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America’s best bongs for the Big Game and more in 2024



We love our glass the way we love our favorite teams—what brings a group together quicker than ripping the same piece with the same fire weed while celebrating a raucous play? Sure, some people prefer to roll up for their sesh, but a good bong takes us to new heights every time.

So for the final battle between The Bongs and The Blunts, Leafly’s got all the action on the green. Whether you managed to get a ticket for the game, or you’re warming up the wings and nacho cheese at home this year, Leafly is handling the play-by-play and breaking down our dream starting lineup for bongs. Here are eleven of our top fantasy picks for a super bowl. 

Andy Roth Glass

Looking at one of Andy Roth’s bongs, you can see a love for not only glass, but also architecture and intricate design (they also make jewelry). His captivating pieces have sharp, clear lines and color arrangements that evoke a mid-century modern fireplace or vintage perfume bottle.

It’s the kind of bong an upscale therapist would have out on the shelf. You can check out Andy’s web store or see our friends at The Cave. Good art doesn’t come cheap, so expect to spend between 2 and 3k but functional art like this is more than just a bong, it’s a conversation piece.

Toro Glass


Everyone knows the beautiful glass grails, slurpers, caps, and core reactors J. Toro and company have released—we know you’ve even seen terp slides videos. But not everyone has the chance to marvel at the gorgeously-constructed glass tubes they create.

Old-timers will even remember the collaboration Alien Labs dropped a handful of years back. Expect to spend $600-$1,200 for a piece, but when you feel how effortlessly you clear the hit, you’ll feel like every penny was well spent. Check out Toro’s shop update on 2/8 or see the selection at Cloud9.

Leisure Glass

If bongs were carnivorous plants, then the gardens would be full of Leisure glass; the delicate lines, creative shaping, and colorful patterns expertly distract you while getting eaten. For people wanting to get started on a Leisure Glass piece, the selection available now through Forever Rolling High are, clear but contain the same shape and function for around $500 (check out the insane 54-arm bubbler as well). Anyone shopping for that #hypnotech can check out the selection at Big Al’s.

Subliminal Glass

(Courtesy Adam Vance)

A juggernaut of crafting real-life items from glass, Patrick McDougall has created everything from a tommy gun and glass dueling pistols to a fully rotating 50-caliber machine gun. His bong work is no less impressive, with intricate imagery and detail, like the sandblasting he did for the Miami Vice-inspired piece Glass2Grass displayed during Art Basel.

Though the pricier Woodgrain and Oni tubes he’s recently released are beyond the value of their $2-3K price tag, his selection of fully carved tubes will be all anyone can talk about during the halftime show. 

Tako Glass

There’s an underwater theme to much of the Tako Glass repetoire that makes you feel like you’ve unearthed something from a head shop in Atlantis. Regular readers of Leafly’s glass features will recognize this talented Washington-based artist from our Spoon pipe roundup last year but beyond the sections of pipes, bubblers and adult toys, you’ll find a whole selection of bongs to fit any price range.

I know it’s like a car schtick salesman to say their best is the most expensive, but this Crystal Seaweed bong is an insanely faceted work of art that contains an outrageous 96 cuts.


Did you know German glassblowing legends ROOR have a sister studio in California that has been operating for over 10 years? If you’re shopping for something that’s got options but always the same high level of quality, this is it. With a name built on performance, there’s a reason these guys have had to come after fakes in the past.

At The Cave Smokeshop, there are a whole variety of these U.S.-blown models currently on display ranging from the more affordable 14” clear and colored tubes, to the eye dropping, double-chambered ELEVEN30 models and beakers inlaid with Swarovski crystals.

Hi-Si Glass

Coming out of San Leandro, the family-ownedHiSi Glass has over forty years of experience in the game. They have five different bong models, each with a different style of percolation. But what gets me the hardest are their Ice Tubes.

Available in 15” straight tube or 5 mm and 7 mm-thick beaker versions, the ice catching “pinches” remind me of the old days—shoving a half-tray of ice cubes into the bong for those frosty hits. Each of these straight tubes clocks in at under $200 which is an absolute steal and if you want to go pinkie-out there’s a slightly more expensive Hexagon shape for just over $200.

Geo’s Glass

Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Geo’s Glass Gallery is the only store in the Cornhusker State that offers repairs and custom work. Their bongs come in two distinct styles, the Shredder, a straight tube with an inline percolator, and the Thrasher, which features an ice pinch within a thick grip.

Within these two you can choose to go with a standard, mini, mega, double, or the dreaded mega-double version—all customizable with 25 different colors, opals, showerheads and they take special requests. Standard models start at under $200 and a fully tricked out mega double tops out at around $1100

US Tubes

Looking for something a little taller? Why not check out the 17” and 20” bongs from US Tubes over in Berkeley California. They’ve been in the business of high functioning glass since 2008, and their bread-and-butter is the beaker shape although their Hybrid, which combines a beaker and a straight tube, has been a popular choice for smokers for ten years now. They make fixed or removable downstem bongs and four different styles of downstem. Anything 14” or shorter is $350 or less, and taller models will set you back anywhere from $400 to $650 for one of their opening day models – the massive, 20-inch, 9mm-thick beaker.

IG: @ustubes

Apix Design 

What about something made-to-order? The Bay Area’s Apix Design has some incredible, Tesla-esque bongs available now through his site, but you can also can a selection of different 17” and 18” stemline bongs, with options like silver fuming or a notched base, each sporting 3 hole glass bowl with a color horn that you’ll pick out yourself. They start at $300 and go up to around $600 depending on the level of fuming you want. These ready-to-order pieces take around one to two weeks to complete or you can contact the artist directly to see if anything from Glass Vegas came back to the shop.

IG: @apixdesign 


Let’s close this out with a brand that has a championship under their belt already. Zong has an impressive thirty plus years in the business, creating their signature Z shaped Zongs, Zubblers, and Zrigs. The Dr. Seuss-like “kinks” in the neck not only keep bongwater far away from your mouth, but act like the perfect space to toss in an ice-cube or two and enjoy some sub-zero clouds. Their webstore features a 9mm thick linebacker with your choice of up to 6 kinks, and either a beaker or bubble base. With a base price ranging from $150 up to $245, you won’t even blink at adding on the extra $50 for some sandblasted dragons on there.  IG: @zongglass.

No matter who wins what game, these bongs stay winning in 2024 and beyond. Just remember to keep them clean and cradle them to prevent any fumbles!

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Hottest weed smoking gifts of Christmas 2023




Giving and ganja can both spark joy—and the holiday season offers a high time to combine them. All across the US and world, Christmas list-making and Black Friday deal-hunting has begun. 

Shopping for a white elephant exchange, the family gift assignment, or a lil’ something for yourself? Surely a stoner sits on your list, so don’t be a Scrooge. 

Since walking into a head shop is more daunting than ever, Leafly’s cannabis hardware experts traversed the world weed web to locate the best smoking presents of 2023 for budgets of $20 to $500. We personally vouch for all these 20 goodies, from the new Puffco Plus 2.0, to the Flower Mill mini, to Storz & Bickel’s new pocket Volcano, called the Venty. 

Remember, the sooner you finish shopping, the sooner you can kick back by the fire and roll up.

Under $50—Secret Santa style

Porous Walker Bag of Buds tote bag

(Courtesy of Porous Walker)
Make ’em smile at the farmer’s market. (Courtesy of Porous Walker)

Finally something perfect for a trip to the dispensary or the grocery store. California’s infamous purveyor of irreverent art Porous Waker makes this oversized canvas tote bag with reinforced handles to hold even the heaviest buds. Celebrating the days we called an ounce a ‘zip’, the tote is also available in a mushroom version, or as a white shirt printed on the pocket and comes with the out-of-print clear sticker version as a bonus. $25.

Put some real weed in that bag

How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

DaySavers Perfect Pack joint-filling machine

(Courtesy of Daysavers)
A plug-in joint packer for Dad. (Courtesy of Daysavers)

The Perfect Pack from Daysavers fills any size pre-roll tube or cone with cannabis with just the touch of a button. Simply drop your pre-ground weed into the top-loading plastic tray, and watch the machine fill your chosen tube or cone, and drop it right into your hand. The joint too loose? Adjust the dial and you can fine-tune the density to match the stickiness of the strain you’re rolling. The Perfect Pack saves you time when you have to roll for the whole group. If you’re not familiar with rolling or never felt like you got the hang of it, Perfect Pack gives you a joint in a flash. $35 See also: BEED; OTTO.

Flower Mill mini edition grinder

Cave man grind. We mill. (Courtesy Flower Mill)

Twist one up like a professional roller using the Flower Mill mini, a more compact version of the game-changing device that altered the fabric of space and grind that’s also semi-magnetic. A Flower Mill takes your cannabis and crumbles the bud up instead of shredding it, giving you a fluffy consistency every time. The mini costs less than your sack of weed, comes in three colors, and has all the perks of its larger cousin. The fineness of the grind is ideal, and the pocket-sized piece weighs only 4.6 ounces and easily fits in most rolling kits. $39.99.

Grind this

13 best cannabis strains of harvest 2023

Fluid Creations Glass Gandalf pipe

(Courtesy of Fluid Creations)
Only the finest sweetleaf is recommended. (Courtesy of Fluid Creations)

If you want to call yourself a stoner, you must own a pipe. It’s step one in getting into this weed game. A good pipe is both your Northstar and your lifesaver so we picked you something functional, but also a little different. Out near Mt. Jefferson in Oregon, Fluid Creations Glass is made up of two passionate individuals: Ben who blows most of the glass smokeware, and Grace who makes pendants and jars, while managing their online shop to make sure there are always fresh selections for you to discover. Their vivid, playful work includes a Gandalf spoon pipe model that particularly catches the eye. $40

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Focus V Sabre heated dab tool

(Courtesy of Focus V)
Hot tip—get the Saber. (Courtesy of Focus V)

The rough and rugged dab tool that’s become the Swiss army knife of any good dabber’s toolkit. The Sabre’s tip heats up so your scoop of sticky hash slides right into the banger and you don’t have to make a mess. Equipped with an additional flashlight, chunky in the hand without being heavy, out in multiple colors, and easy to replace if a tip breaks, Focus V’s Sabre goes great with their CARTA e-rig. Pro tip: you can also use the Sabre to drip some extra rosin down into your hash hole for a ‘re-up.’ $40.

Pelican 10” 1060 Micro Case

Hot box—the Pelican 10″. (Courtesy Pelican)

Look, when you’re buying those expensive glass tips for your joints, you’re gonna need a way to keep them safe on your way to the session. Pelican’s smaller water and impact-resistant cases are meant for wallets, small phones, and electronics. They are also the perfect way to store your glass joint tips. When you’re looking at up to $60 for one of the more artistic ones, it only makes sense to invest in somewhere safe to store them. They make 6, 8, and 8-inch options that have customizable foam inserts. $42.95. See also: glass tips from Proper Selections; or Rektipz.

Myster SlickBox camouflaged cartridge battery

(Courtesy of Myster)
You think you’re slick? Yup. (Courtesy of Myster)

Disguise your THC cartridge to look like any of those typical disposable tobacco vapes you see around town. The brand Myster sells a variety of SlickBoxes that fit standard 510-thread vape cartridges so you sip THC publicly from what looks like a banal nicotine device. These devices fit your standard 510 cartridges, have a pre-heat mode, and three variable temperatures, and turn on via both an inhale and button system. You can even change the temperature or turn it on and off using a series of quick puffs. $45.

Under $100—Big spender

Alien Labs 4D Traveller Shoulder Bag

New drip for new trips. (Courtesy Alien Labs)
New drip for new trips. The Truth is out there. (Courtesy Alien Labs)

Creating a fourth piece for the Alien Labs luggage set, you grab the Alien Labs 4D Shoulder Bag when you don’t need the whole backpack, or clip on your Alien Labs duffel bag before you hit the airport. Great for keeping your mylar bags straight and for having all your rolling kit at your fingertips, the shoulder bag is the smallest and easiest to grab of this interstellar bag quartet. Like the other pieces, this has a five-layer construction, super durable zippers, and that same dope alien galaxy print on the inside. See also: the badass art on their new “Rest In Space” rolling tray. $55.

Banger Baskets alcohol rinsing container

(Courtesy of Banger Basket)
A tisket a tasket a banger in a basket. (Courtesy of Banger Basket)

If there’s one thing dabbers have a lot of it’s accessories. From bangers, charmers, slurpers, and control towers, taking multiple dabs means always having the cleaning rotation going. To help with your overstuffed cups of 99% isopropyl alcohol, Canadians have come to answer the call with Banger Baskets—large, ‘dual dunk’ glass containers that have removable interior chambers, tested and designed to hold your big and little glass. Like dishwashing, soak the gunky stuff on one side, and save the other side for fine rinsing. When it’s time to go, snap the four closures down and you can safely transport your alcohol to the next sesh. $70

Dr. Treso glass bubbler

(Courtesy of Dr. Treso)
Stay wavy. Dr. Treso glass bubblers. (Courtesy of Dr. Treso)

Smoother than a pipe, more compact than a bong, it’s time to re-discover the magic of a bubbler.

Smoother than a pipe, more compact than a bong, it’s time to re-discover the magic of a bubbler. These Dr. Treso sandblasted glass bubbler beauties available through Witch Dr. studios in Salem, MA look like the kind of pipe Jeff Koons keeps stashed away in his pool house. Part of Witch Dr. Studios, Dr. Treso also has some heady fumed hammers and bubblers up on the website for $100 to $125, but we think the striking, balloon-ish look of these sandblasted pieces, available in five colors, offers a refined addition to anyone’s collection. $75

Puffco Plus loose hash vape pen

(Courtesy of Puffco)
Puffco Plus 2.0 is how James Bond dabs. (Courtesy of Puffco)

After 10 years in business, the very first product from Puffco—the Puffco Plus—gets its own 2.0 version with a refreshed look, better battery, and 510-thread cart compatibility. Meet the one-hitter of the Puffco family. You can load the chamber using the scooper housed within the top. You’ll find yourself surprised by the cloud of smoke you can get. Hardcore fans of the brand will probably stick to their Proxy or Peak when traveling, but the undercover value of the Plus works great around town. Get your hands on the piece founder Roger Volodarsky called, “one of the most important devices in Puffco history.” $89

Under $500—For great friends, family

dabX Rocket Rig

(Courtesy of dabX)
Is that a rocket in your pocket? The dabX rocket rig. (Courtesy of dabX)

Every smoker needs a rugged, cheap travel bong that won’t hurt your heart if it breaks. The dabX rocket rig fits the bill and can work with hash. The team at dabX designed the Rocket to pair with their electronic hash oven accessory called the mk. 1, but it’s solid for flower, too. The thick glass is the first thing people seem to notice, then they take note of how well it rips. The chug on this glass does just as well with the mk.1 as it does with a Toro slurper or a glass flower bowl and it’s thick enough to take a bruising. It comes with a foam carrying case, but honestly, you could slide this into a backpack and it would still get around just fine. $100

The Magical Gummy Maker

(Courtesy of Magic Butter Machine)
Cue the weed-gummy song from SNL. The Magical Gummy Maker. (Courtesy of Magic Butter Machine)

From the makers of the Magic Butter Machine, the world’s most potent herbal infuser, now you can make your very own cannabis gummies at home with the Magical Gummy Maker! Magical Butter provides all you’ll need, minus the cannabis of course, so you and the family can start mixing up your batch together. There are only three steps: 1) throw in your infused oil, or liquids, along with the gummy mix packet (they make Mango, Blue Raspberry, Cherry Lime, Orange, and Watermelon flavors); 2) Hit the button to let the machine do all the heating, blooming, and mixing; 3) Squirt directly from the unit into any gummy mold using the precision nozzle to reduce messiness. See also: the original Magic Butter Machine. $125.

Skip the baking and just get baked

America’s best edibles for Thanksgiving 2023

Frit Glass Cups

(Courtesy of Frit Glass))
Every lover of hops needs their chalice. (Courtesy of Frit Glass)

What’s great about the handmade, clear cups from artist Anthony Charles? They’re appealing to glass collectors and stoners, but especially beer lovers. Described as “high-end glassware for all your craft beer needs,” the 5 and 6-ounce sippers really spoil your holiday guests. The larger glasses are like pouring your beer into a futuristic alien column. When you’re ready to hit start on the next level, Frit Glass also creates some mind-bending color works that go on auction via his Instagram. Everything is made and shipped within a week of ordering and small variations are due to the handmade nature of each item. $100 to $200.

Kevlar Glass Rigs

(Courtesy of Kevlar Glass/The Cave Smokeshop)
(Courtesy of Kevlar Glass/The Cave Smokeshop)

The holidays provide an ideal time to invest in a proper water-filtered hash vaping device made from sturdy borosilicate (aka “Pyrex”) glass—a dab rig. Kevlar Glass produces gorgeous rigs that impress you with their recognizable profile. A Boro blower out of Florida, the artistic and whimsical shape of Kevlar Glass rigs almost make you think of what “Rick and Morty” animators could do if they started blowing glass. You can shop for the clear version on Big Al’s website, visit the shop in Berkeley, CA, or contact the artist directly via Instagram to inquire about some of the more colorful and decorated models. See also: Dab Rite + Darby PRO – cactus edition digital thermometer. $375

Puffco Proxy Bloom portable customizable dab pipe

(Courtesy of Puffco)
Puffco Proxy is now in Bloom. (Courtesy of Puffco)

When you raise this sleek, powerful, modular, cutting-edge lavender-tinged electronic hash pipe to the sky, you feel like Samuel L. Jackson when he got his purple lightsaber. Puffco’s 2023 hit portable, customizable dab pipe “Proxy” now comes in the Bloom color with a line of purple attachments, including a glass bubbler. This third color combo should set off a re-gifting era as dabbers give their old Onyx Proxy to friends, and then buy themselves the new purple color for Christmas. $300.

Curidor XL 2.0 weed fridge

(Courtesy of Curidor)
Like a wine fridge, but for weed. (Courtesy of Curidor)

The gift for the stoner who has everything but doesn’t know where to put it all. When you suddenly find yourself in possession of too many jars of weed and don’t know how to keep them all as fresh as possible, the Curidor preserves buds much better than the standard mason jar in a cool, dark space. Let’s face it, most of us are “storing” our weed in boxes and containers that freely let air in and are subject to the temperature changes in our houses. The Curidor allows you to set the temperature while housing an impressive 5 lbs. of cannabis products. See also: TerpKooler. $420

Storz & Bickel Venty

(Courtesy of Storz & Bickel)
“Venty” references the 20 liters of air per minute this pocket Volcano can heat. ‘Venti’ is Italian for ’20’. And it’s got vents. (Courtesy of Storz & Bickel)

Yes, $449’s pricey, but this new pocket Volcano is going to rule Senior Centers where you can’t smoke anything and only medical devices are allowed. We blew big, tasty cool clouds of Strawberry Cherry Gelato off the Venty and got near-instantly medicated. German designer and manufacturer Storz & Bickel spent three years building “the best vaporizer on the planet,” CEO and Dr. Jürgen Bickel told Leafly. The result? A beefy, 1/2-pound flower vape that not only rips but heats up in 20 seconds. The fast-charging battery pumps out 20 amps. Custom firmware maintains the 0.25-gram heating oven’s temperature during fat rips of up to 20 liters of air per minute. Novelty Chinese flower vapes can run under $100, but here you’re paying for a medical-grade pro vape, designed and built in Germany, with UL safety certifications, plus documentation, service, and a three-year warranty. $449.

Over $500—Treat yourself

Stundenglass / Grateful Dead Gravity Infuser

(Courtesy of Stundenglass)
The party bong you didn’t know you needed. (Courtesy of Stundenglass)

The very first official cannabis collab from this legendary band, Grenco Labs has splashed its Stundenglass and G Pen Dash in the iconic Grateful Dead art style. Designed by an ex-Apple employee in 2012, you can use the Stundenglass Gravity Infuser to smoke weed, hash, tobacco, or even oysters! This thing functions like a professionally machined version of the duct-taped two-liter plastic bottle we used to take gravity bong hits out of back in the day. Inside the box—a full instruction manual to walk you through the simple setup and a bag with everything you’ll need to keep the unit clean. The standard model weighs 13 lbs. before you add water, making it a hefty and impressive showpiece. See also: the Quasar Raas 2 electronic hash hookah heating puck. $599.

Illadelph Glass Bongs

(Courtesy of Illadelph)
Nice bongs aren’t cheap and cheap bongs aren’t nice. The Illadelph glass 9mm Signature in teal. (Courtesy of Illadelph)

Now you know we wouldn’t make a list without checking off something for the bong enthusiast out there, and trust us, their faces will light up when they unwrap something from Illadelph Glass. A powerful name in the glass world since they started in 2002, these thick, high-performance rugged borosilicate glass tubes come in a rainbow of color options. You could single-handedly save Christmas by gifting one of their medium or tall beakers that you can pick up from our friends The Cave Smoke Shop, who ship all over the US. $660 to $680.

Leafly’s hottest weed smoking gifts of 2023

  • Porous Walker Bag of Buds tote bag
  • DaySavers Perfect Pack joint-filling machine
  • Flower Mill mini edition grinder
  • Myster SlickBox camouflaged cartridge battery
  • Fluid Creations Glass Gandalf pipe
  • Focus V Sabre heated dab tool
  • Pelican 10” 1060 Micro Case
  • Alien Labs 4D Traveller Shoulder Bag
  • Puffco Plus loose hash vape pen
  • Dr. Treso glass bubbler
  • Banger Baskets alcohol rinsing container
  • dabX Rocket Rig
  • Magical Butter Gummy Maker
  • Frit Glass Cups
  • Kevlar Glass Rigs
  • Puffco Proxy Bloom portable customizable dab pipe
  • Curidor XL 2.0 weed fridge
  • Storz & Bickel Venty
  • Stundenglass / Grateful Dead Gravity Infuser
  • Illadelph Glass Bongs

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Father’s Day weed gadget gift guide 2023




With Father’s Day approaching we thought we’d take things back to the days of shopping for that high-tech, convenient gadgetry to make the perfect gift. Something you might not need, but that makes for a great tool and a fun toy. Like Brookstone back in its heyday. Break out that debit card for that pot daddy in your life.

Affordable ganga gifts

The coffee table book has always been the mark of an upscale, thoughtful gift. If you’re looking for something a little lighter on the wallet but still with hours of quality entertainment, you can’t go wrong with a good book and these options are sure to provide hours of entertainment, and help enrich their cannabis knowledge.

Higher by Erik Nugshots & Dan Michaels

This well-known photographer and visual maverick has collaborated with author Dan Michaels to detail 100 of the most popular strains of cannabis. This thick tome provides additional details like lineage, history, and humorous stories about its past, you’ll be stuck on every page by Erik’s stunning visual imagery. This is a perfect book for flipping through and discovering the next fun strain you’ll want to hunt down. Released through Penguin Random House books. ($40.00)

Wise words from one of the most respected writers in weed today. Created as a “connoisseur’s guide” to help you delve behind the high, this book lets you hear from trusted industry professionals about subjects like cultivation, THC drinks, terroir, and how to pick up on different cannabis flavors, all with tons of engaging photos to keep your eyes busy. More than just a visual compendium or a textbook, this offers something interesting and different for the canna-curious. shop on Amazon ($28.00)

Cannabonsai Starter Kit

What’s cooler than learning to grow pot? Well, what about learning to grow a miniature plant? 

Traditionally, bonsai involves the art of pruning tiny, perennial trees or shrubs, keeping them alive for decades. While cannabis isn’t perennial, a newer branch of bonsai cultivates tiny weed plants in the same dramatic visual style. Pioneered by Manuel Oyarce, the guide gives tons of information and the website has plenty of instructional videos. Additionally, there are links on the website to buy some of the auto-flowering seeds he recommends for the project. ($42.99 kit / $19.99 book)

Order flowers

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Gifts over $150

Høj Klip grinder

(Courtesy Høj)

Danish design doesn’t just have to be for your IKEA bookshelves. The Klip herb slicer from Høj (pronounced like ahoy without the A) is an example of futuristic, thoughtful design. It’s got magnetic parts so there isn’t any gunked-up threading and is made from anodized aluminum. Inside, a spinning fan blade slices your flower instead of thrashing it between a series of teeth. A keef chamber comes customizable with two different screen sizes. Høj also includes two optional grates that change the consistency to fine or coarse but it’s also the smooth action that makes this feel like a top-shelf way to break down your flower. ($179.00)

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BEED joint appliance

Maybe Dad can’t roll. Maybe he has arthritis. Don’t gatekeep joints. BEED. (Courtesy Beed)

Created by a couple who wanted more consistency in the pre-roll market, the BEED is the first fully automated rolled joint appliance. Drop in an empty cone and a specially designed pod, then watch as BEED takes the sealed unit of cannabis and releases a joint in 17-20 seconds. While there are many devices on the market to “make a joint,” this uses specific brand partnerships for flower, as well as Nespresso recyclable technology. Even though rolling a joint is sacred for some smokers, we have appliances to help us with all sorts of other things, why not one for joints? ($299)


How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

Tank Glass unbreakable bong

What dad wouldn’t want a bong you can use to hammer nails? This 12” beaker conveniently doubles as a tool in all their promotional videos and while they admit that even Achille’s had a bum heel, their 9mm glass construction was designed specifically to avoid those sad days spent cleaning up broken glass. The company even offers a lifetime guarantee to replace your broken bong for 50% off, should an accident occur. Designed by a five-person team of California-based computer engineers and materials scientists using American-blown glass and a reinforced base, this is as useful in a toolbox as it is on a coffee table. ($259.00)


World’s best weed gear for 420 2023

Cannador weed humidor

Keeping your stash fresh takes dedication. What with cannabis being a plant, there’s only so much we can do to keep it around long-term. Still, you can make sure Dad’s stash stays in peak condition by getting them a humidor designed for weed. This nine-jar wooden humidor holds over two ounces of flower safely behind a mahogany interior and walnut exterior. Each jar has an adjustable vent in the lid to allow moist air to travel from the box to the flower. The Cannador has been around for a few years now and still proves how effective it is when you have a lot of strains on deck. ($259)

dabX go e-rig

It’s a portable electronic device for vaping hash. (Courtesy dabx)

One of the coolest additions to the e-rig market last year, was this complete upgrade from the well-known dabX mkultra. This unit is machined from aerospace-grade titanium and comes in a rugged black soft case. Some of its coolest features include a magnetic atomizer top, carb button, and a built-in silicon tray in the base that collects resin so you can pop it into the freezer and use the reclaim pucks in edibles, tinctures, or even smoke some. It has four settings that ramp the temperature up and down in specific waves and most interestingly, you don’t have to clean the atomizer off between hits. See also: the dabX rocket mk. 1 turns any bong into a dab rig. ($299)

Houseplant standing ashtray

Mancave mode. (Courtesy Houseplant)

Seth Rogan’s cannabis brand Houseplant has a rep for its classy ashtrays and lighters as much as its actual flower. Part futuristic statue, part classy vintage smoke accessory, this ashtray fits in at a Danish mid-century modern furniture store. Made of walnut, solid brushed brass, and borosilicate glass, this man cave statement piece says, ‘Go ahead and light up.’ You can remove the inner glass cone to easily empty roaches, and the whole thing stands just over two feet tall. Looks perfect next to a massaging chair. ($295)

$500 and up dab dad gear

Terp Sous-Vide dab heater

Just like a hot sous-vide bath brings meat up to temperature, this heats up your dab rig’s hot end—the banger—without the need for a torch or e-nail attachment. Lower your glass into the heat guard using the supplied platform and the Terp Sous-Vide bathes your banger or slurper in a tunnel of warm air, bringing the glass to temperature in three minutes. TSV cuts down on scorched terps, butane cans, burnt residue, and wait times (since you can have one warming while you’re still cleaning). This makes taking back-to-back dabs a snap. ($600)

HIKMICRO thermal imaging camera

Sure—you could dab using a digital timer or thermometer to check your temp when dabbing, but what about doing it using Predator-vision instead? HIKMICRO’s B20 model is a compact, handheld, thermal imaging camera that can register temperatures from -4 °F to 1022 °F. Point it at your glass, get a perfect reading, and go in for a hit. It’s a gadget that any dad will love using since after they’ve finished a session, they can wander around the house looking for air leaks, water spots, or cold spots from ghosts. Amazon ($549.00)

And that’s your Brookstoned guide for 2023. Now, get out there and give Dad his flowers.

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Best weed papers, pipes, and more for summer travel 2023




Can you feel summer right outside the front door? Pack a lunch, a bowl, and grab your hiking boots or swim trunks, because it’s time to hit the open road. On the way to the mountains or the beach, you’re going to want to stop for some of Leafly’s best strains for Summer. But before you go, make sure your weed kit contains everything for a stellar adventure. Read this hit list of essential weed gear for summer 2023.

Pipe pick

Harold Ludeman Glass Spoon pipe

(Courtesy Harold Ludeman)
A crushed opal spon pipe. (Courtesy Harold Ludeman)

A good, solid spoon pipe is the traveler’s best friend. From the forest to the festival, a spoon is step one for a good adventure kit. Coming out of the Pacific Northwest, Harold Ludeman describes his ethos as “German precision, American ambition.” Tactile and visual all at once, these pipes are solid works of art, especially his crushed opal, or “cropal” pieces. He has a full selection you can shop from now on his website and does monthly drops that subscribers can gain early access to. HaroldLudeman; starting at $36-$59.

Roll like a pro

Santa Cruz Shredder + Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers hemp grinder

Have shredder, will travel. (Courtesy Santa Cruz Shredder)
Have shredder, will travel. (Courtesy Santa Cruz Shredder)

West Coast smokers swear by the Santa Cruz Shredder. Their line of pressed hemp grinders work perfectly for travel. They shred, they’re cheap, light, and won’t set off airplane metal detectors. You can get the Santa Cruz Shredder hemp grinder in four different colors or, most recently they partnered with the return of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers to make a special black version. At under $20, the Berner-approved hemp shredder won’t kill your buzz if it gets lost in the sand, or you ditch it before going back through US Customs. SantaCruzShredder; $17.95.

Re-up your stash

How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

MoodTrays light-up rolling tray

(Courtesy MoodTrays)
(Courtesy MoodTrays)

A model of modern convenience. MoodTrays light up trays make rolling at the campout easy and ensure you won’t lose any of that precious herb by trying to craft a joint off of a fast food wrapper. You can get them with custom graphics, Bluetooth speaker, voice controls, and enough color options to start your own disco. Sure, we all call these an extravagance, but until you’ve been in the pitch-black trying to roll a joint using echolocation can you truly say? MoodTrays; $39.99-$49.99.

Zig-Zag Unbleached Pre-Rolled Cones 6-pack

Can’t roll? Don’t sweat it. Zig-Zag’s unbleached cones make for easy stuffing, even if you’re all thumbs. Built on 144 years making rolling papers, these have been the go-to brand with the weed world since the ’60s. For experts rolling up a hash hole at the swimming hole, we suggest adding 1-½ sized wide papers from Zig-Zag. Zig-Zag; $9.99 for a six-pack of cones.


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Rip Tips

Big joints need a solid tip for holding, airflow, and style. (Courtesy Rip Tips)

Cap your epic joint creation with a classy glass tip. If you have the time to shop, Rip Tips, Proper Selections, Rektipz, Murano, Phunky Feel Tips all have outstanding options but if you’re in a pinch, grab some from the bin at your local glass store. GordoSci; $30.

Jar your headstash

Staze waterproof jars

Courteys of Staze)
Stay dry while tubing with Staze jars. (Courteys of Staze)

A vacuum pump inside the lid of each Staze jar allows you to pull the air out and give up to a quarter ounce an amazing storage environment. Simply pump the top a few times until you hear the click to let you know the air is all gone. A carbon filter on the top also keeps odors from escaping. And they’re waterproof for all your river activities. Plus, the new divider lets you store around 3.5 grams of cannabis along with a selection of joints.; $18, or three for $44.

Alchemy hash jar

(Courtesy Alchemy Jars)
(Courtesy Alchemy Jars)

If you’re a homemade hash-maker, terpene preservation trumps all. So when taking dabs in the great outdoors, you want something rugged that can hold your rosins and resins with ease. Alchemy’s tough jars are the first of its kind specifically engineered to protect and preserve the terps. With vacuum seal technology and a borosilicate glass insert, these have already been tops at taking the head stash on the go. Recently they’ve added stackable insert jars so you can take multiple flavors or just a smaller amount. Fill ’em up and move ’em out. Alchemyjars; $39.99/$8inserts.


World’s best weed gear for 420 2023

Bad-ass packs

Alien Labs 4D backpack & stash bag

(Courtesy Alien Labs)
(Courtesy Alien Labs)

Just like a baby, you can’t leave your weed in the car or take it inside without getting some unwanted attention. That’s where Alien Labs stepped in. The backpack can hold your smoking devices, water supply, power bank, and accessories while the customizable dividers on the smaller bag allow you to stack up to eight glass eighth jars inside. The odor control will blow you away, thanks to five layers of protection and an activated charcoal filter layer. Available in four cosmic colors. Twentysixtynine; $100/$55.

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Yeti Daytrip Lunch Box

(Courtesy YETI)
A wook’s best friend: the YETI lunch box. (Courtesy YETI)

When it comes to terp storage, the name all the extract and concentrate fans trust is YETI. The Hopper and Hopper Flip models remain the usual option for the hash enthusiast, but if you’re just headed on a quick solo mission you can’t go wrong with the Daytrip Lunch Box. Room for up to five cans which means plenty of space for ice packs. The recessed top works as a small rolling tray. Don’t risk spoiling hash worth more than gold—splurge on the luxury model available in four colors. Yeti; $80.

Dab on the go

Heat Cage dab accessory

Safety first: Only you can prevent forest fires. (Courtesy Sesh Essentials)
Smokey-approved: Prevent forest fires with Heat Cage. (Courtesy Sesh Essentials)

OK, dabbers—let’s agree that taking your dab torch out of the house can get harrowing. No surface is safe from that exposed metal tip. Once it’s hot, it seems to target your hands, car interiors, and your favorite clothes for burn damage. The answer? A simple yet effective and stylish device created by two friends in Colorado. Slipping easily over the end of either a Blazer GT8000 or Blazer Big Buddy torch, this Heat Cage makes sure you don’t burn everything in sight. Sesh Essentials handcrafts these Heat Cages in custom colorways. SeshEssentials; $50-$60.

Dr.Dabber XS

Coming out at the end of 2022, Dr.Dabber created a solid, low-cost, handheld dab device that manages to offer superior portability with a little luxury. This road dog boasts pass-through USB-C charging, four temperature settings (475°-675°), a spill-proof glass chamber, and around 35 heating cycles on a single charge. The XS fits in your pocket and can fully charge in under an hour. It doesn’t come with a carrying case but being spill-proof means it’s easy to toss in your bag when you’re in a hurry. DrDabber; $159.95.

Fresh threads

Culture Kings Towelie UV changing t-shirt

Don't forget your towelie. (Courtesy Culture Kings)
Fun in the sun: The t-shirt’s eyes turn red when exposed to UV light. (Courtesy Culture Kings)

Cannabis fashion has become a real thing nowadays and with warm weather taking over, you’re going to need that statement piece for the beach. Thankfully, Goat Crew dropped this ultimate collab to keep things cool this summer. Featuring South Park’s most famous stoner, the Towelie shirt not only looks good, but it has a hidden feature. Stepping out in the sun will activate the UV reaction and cause a special alternate version to appear. The perfect companion piece to my South Park Towelie Adidas. CultureKings; $39.99.

Cannabolish freshener spray

(Courtesy Cannabolish)
(Courtesy Cannabolish)

Smokers on the go know the hassles of the rental checkout. Even if you only puffed on the back deck, the smell of good herb can give management the impression that you broke some rules. Protect your security deposit—spray Cannabolish each time you stub out that joint. Cannabolish developed a wintergreen and lavender scent specifically to help mask that telltale odor. I keep the small one under my passenger seat for those unexpected parking lot sessions.; $11.99/$14.99.

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