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The Best Tips For A Flexible Body



Work at home, work at office, driving, all things which puts our body in awkward positions for long period of times.  Flying coach, doing tech work, or the couch is doubling as the office, all ways your back and body pays the price.  So how do you get your body back to where you can move it without hurting? Well, here are the best tips for a flexible body.  Your body and brain will appreciate it.

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Being flexible and open to new experiences allows people to learn new things. It also helps people adapt to changing circumstances, which can help people function more effectively in their environments. People can better let go of negative or unhelpful thinking and behavior patterns by staying psychologically flexible.

How to start

It is not hard to start stretching and moving.  Making it a point to take a mini walk every couple of hours or going online and taking some simple starter stretch or yoga class, anything is better than nothing.

One of the best ways  is static stretching. This is where you come into a stretch and hold it without movement for a certain period of time. Even adding static stretching into your routine on its own can make a powerful difference in how your body feels.  It opens your body and restores some muscle movement.

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Stretching is boring for most people because you have to hold these positions for long periods of time for them to have an effect. Try to hold your stretches for a minimum of 30 seconds, really feeling the strain in your muscles. To make this process more manageable, focus on completing that amount of time and on not pushing your muscles too hard. If you can’t hold a pose because it hurts too much, try applying less pressure.

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Consume your proteins

Foods and shakes that are rich in proteins can help your body post work out, preventing pain and muscle loss during the recovery process. These elements are also necessary for building muscles and repairing the tissue that was damaged. Proteins are filling and help you stay mobile as you age and lose body mass.

Don’t skip on the cool down process

It’s very common for people to walk out of a spinning or boxing class before completing their post-workout stretches. This is bad for your joints and muscles, and will likely leave you in pain during the day after. Stretches help in speeding up your recovery process while also increasing your mobility and flexibility. Once you’ve completed your cardio, your body is warm and more likely to stretch than during other times of the day.

Take a warm bath

'Bathleisure' Is Now A Fashion Trend And We Don't Know Why
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While warm baths alone won’t help you become more flexible, they will trick your body into feeling relaxed, which is key for developing flexibility. When trying out a new stretch or  putting strain on a muscle you rarely use, your body’s natural response will be to clamp up. A warm bath can help you stay relaxed and put your muscles in a more willing mood that will allow you to push yourself when you stretch at the end or beginning of your day.

Try new workouts

The easiest way to work on your flexibility is to practice a workout that targets these muscles and skills, such as yoga, Tai Chi or pilates. These exercises can add some variety to your workout schedule and can even add more to your performance on other activities, improving your jogging, boxing or spinning skills.

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Legal Cannabis And Adolescent Use




The Biden administration has finally asked for cannabis to be considering for rescheduling.  The industry has been a boon for states, veterans, patients, and everyday citizens who just want to relax.  But the old argument of if you legalize it, youth use will skyrocket is being paraded out.  But what are the facts about legal cannabis and adolescent use?

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No one in the industry promotes youth use.  Product companies, dispensaries and farms are very focused on the adult market. There are no cartoon camels shilling joints to the under 18 crowd. The industry recognizes until the age of 21, the brain is still developing and use of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana can have an impact.  Also, cannabis has clear medical benefits including help with chronic pain, seizures, cancer and more. Alcohol, which is clearly available, has no medical benefits and is much more harmful.

Have You Seen The New Ad Linking Marijuana And Satanic Cults?
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States have been watching how this works and have enacted marketing regulations and regionalized data information.. While more work needs to be done, there are studies who say if you have legal weed and adolescent use usually. declines it is on par with data collected.

In addition, Gen Z is drifting away from alcohol to a more California lifestyle. This does not mean they do not use alcohol or marijuana at all, rather it means it isn’t increasing. A study from UC Davis says 16-18 year old use is about 30% compared to alcohol at 32%.

In fact  the Youth Risk Behavior Survey Data Summary & Trends Report found the percentage of high-schoolers who report having used cannabis over the past 30 days fell from 23 percent in 2011 to 16 percent in 2021. The decline was more pronounced among males than females.

One study, published in the journal Substance Abuse, researchers from Harvard University, John Hopkins and the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission reviewed data from 46 states collected over a 24-year period.

The study found that there is no evidence that suggests medical marijuana programs resulted in more cannabis consumption in teens. Overall, states with legal medical marijuana had fewer instances of teens consuming cannabis.

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“This study found no evidence between 1991 and 2015 of increases in adolescents reporting past 30-day marijuana use or heavy marijuana use associated with state MML [medical marijuana law] enactment or operational MML dispensaries,” cited researchers.

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cat cow

The Best 5 Yoga Poses To Help With Menstrual Pain




Sometimes you just want something to make the pain go away

It comes like like a dreaded alarm clock.  And if your monthly isn’t bad enough, many women suffer from dysmenorrhea, nausea, and terrible lower abdomen pain that can last for days during menstruation. Around 80% of women experience period pain at some stage in their lifetime. But 5% to 10% of women the pain is severe enough to disrupt their life.

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Prescription can be had, but there are other methods to reduce the pain.  Drinking plenty of water is important for this and general health. Avoid things with trans fat since it can increase inflammation. Cut back on caffeine is another way.  Also try applying heat or taking a hot shower. And to help provide both physical and mental relief, here are the best 5 yoga poses to help with menstrual pain.

Cat Cow

This pose is great to warm up your body, doing it slowly so you can feel every step of the way and you can release your tension and some of your pain.

Forward Fold

This pose strengthens the spine while stretching your hips. It’ll also provide relief for your back since the pose will stretch the back of your legs, hamstrings and calves.


This pose is also known as Corpse Pose, where you lay down and stay still like a corpse. Duh. This position lends itself to introspection and relaxation, controlling your breath and taking your mind away from the pain of your body.

Child’s Pose

This pose is great for back problems, gently stretching out your lower back muscles and relaxing them. Focus on your breath, on relaxing your hips, and your pain will leave you alone in no time.

Reclining Twist

This pose will give your back and hips a great stretch that’ll offer much needed release for your body, especially if experiencing strong cramps, while also stimulating your digestive organs.

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Have You Used These 5 Wacky Dating Dealbreakers




Dating is a dance of computability and desire – but sometimes it a person is just a little to wacky

Dating can be tough, finding the right person who matches what you are generally looking for can be a long process.  While nobody is perfect and they have their quirks, you still have to figure at the how you two will fit in the long (or even the medium) run. With advances in technology, it has become even a harder process. So many people online, yet few are a match. Sometimes you meet some great, maybe even date a short period and then call it off for a perfectly good reason. But have you used these 5 wacky dating dealbreakers?

The wrong astrology sign

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While in today’s tech-oriented world it seems odd people use Zodiac signs as a guide, but it is true.  In India, you match is an important step toward an arranged marraige. In the US and Canada, 78% of active Bumble users added a zodiac badge to their profile. Many daters see certain combinations of star signs as more compatible than others, which can have a bearing on their decision of whether to approach somebody. And some, if their signs are oil and water, just call it off.

Poor grammar

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in a survey of 2,000 people in the dating pool, 71% shared they are turned off by poor punctuation and grammar. If the person’s grammar is awful and barely legible, it’s hard to understand how they’ve managed to lead a functional life.  Some see it as it may show a lack of self-respect or respect for others. There is also the fear of embarrassment when you are hanging out in friend and work groups.

Bad taste in food

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The rise of the Insta era has helped us develop our sense of taste, giving us access to delicious food photography, recipes and more. Cunlinary adventures, be it finding the best fried chicken or something more exotic and complicated, has become a priority for a lot of people. While it might appear snobbish, it’s a valid concern if someone doesn’t share this passion with you. Having a guy say, I don’t eat vegetables or order,  a hamburger at a Michelin-starred restaurant can be a true relationship killer. It becomes laborious every time we go out.

Dumb Facebook statuses

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The online personality is a reflection of the person and, sometimes, a more accurate one. This is popular deal breaker, where someone’s social media presence is a big turn off and is completely different from how they are in real life.  Someone may be nice in person and a troll online.

Someone addicted to screens

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Phone addiction is real, and most suffer from it to some degree. There are people who take it too far, unable to not constantly check their phones on dates and conversations. These people are distracting, rude, and anxiety-inducing. Being glued to a screen prevents the person from seeing their date’s non-verbal behavior. Using them means not giving your undivided attention and being fully present, which is the most potent expression of affection and respect in a relationship.

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