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The Evolution of Surfing and Cannabis



surfing and cannabis

Surfing and cannabis share a unique and intertwined history, one that has seen both emerge from the fringes to become widely embraced in mainstream culture. This evolution reflects a broader societal shift, where once-marginalized practices and lifestyles gain acceptance and popularity, transforming into movements celebrated by diverse demographics.


Historically, surfing and cannabis were viewed through a lens of counterculture, often associated with rebellion and non-conformity. Surfing, originating from the Polynesian cultures, was not just a sport but a deeply spiritual and communal activity. This inherent connection to nature and the pursuit of harmony with the ocean waves attracted individuals who sought freedom and an alternative to the conventional. In the mid-20th century, this countercultural element of surfing gained prominence, especially in places like California and Hawaii, where the surf culture burgeoned alongside a growing interest in cannabis.


Cannabis, too, has had its journey from the fringes to mainstream acceptance. Historically used for medicinal, spiritual, and recreational purposes across various cultures, it faced widespread stigmatization and legal challenges, particularly in the 20th century. However, as societal attitudes began to shift, so did the perception of cannabis. The once-demonized plant started gaining recognition for its therapeutic benefits and became a symbol of natural, alternative living – values deeply resonant with the surfing community.


The synergy between surfing and cannabis is rooted in their shared ethos of freedom, connection to nature, and a sense of community. Both surfing and cannabis use can offer an escape from the mundane, a way to connect more deeply with oneself and the environment. They also offer a sense of belonging to a community that shares these values. This synergy has only grown stronger as both have stepped into the mainstream.


Today, surfing has evolved into a global phenomenon, attracting people from all walks of life. It’s no longer just the territory of the beach-bum stereotype; it’s a sport and lifestyle enjoyed by a diverse range of individuals, including professionals, artists, and adventurers. Similarly, cannabis use now spans a broad demographic spectrum, embraced by various age groups and backgrounds for its recreational and health benefits.


The relationship between surfing and cannabis, much like their individual journeys, is a testament to the shifting tides of cultural acceptance. It reflects a growing appreciation for alternative lifestyles and the pursuit of harmony with the natural world.



As surfing and cannabis have sailed into mainstream culture, the archetypal images of the ‘stoner’ and the ‘beach bum’ are increasingly becoming relics of the past. These stereotypes, once pervasive in shaping public perception, are dissipating in the face of growing acceptance and appreciation for both activities. However, while these stereotypes fade, the intrinsic relationship between surfing and cannabis endures, evolving yet maintaining its unique essence.


For decades, surfers were often typecast as laid-back, carefree individuals, living life at the beach with little ambition beyond catching the next wave. Similarly, cannabis users were labeled as ‘stoners’, characterized by lethargy and a lack of motivation. These stereotypes, steeped in cultural biases and misunderstandings, overlooked the deeper values and complexities inherent in both surfing and cannabis culture.


Today, this narrative is changing dramatically. Surfing’s inclusion in the Olympic Games stands as a testament to its recognition as a serious sport, demanding athleticism, discipline, and dedication. This global platform challenges the old stereotype of surfers as aimless drifters and highlights the sport’s competitive nature and the rigorous training required by professional athletes.


Parallel to this, the cannabis industry’s transformation has been equally striking. With cannabis companies now trading on stock exchanges and a burgeoning legal market, the perception of cannabis has shifted from a recreational indulgence of the fringes to a legitimate industry with significant economic and medicinal value. This shift not only brings cannabis into the mainstream but also challenges the stigmatized view of its users.


Despite these changing perceptions, the connection between surfing and cannabis remains strong and complex. Not all surfers partake in cannabis, and opinions vary widely within the community. While some professional surfers abstain, others find cannabis an integral part of their surfing experience. The debate over whether cannabis enhances or detracts from the sport is ongoing and subjective, with no definitive ‘right’ answer. What is clear, however, is that for many, the combination of surfing and cannabis creates a unique and deeply personal experience.


Surfers who blend their sport with cannabis often describe it as a way to deepen their connection with the ocean and heighten their sensory experience. Waiting for a wave, they say, takes on a new dimension when accompanied by the mellowing effects of cannabis. It’s an experience that transcends the physical act of surfing, turning it into something more profound, almost spiritual. This synergy goes beyond mere recreation; it becomes a metaphor for life itself – riding the waves with a sense of peace and oneness with nature.


The evolution of surfing and cannabis, from fringe activities to mainstream acceptance, has not diluted this unique relationship. If anything, it has allowed for a more open and diverse exploration of how these two elements can coexist and complement each other. The demise of the ‘stoner’ and ‘beach bum’ stereotypes is a positive development, signaling a broader cultural shift towards a more nuanced understanding of lifestyle choices.


As society continues to evolve, the stereotypes of yesterday give way to a more inclusive and open-minded view of both surfing and cannabis. In this new landscape, the personal experiences of individuals – whether on the waves or with cannabis – are celebrated for their diversity and depth, adding new chapters to the ever-unfolding narrative of these two intertwined cultures.


In the surfing world, where athleticism meets the artistry of riding waves, certain figures stand out for their unique approach to the sport. Among them are Justin Quintal and Joel Tudor, renowned for their exceptional surfing skills and known for their cannabis use. These athletes epitomize the ‘stoner surfer’ archetype, challenging long-held stereotypes and demonstrating that cannabis consumption can coexist with high-level athletic performance.


Justin Quintal, a celebrated longboarder, has made waves in the surfing community with his impressive wins. His accomplishments include multiple victories at prestigious events, showcasing his remarkable talent and deep understanding of the ocean. Similarly, Joel Tudor, a legendary figure in the surfing world, has a track record of triumphs, including numerous longboarding championships. Tudor’s style, blending traditional techniques with modern flair, has earned him a respected place in the surfing pantheon.


These athletes’ achievements in surfing draw parallels to the story of Michael Phelps, the Olympic swimming champion whose cannabis use once sparked controversy. Phelps, known for his record-breaking 23 Olympic gold medals, demonstrated that being a cannabis user does not preclude one from reaching the pinnacle of athletic success. Likewise, Quintal and Tudor’s successes in surfing competitions have shattered the outdated image of cannabis users as unmotivated or athletically impaired.


For Quintal, Tudor, and other athletes like them, cannabis has been a tool to enhance focus and enter a ‘flow state’ – a psychological term describing a mental state of complete immersion and heightened focus on an activity. This state is crucial in sports like surfing, where awareness of one’s environment and an acute connection with the natural elements are key. By using cannabis responsibly, these surfers find themselves more attuned to the nuances of their sport – the rhythm of the waves, the feel of the board, and the subtle cues from the ocean.


The relationship between cannabis and achieving this flow state isn’t merely anecdotal. Many athletes across various sports have reported similar experiences, where a moderate use of cannabis helps in reducing distractions and increasing concentration. In surfing, this can translate to better performance, as the athlete becomes deeply engrossed in the moment, responding intuitively to the ever-changing conditions of the sea.


The stories of Justin Quintal and Joel Tudor offer compelling evidence in the ongoing discourse about cannabis and sports. They exemplify how cannabis, when integrated thoughtfully into an athlete’s routine, can be a part of a successful approach to sports. Their stories also help break down stereotypes, showing that cannabis users can be disciplined, focused, and exceptionally talented athletes.


As the sporting world continues to reassess its stance on cannabis, the experiences of surfers like Quintal and Tudor provide valuable insights. They challenge preconceived notions about athletes and cannabis, highlighting the plant’s potential role in enhancing athletic focus and performance.



the evolving narrative of surfing and cannabis, as exemplified by figures like Justin Quintal and Joel Tudor, underscores a significant cultural shift. Their achievements challenge the stereotypes surrounding cannabis users, painting a picture of discipline, focus, and exceptional athletic talent. Surfing, once seen as the pastime of rebels and beach bums, has gained legitimate stature, paralleling cannabis’s journey from a stigmatized substance to one recognized for its therapeutic and enhancing qualities.


As we contemplate these changes, one can’t help but wonder about the allure of escaping to the sun-drenched beaches of Mexico in the chilly month of January. Imagine the appeal of warming up under the Mexican sun, sparking up in a relaxed, legal setting, and riding the Pacific waves. This vision goes beyond mere vacationing; it’s about embracing a lifestyle where freedom, wellness, and connection with nature converge. Surfing and cannabis, in their unique synergy, offer a way to break free from the mundane, inviting us to explore new depths of experience and self-discovery.


Whether it’s catching waves on a serene morning or finding solace in the communal joy of surfing and cannabis, this combination holds a special appeal. It’s a call to those seeking not just a sport, but an experience enriched by the nuanced and profound relationship between the surfer, the sea, and the subtle yet impactful influence of cannabis.





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Your Dream Smoke Sesh Partner? Senator Warren Picked The Rock, Who Do You Got, Snoop? Musk? Rogen?




best smoke sesh partner

Senator Warren Says Dwayne The Rock Johnson as Her Dream Smoke Sesh Partner, Who Are You Taking?

Senator Elizabeth Warren disclosed on Monday that her ultimate pick for a smoking buddy would be none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The revelation came during a conversation with Jon Favreau, a former speechwriter for President Barack Obama and the host of “Pod Save America,” who presented Warren with a range of politician and celebrity options for her ideal smoking companions.


Warren’s enthusiasm was palpable when The Rock was proposed as a potential addition to her hypothetical “dream blunt rotation.” “Oh, The Rock! Oh, I’m stopping there,” Warren exclaimed. “I’m just choosing The Rock four times.”


In opting for the former wrestler turned Hollywood star, Warren passed over a slew of notable figures including President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Senator Bernie Sanders, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Senator Ed Markey, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senator Chuck Schumer. She also declined the company of pop sensation Taylor Swift and rapper Snoop Dogg.


Despite the growing legalization of marijuana in several states, Warren was quick to clarify that her choices were not based on drug preferences. “These are people you’d go get pedicures with. This is what you’re telling me? I just want to make sure I’m following this,” she remarked to Favreau.


However, when pressed to assemble a “nightmare blunt rotation” from a list including Elon Musk, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Mitch McConnell, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Warren demurred. “I’m starting to feel a little sick,” she joked. “That is really awful to contemplate.”


“Exploring Alternative Smoking Companions: A Diverse Selection to Consider”


The options for selecting a smoking partner are as endless as the types of cannabis available. People could be drawn to the easygoing charm of Seth Rogen among the plethora of alternatives, as his passion for cannabis is widely known, both on and off-screen. With his lighthearted humor and laid-back style, Rogen guarantees a fun and unforgettable smoking session full of smiles and positive energy.


For those seeking a spiritual and iconic experience, the legendary Bob Marley, if he were alive today, would undoubtedly be a top choice. Marley’s connection to cannabis was deeply rooted in his Rastafarian beliefs, and sharing a joint with him would be akin to communing with a cultural icon and musical legend. His presence would infuse the moment with a sense of reverence and cultural significance, making it an unforgettable experience for any cannabis enthusiast.


On the other hand, it’s impossible to overlook the appeal of smoking alongside cannabis culture pioneers like Snoop Dogg or Cheech and Chong. It would be like walking into a time capsule of cannabis history to share a smoke with these legends, who have long been associated with cannabis activism and the counterculture. An insightful and enjoyable smoking session full of tales and mutual admiration for the herb would surely result from their stories, humor, and enthusiasm for the plant.


In contrast to the countercultural cannabis heroes, the involvement of tech titans Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos brings a new depth to the discussion. Musk, known for his inventive projects and eccentric nature, is expected to add a thought-provoking and intellectually challenging component to the smoking experience. His ambitious ideas and forward-thinking attitude might spark exciting talks about the future of technology, space exploration, and more. Similarly, Jeff Bezos, with his entrepreneurial skills and huge fortune, might provide insights into business tactics and the nexus of commerce and cannabis. While their viewpoints may differ from the norm in cannabis culture, their presence would surely contribute to a varied and thought-provoking smoking session.


The Significance of Personal Connection in Choosing Smoking Companions


When selecting a smoking companion, whether real or hypothetical, the decision often extends beyond mere celebrity status or cultural significance. Instead, it reflects a deeper desire for personal connection and shared experiences that transcend the act of smoking itself.


Senator Elizabeth Warren’s decision to choose Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as her perfect smoking partner is a powerful example of the value of a close relationship and mutual respect. Warren prioritizes true companionship and common interests over her fellow politicians and celebrities, as seen by her passionate endorsement of The Rock.


In the larger cannabis community, smoking sessions are seen as a chance for socializing and relationship development. This emphasis on interpersonal connection is prevalent. Smoking together creates a sense of oneness and understanding, whether it’s between strangers who bond over common hobbies or between old friends reminiscing over shared experiences.


Furthermore, Warren’s clarification that her choices were not based on drug preferences highlights the distinction between recreational activities and genuine companionship. In her view, the ideal smoking companion is someone with whom she can share laughter, meaningful conversation, and perhaps even a pedicure – activities that transcend the mere act of smoking and emphasize the importance of interpersonal connection.


In a world where technology and distance are playing a bigger role in facilitating social relationships, sharing a joint with a close friend provides a unique opportunity for real human connection. The importance of interpersonal connection when selecting smoking partners cannot be emphasized, whether it is by bonding over common experiences or having thought-provoking talks.


Bottom Line


Selecting a smoking companion embodies a deeper yearning for connection and shared moments. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s choice of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson illustrates the value of genuine camaraderie over superficial fame. This sentiment resonates throughout the cannabis community, where smoking sessions serve as platforms for social bonding and mutual understanding. Whether with icons like Bob Marley, cultural pioneers like Snoop Dogg, or tech titans like Elon Musk, the act of sharing a joint fosters unity and meaningful interaction. Warren’s emphasis on personal connection, rather than drug preferences, underscores the distinction between recreational activities and genuine companionship. It highlights the multifaceted nature of relationships formed over a shared joint, where laughter, conversation, and even mundane activities are cherished. In a world increasingly driven by technology, the significance of interpersonal connection in choosing smoking partners remains paramount. It transforms the smoking experience into a profound celebration of human connection, enriching lives and forging lasting memories within the cannabis community.





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The One Thing Every Cannabis Consumer Should Know? Reddit Users Give Insider Weed Tips for the Ages!




reddit on cannabis discussion

What is something every cannabis consumer should know? Reddit Answers!


Individual expertise is often lauded as the pinnacle of knowledge, the concept of the “wisdom of crowds” emerges as a fascinating counterpoint, proving that collective intelligence can, in many instances, surpass the insight of any single person. This phenomenon, where group consensus leads to astonishingly accurate judgments, predictions, or solutions, hinges on the diversity of opinions, independence of contributors, and a means of aggregating these varied perspectives into a coherent whole. From predicting election outcomes to estimating the weight of an ox at a county fair, the wisdom of crowds has demonstrated its efficacy time and again, challenging the notion that experts alone hold the keys to knowledge.


Cannabis culture, with its rich tapestry of traditions, rituals, and shared experiences, serves as a prime example of this collective wisdom in action. Throughout history, cannabis users have passed down a repository of knowledge, from cultivation tips to consumption etiquette like the emblematic “puff, puff, pass” rule, ensuring that the communal pipe circulates in an orderly fashion. These unwritten rules and shared practices form a body of knowledge that is both practical and profound, embodying the spirit of community and mutual respect that defines cannabis culture.


Delving into the digital age, this tradition of shared wisdom has found a new home on platforms like Reddit, where communities of cannabis enthusiasts gather to exchange advice, experiences, and insights. One thread, in particular, stands out as a modern-day gathering around the proverbial campfire: a question posed to the masses, “What is something that you believe every cannabis user should know?” The responses to this inquiry offer a window into the collective psyche of the cannabis community, revealing a blend of humor, caution, and wisdom that can only emerge from a chorus of voices, each contributing their unique perspective to the conversation.


This article aims to explore the rich tapestry of advice, tips, and life lessons shared by Reddit’s cannabis community. By examining the most poignant, practical, and sometimes humorous responses, we’ll uncover the essential wisdom that every cannabis consumer, from the novice to the connoisseur, should know. Join us as we navigate through the smoke and mirrors, guided by the collective insight of countless individuals who have traversed the path of cannabis consumption before us.



The cannabis community is nothing if not generous with its collective knowledge. From age-old adages to modern consumption tips, the shared wisdom among cannabis enthusiasts is a testament to the plant’s communal spirit. A recent dive into a Reddit thread has unearthed some gems of advice that stand out not only for their practicality but for their reflection of the community’s core values. Here are some of the top-voted comments and why they’re crucial for every cannabis user to know:


You can use pipe cleaners to clean your pipes.


This piece of advice may seem straightforward, yet it’s a game-changer for anyone new to cannabis or those who have been improvising their cleaning methods. Pipe cleaners, originally designed for tobacco pipes, are perfectly sized and flexible enough to navigate the twists and turns of most cannabis pipes, ensuring a thorough clean. Keeping your pipe clean is not just about aesthetics; it’s about health, ensuring each hit is as pure and enjoyable as the first.


2When deciding how many edibles…You can always take more, but you can’t take less.


Edibles can be a delicious and effective way to consume cannabis, but their delayed onset can catch even experienced users off guard. This advice is a crucial reminder of the importance of dosing cautiously. By starting low and going slow, users can avoid uncomfortable experiences and find the dose that brings them the most pleasure and relief.


Stay hydrated.


Cottonmouth isn’t just an annoyance; it’s a sign that your body needs hydration. Cannabis can decrease saliva production, leading to dry mouth, which can be mitigated by keeping a bottle of water handy. Staying hydrated enhances the experience, ensuring you’re comfortable and focused on enjoying the high, not distracted by thirst.


If you have an underlying mental health disorder, cannabis can negatively amplify the symptoms.


Cannabis affects everyone differently, and for those with mental health conditions, it can sometimes exacerbate symptoms. This advice underscores the importance of self-awareness and possibly consulting with a healthcare provider to understand how cannabis interacts with mental health on an individual basis.


It affects your memory, as well as your memory.


This humorous comment highlights a well-known side effect of cannabis: short-term memory impairment. While usually temporary and often seen as part of the fun, it’s a gentle reminder to be mindful of your consumption, especially if you have responsibilities that require sharp recall.


Going for surgery? Tell the Anesthesia doctors that you smoke, and don’t lie about how much you smoke.


Cannabis can affect how the body responds to anesthesia, potentially requiring adjustments to dosages. Being honest with medical professionals ensures you receive the safest and most effective care, emphasizing the importance of transparency in all healthcare discussions involving cannabis.


It hits some folks very differently than others.


Cannabis’s effects can vary widely from person to person due to differences in body chemistry, tolerance, and the strain consumed. This diversity in experiences is a reminder of the subjective nature of cannabis use and the importance of finding what works best for you.


Cross joints are not worth the structural effort unless you are doing it for the swag points.

While a cross joint might look cool, thanks to popular culture, the effort to reward ratio is often skewed. This comment humorously points out that simpler methods of consumption are just as effective, if not more so.


Weed isn’t a personality.


Cannabis culture is rich and diverse, but it’s vital to remember that your worth isn’t tied to your consumption habits. This advice champions authenticity and finding a community that values you for who you are, not just for your shared interest in cannabis.


You smell like weed, you’re just smell blind to it


Cannabis has a strong, distinctive smell that can linger on clothes and in hair. This practical reminder is crucial for anyone who needs to maintain a certain discretion about their consumption, highlighting the importance of being mindful of your surroundings and the impression you leave.


Each of these pieces of advice from Reddit’s cannabis community embodies a blend of practicality, caution, and humor. Together, they form a guidebook for respectful, safe, and enjoyable cannabis consumption, reflecting the collective wisdom that makes the cannabis culture so unique and supportive.



The collective wisdom shared by the cannabis community on platforms like Reddit isn’t just anecdotal chatter; it’s a profound accumulation of experiences, trials, and errors that have been upvoted into the thousands, sometimes tens of thousands. These numbers are not mere metrics; they represent a communal nod of agreement, an acknowledgment that “Yes, this is the truth as we know it.” The practical tips, cautionary tales, and humorous observations that have resonated most profoundly within this community underscore a deep and nuanced understanding of cannabis and its effects on the body, mind, and social fabric.


These top comments, highlighted for their popularity and relevance, serve as guiding lights for anyone navigating the vast and sometimes overwhelming world of cannabis. They paint a picture of a community deeply aware of the plant’s powers and pitfalls. From the importance of starting low and going slow with edibles to the necessity of staying hydrated, these insights underscore the respect and mindfulness with which cannabis should be approached. Moreover, the discussions around mental health and the need for honesty with medical professionals about cannabis use reflect a mature, responsible stance towards consumption that prioritizes safety and health.


For newcomers to cannabis, the wisdom encapsulated in these Reddit threads is invaluable. It’s a distillation of countless personal journeys with the plant, offering a roadmap through potential challenges and towards more enriching experiences. If you’re new to cannabis, taking a long, hard think about what’s been written here isn’t just advisable; it’s essential. These insights offer a foundation upon which to build your own relationship with cannabis, informed by the collective experiences of a community that spans the globe.


The sticky bottom line is this: the cannabis community’s shared wisdom, as demonstrated in these top comments, reveals a sophisticated, multifaceted relationship with the plant. It’s a relationship characterized by enjoyment, caution, and an ongoing commitment to learning and sharing knowledge. For anyone embarking on their cannabis journey, there’s perhaps no better starting point than the lived experiences of those who have walked the path before. In this community’s wisdom, there’s a wealth of knowledge waiting to be tapped into, ensuring that your journey with cannabis is as safe, enjoyable, and enriching as possible.






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Australia Cannabis: Recreational Use Legislation Update




Australia is said to have one of the highest cannabis prevalence rates in the world and public attitudes to its use are shifting. North American, European and other cannabis companies looking for investment opportunities would do well to follow these shifts.

Growing cannabis for medicinal and scientific purposes was legalized under federal law in 2016. Low-THC hemp foods were then legalized federally in 2017. Recreational use, though, remains prohibited under federal law. Similarly, at the state and territory level it is mostly illegal to use, possess, grow, and sell cannabis. Despite these continuing prohibitions, there are legislative trends toward legalization.

If passed, the Legalising Cannabis Bill 2023 would change the federal landscape. It would legalize cannabis for adult recreational use in Australia. The Bill would establish the Cannabis Australia National Agency as a statutory agency to register cannabis strains and regulate cannabis activities. These activities include growing and possessing plants, manufacturing and selling cannabis products, operating cannabis cafes, and importing and exporting cannabis products.

The Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee is presently conducting an inquiry into the Bill. Submissions have now closed and public hearings have opened. The Committee’s reporting date is May 31, 2024. The Bill is expected to be debated in federal parliament later this year. At the same time, cannabis legalization bills are now being debated in several Australian states.

Despite shifting public attitudes, federal legalization may still be a way off. While the federal Bill has been promoted by a minority party, it does not enjoy the support of the ruling party or the major opposition party. It also lacks the support of the Australian Medical Association.

Stay tuned for updates on Legalising Cannabis Bill 2023 and all thing Australian cannabis. And please reach out to us if you are interested in doing business in Australia.

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