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Star signs and cannabis strains: November 2023 horoscopes



It’s officially Scorpio season, Stargazers! As the days grow increasingly shorter and the nights longer, this water sign encourages us to delve into our emotions, catalyzing introspection and self-awareness. As we bundle up for November, the cosmic energies shifting will bring a much-needed sense of calmness to the signs, especially after the turbulence of the previous month. This time primes us to embrace the hidden aspects of ourselves, delve into our desires, and seek deeper connections with those around us.

A significant cosmic event unfolds on November 4, as Saturn goes Direct. This planetary shift brings a sense of clarity and purpose to all zodiac signs—many will feel a release of restrictions and a clearer path forward. Pounce on this opportune moment to set intentions, reevaluate goals, and take decisive actions. The weight of retrograde will gradually lift, and with it a fresh perspective.

As we navigate November and the full throttle of holiday season, find moments of calm and relaxation. Cannabis can offer a gentle, intentional way to unwind and connect with the cosmic energies around us. Use this month to align with your true selves, harness Saturn’s direct energy, and embrace the transformative essence of Scorpio season.

Your November horoscope


Fly the funkiest sky on First Class Funk—September’s Leafly HighLight strain


Scorpion and bongs on a blue and pink background with the word "Scorpio"
(Savina Monet)

Happy birthday Scorpio! Those born under this sign are often perceptive, passionate, and possess a mysterious allure. Their ability to connect on a profound level and their fearless approach to life inspire admiration and trust in those around them.

We know you love the finer things, scorpions, but month, it’s essential to prioritize necessities over luxuries. A family gathering may be in the cards, bringing warmth and connection. While daily tasks might feel repetitive, approach them with enthusiasm—think of them as stepping stones towards your dreams. An unexpected twist awaits as a secret admirer might reveal their feelings for you. Achieving your dreams will also bring an ego boost. Instead of dwelling too much on financial concerns, trust in yourself and look forward to the joyous moments that the month promises.

The month also calls for a blend of tranquility and joyful movement for your health. Explore relaxation techniques like meditation or deep breathing exercises to manage stress. At the same time, find the value in simple activities, like dancing in your living room, to release endorphins and uplift your spirits. Striking a balance between stillness and celebration is the key to holistic well-being this month.

Professionally, it might not be the best time for a job switch,  and business owners should be prepared for unforeseen shortfalls. Financial constraints might make investments challenging. Job seekers might find themselves accepting positions with lesser pay, but it will benefit you in the long run.

November strain: Indulge in your sweet tooth and dive deep into November’s transformative energies with a “slice” of Cream Pie. This is a versatile strain with many iterations, just like its namesake dessert. Its euphoric, happy, and even arousing effects will suit your personal and social pursuits this month, enhancing your intense and passionate nature. Embrace the month with a strain that’s as creamy and dreamy as your deepest desires.


An archer pulls a bow in front of a fiery orange weed background with palm blunts and the word "Sagittarius"
(Savina Monet)

November is a month of momentum, Sags. Your bonds with friends and family will deepen, providing a strong support system. While your love life might face some turbulence, previous investments will start to bear fruit. Some Sagittarians might also find healing from past injuries, both physical and emotional. Release past regrets and embrace inner peace, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Cultivate positivity in your thoughts and steer clear of negative influences. While romantic relationships might present challenges, the connections with your close ones will only grow stronger.


Eye candy-gas: Photo galleries from Best Strains of Harvest 2023

To keep your body and mind alert, opt for lean proteins in your meals while cutting out artificial flavorings in favor of herbs and spices. Career-wise, those in their dream roles can look forward to potential promotions—a testament to their hard work and dedication. Entrepreneurs can anticipate a rise in profits and an influx of new clients. For those on the job hunt, chances look good in securing a position that aligns with your aspirations.

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November strain: You’re a zesty one, Sagittarius, and you aren’t afraid of change. As you embark on new adventures this month, add a sour, citrus twist with Lemon Meringue. This crowd pleaser by Exotic Genetix imbues consumers with uplifting and invigorating energy without stressing them out, the perfect companion for your fiery spirit and boundless enthusiasm.


A horned goat and weed leaves on a green background with orange border and the word "Capricorn"
(Savina Monet)

This month, Caps, it’s crucial to prioritize long-term happiness over fleeting moments of joy. Distance yourself from individuals who seem indifferent or unsupportive, and channel your energy towards your goals. Forging new friendships and budding romance are on the horizon. For some Capricorns, this month might be the right time to exit a relationship that’s holding you back. Financially, exercise caution and avoid making significant investments. But for the most part, November is a period of rejuvenation.

Let go of persistent worries and welcome joy into your life. Instead of getting caught up in transient pleasures, find contentment in the small, meaningful moments that life offers.

Your health takes center stage this month, with a focus on nourishing your body with wholesome foods that provide sustained energy. Remember, laughter is a potent remedy for many of life’s stresses, so embrace humor and even indulge in some harmless pranks. Professionally, list your goals and work towards them diligently. For those building new businesses, the winds of change seem favorable. Utilize any free time at work for personal growth rather than idle chatter, and be wary of colleagues who exude negativity.

November strain: As you climb the peaks of ambition and seek clarity in your endeavors this month, Capricorn, you will need something sweet to keep you going. Blueberry Pie is a chiller strain bursting with blueberry flavors and a mental haze that uplifts and relaxes—the perfect blend for your determined and practical nature. Embrace the end of the year with a strain that complements your ambitious nature and eases changes in your relationships. 


water pitcher and weed pipes on sky background with word "Aquarius"
(Savina Monet)

November brings a mix of joy and minor challenges for you, Aquarius. Personal and career growth both seem imminent, but there might be some unexpected changes to your travel plans. Life will throw its fair share of challenges your way, but you can overcome them with courage and determination. On the brighter side, this month bubbles with opportunities for reconciliation with loved ones, mending past rifts and strengthening current bonds.

Strap in for a rollercoaster ride of emotions as you move closer to your aspirations. A prevailing sense of positivity will guide you—some long-awaited good news is just around the corner.

On the professional front, things are looking up. Your hard work might culminate in promotions, and investments made in the past could start yielding profits. A surprise celebration at the office might be in store. Stay prepared for important calls and discussions, and don’t let envious colleagues divert you from your chosen path.

November strain: You know that classic comforts never go out of style, Capricorn, and Blackberry Pie is one of them. This hybrid strain has some complex cannabis lineage that expresses in an aromatic blend of blueberry, grape, and peach flavors, with a dually euphoric and calming consumption experience. It’s a pie that enhances your drive and visionary spirit. 


two fish swimming in stars and cannabis leaves on a blue background with bongs and the word "Pisces"
(Savina Monet)

Deep breath, Pisces—November presents a set of challenges on the professional front, especially with job applications, and a cherished friendship might require some extra attention and mending this month. To maintain harmony in your relationships, steer clear of arguments and confrontations and embrace your trademark optimism. While there might be moments of lows, comforting news from a friend will be a source of solace. Keep open lines of communication with those close to you, as you navigate any mood swings, and make an effort to make sure work-related stresses don’t spill over into your personal life.

Your emotional well-being takes center stage this month. Engaging in volunteer activities can be a therapeutic experience, benefiting not just the community but also your spirits. Take some time to identify what triggers feelings of anger and anxiety; recognizing these triggers will empower you to maintain your inner peace and tackle challenges more effectively.

Daily tasks in your career might seem repetitive, but missing even a day could lead to overlooking crucial details—stay locked in. While a colleague’s promotion might be on the horizon, remember that your turn is not far behind. Fresh graduates should brace themselves for potential job rejections but remain optimistic about future opportunities.

November strain: As you navigate this month’s swift currents and deep emotions, remember that all your stresses can roll off your back like water. With its euphoric, uplifting, and munchie-inducing effects, Moon Pie is the perfect celestial treat to align with your intuitive and imaginative nature. This strain has a unique funk to help you break out of old habits, and give you the confidence to channel your dreamy nature towards your goals. 


blunts and a ram with the word "Aries" on a fiery orange background
(Savina Monet)

In the realm of personal relationships, November promises to be a lively month for you, rams. Friends may surprise you with unexpected visits, and expect an inundation of event invitations. While social interactions will be abundant, remain discerning. Be wary of toxic relationships that could impede your momentum, and times of doubt or challenge, lean on your loved ones for support.

On the professional front, you might experience feelings of displacement or unease in your current role. However, acting on impulse and making hasty decisions may work against your best interest. Instead, take the time to plan, gather the necessary resources, and work diligently towards your aspirations—without rushing. Remember that external recognition does not determine your worth. Stay genuine and true to yourself, even when faced with challenges from colleagues.


Boston weed delivery man Devin Alexander blazes a trail

In summary, Aries, November will be a month filled with social interaction and professional introspection. Embrace the positive interactions, but also be vigilant about potential pitfalls. Remember, every experience is an opportunity for growth.

November strain: It’s been a bountiful harvest season, and now we can indulge in the many flavors of late fall.The Cherry Pie strain, with its origins in a cross of Granddaddy Purple x F1 Durb, offers a gentle embrace of sweet dough and sour cherry aromas, coupled with an earthy flavor. This strain’s euphoric sedation comes on swiftly and lingers for hours; it might just be the grounding force you need to thrive through this month.


Bull on a green background with cannabis on the border and the word "Taurus"
(Savina Monet)

In your personal life, Taurus, November is all about you. Despite your steadfastness and practicality, you may find yourself re-evaluating certain relationships and personal goals. This is a good time to reconnect with your inner self and understand what truly matters to you before the end of the year. Embrace this period of contemplation—it will guide you towards decisions that align with your core values.

Professionally, prepare for the universe to test your patience and resilience. Remember that growth often comes from stepping out of your comfort zone. Approach any obstacles with determination and seek advice when needed. Your hard work and dedication will not go unnoticed; by the end of the month, you might find yourself in a better position than you anticipated.

Remember, every challenge is an opportunity in disguise. Stay grounded, trust your instincts, and embrace the journey ahead.

November strain: It’s officially baking season. Known for its energizing and focused effects, Pie Crust aligns perfectly with your aspirations this month. While you might feel the urge to escape certain duties or change your lifestyle, this strain can help you weigh the pros and cons, ensuring you make decisions that truly benefit you. It also has a indulgent, unique palate with creamy, doughy, and nutty notes.


two women looking at each other confidently on sky background with pipes in the corners and the word "Gemini"
(Savina Monet)

Gemini, November is likely to be a whirlwind of social activities and interactions. Your dual nature blooms, with one side craving deep, meaningful conversations and the other seeking light-hearted banter and fun. It’s essential to find a balance to ensure you don’t spread yourself too thin. Listen to your intuition and prioritize relationships that bring positivity and growth into your life.

On the professional front, your adaptability and quick thinking will serve you best when challenges may arise, but your ability to see both sides of a situation will help you navigate them with ease. Collaborative projects might take center stage, and your communication skills will play a crucial role in their success. Stay open-minded and ready to embrace new ideas and methodologies. November promises a mix of social engagements and professional challenges. Stay grounded, trust your instincts, and remember to take time for self-care.


13 best cannabis strains of harvest 2023

November strain: The Jungle Boys know how to tailor their strains.As you balance your dual nature and chase those coins, why not indulge in a savory slice of the Jungle? Jungle Pie: the perfect blend of sweetness and spice, energy and soothing, for the twin in you seeking both relaxation and chatter. Dive into the month with a pie that understands your contradictions and complements. 

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Dab rigs and a large crab on a blue background with the word "Cancer"
(Savina Monet)

Dear Cancer, November ushers in a new period of introspection and exploration of your emotional depth. As a water sign ruled by the Moon, that October eclipse may have thrown your natural ebb and flow off-kilter. This month, you may find yourself reflecting on past events and relationships, so take the time to heal old wounds, stay cozy at home, and strengthen existing bonds with loved ones. Their support and understanding will be invaluable as you navigate through your emotional journey.

Professionally, you might encounter situations that challenge your patience and resilience. Your dedication and tenacity have limits, so remember that it’s okay to seek help when needed. Collaborative efforts will be beneficial, and leaning on colleagues for support or guidance can lead to innovative solutions. Trust in your intuition and let it guide your decisions.

Your empathetic nature will also play a crucial role in team dynamics, making you a valuable asset in group projects and discussions. Embrace the support of loved ones, trust in your abilities, and remember that every challenge is an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

November strain: Time for a sweet treat, crabs. As November beckons with a focus on financial gains and relationship harmony, why not add a slice of Apple Pie to the mix? With its energetic, giggly vibes that give way to a hazier, sleepy effect, this strain is the perfect companion for your month of balance and introspection. Dive into November with a pie that has as many layers of flavors as you do feelings. 


Tourist tips for a weed-filled weekend in Boston


Pink lion and joints on orange psychedelic background with the word "Leo"
(Savina Monet)

Ready, Leo? November shines a spotlight on your innate leadership qualities and charisma. As the sign ruled by the Sun, you naturally gravitate towards the center stage, and this month is no exception. Social events, gatherings, and opportunities to showcase your talents will be abundant, but remember the importance of humility and gratitude. Cherish the moments of joy and celebration, while acknowledging and appreciating the support and love of those around you. Their encouragement and admiration fuel your spirit, and it’s crucial to give back in kind.

Challenges may arise on the professional front that test your determination and creativity. Collaborative projects and team efforts will be in focus, and your passion and leadership skills will be invaluable. You love to take charge, but remember the importance of listening and valuing the input of others. By fostering an environment of mutual respect and collaboration, you’ll pave the way for success and innovation.

The penultimate month of the year promises a blend of social engagements, personal growth, and professional challenges. Embrace your natural charisma, lead with kindness and humility, and remember that collaboration is the key to unlocking new horizons.

November strain: As you roar with ambition and seek balance in your relationships, why not indulge in the velvety embrace of Red Velvet? This strain is as decadent as you are, Leo, with its unique cinnamon candy hot aroma and uplifting effects—the perfect match for your fiery passion and regal demeanor. Dive into the month with a strain that’s as bold and luxurious as you are, while staying grounded for your loved ones. 


Woman reading a book with a flower in her hair on green background and the word "Virgo"
(Savina Monet)

November brings a wave of growth in various facets of your life, Virgo, from the professional, to the mental realms. Your hard work and dedication will soon receive the recognition they deserve, with some exciting news concerning your career. On the personal front, your love life might take an unexpected and delightful turn. A trip with friends, filled with fun and adventure, could also be in the cards. Emotionally, this month promises a surge of happiness.

Evening strolls will help you stay grounded, and deep conversations with friends will strengthen your bonds. Romance is in the air, and it might just leave a lasting impression on your heart.

On the health front, this month brings spiritual and physical nourishment. Connect with your higher self, and you can support this spiritual journey with foods rich in omega-3s and antioxidants. Merging spiritual insights with mindful eating will create a harmonious synergy between your body and soul. Your unwavering commitment might earn you a bonus at work, and those seeking time off might find their requests granted. If you’re just embarking on your career journey, momentum is on your side.

November strain: As you meticulously plan and seek clarity this November, Virgo, you need a sweet treat that helps you step away and take a moment for yourself. The zesty palate of Key Lime Pie tastes as good as these sparkling, verdant buds look. With its calming effects and unique flavors of lime candy and mint, Key Lime Pie will enhance your analytical and earthy nature, while keeping you cool, calm, and collected.  


Scales on sky background with rounded pipes and the word "Libra"
(Savina Monet)

This month promises progress towards your aspirations, Libra. Challenges and conflicts with loved ones may temporarily trip you up, but rest assured they will pass. Financial prospects are looking up, and emotionally, it’s a fulfilling month. Your achievements will bring pride to your family. If you can swing it, a trip or time off from work will provide the much-needed break and time to strengthen bonds with friends.

Nutrition and self-love are paramount right now to balance your scales. Remember to set aside moments for yourself, be it a calming bath, indulging in a hobby you love, or simply enjoying some quiet contemplation. Professionally, gear up for some potential work travel. The period leading up to it might be hectic, so efficient time management and planning is crucial. New businesses can expect modest profits; if you’ve been contemplating investments, now is a favorable time. Those awaiting job interview results might receive some encouraging news.

November strain: You’re not a diva, Libra, but everyone can benefit from some Humble Pie now and again, though this indica-dominant strain might make you feel anything but. With its sweet berry and zesty citrus flavors, Humble Pie offers a euphoric and grounding experience, perfectly aligning with your quest for balance and consistency. Dive into the month with a pie that matches your harmonious and humble spirit.

Check out last month’s horoscopes.

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Best Dispensaries in Kansas City for 2024




Missouri hit the ground running when the state legalized adult-use cannabis is TK, building off their medical marijuana program. Kansas City is home to over 40 dispensary options for consumers, highlighting the Show Me State’s penchant for craft and pizzazz.

Whether you’re new to cannabis, or an experienced connoisseur looking for a new dispensary experience, Leafly did the math to find out what reviewers say are the very best dispensaries in Kansas City. Our newly updated Leafly List features the top dispensaries in Connecticut for 2024 based on dispensary reviews and ratings on


The best-rated weed dispensaries in Missouri for 2023

Highest-rated adult use and medical dispensaries in Kansas City

Locals in Kansas City value dispensaries that put an emphasis on customer education, comfortable environments, and friendly staff.

13531 Madison Ave, Kansas City, MO — undefined

“The best spot around if you’re out south. You’ll see a wide range of folks in there, customers and staff. The staff knows the products and can steer you to your needs. Do you need something a little lighter than “stuck on stupid” during the day? They got exactly what you need. However, on the other hand, if it’s a holiday or whatever the occasion, Tuesday, you are ready to get blazed. They got what you’re looking for. Whatever budder, badder, rosin, resin, live, greatful dead, flower, edibles, carts, pre rolls and on and on….they got it…”

706 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO — recreational/medical

“Best local shop in town!”

1222 McGee St, Kansas City, MO — recreational/medical

“It was great customer service and easy to locate.”

4900 East Bannister Rd., Kansas City, MO — undefined

“It was great . I got in and out even though they were busy ,busy! Ordered on line and was there with it ready in 5min. Couldn’t ask for better service.”

2918 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City, MO — recreational/medical

“A very chill spot with great customer service. Celeste D was awesome and her recommendation was fire. Definitely will be returning.”

6200 Troost Ave, Kansas City, MO — recreational/medical

“Knowledgable staff; very friendly. Nice selection and great location.”

1421 Wabash Ave , Kansas City, MO — recreational/medical

“This place is to be loved all over the world.”

7130 Wornall Rd., Kansas City, MO — undefined

“Love coming here always had good deals and rewards. Kierra always has a smile and willing to help. Every one there is great. Awesome products and good service.”

4716 NE Vivion Rd Kansas City, MO 64119, Kansas City, MO — undefined

“I have never had a bad experience here. Everyone is always knowledgeable, friendly and willing to help.”

10420 Blue Ridge BLVD, Kansas City, MO — undefined

“I’m new to the area, and this store has been so amazing! Such a friendly group of employees who are extremely helpful and very informational. I love this store!”

9010 E State Rte 350, Raytown, MO — recreational/medical

“Bruce Banner was exactly what I needed. online order ready in and out!!”

5408 Prospect , Kansas City, MO — undefined

“I love it here. Everyone has always been so friendly and helpful, from the minute you walk in, even the security guards are delightful. I can ask a million questions, they do their best to answer all of them and I never feel weird or bad about asking. This is my favorite spot.”


Missouri marijuana laws

Selection criteria for Leafly List Kansas City

To calculate the highest-rated dispensaries in Kansas City, our Leafly List team uses a methodology based on quantitative and qualitative review data of dispensaries listed on Leafly in Kansas City. This list also uses quality indicators, like customer reorder rates and deals availability (in markets where discounts are legal). Our teams are dedicated to showcasing a wide variety of highly-rated medical and recreational dispensaries.

Remember, if you don’t see your favorite dispensary on the list, make sure you follow, rate, and review your favorite cannabis locations to let the world know where you find your favorite cannabis.

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Vancouver weed visitor’s guide 2024




When I first landed in Vancouver, British Columbia, as a college undergrad, one of my biggest questions, beyond how I would make friends in a new country, pick my major, and currency conversion rates, was where was I going to find weed?

Thankfully, Vancouver has been a big weed city for a long time, and British Columbia has a reputation not unlike Norcal’s Emerald Triangle—they don’t call it B.C. bud for nothing! Over 5 years into federal legalization of adult-use cannabis, Vancouver and (most of) Canada have built on the infrastructure of the medical/legacy days to offer consumers a wide variety of products and strains from both national, government-owned brands to family-run micro-growers serving their local communities. 

Next time you’re in Vancity, you’ll know where the dank is. Let’s go!

What are Van’s weed rules?

If you aren’t quite old enough to patronize a dispensary in the States, rejoice! Adults 19+ can legally frequent adult-use cannabis dispensaries, and possess up to 30 grams (or the equivalent in edibles, vapes, etc) while out and about. At home, you can grow up to 4 plants and possess no more than 1,000 grams of cannabis and derived products. 

Vancouver, like the Big Apple, allows public cannabis consumption …

Best of all, Vancouver, like the Big Apple, allows public cannabis consumption wherever tobacco smoking and vaping are allowed, with exceptions for parks (there are designated areas), playgrounds, public buildings, and near bus, train, and ferry stops. If your hotel allows it, you can also smoke in your room. 


Canada Cannabis 101

Vancouver B.C. has many dope spots. An excerpt of the Leafly map. (Leafly)

Excellent question! Vancouver is a big city with upwards of 80 dispensaries within the greater metro area. In the city proper, most walk-in stores are concentrated downtown; you can take a ferry to North Vancouver for a few more options. Most stores offer delivery services, and you can order cannabis on UberEats the same way you would a breakfast burrito.

Because Canada’s cannabis legislation is federal, dispensaries have two tiers. There are BC Cannabis stores run by the government under the province’s British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch, and there are privately-owned stores. The BC Cannabis stores offer better prices and wider selections from brands based all over the country; privately-owned stores may have more store ambiance and local options from craft growers.

Shop highly rated dispensaries near you:


A number of dispensaries across Vancouver offer pick up and delivery options to adults 19+. You can also order weed for delivery and pickup on UberEats from select dispensaries. Start a Vancouver delivery.

If you’re fresh out of YVR, you can head to Dutch Love on 8602 Granville Street, or  La Canapa up the street on 8002 Granville Street.

What is some good weed to buy in Van?

Shopping in a Canadian dispensary is a little different than the States—your weed can be from Ontario or Quebec or Newfoundland. I opted to stick to local BC cultivators with one Ontario exception. Here are six of the best buds I sampled. 


How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

I am high, what do I do now in Van?

For Van’s best weed attractions, go to:

  • Stanley Park
  • The downtown Art Gallery complex
  • The Amsterdam Cafe
  • Bloedel Conservatory (North Vancouver)
  • Vancouver Aquarium 
  • Pacific National Exhibition, aka The PNE, Playland amusement park (May–August)
  • A ride on the Seabus ferry
  • A Skyride gondola ride to the top of Grouse Mountain (North Vancouver)
  • Skiing and snowboarding at Grouse Mountain (North Vancouver)

Spotlight: Amsterdam Cafe

While smoking in public is now allowed, not everyone wants to light up in a smoking section, and Vancouver winters can be brutal. As of writing, dispensaries cannot host consumption spaces. But one of the most iconic North American smoking lounges is still kicking in Downtown Vancouver: the Amsterdam Cafe.

This is a one-stop shop for a comfortable, discreet sesh–the main floor hosts a full-service cafe with food and beverages. A $10 membership fee gets guests access to the lower-level lounge during the day, and the main floor in the evening. Bongs and rolling kits are available for rental. 

For Van’s best stoner munchie food, get:

  • Tim Horton’s, the (better) Dunkin Donuts of Canada.
  • White Spot
  • A&W, which is not only a root beer brand but an entire burger chain that rivals the American juggernauts McDonalds and Burger King.
  • Mello Donuts
  • La Belle Patate, for a wide variety of Canada’s best munchie food, poutine. 
  • Cactus Club Cafe


How Canada’s West Coast Became World Renowned for Cannabis Cultivation

Vancouver weed visitors frequently asked questions

What’s up with the weed lounges?

Unfortunately, dispensaries can’t yet get permitted for consumption lounges—yet. But the Amsterdam Cafe at 301 W Hastings Street, and Cannabis Culture next door both have discreet and stylish smoking spaces for locals and visitors. 

What does federal legalization mean for me and my shopping experience?

It means lots of options, mostly. You aren’t beholden to just your province’s selection of flower, vapes, edibles, or concentrates. I recommend chatting with your budtender, and doing research ahead of time; sometimes out-of-province products are older, or your local store won’t have the full selection. 

Can I bring weed into or out of Canada?

This is a BIG no no. Just because weed is legal at the federal level, it is illegal to cross the Canadian border with it or fly with it. So smoke it while you can, or leave it with a friend before you head home. 


How to grow weed in your home garden—with tips for every province

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America’s top weed cities of 2024 announced




America’s tens of millions of stoners need not endure unequal access to their life-saving medicine and safer alternative to alcohol. They can vote with their feet for some fine cannabis cities, or stay to fix the terrible ones. Right now, all across the US, Americans enjoy widely different levels of weed freedom.

Real Estate Witch’s website computed the top 50 best weed cities in America, and the differences speak volumes. Denver, CO ranks No. 1. Louisville, KY ranks dead last. Below, Leafly presents some highlights and picks from each spot.

No. 1 Denver, CO

Apple Fritter. (Courtesy Veritas, Colorado)
Apple Fritter. (Courtesy Veritas, Colorado)

John Denver wasn’t kidding! The Mile High City defends its name with a first-place finish in the stoner city rankings for 2024. I mean, it has a fricking Mile High 420 Fest. Colorado legalized in 2012, and today a mature cannabis industry competes to serve the highest-quality flower and extracts at the lowest price. Denver has nearly four times as many shops per capita as Los Angeles, and the top-shelf ounce average price there bucked inflation, falling $1 in the last year to $242 per ounce. Whether it’s fine dining, shows at Red Rocks, stunning trails, or killer art, Denver delivers for its irie residents and visitors. We can’t wait to visit again.

No. 2 Portland, OR

Moonbow #99 grown by Archive Portland. Indica hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)
Moonbow #99 grown by Archive Portland. Indica hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

Leafly smokers are in love with Oregon’s world-class growers and their extract scene. From Archive, to Decibel, to Left Coast Standard to TrueCare Farms, Oregon has the juice! It sports the Northwest Cannafest, a crazy specialty in GMO Cookies, and even balanced CBD strains.

See all of our Oregon stories to smoke like a local.

No. 3 Las Vegas, NV

Ghost Train Haze goes choo-choo in Sin City. (Courtesy Nature’s Chemistry)

Sin City aims to corner the market on turnt-up cannabis fun. Las Vegas offers legal tree from the second you land. There’s kiosks in the airport, and the cabbies will drive you straight to da club. Combo that cannabis with a trippy visit to The Sphere, some tasty food, and so much more. The cherry on top: Las Vegas’ licensed cannabis smoking lounges are finally opening up. Read our Las Vegas weed visitor’s guide.

No. 4 Buffalo, NY

According to Whitney Economics, just 4 percent of New York smokers consume licensed cannabis. That’s a failure. But not in Buffalo, NY, where locals—including indigenous communities—charted a speedy path to tons of stores and literal tons of cultivation. That’s how you get safe access and do the will of the voters. Buffalo outranks New York City—ouch! Go Bills!

No. 5 Baltimore, MD

Special Sauce in a jar at Baltimore’s Charm City Smoke Fest (J.M. Giordano for Leafly)

American cannabis regulators don’t want to learn from their competitors in other states. But we can still beg them to study Maryland. which canna-balled into adult-use sales in 2023 with a smash success launch. Existing medical growers bulked up, stores flipped from medical to recreational, and supplies never ran dry. May the speedy reconstruction of the Francis Scott Key Bridge inspire us all.

Shop highly rated dispensaries near you

Showing you dispensaries near

See all dispensaries

Read more of our Maryland stories.

No. 6 Phoenix, AZ

(David Downs/Leafly)
That Badu. Cookies opens its first store in Arizona—Cookies Tuscon June 24. (David Downs/Leafly)

It’s so great to see this big desert city flower into a cannabis capital. Phoenix has a huge amount of large-scale indoor cultivation bringing down prices. Its regulators did a savvy job of spreading clubs around the state, and getting city buy-in with the carrot of tax revenue, and another special incentive. Cities that ban stores must allow home-growers.

No. 7 Seattle, WA

Torus Gas Face. Hybrid sativa. (David Downs/Leafly)
Torus Gas Face. Hybrid sativa. Gassy! (David

Shout-out to all the amazing breeders and growers of Washington: From Exotic Genetix, to Torus, to Artizen to Freddy’s Fuego, Phat Panda, and Constellation rosin. The party is on Bainbridge Island this 4/20!

No. 8 Sacramento, CA

Flo White from Amplified Farms 26.8% THC (David Downs/Leafly)
Flo White from Amplified Farms 26.8% THC (David Downs/Leafly)

The world doesn’t know it yet, but Sacramento is going to run away with the weed bag. Killer indoor ships statewide from California’s capitol—Alien Labs, Amplified Farms, Natura, Seven Leaves, and so much more. SacTo is perfectly positioned between the foothills, the mountains, and the coast—with water, power, labor, and affordable land. Locals enjoy fine cannabis at fair prices from plentiful stores, and combine it with tasty eats, trips to the Sacramento River, and the mountains. Go meet your legislator with California NORML May 8, and demand ‘Deli-style.’

No. 9 Kansas City, MO

The Good Day Farm dispensary serves adults 21 and older now in Kansas City. (Courtesy Good Day Farm)
The Good Day Farm dispensary serves adults 21 and older now in Kansas City. (Courtesy Good Day Farm)

Hot damn! Welcome, Kansas City, Missouri, to America’s top 10 weed cities. Missouri pulled off an epic, drama-free 2023 legalization launch and K.C. is on fire with NFL champs The Chiefs, a new airport, a cleaned-up downtown, and the impending arrival of the US Women’s Soccer team stadium. Missouri has solid medical indoor that flipped to recreational, and they are rapidly getting up the learning curve on dope strains. Plus, world-class barbecue, jazz, shopping, affordability, and plenty of room for newcomers.

No. 10 Providence, RI

The East Coast continues to come alive with legal cannabis, and Providence’s jump up seven spots to rank in the top 10 is a testament to its progress. What is going on in Providence? Well, weed is fully legal. They’re epically passionate, and the town boasts twice as many head shops per capita as Seattle. It’s hard to find a map, but once you get there, expect to find weed-friends. 

How we rank the top US weed cities 

Real Estate Witch conjured its results by giving cities points for:

  • Legality of cannabis
  • The cost of weed
  • Consumer interest as measured by Google Trends
  • Dispensaries per 100,000 residents
  • Doctors per 100,000 residents
  • Average rating of dispensaries out of 5 stars
  • Site visitors to Leafly
  • And the prevalence of head shops, concert venues, fast food restaurants, hiking trails, and movie theaters

The ten worst cannabis cities in the US

By that token, here are the ten worst weed cities in America, as well:

  • Louisville, KY
  • Dallas, TX
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Houston, TX
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Nashville, TN
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • Memphis, TN
  • Indianapolis, IN

Go to Real Estate Witch for more details.

And that’s a breezy walk through the top 10 weed cities in the US. You can find your tree in any of them using Leafly, so download the app and tap in to win. Enjoy this golden age of cannabis coast to coast!

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