour Diesel offers consumers a profile seldom seen in cannabis—turpentine sour funk. And it seems poised for a revival, with new collaborations and competition showings telling us that the more terps change, the more they stay the same. 

weed nug

Pineapple Express

Trainwreck x Hawaiian

  • Energetic • HappyTalkative
  • Pineapple •TropicalMango
  • THC 20% •CBG 1%

We’re not talking about the mid-aughts Seth Rogen stoner comedy, but there’s plenty of overlap with fans of this tropical sativa strain. Sativas are tricky—not everyone likes a cerebral headrush, and they tend towards more sour, citrus, or chem-like flavors. Pineapple Express wins because it offers energy without anxiety, and a tang that soothes the sting of a straight Trainwreck. And probably, because it reminds us of a movie with plenty of laughs.

Ice Cream Cake marijuana strain

Ice Cream Cake

Wedding Cake x Gelato #33

  • Relaxed • Hungry •Sleepy
  • Vanilla •Butter •Sweet
  • THC 22% •CBG 1%

Call it a weed nepo baby. Ice Cream Cake combines Wedding Cake and Gelato #33, a pheno also referred to as Larry Bird, for a generational Cup winner bursting with vanilla, berry, and diesel goodness that put its consumer at immediate ease. This is another Seed Junky homerun, proving that the legendary breeders can create strains that appeal to in-industry tastemakers and the everyday consumer.

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