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Weed in a plastic bag? Is it a good idea for long term storage?



Storing weed in plastic bags is a popular method for many because it’s easier to carry on you than, say, a mason jar. The widespread use of plastic bags for weed has led to a few nicknames: turkey bags, zips (short for ziplock bags), and baggies, just to name a few.

Lose the plastic bud baggies:

And while it’s not the best for the long term, you can store your weed in a plastic bag. You just need to be aware of the things in ziplock bags that will affect the quality of your buds. Doing so might even help you find a better alternative than those silly turkey bags for your weed.

Should You Store Weed in a Plastic Bag?

Ziplocks get a lot of flak for not being optimal storage for your marijuana, and most of it is true. That’s because some of their properties make them unsuitable for long-term storage. Leaching, static cling, and moisture desiccation are the common arguments against plastic bags. But, while they’re not ideal storage for the long term, they still work for short-term storage.

The Truth About Putting Weed in a Plastic Bag

Do plastic bags lower the quality of your weed?

Plastic baggies are either polyethylene or polypropylene. These two types of plastic are the most commonly used in food packaging(1). Both are chemical and corrosion-resistant, meaning they won’t degrade into your buds.

Both plastics also feature temperature-resistant film with low gas permeability. This translates well with storing your buds, at least temporarily. The temperature-resistant film keeps the heat from drying out your buds. Its low permeability means it has a low oxygen transmission rate. Low permeability slows down the degradation of THC into CBN by limiting the amount of oxygen your buds are exposed to. Another advantage of having low permeability is that it keeps the dank smell of your buds contained.

If you’re looking for an ideal weed plastic bag to use, Mylar bags are perfect for short-term storage. They have low permeability and provide protection against moisture, light, and odor thanks to their thick foil laminate layer.

Mylar bags for weed
If you absolutely want to store your weed in plastic bags, Mylar bags are a safe bet

Do plastic bags release Microplastics into my weed? 

While all plastics eventually degrade into microplastics, it would take a very long while for them to do so. Zips won’t sprinkle your buds with microplastics just from being used. But that doesn’t change the fact that polyethylene and polypropylene are two of the most abundant sources of microplastics(1).

Does plastic impact the Inflorescence?

There are a couple of plastics you must avoid when choosing a bag to stash your grass. Avoid them because they tend to leach into your buds. This means they can transfer their chemical composition onto your dried flower. Two noteworthy ones are polyvinyl chloride and polystyrene, which are more commonly associated with pipes and boards in DIY projects. Some ziplock bags include these plastics; they’re unsafe for your weed because they tend to leach vinyl chloride(1) and styrene(2), respectively. Not only will this affect the flavor and smell of your buds, but they’re also possible carcinogens.

In the case of polyethylene and polypropylene, these two types of plastics don’t leach their chemical compositions onto your buds. That’s why they’re safe to use as plastic baggies for weed.

Growing high-quality weed requires careful attention to various factors such as selecting the right strain, providing optimal growing conditions, using quality nutrients, and properly curing the buds. Download my FREE marijuana grow bible now.

Do plastic bags create Static Charge, and does that affect my nugs?

The concern surrounding storing weed in a plastic bag is a static charge. Ziplock bags may become statically charged, which causes the trichomes to stick to the plastic.

Some say it’s a myth; others say it’s a fact. In reality, ziplock bags do generate and hold a static charge. But it depends on the type of plastic. Only some materials become statically charged when rubbed against another material, like the inside of your pockets. In the case of polyethylene bags, they don’t generate or hold a static charge(1). Polypropylene, on the other hand, does become statically charged(2). So what does this say about the myth? Well, it proves that it’s true; polypropylene bags do become statically charged and cause the trichomes of your buds to stick to them.

Polypropylene bags for weed
Turns out that polypropylene bags do become statically charged and cause the trichomes of your buds to stick to them

Plastic Bag Alternatives


TerpLoc’s Grove Bag pouches are a great alternative to replace the sandwich bags you use to store weed. It has every advantage of a ziplock with none of its downsides. It’s durable, reusable, and easy to carry. 

Grove Bags by TerpLoc for weed
Grove Bags by TerpLoc are hands-down the best long-term storage bags for your weed

What makes TerpLoc better than a zip is that it doesn’t hold a static charge, meaning your trichomes won’t stick to the packaging. The material it’s made of also provides humidity control and UV protection. As a bonus, they also come in several sizes, so they are suited for long(er)-term storage of large quantities of your precious herb.  

Airtight weed containers for long-term storage

Airtight glass jars with dark tint for weed
Airtight glass jars with dark tint are best for storing weed long term

An airtight container isn’t limited to glass and plastic. There are also stainless steel containers that can do the job, like Freshtor’s CVault. CVault comes in various sizes, ranging from 7-gram containers you can take with you to a 21-liter for true long-term storage. Lastly, outside of the container, you also receive Boveda Humidipaks to help maintain the relative humidity inside the container.

Airtight glass jars with dark tint are best for storing weed long term

If you’re looking for opaque containers, you could still use mason jars since they do come in tinted versions. A colored glass container gives you the same effect stainless steel or opaque plastic containers provide by protecting the buds from light exposure.

Blackened glass jars for weed storage
The ultimate weed storage solution are UV-guarded, blackened glass jars like this one

A dark-tinted glass jar is also transparent enough that you can see your buds, unlike stainless steel containers which you have to open. Additionally, glass jars are generally considered the safe choice when storing and keeping cannabis fresh since it doesn’t affect the flavor as opposed to plastic or metal.

Can I Use Tinfoil instead of plastic?

If you don’t have any glass or metal containers available, you could use tinfoil. While it is better for long-term storage than putting your weed in a plastic bag, that’s all it has going for it. It’s far from being proper cannabis storage since it doesn’t protect your buds from getting crushed or smushed.


There are a lot of things to consider when choosing where to store your weed. Important factors such as the container’s impact on your bud’s flavor, its ability to be airtight, and whether it will protect your weed against sunlight are all essential. 

Plastic bags are okay for short-term storage as long as it’s the right type of plastic. If you get the polypropylene ones, the trichomes of your buds may stick to the bag due to static charge. But outside of static cling, many concerns with using food bags to store weed are exaggerated at best. 

Your sandwich bag won’t make microplastics each time it’s opened. The widely used plastic for zips is food-safe, meaning it won’t leach into your buds and add a chemical flavor to it. A lot of research goes into finding alternatives for storage, but research will reward you in the long run. Do yourself a favor and make sure the weed you grow is worth storing long-term by purchasing your seeds from

Marijuana feminized seeds

Buy Feminized Seeds

  • Easy to grow
  • Beginner friendly
  • Guaranteed germination
  • Grow guide available

FAQs About Storing Weed in a Plastic Bag

How long can you leave weed in a plastic bag?

Assuming it’s in a spot where it’s not in direct contact with sunlight, you could leave weed in a plastic bag for at least a month. That’s not to say that you should. If you have the means to get better containers, you should.

What happens if you store weed in plastic?

It depends on the type of plastic and how long you plan to store it there. It’s safe to store weed in polyethylene bags for a couple of weeks. But store it for longer than intended, and your buds will likely develop mold.

Do plastic bags hide the smell of weed?

Ziplock bags hide the smell of weed, but the smell will permeate through the plastic after some time. It’s one of the few caveats when putting weed in bags.

Can you cure weed in ziplock bags?

While most ziplock bags are temperature resistant, they’re not ideal for curing. This is because the higher the temperature they’re exposed to, the more likely ziplock bags will add a chemical flavor to your buds. Additionally, they’re not as airtight as mason jars.

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Royal Queen Seeds & Mike Tyson are the double bill your grow needs




The King of the Ring & the Queen of Seeds make a great 1-2.

Royal Queen Seeds, the award-winning European seed bank that has recently captured the hearts and minds of many American growers, isn’t the type of outfit to just sit around on its laurels. Their high-quality genetics and respect for cannabis tradition have earned both our interest and respect ever since they made their way across the Atlantic, and they’re not even close to running out of tricks.

The drive, focus, and determination that brought Royal Queen Seeds to the apex of the weed world are shared by their newest collaborator, Kid Dynamite himself, Mike Tyson. ‘Iron’ Mike is one of the most famous and recognizable heavyweight boxers ever to tie on a pair of gloves.

His iconic tattooed face has been everywhere from the silver screen to the breakfast cereal aisle, and these days, Iron Mike is becoming the champ of a different arena, cannabis. His Tyson 2.0 pre-rolls, concentrates, and edibles have all made a splash in markets all over the states, and now, thanks to an exclusive partnership with Royal Queen Seeds, you can finally grow these strains for yourself. 


Can the Royal Queen Seeds online Seedfinder find your ideal strain? We find out.

These two titans have come together to bring homegrowers some of the most exciting new seeds we’ve seen. In the later rounds of this article we’ll fill you in on the details of these new strains, but first, let’s take a look at why Mike Tyson and Royal Queen Seeds make such a powerful combo.

Get the champ in your corner

Courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds

If you thought that Royal Queen Seeds’ collaboration with Iron Mike is just another celebrity endorsement, another in the long line of pretty faces trying to sell otherwise unremarkable weed, you’d better think again. Tyson brings far more than just his famous tattooed mug to the proceedings.

In recent years, Kid Dynamite has become an outspoken cannabis advocate, evangelizing for the plant’s incredible medical and recreational properties most every time he finds himself in front of a microphone, like on his weekly podcast, Hotboxin’. He’s also shown himself to have impeccable taste and a vast knowledge of weed and its history, making him one of the most dynamic personalities in the cannabis space today.


How to get the most out of these five unique strains by Royal Queen Seeds

Mike has confirmed that cannabis has been a part of his life for many years and has helped him cope with both physical and mental stress, the same struggles that bring many Americans to cannabis today. This all goes to what makes this exclusive collaboration all the more special; these strains weren’t developed only by Mike Tyson, The Baddest Man on the Planet, but also by Mike the Grower, the tireless cannabis advocate and homegrowing enthusiast.

Mike the Grower is out to spread the love of growing like a modern-day Johnny Appleseed, albeit one with a champion belt and a devastating left hook. But his cannabis bonafides are as legit as they come, and we’re thrilled that Iron Mike is a kindred spirit. 

It’s tough to imagine a better collaborator for Tyson than Royal Queen Seeds. Royal Queen Seeds brings Tyson 2.0 to the next level in the same way that a great coach brings the most out of a talented fighter. RQS is a team of cannabis breeder’s breeders, with decades of experience delivering top-quality seeds to growers. 


Why you should be growing F1 hybrids from Royal Queen Seeds

In the same way that a good boxing couch can take a fighter to the next level, Royal Queen Seeds brings Tyson 2.0 to even greater heights. You can be sure that any seeds ordered from RQS meet their exacting standards of genetic quality and pedigree purity, and at an affordable price to boot. Said Tyson: “If you’re the best in the world at what you do, most likely, we’re gonna be partners.”  

What else is there to say? Some of the best of the best are teaming up to make themselves even better. Let’s get ready to rumble and take a look at the first six strains on offer from Royal Queen Seeds and Tyson 2.0.

Royal Queen Seeds x Tyson 2.0 Gelato 44

tyson seeds
Image courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds.

Descended from Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mints GSC, Gelato 44 is a powerful indica-dominant hybrid that doesn’t pull its punches. Newer growers need not apply; Gelato 44 is a strain that requires a consistent amount of light and good soil quality to thrive, making it a better fit for experienced growers.

While Gelato 44 is not for the faint of heart, either for growing or for smoking, those who can hang ten rounds with this strain will find that it offers a tasty citrus flavor and a pleasantly relaxing, occasionally euphoric sensation. Gelato 44 is also potent enough to overcome Iron Mike’s formidable tolerance. Growers can expect their buds to be around 22% THC by volume. 

Royal Queen Seeds x Tyson 2.0 Dynamite Diesel 

tyson seeds
Image courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds.

Named for Kid Dynamite, one of Mike’s many monikers, Dynamite Diesel is a piston-punching indica-like that’ll put even frequent cannabis consumers flat on their backs. Dynamite Diesel has DNA from two legendary strains you’re probably familiar with, Sour Diesel and Skywalker OG. With genetics like those, there was no way that Dynamite Diesel would wind up with a glass jaw—on the contrary, it’s more than worthy of bearing one of Mike’s names. This beauty takes particularly well to outdoor environments and can reach titanic 200 cm heights. Plant some this season, and you’ll have a full tank of gas come harvest.

Royal Queen Seeds x Tyson 2.0 NYC Sour D Auto 

tyson seeds
Image courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds.

A favorite of the man himself, with NYC Sour D, you can now grow the strain that charmed The Baddest Man on the Planet. While most of the Tyson 2.0 strains are pretty heavy hitters, NYC Sour D is a lighter affair, a sour, citrus, and gas-flavored sativa perfect for an energetic morning smoke or midday rally.
Growers working with limited space will love NYC Sour D. It only grows to around 80 cm tall when grown indoors, perfect for most tents and balconies. NYC Sour D Auto comes from fine genetic stock, an heir of NYC Diesel and Sour Diesel Auto. The result is an autoflowering strain that doesn’t skimp on all the good stuff. Who says good things can’t come in small packages?

Royal Queen Seeds x Tyson 2.0 GOAT’Lato Auto

tyson seeds
Image courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds.

You can tell that the Tyson 2.0 team knew they had something special when they named this strain. GOAT’Lato Auto is a cross between Cookies Auto and Tyson’s own Gelato 44, an inspired combination that has resulted in a true contender. A fast-growing indica-dominant hybrid that can be ready to harvest in as little as ten weeks, GOAT’lato Auto is tough to beat if you need to grow your stash quickly.

Nearly as fun to say as it is to smoke, GOAT’Lato Auto also has the rare distinction of being among the most flavorful of all of Royal Queen Seeds’ vast stock, a tasty terpene-packed treat that comes on quickly and takes no prisoners. Fans of GOAT’lato Auto report that it’s an incredible focus aid, helping them lock in and KO chores in the first round. But is it truly the greatest Gelato of all time? Order from Royal Queen Seeds today and find out for yourself. 

Royal Queen Seeds x Tyson 2.0 Punch Pie 

tyson seeds
Image courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds.

Another of Iron Mike’s personal favorite strains, Punch Pie is a pleasure to grow for indoor and outdoor setups alike. Punch Pie’s genetics include strains like Purple Punch and Purple Kush, making it as true an indica as you’re likely to find. You’ll see it in the grow; Punch Pie likes to spread out in wide bushes, topping out at about 150 cm in ideal outdoor conditions.

When it’s time to harvest, you’ll be greeted by gorgeous, sweet-smelling buds that are caked in resin. Like any great fruit pie, you’ll be able to taste a whole medley of berries in Punch Pie, with notes of blueberry and cherry accompanied by earthy undertones. You can expect some serious couch-lock as well. The best part about Punch Pie is that it doesn’t even need that long in the oven. You can expect to harvest your Punch Pie plants in about nine weeks after planting.

Royal Queen Seeds x Tyson 2.0 Corkscrew Auto

tyson seeds
Image courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds.

For the final entry in our list, we’ve got a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid dubbed Corkscrew Auto. Corkscrew is the descendant of Cherry Pie Auto and Tangie, two easy-to-grow strains that can hold their own in rough conditions. Corkscrew Auto has the grit to go all ten rounds and make its genetic stock proud; it’s a tough customer that’ll thrive in whatever setup you have at home.

On the smoke, Corkscrew leads with a haymaker. You’ll feel the cerebral effects as soon as you take the first hit, helping you feel energetic and creative. Corkscrew Auto will take a touch longer than some of the other seeds on this list to harvest, but trust us, and trust Mike. Corkscrew Auto is well worth the wait.

And there’s the final bell! That’s all the Tyson 2.0 strains currently available from Royal Queen Seeds, but stay tuned—this partnership may well go the distance. Make sure to visit the Royal Queen Seeds website and follow them on socials to keep yourself up-to-date on all the new seeds they have in store. Likewise, you can keep up with Tyson 2.0 by heading to their website and following them on social media to see what sort of big moves Kid Dynamite and his crew have planned for the next round. Happy growing!

Availability subject to law.

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The Leafly weed grower’s guide to 2024




Spring has sprung and with it fresh veggies in the garden. High season has also kicked in for cannabis gardeners: clone and seed sellers are doing brisk business as growers big and small ramp up for the 2024 full-sun outdoor run.

You can grow a pound of AAA-grade buds off a single outdoor plant if you get started today. Here’s how from Leafly’s weed grower’s guide to 2024.

Where to start

Start with Leafly’s first-ever Weed Gardener’s Almanac for 2024. Learn the right thing to do at the right time to stay synced with the seasons and maximize your investment in seeds, soil, water and time.

The official Leafly Weed Gardener's Almanac 2024 image

Image Not Found

The official Leafly Weed Gardener’s Almanac 2024

You can also start with Leafly’s Learn/Growing section—our evergreen guide to the basics of weed gardening.

Leafly’s guide to growing marijuana image

Image Not Found

Leafly’s guide to growing marijuana

Can’t grow? No problemo

How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

What to grow

Man, do we have some options for you! Our affiliate link partners want you to start with “The best cannabis seed companies”. Featuring groups like:

Seed Supreme

DNA Genetics

Royal Queen Seeds

Homegrown Cannabis Co

Cookies Seed Bank

Premium Cultivars

The best cannabis seed companies image

Image Not Found

The best cannabis seed companies

Beyond that, we published our biggest, independently reported, 100% organic, 100% AI-free guide to the best seeds and clones to grow in 2024. Part 1 has the hot-hot new-new from the top dogs. Part 2 digs into strains related to Sour Diesel and Chemdog and such. Part 3 focuses on strains perfect for making extracts (aka hash) both old-school and new.

Modern cannabis too strong for you? No sweat, we have some excellent picks for strains with a balanced amount of THC (which causes euphoria) and CBD (which can moderate THC’s effects).

How to grow it

So you figured our where to start and what you want to grow—now you need to know how to grow it!

For that we got a fresh story on the ‘living soil’ wave sweeping cultivation. What is living soil? Read about it and start that compost pile today!

What is ‘living soil’ weed and why does it rule? image

Image Not Found

What is ‘living soil’ weed and why does it rule?

For even more, check out: How to make organic soil

There’s even more to vegetation and flowering.

How to top and prune marijuana plants image

Image Not Found

How to top and prune marijuana plants

Get pest management tips from Kannabia Seed Company.

How to keep your grow pest-free with Kannabia Seed Company image

Image Not Found

How to keep your grow pest-free with Kannabia Seed Company

Leafly Strain of the Year 2023 is Permanent Marker—Here’s how to grow that strain and catch that wave.

How to grow the Permanent Marker strain image

Image Not Found

How to grow the Permanent Marker strain

How to harvest it

Growing is only half the battle. So much good pot is destroyed in the drying and curing phase where you got to keep temps low, humidity balanced, and avoid mold.

Shop highly rated dispensaries near you

Showing you dispensaries near

See all dispensaries

Here’s some fresh drying tips for an experienced master.

Expert interview: The science of saving those terps at harvest image

Image Not Found

Expert interview: The science of saving those terps at harvest

Then check out our evergreen guides to drying and curing:

The ultimate guide to drying and curing cannabis for the best results image

Image Not Found

The ultimate guide to drying and curing cannabis for the best results

Troubleshooting your garden

If you want to make God laugh, tell Her your plans. When things go off the rail, practice a positive, solution-oriented mindset and enjoy the chance to learn something new from our troubleshooting guides.

The best part about growing weed is the friends you make along the way. You’ll be stronger and happier when you grow in community with your fellow gardeners and cannabis culture. Plug into your new network by attending these amazing cannabis events, all across the country.

Ultimate weed contest calendar of 2024 image

Image Not Found

Ultimate weed contest calendar of 2024

Are you excited about growing a pound yet? You should be. The golden era of ganja shines even brighter when every garden has a seven-leafed tree poking out of it. Remember: She who is not busy growing is busy buying!

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autoflowering seeds

The best cannabis seed companies 2024




These recommendations on the best cannabis seed companies are made by Leafly Product Picks after extensive research, internal debate, and expert consultation. If you make a purchase through links on this page, we may earn a small affiliate commission. Updated for 2024.

A quick look at 2024’s best cannabis seed companies

Seed Supreme

DNA Genetics

Royal Queen Seeds

Homegrown Cannabis Co

Cookies Seed Bank

Premium Cultivars

Selecting seeds ahead of the planting season is one of the most exciting parts of growing your own cannabis for experts and novices alike. There are thousands of strains out there to try, with more dropping every season, so the only real question is where you want to start.

We’ve put together this list of the best places to buy seeds online to help you navigate where to find quality seeds you can count on. We’ve gone ahead and classified these into several categories like best genetics, best for beginners, etc, so read on until you find the right seed bank to fit your needs. Happy growing!

Top seed banks of 2024: Reviews and recommended products

Recommended product: Do-si-dos

best seed companies


  • Expert knowledge courtesy of Robert Bergman
  • Extensive resources for newcomers
  • Highly affordable

The cannabis journey of a thousand harvests begins with a single seed, and tons of happy hobbyist growers get their start with I Love Growing Marijuana, affectionately known as ILGM. Founded in 2012 by the incomparable master breeder Robert Bergman, is our recommendation for the best seed bank to start your growing journey due to their extensive online resources for novices, as well as plug-and-play grow kits that are ideal for those just starting out. That’s not all—ILGM will also include a free download of Robert Bergman’s Grow Bible with every purchase.

ILGM is the perfect company to teach you how to stop worrying and learn to love growing marijuana, and even have it love you back.

Do-si-dos: Winner of one of the biggest prizes in cannabis, our very own 2021 Leafly Strain of the Year award, Do-si-dos may be a total champion, but it hasn’t let all that fame go to its head. Do-si-dos is still the easy-to-grow sensation that arrived on the scene nearly a decade ago and has been a friendly introduction to the world of cannabis growing ever since.  Do-si-dos is a slightly indica-leaning hybrid that can hold up well in a variety of climates and growing conditions, although it slightly prefers an indoor environment. You can start your cultivation adventure with ten Dos-i-dos feminized seeds for just $149.

Pros Cons
Plug-and-play options Limited selection of rare strains
Free Grow Bible

Recommended product: Alien OG Feminized

best seed companies


  • Great for medical patients
  • Easy delivery
  • High-CBD options

Many growers first take to the hobby because they get tired of giving so much of their paycheck to the local dispensary. If you’re one of those cannasseurs that got into growing green to save some green, then look no further than Seeds Supreme. They have a massive selection of strains both common and rare, expertly collated into an easy-to-use webpage. You’ll be hard-pressed to find seeds for a better price anywhere, and Seed Supreme even frequently slashes their own already low prices with heaps of special deals and promotions.

Seed Supreme goes the extra mile when it comes to taking care of their customers who primarily grow cannabis to ease the symptoms of their medical ailments. Not only do they have multiple strains popular in the medical community, Seed Supreme allows you to sort strains via the particular symptom you are hoping to relieve or condition you are suffering from. Customers are able to browse either by ailment, like multiple sclerosis or arthritis, or by symptoms, like nausea or insomnia. This means that Seed Supreme is one of the best spots around for finding the perfect strain to help with whatever ails you.

Seed Supreme’s low prices means you’ll never have to pick between two of your favorite strains again. Thanks to them, the answer will always be both.

Alien OG Feminized: A true 50/50 hybrid the likes of which are increasingly rare, Alien OG is the sort of strain that’ll have you questioning your place in the universe. Hailing from outer space by way of the San Francisco Bay, Alien OG gets its potent DNA from Alien Kush and Tahoe OG Kush, two parents who are no slouches in the THC department either. You can expect your Alien OG buds to reach up to 28% THC in ideal conditions, enough to satisfy the strongest of tolerances and help anyone explore the farther reaches of the galaxy.

Pros Cons
Incredibly easy-to-browse website Automated customer support
Extensive options for medical patients

Recommended product: Chocolope Fem

best seed companies


  • Multiple award-winning genetics team
  • Incredibly in-depth growing information
  • Special members-only Seed Vault Club

With twenty years of excellence under their belt, DNA Genetics are some of the elder statesmen of the cannabis world. They’ve migrated from California to the Netherlands and back again, breeding legendary strains and filling their trophy case with prestigious awards. There’s hardly a cannabis award in the twenty-first century they haven’t won by introducing the world to favorites like Tangie, Kosher Kush, and Lemon Skunk, magical strains that continue to loom large in cannabis culture to this day.

DNA Genetics has begun to license its precious genetics to home breeders, spreading the DNA to be shared and iterated upon, in the true spirit of cannabis culture. If you’re interested in growing weed that is one step short of mythical, then DNA Genetics has the storied genetic legacy you’ve been dreaming of.

A team that got so tired of winning every single award that they decided it was only fair to let everyone else have a turn with their genetics. We’re honored to add one more accolade to this legendary group.

Chocolope Fem: The delicious winner of over ten awards, Chocolope is descended from OG Chocolate Thai, a hard-to-find cultivar notable for its chocolate and coffee aroma, and Cannalope Haze. Chocolope is a mouthwatering sativa-like that produces huge, resin-coated buds, perfect for the hash-maker or anyone who appreciates a stronger smoke. This strain is beginner-friendly, resilient, and oh-so tasty; there’s no reason not to treat yourself with a seed or twenty.

Pros Cons
Legendary genetics Smaller selection
Exclusive VIP members club

Recommended product: Titan F1

best seed companies


  • Custodians of classic strains
  • Innovative genetic team
  • Scientific outlook

Earning the crown for the most innovative purveyor of seeds is Royal Queen Seeds, a European seed bank that has had a British Invasion-level impact on American growers. Based in Amsterdam, a site of stoner pilgrimage for decades, Royal Queen Seeds has been the careful shepherd of cannabis DNA that goes back to the days of the coffeeshops. However, it’s Royal Queen’s ability to look towards the future that has earned them the spot on this list.

Royal Queen’s dedication to innovation extends to all levels of their business. Not only are they advancing the frontiers of cannabis genetics with their line of F1 Hybrids, but they’re also making sure growing weed is more accessible and fun than it ever has been before through tools like their online seedfinder. Touring Royal Queen’s incredible genetic library will surely have you seduced by a special strain that you can crown as your next fave.

Royal Queen Seeds has made monarchists out of us. With unrivaled respect for tradition combined with an innovative edge, RQS will have growers saying “Hail to the Queen.”

Titan F1: F1 strains are famed for their resilience and robust genetics, and Titan F1 is an exemplar even among the F1 crowd. A pioneering hybrid, Titan F1 is an inbred cross of princely genetics including stand-out strains like Blue Dream, Amnesia, and Sugar Magnolia. Cannabis inbreeding won’t result in your weed going pug-shaped—in fact, RQS uses the technique to reinforce beneficial traits like resilience to pests or high-THC content. Get Titan F1 growing in your garden today, and experience some truly titanic majesty.

Pros Cons
Innovative genetic team Somewhat slower order processing
Wide variety of classic & unique strains

Recommended product: Kyle’s Sweet Island Feminized

best seed companies


  • Great resources for growers of all levels
  • Several experts on staff
  • Unique cultivars

The best growers in the business will tell you that there’s always more to learn about cannabis cultivation. Like an iceberg, most of the substance of cannabis growing is below the surface. Growers who are interested in learning from some of the best minds in the cannabis industry should find a home at Homegrown Cannabis Co, a seed bank that offers extensive seed options as well as all the resources you could ever need to take your growing game to the next level. 

Homegrown Cannabis Co has a crew of cannabis-growing heavyweights bringing their knowledge to Homegrown customers by writing articles, producing videos, and recommending strains. These experts are a veritable Mount Rushmore of cannabis legends, including Parker Curtis, Victoria Rouland, Nikki Lasterto, Swami Chaitanya, and the incomparable Kyle Kushman. With combined decades of experience, you can’t go wrong consulting with these legends.

Homegrown’s team of experts is second to none. Talk about a blunt rotation!

Kyle’s Sweet Island Feminized: One of Homegrown’s Cultivars with Character (CWC), Kyle’s Sweet Island bears the stamp of approval from one of Homegrown’s biggest assets, the man himself, Kyle Kushman. Sweet Island has a robust pedigree featuring Sweet Pink Grapefruit and Big Skunk #1, two famous parents who always bring a tropical vibe. 

After planting Sweet Island, prepare for it to grow to a formidable height — this hybrid leans sativa and will bear the growing hallmarks of those strains. On the smoke, Sweet Island is an energizing, mentally stimulating strain that Homegrown recommends for a wake’n’bake companion. And with a respectable 19% THC, Sweet Island will give you just the push you need without sidetracking your whole day.

Pros Cons
Great community Limited rare cultivar selection
Expert advice

Recommended product: Fried Banana


  • Very innovative
  • Embedded in San Francisco culture
  • Originated world-famous strains

If you’re a seasoned hand at cannabis cultivation, and you find yourself craving something new and exciting to grow to keep the hobby fresh, then Cookies Seed Bank would like a few words. Cookies are legendary in the business, creating multiple world-famous strains, like GSC, a strain whose name pays homage to both the brand itself and the girls in green sashes. While picking up strains you’ve heard of before is certainly an option, in our opinion, the real reason to check out Cookies is the strains you haven’t. The team at Cookies is constantly cooking up new, unique strains that push the boundaries of cannabis cultivation. 

Cookies was founded by the dynamic duo of Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr, AKA Berner and the enigmatic growmaster known only as Jai. Berner is nothing short of a cannabis mogul in the mold of Jay-Z, hip-hop career included. His partner Jai is a pillar of the San Francisco Bay Area community and a foundational part of the broader cannabis culture. His creativity has influenced the makeup of American cannabis forever, and if you want to know which strain will take the country by storm next, there’s a decent chance Jai is dreaming it up right now. Get your seeds from Cookies and impress your friends with a harvest of the next big thing.

Want to know what the next five years of weed will look like? The last two at Cookies.

Fried Banana is the sensitive type; a skilled hand can be necessary to help this strain reach its full potential, but there’s no better investment to make. Fried Banana features a depth of flavor and aroma that’d have a sommelier stuttering, a true treat for the connoisseur of finer cannabis flower.

Fried Banana is a backcross of Cookies’ legendary Gelato #41, with additional genetics from Stardawg Guava, where Fried Banana gets its tropical flair. Make sure you keep an eye on Fried Banana plants when they reach maturity, they tend to grow spindly as they near harvest. The team at Cookies recommends providing Fried Banana a bit of support to make sure it becomes all it can be.

Pros Cons
Lots of unique strains Premium price point
Killer legacy

Recommended product: Jealousy

best seed companies


  • Impeccable genetics
  • Outstanding user community
  • Resources for all experience levels

There’s nothing quite like word of mouth to inspire trust, and a company that isn’t afraid of letting their customers speak freely is usually one you can bank on. Such is the case with Premium Cultivars, our selection for the seed bank with the best user community. Each strain available on the Premium Cultivars storefront features insightful, relevant reviews from growers all over the United States. This creates a dedicated community of growers that customers have access to, without digging through a dozen Reddit threads to find a worthwhile review from a real person.

Premium Cultivars was able to cultivate this online community because of the undeniable quality of their genetics, and the care they take in preserving that legacy. Growers respect quality and hate a scam, and the fact that Premium Cultivars has been able to inspire such a loyal community speaks incredibly well to their product. See for yourself what these seeds can do in your garden, and then pay it forward and leave your own review!

If you’re a nerd like us and love talking about weed as much as smoking it, then you’ll find your kind online at Premium Cultivars.

Jealousy: Jealousy is currently having a moment, earning a slew of accolades including the big one; the coveted Leafly Strain of the Year award. All this popularity has made Jealousy a hard girl to find, with many dispensaries selling out as fast as breeders can grow. Now, thanks to Premium Cultivars, you can snag Jealousy for yourself with these autoflowering, feminized seeds. The word from the Premium Cultivars community is that Jealousy is an easy, low-maintenance strain to grow, so pick up a pack of twelve seeds for just $129.00 and get to planting.

Pros Cons
Excellent user reviews No information listed for strain effects
High-quality genetics
Fast delivery

Why you can trust Leafly Product Picks

Leafly is the world’s leading cannabis discovery platform and provides a vast library of content from some of the most respected voices in cannabis. Leafly Product Picks prioritizes accuracy and integrity in our selections, working through mountains of research, testimonials, and testing to source products you can trust.

Jake Rosendale: Lead Content Writer, Brands & Products

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Jake Rosendale is Leafly’s Lead Content Writer, Brands & Products. He’s been with Leafly since 2022, where he spends his time researching the best products in the wide world of weed. Jake’s been writing about cannabis, food, and wine in the Seattle area for 5 years. In addition to Leafly, you can find his work in Seattle Met Magazine and High Times. He loves sci-fi novels, country music, and Super Lemon Haze.

Anna Elliott: Senior Content Editor, Brands & Products

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Anna Elliott is Leafly’s Senior Content Editor, Brands & Products. She’s been with Leafly since 2021, managing and editing brand-related content and bringing the best stories on the industry’s top products to life. With a decade of experience reviewing products, covering brands, and editing stories, Anna loves talking up the people & products that make a real difference in readers’ every day. She’s found that Space Mints makes the perfect pairing for enjoying her frankly irresponsible vinyl collection.

Final thoughts

No matter the season, these seed banks are the best in the business. With options for every type of grower, from horticultural novices to captains of cannabis cultivation, our selections for the best cannabis seed companies are poised to kick off a renaissance in homegrowing. A greener world is a better world, so find the seed bank that’s right for you and get your hands in the dirt today!

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