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Star signs and cannabis strains: January 2024 horoscopes



Hello, Stargazers, and welcome to 2024! Get ready for a new of astral changes and dank strains. As we usher in the new year, Mercury returns to direct motion on January 1. This event signals a time for clearer communication and smoother transactions, especially beneficial for earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. And Capricorn season illuminates our paths, urging all signs to embrace practicality and determination in their pursuits. Whether you set new intentions or refine existing goals, this is prime time to ground your dreams in reality.

Mid-month brings a blend of stability and introspection with the direct movement of Mercury catalyzing the flow of ideas and decisions. If you’ve been feeling stuck or misunderstood in the past few weeks, this phase will help you articulate your thoughts more effectively. For our cannabis enthusiasts, we’ve curated strains that enhance focus and creativity to fully harness this communicative energy. All signs, particularly air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, will find this time favorable for intellectual and social pursuits.


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The highlight of the month is Uranus going direct on Jan. 27. This planet’s direct motion is particularly significant as it heralds a period of innovation and unexpected changes. Uranus, known for its influence on revolution and transformation, encourages us to break free from traditional boundaries and embrace our unique selves. This energy is especially potent for the fixed signs—Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius—prompting significant personal growth and breakthroughs. As we navigate these dynamic cosmic tides, remember to stay adaptable and open-minded.

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Happy birthday, Capricorn! Symbolized by the Sea-Goat, Capricorns exemplify persistence, practicality, and a hard-working nature. January marks a significant period of self-discovery and personal empowerment for you, resonating deeply with your ambitious and disciplined nature. The Sun’s presence in your sign at the beginning of the month creates a laser-focus on personal goals and aspirations.

This is a powerful time for self-reflection and setting intentions to propagate your true desires. Consider what you truly want to achieve in the year ahead and start to lay down the groundwork. The new moon in Capricorn on Jan. 11 amplifies the opportunity for you to initiate new projects or to make significant personal changes.

The conjunction of Pluto, your ruling planet, with Mercury this month deepens your thought processes and enhances your communication skills. This aspect encourages you to convey your ideas and plans with clarity and conviction, especially in professional settings. When the Sun moves into Aquarius on Jan. 20, take stock of your financial situation and personal resources; review your finances, consider new investment strategies, or to explore additional sources of income. Capricorn, January is your month to set the stage for a fulfilling and successful year fueled by determination and practical wisdom.

January strain: Even the most buttoned-up of us deserve a sweet little treat. Capricorn, as you step into January with your life well-organized and your priorities set, Peanut Butter Cookies is the perfect strain to complement your steady approach. Its grounding effects align with your practical and serious nature, helping you maintain focus on your goals. Plus, its relaxing vibe is just what you need to unwind after a day of hard work and persistence.



As January unfolds, Aquarius, it beckons you to introspection and spiritual growth, aligning perfectly with your innovative and forward-thinking nature. The Sun’s journey through Capricorn at the start of the month highlights your twelfth house of the subconscious, solitude, and introspection. This is a period for you to take a step back from the bustle of daily life and reflect on your inner world with activities that nourish your soul, like meditation, journaling, or spending time in nature. The new moon on Jan. 11 serves as a catalyst for inner transformation, offering you the chance to release old patterns and to set intentions for emotional and spiritual healing.

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As the month progresses and the Sun enters your sign on Jan. 20, your personal goals and desires come to the forefront, making it an ideal time to start new projects or to make bold changes that reflect your true self. Uranus, your ruling planet, inspires you to think outside the box and to embrace your individuality in all aspects of life. January is a month of deep reflection followed by a burst of personal reinvention, setting the tone for a year of growth and self-discover.

January strain: Aquarius, as you embrace the new energy of January and move forward with cool-headed decision-making, Mandarin Cookies will be your secret weapon strain. Its uplifting and creative effects align perfectly with your sense of experimentation and newfound focus. Plus, its refreshing citrus flavor is just the right pick-me-up for your journey of self-development and staying on track with New Year’s resolutions.


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Pisces, January brings a wave of connectivity and community focus, perfectly complementing your compassionate and empathetic nature. The Sun passing through Capricorn illuminates your eleventh house of friendships and collective projects. This astrological positioning encourages you to engage more deeply with your social circles and to participate in group activities or community service; time to collaborate on projects that are close to your heart and expand your network of like-minded individuals. The new moon on Jan. 11 is especially conducive for setting intentions related to your social goals and new endeavors.

As January progresses, your ruling planet, Neptune, continues to inspire your imagination and intuition. This influence helps you in understanding the needs of others and forming deeper emotional connections. When the Sun enters Aquarius on Jan. 20, the focus shifts to investing in solitude and introspection. This period is ideal for spiritual exploration and engaging in creative pursuits that express your innermost thoughts and feelings. Pisces, January is a blend of social engagement and personal introspection, offering you a balanced start to the new year.

January strain: Pisces, as you dive into January with a surge of creative energy and new ideas, Cookies and Cream is the perfect strain to accompany your artistic endeavors. Its balanced and inspiring effects will enhance your imaginative spirit, helping you bring those innovative ideas to life. Plus, its smooth and comforting flavor is just the treat you need while you’re busy making waves in your career and personal projects.



Aries, January is a month of dynamic change and energetic progress. As the first sign of the zodiac, your natural leadership qualities will shine this month. The Sun’s journey through Capricorn at the start of the month empowers your career ambitions, making it an ideal time to set new professional goals or to take bold steps in your current role. However, remember to maintain a balance; your enthusiasm can sometimes overshadow the need for patience. The new moon on Jan. 11 brings a refreshing wave of creativity and innovation, making it a perfect time to start new projects or to brainstorm fresh ideas.

As January progresses, your ruling planet, Mars, forms a harmonious aspect with Jupiter, filling you with a sense of adventure and the courage to step out of your comfort zone. This is a splendid time for personal growth and exploring new interests or hobbies. Around the 20th, when the Sun enters Aquarius, your focus shifts towards community and friendship. Embrace this period to reconnect with old friends or to extend your social circle. Remember, Aries, your fiery spirit combined with a dash of caution can make January a remarkably productive and fulfilling month.

January strain: Hey Aries, kick off your January with Girl Scout Cookies, the hybrid strain that revolutionized the 21st century cannabis world. As you dive into self-improvement and tackle those big changes, GSC is the perfect chill companion to keep you balanced and focused. It strikes just the right vibe for your journey of self-discovery and keeping your fiery nature in check.


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Taurus, as January unfolds, prepare embrace steadiness and seek comfort in the familiar. The Sun’s transit through Capricorn at the beginning of the month highlights your need for stability, particularly in your personal life. This period is ideal for nurturing relationships with family and close friends. Consider hosting a gathering at home or initiating deep, meaningful conversations to strengthen these bonds. The new moon on Jan. 11 is a moment for introspection of your inner desires and long-term goals. It’s a perfect time to plan or start a personal project close to your heart.

Mid-January brings Venus, your ruling planet, into a favorable aspect with Mars, creating a harmonious balance between your personal and professional life; consider it a sweet spot for recognition of your career efforts without compromising your personal time. Use this period to show your creative side at work or to indulge in a relaxing hobby. As the Sun moves into Aquarius on Jan. 20, your focus will shift towards learning and intellectual pursuits. Time to pick up a new skill or to dive into a new subject that sparks your curiosity. This January, bulls, your path is lined with personal growth and comfort, reminding you to cherish the simple joys of life.

January strain: Taurus, as you step into January armed with your strong communication skills and creative energy, Biscotti is the perfect strain to complement your vibe. Its smooth and calming effects, not to mention its decadent, profile of cream and diesel, enhance your natural affinity for deep and meaningful conversations. Plus, as you balance work and relaxation, Biscotti’s relaxing properties will help you stay focused and chill, just like you like it. 



January beckons you with a whirlwind of social and intellectual activities, Gemini, perfectly aligning with your versatile nature. The Sun’s journey through Capricorn at the start of the month accentuates your natural curiosity for exploring new avenues of knowledge and communication. This period presents ideal opportunities for networking and stimulating conversations that open doors to unexpected opportunities. The new moon on Jan. 11 offers a time to refresh your perspective, especially in your approach to learning and sharing ideas. Consider starting a blog, joining a discussion group, or embarking on a short course that piques your interest.

As the month progresses, your ruling planet Mercury forms a conjunction with Pluto, deepening your thought processes and enhancing your ability to uncover hidden truths. This aspect can lead to powerful insights and transformative ideas, particularly in your professional life. When the Sun enters Aquarius on Jan. 20, your focus shifts to matters of the heart, with a craving for deeper, more meaningful connections. Embrace this energy by spending quality time with loved ones or externalizing your feelings. January is your playground for intellectual exploration and emotional connections, so enjoy the ride with your trademark adaptability and charm.

January strain: Gemini, as you navigate January with a focus on spicing up your relationships and setting your priorities straight, Pink Cookies (also known as the banger Wedding Cake) is the strain for you. Its uplifting effects will match your desire for change, while keeping you motivated and encouraged. It also tastes like the perfect indulgence while you achieve your goals. Whether you want a romantic getaway or just a chill afternoon at home, Pink Cookies will keep you relaxed and ready for whatever the new year brings.


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Cancer, January brings (an even deeper) focus on reflection and personal growth. As the Sun moves through Capricorn, your sector of relationships gets renewed horsepower, encouraging you to evaluate and strengthen your connections with others. Focus on your closest bonds with a sensitivity to the needs and perspectives of your partners, both in personal and professional spheres. The new moon on Jan. 11 gives you a fresh start for setting new intentions or to heal past misunderstandings with your relationships.

Mid-month, your ruler, the Moon, forms a soothing aspect with Neptune, enhancing intuition and emotional depth. This alignment invites you to delve into your creative and spiritual sides. As the Sun moves into Aquarius on Jan. 20, keep an eye on your financial stability and personal resources; consider new investment strategies, or explore ways to increase your income. January is a month to balance how you tend to your relationships with your own inner world, crabs, paving the way for a harmonious start to the year.

January strain: You’re sweet, but not soft. Cancer, as you step into January focusing on personal development and embracing change, Cherry Cookies is the perfect strain to accompany your journey. Its soothing and creative boost aligns with your need for serenity and self-reflection, with a tangy twist to satisfy your appetite for flavor. Whether you want to unwind after a day of deep thinking or want some extra inspiration for your creative pursuits, Cherry Cookies is your go-to for a comforting and uplifting experience. 



This is a great month for you, Leo. January sparkles with opportunities for personal growth and self-expression—a landscape where your charisma can truly shine. The Sun, your ruling planet, crosses Capricorn at the start of the month and spotlights your daily routines and work life. Take charge in your professional sphere, perhaps by initiating new projects or bringing your ideas to the table. The new moon on Jan. 11 marks a splendid time for setting new health and wellness goals, or for establishing habits that boost your productivity.

The Sun crossing Mars infuses you with extra vitality and confidence, especially in your creative and romantic endeavors. So, dive into artistic projects or to spice up your love life with some extra flair and passion. When the Sun enters Aquarius on Jan. 20, give your relationships that characteristic enthusiasm while striving for balance and harmony with others. Collaboration and open communication are key. Embrace January as a month to showcase your strengths and to cultivate meaningful relationships, lions, with your signature style and grace.

January strain: As you gear up for a successful January full of work achievements and even potential business trip, Animal Cookies is the perfect strain to match your high energy, Leo. This hybrid’s potent effects will keep you focused and driven, aligning with your ambitious spirit without weighing you down. And when it’s time to unwind from all that hard work, it also offers the relaxation you need, keeping you balanced and ready for your next big move. And of course, it tastes exquisite with a mix of sweet and savory notes.



January brings a focus on creativity and self-expression, Virgo, so prepare for a refreshing change from your usual detail-oriented approach. The Sun moving through Capricorn this week highlights your fifth house of creativity, romance, and pleasure. This astrological phase encourages you to indulge in activities that bring you joy and to express your innermost passions. Whether you pick up a new hobby, dive into artistic projects, or enjoy playful moments with loved ones, now is the time to embrace what makes your heart sing. The new moon on Jan. 11 is particularly auspicious for starting a creative endeavor or for reigniting the spark in your romantic life.

As the month progresses, Mercury, your ruling planet, enters a thoughtful phase, prompting you to reflect on your communication styles and learning methods. This introspective period means journaling, meditation, or engaging in deep conversations can lead to valuable insights. When the Sun moves into Aquarius on Jan. 20, your attention shifts to your daily routines and health. Consider implementing new wellness practices or refining your work-life balance to enhance your overall well-being. This month is your canvas to blend creativity with practicality and start the year with a harmonious and fulfilling rhythm.

January strain: We know you have very specific taste, Virgo. As you kick off January with a focus on fitness and self-improvement, Orange Cookies is the perfect strain to complement your journey with a complex blend of creamy and citrus flavors. It uplifts and motivates users, which aligns beautifully with your New Year’s resolutions and staying on track with your progress. Plus, its relaxing vibe is just what you need after a strenuous workout or a day of self-development. 



January offers a serene landscape for you to cultivate harmony and comfort in your personal life, Libra. The Sun in through Capricorn highlights your fourth house of home and family, urging you to focus on creating a peaceful and nurturing environment. This is an excellent time to attend to domestic matters like redecorating your living space, organizing family gatherings, and appreciating time at home. The new moon on Jan. 11 brings an opportunity for initiating a long-overdue home project or setting new family goals.

As the month progresses, Venus, your ruling planet, forms a pleasing aspect with Mars, enhancing your charm and social grace. This harmonious energy is perfect for engaging in social activities, strengthening your relationships, and finding balance in your social battery. Around Jan. 20, the Sun enters Aquarius and shifts your focus towards creativity and self-expression; explore your artistic side and indulge in hobbies that bring you joy. This month is a time to embrace the comfort of home while balancing your social life, allowing you to start the year with a sense of peace and equilibrium.

January strain: As girl scout season kicks off for 2024, this strain will keep you satisfied and happy, Libra. As you navigate your emotional rollercoaster this January, Thin Mint is the strain that can help keep you balanced. Its calming effects are perfect for those moments when you need to clarify your feelings and find your center. And not to mention, it tastes just like its best-selling namesake.


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January presents a stimulating landscape for communication and intellectual exploration, Scorpio, letting your deep, investigative nature shine. The Sun’s journey through Capricorn at the start of the month activates your third house of communication, encouraging you to express your ideas. This period is ripe for connecting with others, whether through social media, writing, or local events. The new moon on Jan. 11 marks an ideal time to embark on a learning endeavor or to start a writing project, tapping into your natural penchant for research and discovery.

Mars, your co-ruling planet, encourages you to delve deeper into your interests this month, and seek out hidden insights and new skills. This is a great time for focused study or for pursuing activities that challenge your mind. When the Sun shifts into Aquarius on Jan. 20, your attention turns towards home and family matters. Use this period to strengthen your bonds with loved ones or to attend to domestic projects that have been on hold. Scorpions, January is your month to weave through the realms of ideas and expressions, both inside and out.

January strain: You love a winner. Scorpio, as you step into January with your usual drive and enthusiasm, our 2021 Strain of the Year, Dosidos, is the perfect companion to weather your moods and projects. Its potent effects will keep your heart stable and head cool for the important decisions ahead. Plus, it’s just the right companion for those moments when you need to unwind and recharge, keeping you balanced and ready for whatever comes next. And yes, it tastes as good as it looks.



January and the new year mean a focus on grounding yourself and exploring your values for the months ahead, Sagittarius. Your second house of finances and personal resources gets a boost with the Sun moving through Capricorn, so take a practical approach to your material needs with budgeting and investments that align with your long-term goals. The new moon on Jan. 11 gives you the perfect refresh to start a savings plan and reassess your spending habits.

As the month progresses, Jupiter, your ruling planet, buoys you with optimism and adventure, even in the realm of your personal affairs. This expansive energy might lead you to explore new ways of increasing your income or to invest in personal development. When the Sun enters Aquarius on Jan. 20, your focus shifts to communication, discussion, and learning. Don’t shy away from sharing your ideas, trying your hand at writing, or trying new social activities. January invites you to blend your adventurous spirit with a practical approach, setting a balanced and enriching tone for the year ahead.

January strain: This is a strain that aligns with any diet or new social itinerary, Sagittarius. As you confront unresolved situations from the past this January, Mint Chocolate Chip is the strain to help you navigate these challenges. It strikes that balance of energy without anxiety to aid in honing your focus and managing those intense emotions that pop up from time to time. Plus, its unique flavor is just the right treat to uplift your spirits during this reflective time.

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