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TRH Trading Corporation Releases Statement On US$100M Cocaine Seized



The management of TRH Trading Corporation has released a statement regarding the discovery of One Hundred Million United States Dollars Cocaine seized by the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LEAD), and other security apparatus.

The seizure of this in Liberia drew the attention of the international community including the United States Government who poured praises on the Liberian Government for such discovery.

Below is the full Statement Released By TRH Trading Corporation

On Monday, January 30, 2023, TRH Trading Corporation, the largest importer of frozen foods in Liberia, alerted authorities of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency(LDEA), the Liberia Seaport Police, the Liberia Maritime Authority and the Port Facility Security Office in Liberia to yet another attempt by drug smugglers to bring narcotics in the country.

The container seized on Monday is marked MNBU4204747 with products manufactured by BRF, the Brazil Frozen Food company which supplies frozen goods to multiple countries around the world. The drugs seized Monday at the Freeport of Monrovia were stored in 11 packs worth millions of dollars.

The drugs seizure Monday marks the second time in as many months that TRH Trading has brought to the attention of authorities, attempts by drug smugglers to infiltrate the system in Liberia.

Last October, TRH, working with local authorities also proved instrumental when a reported US$100 million worth of cocaine was seized, marking the biggest operation in Liberia’s history.

The bust capped a long-line of recent smuggling operations which criminal gangs have been using Liberia to transship drugs.

As the largest importer of frozen foods in Liberia, TRH Trading Corporation, is fully committed to the investment climate and prides itself for abiding by the laws of the Republic.

Today, TRH is up to date with all its tax obligations with the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA). TRH is also proud that none of its owners and employees have ever been charged in connection with narcotics case.

TRH Trading has proven, time and time again that it is totally against the trafficking of drugs and will not relent in turning over to authorities any suspicious activities that could bring its hard-earned reputation into disrepute.

TRH Trading welcomes recent commendations from the Liberian government through Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean as well as the heads of the LDEA and the Liberia Seaport, expressing satisfaction over the role it has played in alerting authorities to multiple attempts by drug smugglers to infiltrate Liberia with narcotics.

Jerry Diah, Senior Collector at the Freeport of Monrovia, said it best: “The seizure of these drugs (cocaine) is the result of coordinated efforts, especially a tip-off we (security agencies) had gotten from TRH. The company had raised suspicion about a container that had berthed at the Freeport and wanted the police to search it.”

Logan Davies, Director of the Liberia Seaport Police also commended the efforts of TRH in seizing the narcotics.

Lorenzo Pelham, the Deputy Director General for Operations of the LDEA, described the seizure of the drugs as “another historical blow” to the drug cartels and a strong warning that they will all go down if they fail to realize that the game has changed. “The suspected container was thoroughly searched by a combined team of LSP, the LDEA and a team from TRH Company. Our efforts of the search team was rewarded when 11 packs of cocaine was found,” Pelham noted.

The role played by TRH in these two busts clearly illustrate that the company has been a victim in all of this.

In a communication to TRH Monday, the frozen food giant, BRF wrote that it became aware of an allegation of an issue involving container MNBU4204747 (“Container”), containing products manufactured by BRF.

BRF says it has with immediate effect, set up an internal investigation procedure to verify if the Container has been compromised at any stage during its journey to the port of destination at Monrovia, Liberia.

BRF wrote: “As a preliminary comment, please note that any BRF sales overseas undergo internal and external comprehensive controls including a thorough scanning by the Brazilian Federal Police, as per the standard procedure established by the authorities themselves. In addition, BRF counts with other monitoring measures that tracks any irregular deviation in our products or the security seals of our containers. Nevertheless, we understand that by using a complex supply chain system we are exposed to potential irregularities and/ or operational failures by third parties.”

TRH stands ready to defend its integrity and work with authorities and agree with Justice Minister Frank Musah Dean that “Liberia will not be a haven for drug traffickers — whether as a point of transit or final destination.”


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Why Cocaine Makes People Speak About Themselves




Have you ever found yourself stuck talking to a coke-fueled ego maniac at a party? Or, let’s be even more honest here, have you ever realized after a night out that you were in fact that same coke-fueled ego maniac? Well, regardless of whether it’s you or someone else, the truth is that cocaine – for all of its ‘helpful’ confidence boosting – can definitely make people speak a lot more about themselves.

Cocaine, a powerful stimulant derived from the coca plant, has long been associated with heightened self-confidence, euphoria, and talkativeness. For decades, it has been a party drug of choice, often noted for its ability to make users speak at length about themselves and their experiences. But why is this? We’re going to delve into this question, understanding where this ego boost comes from, and why no one seems to acknowledge that it’s happening to them. 

What is Cocaine? 

Before we talk about the egotistical tendencies that coke can cause, let’s have a quick reminder of what cocaine actually is. Cocaine is a powerful central nervous system stimulant drug that is derived from the leaves of the coca plant, which is native to South America. It is a highly addictive substance that has been used for centuries by indigenous peoples in the Andes for its stimulant effects.

When it was first discovered, the substance was seen as one sent from the gods due to its medical benefits and ability to reduce the feeling of hunger. Nowadays, cocaine is one of the most common party drugs used around the world. Coke is classified as a Schedule II controlled substance in the United States, and it typically comes in the form of a white powder and can be ingested in various ways, including snorting, injecting, or smoking. The effects of the substance include:

  • Euphoria: Cocaine use can induce intense feelings of pleasure and well-being.
  • Increased energy and alertness: Users often experience increased energy levels, heightened alertness, and a decreased need for sleep.
  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure: Cocaine is a powerful stimulant that can lead to elevated heart rate and blood pressure, which can be dangerous, especially for individuals with heart conditions.
  • Increased confidence and talkativeness: Users may feel more confident and talkative when under the influence of cocaine.

The last effect listed is what is significant for this article. The reason why cocaine does make people so confident and able to talk about themselves – with often very little filter – is sometimes mind boggling. In fact, a whole group of people being on the drug, can often make it impossible for you to be the only one not on it. Unless, of course, you want the most boring night of your life, with no one having any interest in what you’re up to or who you are. 

Cocaine Confidence – The Ego Boost

Before diving into the psychology behind cocaine-induced self-expression, it’s important to understand the drug’s effects. Cocaine primarily affects the central nervous system, leading to increased alertness, energy, and a sense of invincibility. Users often report feeling more self-assured and charismatic, which can lead to an overwhelming desire to share their thoughts and experiences with others. One of the most significant effects of cocaine is the surge in self-confidence.

If you’ve ever taken the substance, or have seen someone that has, you’ll notice this sudden belief that you can do anything, talk about anything, be anything. It’s like you’ve just been given a pep talk by the greatest life coach ever. You feel, in a lot of ways, invincible. Cocaine temporarily increases levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward.

This dopamine rush can lead users to feel more confident, outgoing, and self-assured than they do in their sober state. This newfound confidence can be a driving force behind the desire to talk about oneself. Imagine, you’re filling up with dopamine, feeling incredible, and the only way to release all of this new-found happiness is to let it out… perhaps verbally. Vice News writes:

“Of course, not everyone turns into a big sentient clenched jaw after half a gram—lots of us can do cocaine without becoming self-obsessed or arrogant or devoid of all self-awareness. But some of us can’t, which is where the “cocaine dickhead” archetype comes from: the girl who won’t stop banging on about her screenplay; the guy who wouldn’t be able to gauge the vibe of the room (extremely anti-him) if it was written out in spray paint on the wall.”

These archetypes, whilst comical, are unfortunately completely accurate. There seriously isn’t much worse than being stuck being talked at by someone who’s taken a copious amount of this specific substance. “Yeah I work in recruitment, mate. It’s alright but I’ve actually been thinking about doing something else. You know? Or maybe travelling. I feel like I need to see the world and get out of this suffocating suit. You know?” As Vice reports, not everyone turns into an egotist when consuming cocaine, but it certainly is not uncommon. 


So it seems the only question to really ask is: why? Why does cocaine cause people to feel like they need, without any censorship, to talk about themselves. In addition, why do they also not realise how much they’re doing it. Well, festival welfare worker Katy Mcleod (director of Chill Welfare), says in Vice:

“Cocaine tends to make people go into themselves, so they can either become introverted or be very sociable but a bit dominant or self-involved… One big issue with coke is how it makes you feel in yourself and how you come across to others when under the influence. The two don’t always match up. You might think you’re being really witty and outgoing, when other people just think you’re a twat.”

So, as you can see, there’s a dichotomy here. There’s how you feel about yourself, and there’s how the world perceives you. To be fair, this probably exists most of the time anyway but, when cocaine is consumed, the difference is a lot more extreme. This comes from the dopamine hit that coke gives. 

Euphoria and Ego Inflation

Cocaine’s primary mechanism of action involves blocking the reuptake of dopamine in the brain. This results in an accumulation of dopamine in the synapses, leading to intensified feelings of pleasure and reward. The increased dopamine levels reinforce behaviour associated with the drug’s effects, including self-expression. Cocaine also induces euphoria, a state of intense happiness and well-being. This elevated mood can lead users to believe they are more interesting, intelligent, and captivating than usual. As a result, they may feel compelled to share their thoughts, stories, and opinions, convinced that they are the centre of attention. Essentially, you not only feel great, but you also think you are great. Hired Power writes:

“It boost’s a user’s ego and self-confidence, making the user believe that he is the most powerful person in the room.”

Cocaine gives you license to have social confidence, as well as confidence in yourself, which can be quite extreme. This doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Well it wouldn’t if you didn’t then spend an entire evening thinking that your voice deserves to be heard by everyone all night. The danger in an ego boost is that it can make you blind. Make you believe that you are the boss. Again, there’s nothing wrong with self-belief, but too much can become arrogant and hugely irritating. 

Final Thoughts on Cocaine Ego Boosts

Scientifically the ego-boost phenomenon of cocaine makes sense. A boost of dopamine, energy and confidence, makes users believe that they are the bees knees and they want people to know it. For some, with social anxiety, this can be a great moment – finally able to speak to people like they want to. For others, this can be an enhancement in ego they simply do not need. These sorts of people are the ones you want to avoid at parties, unless of course you want to hear (for hours on end) about their very interesting ideas on modern politics.

It’s important to say, of course, that cocaine is a highly dangerous substance and is incredibly addictive. This ego-boosting effect of cocaine is perhaps one of the most addictive parts of it and, worst of all, it can make it very hard to have any self-confidence without the substance. The effects of cocaine may be harnessed for that initial boost of confidence before an event, but those effects can very easily create an ego-tistical monster if you’re not careful. 

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NSW – Australia: Four arrested following investigation into drug syndicate – Strike Force Winetr




Police have charged four people after an extensive investigation into an alleged drug-supply syndicate operating in the Fairfield area.

In April 2023, Wetherill Park Region Enforcement Squad (RES) established Strike Force Winetr to investigate the activities of a syndicate believed to be involved in ‘dial-a dealer’-style supply of cocaine.

Following extensive inquiries, strike force investigators executed search warrants at homes in Fairfield West, Smithfield and Bossley Park from 10.30am yesterday (Friday 25 August 2023).

They were assisted by officers attached to Bankstown Region Enforcement Squad, Southwest Metropolitan Operations Support Group and Raptor Squad.

During the searches, police seized a number of electronic devices, prohibited drugs, a knife, ammunition and over $70,000 cash. The items will undergo further examination.

Four men were arrested and taken to Fairfield Police Station where they were charged.

A 24-year-old Fairfield West man was charged with 17 offences; including two counts of supplying a commercial quantity of prohibited drugs; nine counts of supplying an indictable quantity of prohibited drugs, knowingly direct activities of criminal group, and deal with property proceeds of crime.

A 21-year-old Smithfield man was also charged with 17 offences; including supplying a commercial quantity of prohibited drugs, six counts of supplying an indictable quantity of prohibited drug, and participate criminal group contribute criminal activity.

A 25-year-old Bossley Park man was charged with five counts of supplying an indicatable quantity of prohibited drug; participate in criminal group, supplying prohibited drugs on an ongoing basis; and take part in the supplying of an indictable quantity of cannabis.

The three men were refused bail to appear before Parramatta Bail Court today (Saturday 26 August 2023).

A 17-year-old boy, also from Bossley Park, was charged supply prohibited drug and possess prohibited drug.

He was granted conditional bail to appear before a children’s court on Monday 18 September 2023.

Investigations under Strike Force Winetr continue.

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Northern Ireland: Larne: Lorry driver held over £1m suspected cocaine find




The BBC A lorry driver from England has appeared in court charged in connection with the seizure of about £1m of cocaine at Larne Port. Justin Walsh, 37, appeared before Ballymena Magistrates’ Court on Saturday charged with possession of a Class A drug with intent to supply. The seizure happened shortly before 06:00 BST on […]

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