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The Best Tips To Help Your Knees Look Better



Some things show your ages….hands, eyes, and knees….here is some tips to help make them fresh! 

Kninkles are a thing, they are wrinkles formed on or around the knees over time. The beauty industry’s global net worth is estimated at half a trillion dollars in 2022. Head to toe care is critical as people chase lasting youth. Two parts of the body have been particular tough in maintaining the appearance of youth as aging happens. The hands are one, you have to start early to make sure they age slowly.  The second are knees…and here are the best tips to help them look better.

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Like hands, the issue is repetition. Similar to laugh lines around the eyes, the constant use and movement wears the area around the knee. Sagging, wrinkled and drooping skin are caused because of the daily use the knees receive.

Good practical health/beauty routines are the baseline to keep your body mobile and smooth. Hydration is the first big step to looking younger all the way around. It improves skin elasticity, which can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Dehydrated skin is more prone to sunburn and other forms of UV damage. Hydration can help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Weight management is another important factor. With extra weight, knees have more strain which can cause more efforts and wear and tear. It can also it stretch the skins in ways which may not be reversible.

Regular exfoliation and a daily deep moisturizer will help improve skin texture and keep the knees more youthful looking. Sunscreen to on legs whenever they are exposed to the sun helps them stay fresh looking.

Choosing exercises that will build toned, healthy muscle in the legs can also help tighten the area just above the knees. Try leg extensions, yoga, or Pilates to build muscles in the legs and support your knee joints. This will improve not just the appearance of the legs but overall health as well.

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Some people take the next step and see a health professional.  Collegian injections and other treatments can help the look for a period of time. A few have considered surgery.

You never know if you are flirting with someone with crurophilia, which is the correct term for leg fetishism.  Individuals may experience a sexual attraction to the particular areas such as the knees, thighs, shins, calves or ankles.

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Could You Help Your Lips With CBD Balm




Spring has arrived and so has the sunny.  While most want to soak in the rays – your lips might need a bit of help.

The summer sun brings out the kid in us, water activities, sun bathing, sports, or just long walks….but our lips might not be so excited. Lips are vulnerable to EV rays and often get forgotten. The skin on the lips can’t produce its own natural moisture or protective oils, making it more prone to drying out, so it is important to give them a little assistance.  Could you help your lips with CBD balm…yes, and here is why.

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From simple Chapstick to Chanel lip balms, the global market in just lips balms (not counting lipstick, glosses, and other lip products) is expected to hit close to $850 million this year.  Not only do the products help the lips stay healthy, they can prevent cancer with a sun screen, so it is important.  A CBD lip balm can have extra benefits.

this company is transforming lip balm into a luxury cannabis brand
Photo by StockSnap via Pixabay

It’s antibacterial and antioxidant

CBD is known for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties, which, when applied to lip balm, lead to more protection for your skin and to reducing element overexposure. When experiencing symptoms of the flu, cold sores, inflammation or allergies, CBD lip balm can reduce redness and irritation.

The oil is packed with vitamins

Most CBD products are full of vitamins like A, C and E and hemp oil. These vitamins promote healthy skin and slow down its natural aging process.  It gives them a healthy appearance and a natural glow.

Everything You Should Know About CBD Lip Balm
Photo by Matthew Henry via Stocksnap

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It prevents flaky lips

Drinking enough water is key to keep your body hydrated, especially in the heat. Lips are one of the first places to show signs of dehydration. Good lip balms provide the pathway avoiding them becoming dry and flaky. Lip balms with quality CBD oil creates a seal which can make your lips moist for longer periods of time.

It can treat severely chapped lips

Things happen and before you know it, the lips are painful and chapped. A CBD balm can can help severely chapped thanks to CBD’s healing properties. Unlike the compounds found in everyday lip balms, CBD oil can treat skin blemishes much faster, helping heal superficial cuts, protecting you against weather and more.

Could you help your lips with CBD balm, you bet your summer smile it can.


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American Journal of Medicine

Will Marijuana Help You Look Good In a Swimsuit




Summer is around the corner and already people in swimsuits are populating Insta, TicTok and more. Time to shake off the pale skin and start working on a tan while working to get rid of the holiday pounds. Winter helps you gain and not in a good way. The lack of sunlight in winter supports weight gain by keeping more fats in the body. Dark nights coupled with unfriendly weather can make you feel more fatigued and reduce activity.  The average addition is five to seven pounds.  But the good news is marijuana can help.

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You might think what? Doesn’t marijuana make you have the muchies and make you lazy?  Well, the “old school” thought is still around, but science is starting to say something else. A bit of a gummy or other marijuana before a workout can boost motivation and make exercise more enjoyable. If you are a casual, it can be a benefit. If performance is the goal, it may be best to skip. That’s the takeaway of the first ever study from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Another study published in the American Journal of Medicine, marijuana users are less likely than non-users to develop metabolic syndrome, which is a significant risk factor for obesity, type II diabetes, and heart disease. Among young adults, cannabis consumers are 54 percent less likely than non-consumers to present with metabolic syndrome. Past marijuana use is associated with lower odds of metabolic syndrome among middle-aged adults. And seniors who medicate with cannabis tend to be slimmer and less insulin-resistant than seniors who just say no.

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The munchies imagine is real, it is a scientifically proven phenomenon. But just like cannabis can give you the munchies, certain marijuana can be the anti-munchies. THC is a CB1 “agonist” that turns on the appetite receptor and causes it to signal. An “antagonist” will block the receptor and prevent it from signaling. Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), a minor but medically significant component of the cannabis plant, is a neutral CB1 receptor antagonist. Scientists have also synthesized “inverse agonists” that can activate a cannabinoid receptor and cause it to signal in the opposite manner from how it functions naturally. A CB1 inverse agonist will curb appetite and reduce food intake by binding to CB1 receptors, whereas THC boosts appetite and food intake by binding to CB1.

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And lastly, people have figured out marijuana is less fattening than alcohol. As the realization has taken effect, beer sales have dropped as people have reduce there suds intake for a gummy or vape – especially in the beginning of the week.

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Can CBD Save Your Skin From Cold Weather 




We are in the depths of winter and even Mississippi is having snow and ice.  It is flat out cold outside.  For those who have to venture out and deal with it, their skin might be effected by the temperatures. Skin can have a difficult time retaining moisture, leading to itchy, dry skin and cracked lips. In truly low temperatures, there may be a warning not to have exposed skin, a true sign of danger for the body and your beauty system.

Can CBD save your skin from cold weather?  Yes, the right products have the ability to help fight the damages.  CBD can hydrate and calm the skin which can make a difference – especially on the lips.

Cannabis Topicals
Photo by

Studies have found ttopical CBD products are effective for hydration.  The infusion of oils and Vitamins A, C, and E that can help deeply moisturize and protect skin along with CBD’s antioxidant-rich properties.   Antioxidants are important for dehydrated skin because they can help protect against free-radical damage which can lead to skin looking more dehydrated and with more fine lines and wrinkles.  

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Make sure you look for products containing pure CBD oil plus along with other oils like grapeseed, coconut, jojoba, marula, or oregano oil for best results.   

If you suffer from chapped lipped, look for a CBD-infused lip balm which can help your lips stay hydrated. 

CBD Oil And Its Potential Aa A Psoriasis Treatment
Photo by Catherine Falls Commercial/Getty Images

Have you ever found yourself with more red spots or breakouts as soon as the weather starts to turn? CBD skincare products can help soothe your skin throughout the fall and winter. Studies show that CBD can help regulate and stabilize skin function. It’s also anti-inflammatory. That means it may help reduce acne and redness so you could have clearer, calmer skin this season. Plus, it may inhibit oil production so you breakout less over time.

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If you suffer from a skin condition like eczema or atopic dermatitis that only gets worse or itchier as the season’s change, you aren’t alone. CBD is also effective to help with common skin conditions because of it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.  

But if you also take medications for a skin condition like eczema, always confirm with your dermatologist that it’s safe for you to add CBD skincare to your daily routine before starting.  

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