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The Best Small Ways To Improve Work Productivity



Work productivity fluctuates on a daily basis. Here are some simple things you can do to get off the hamster wheel.

Five days a week 8-9 hours a day and productivity sometimes comes and goes. Some days you feel like you’re on fire, getting everything done on time, while others feel like a completely different story. And just because you are working longer hours, doesn’t mean you are more productive. It is better to make use of day and stay as focused as possible.

While you should always treat yourself with some compassion, it is possible to get out of work ruts by making some changes. Big changes like buying new work desks and switching up your work schedule can work, but small and consistent changes can also add up and make a difference. Here are the best small ways to improve work productivity.

Know what works and what doesn’t about your work setup

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If you want to know what’s not working about your work setup, write down a list of your routines every day. If you have a particularly productive day, write down what you did, whether you worked on a couch,  with headphones, made all the calls in the morning, or only took meetings in the afternoon. Small patterns can help you come up with a better work routine and can help you avoid certain situations that are not your most productive.

Start by completing one task

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The best habit  is to get one task done and at a time. Usually, the first task is the most difficult, and once you’re past the biggest hurdle you feel like you’ve accomplished more. Make a to-do list and slowly go through the items on your list or write down all of your plans on a calendar. These small activities can help you get out of your slump and feel more productive.

Clean your desk

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Work desks are very some of the fastest household items to get messed up, especially when working from home. If you find yourself procrastinating, organize it. Clean and dispose of all your coffee cups, organize your pens, stow away extra notebooks, etc. Switching up the positioning of your desk can also work, reinvigorating your work space and perhaps giving you a better view.

Clean your emails

Checking emails during commute should count as part of the working day
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Another simple and mindless task you can do is to clean up your emails. Organize them according to their purpose and delete all of the junk. Unsubscribing from websites you don’t visit and stores you’re not interested in is also a great use of your time, giving you something to do and the feeling like you’re getting your life together. You have to start somewhere.

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Science Confirms It Is Important And Marijuana Helps It




The old saying is laughter in the best medicine – science proves it and marijuana helps make it happen.

Nothing changes you mentally and physically than a solid belly laugh. Spending time chuckling lifts you up and science confirms it is good for you. Studies confirm laughter is good for you and has a clear impact on the physical and mental state of mind.  For some people, and at times most people, laughter doesn’t come near enough. Science confirms it is important and marijuana helps it come more naturally.

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The good thing with laughter is it has short and long term benefits.  Some of the immediate perks includes the cooling down your stress response resulting ingood, relaxed feeling and lower blood pressure. This also stimulates circulation and aids muscle relaxation, both of which can help reduce some of the physical symptoms of stress.

Longer term effects are even more beneficial.  Negative thoughts manifest into chemical reactions that can affect your body by bringing more stress into your system and decreasing your immunity. By contrast, positive thoughts can actually release neuropeptides that help fight stress and potentially more-serious illnesses.

Laughter may ease pain by causing the body to produce its own natural painkillers.  Additionally many people experience depression, sometimes due to chronic illnesses. Laughter can help lessen your stress, depression and anxiety and may make you feel happier.

The “imagine” of stoners usually involve laughing and giggling. THC, the primary psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis plants, can increase dopamine transmission. The boost in dopamine production increase the euphoric and happy feeling, leading to spontaneous and robust laughter sessions.

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Spontaneous laughter differs significantly from self-induced laughter. The former refers to “genuine” or unforced laughter, often in response to a stimulus, whereas the latter describes laughter that is simulated de novo. Spontaneous laughter is often associated with positive mood, whereas simulated laughter is primarily physical and is not necessarily associated with positive emotions or feelings.


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Couples Using Cannabis Can Increase Intimacy




The Karma Sutra shares a wide variety of ways to enhance intimacy and sharing marijuana is one of them.

Marijuana has been part intimacy for over 1,000 years.  One of the key things about THC is is allows the mind to quiet and focus on the moment and sensations.  When it comes a romantic interlude, it makes it all more interesting and adds in a dollop of fun. A couple who use cannabis together can increase intimacy and their enjoyment.

Historically in India, marijuana was used extensively in sensual tantric rituals, yoga, and the intricate sexual positions of the most famous erotic handbook in history, the Kama Sutra.  It established the baseline for couples to enjoy them both!

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A Stanford study found people who used cannabis were having sex more frequently. It examined 50,000 Americans between the ages of 25 and 45, found a strong correlation between marijuana use and an uptick in the amount of sex they were having. Other studies around sexuality indicate cannabis as a way of improving sexual quality. Medical implications of this study include the possible use of cannabis for treating sexual dysfunctions, especially within women. Of course, this is more of a light high than a full blow session.

One study, Marijuana Use Episodes and Partner Intimacy Experiences, gives a look at the benefits of use. The 30 day study looks at 183 couples.  They were asked to rate their affection with their partner. It turned out that when couples used cannabis together they reported a higher rate of lovemaking, affection, and other signs of caring and support.

One way cannabis enhances intimacy is by reducing inhibitions and anxiety, leading to more open and honest communication between partners. While reducing the anxiety, it can also increase the playfulness….which is great if both are in the same mindset.

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Another way is the use of marijuana lube.  Products with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) not only lubricate the genital area but may increase sex drive, sensation, and sexual pleasure.  They usually have other ingredients, such as coconut oil and tea tree oil.


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The Best Tips To Travel With Weed This Summer




North American airlines expect to carry a record number of passengers again this summer with over 300 million flying between Memorial and Labor Day. This doesn’t count car trips, cruises, and train trips (east coast mainly). For most it if for pure fun, other family and, of course, some for work. But what if you want to chill out while on the road. Well, here are the best tips to travel with weed this summer.

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Discretion is the key, which means if you are going to consume, you might put away the flower and embrace vaping or gummies.  Flower has the telling smell and involves flames.  Lighters are hard to travel with and the smell is a no no in public places, rental cars, most AirBnB and hotels.  The best tip is, at least, move into something portable, minimal smell and not something TSA will notice.

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The airline and train industry are still ruled by the federal government and traveling with cannabis is still prohibited.  It is NOT SMART to travel with marijuana to another country.  For in country, TSA officers do not search for marijuana but are required to report any potentially illegal item they find during the security screening process to local law enforcement. States where it is illegal can make it difficult for you. Gummies can be dump into a bag with other candies and pass unnoticed.

Most major rental car companies also have a non marijuana use policy. They require customers to sign a contract agreeing to not smoke or vape in a loaner car or a $150 to $250 cleaning fee. This charge will automatically hit your credit card.

Hotels are also not a fan of smelly marijuana. As a private property owner, they can ban the use and, again, charge an extra cleaning fee. It seems the average cost of from hotels are $500 for ridding the room of the smell.

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If you are traveling to a fully recreational state, explore some of the local dispensaries and ask advice on where you can smoke outside. Otherwise, look for some of the unique vapes, beverages, and gummies they have and feel free to kick back and enjoy.

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