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A Pot for Pot Reviews & Growing Guidance for 2023



Have you always wanted to grow your own cannabis but didn’t have the means – or didn’t know where to start? In that case, you’ve arrived at the right place with these a Pot for Pot reviews, accompanied by growing guidance on how to grow the healthiest marijuana plants you’ve ever seen.

A Pot for Pot is the ideal solution for getting a cheap grow setup going – indoors or outdoors.

Offering ideal solutions for growers of all calibers, this article intends to show how growing pot with a Pot for Pot will save you money and bless you with the green grass of home beyond your wildest dreams.

Let’s dig into this company, their excellent cannabis grow kit offerings, and various sections that will help you grow the best cannabis alongside Pot for Pot.

How to Grow Pot Indoors and Save Money

One of the best weed growing tips you will ever receive has to do with how to grow pot indoors and save money while you’re doing it. Growing weed from seed and growing it indoors can be extremely satisfying and fruitful once you get the basics and get your green fingers ready to grow with A Pot for Pot weed growing kits.

Rest assured, a small weed plant won’t stay small forever! So be patient when growing weed indoors. With that said, A Pot for Pot has a whole website dedicated to help you along your growing journey. Growing weed indoors step by step is a good way to go – and we’ve summed it up in the following section.

Growing Weed Indoors Step by Step

1. Plan for your garden

In this regard, auto-flowering seeds are a great idea, but if you want to go fem, it’s your prerogative! First, choose whether you will be growing cannabis indoors or outdoors. You’ll need to consider the pros and cons of each.

2. Acquire your A Pot for Pot Kit

Each kit will be reviewed in this article to make it easy for you to choose. Simply decide how big you want to go and choose the appropriate kit for your requirements, wants and needs.

3. Germinate your cannabis seeds

There are plenty of ways to germinate that promising seed of yours, but a premade seed germination kit such as the one provided by A Pot for Pot is the recommended route. Simply moisten the medium, insert the seed(s), and water. Once your seed sprouts, you can place the entire thing into your pot for the easiest transition.

4. The vegetative stage Marijuana

Once your marijuana seedlings develop a pair of leaves, they have entered the vegetative stage. During this stage, cannabis plants are focused on growing bigger and stronger in preparation for the coming flowering stage. You need plenty of light during this phase.

Also, ensure that the temperature in your growing space is a bit warmer than room temperature. That means between anywhere between 68°F and 86°F. The long hours of light will make your plants thirsty, so be sure to give them plenty of water and monitor the moisture level and adjust accordingly.

5. Flowering stage Marijuana

When flowers start to appear, you’ll know you’ve safely and officially entered the flowering stage. This important phase in the life of your cannabis plant lasts until you harvest your prized treasure.

During this stage, your plants get large and bushy – and you may train them by trimming and/or bending the leaves so there is a flat canopy on top. Applying this technique allows ample light to reach your plant for optimal and desirable results.

If you did not purchase feminized seeds, or you are unsure of the sex of your plant, you’ll need to confirm that it’s female, but how do you know? It’s simple. Just look at the junction of the branches and look for wispy white strings emerging. If so, you’re either in luck or have become a master grower!

6. The cannabis harvesting stage

Preparing for harvesting is pivotal to the success of your grow with A Pot for Pot. Yellowed leaves should be removed from the plant before harvesting the buds. Try to isolate the plants in a ventilated room to initiate the process, and be sure to gather the following necessary tools;

  • Trimmers – Use a handheld or electrical trimmer, although the former is recommended because they allow for more manual control and precision.
  • Gloves – Prevent cross-contamination and unwanted odors on your hands
  • Lines for hanging your plants or a drying net
  • Small clothespins or ties to hang the plants with.
  • Trim trays – These aren’t essential, but can help make harvesting more organized.
  • Isopropyl alcohol to keep your area nice and clean.

7. Trimming Weed

Those who trimmed their weed when it was still wet won’t have to worry about this step. However, if you’ve dried your cannabis first, you’ll notice that those adjacent sugar leaves have curled in tightly to the buds.

The next thing you want to do is remove those dried leaves, and because this is an intricate process, it is best done with the hand. A Pot for Pot’s trimming scissors are perfect for this task. When you are growing for yourself, it makes a lot more sense to trim your weed while it is wet, since the leaves are not too tightly curled around the buds yet.

However, wet trimming leads to faster drying, so be sure to keep an eye on the process. As for professional operations, they use dry trimming because it’s more efficient with trim machines. The best thing to do is to weigh the pros and cons of wet trimming vs. dry to select what will be best for your desired outcomes.

If applicable to your operations, you can use either distilled water or water with a flushing agent to remove the left-over fertilizer, which can give cannabis a harsh taste or chemical smell. Also, be sure to start this process a week in advance of starting harvest.

8. The Marijuana Drying phase

Hang your buds evenly, and make sure there’s good ventilation for about 3-6 days at 50% humidity. Sooner than later, the stems will start to snap instead of bend when they are properly dry. Then, it’s time to finish trimming.

9. The Weed Curing Phase

Now that you have harvested, dried, and trimmed your weed it’s time for the final stage: the curing process. What is the main goal of curing? It is to emphasize the flavor and potency of your weed. This is achieved done by letting the buds evaporate the remaining moisture via a slow-drying process.

Curing is also necessary to make the weed last longer. After harvesting, bacteria break down the sugars and starches of your crop, in other words, the curing process helps the plants use helpful sugars and starches before they dry out in order to stay preserved. To cure your weed properly, place them loosely in opaque glass containers or mason jars.

If you can’t find opaque containers, mason jars will work, but be sure to keep them out of the light. Next, cover your jars tightly and store them in a dark room.

In the initial days of curing, be sure to open the jars for a few moments before closing them up again. This is sometimes done for means of condensation so that all the left-over moist is replaced with fresher air.

As the curing process continues, adjust how often you open the jars. Once your weed has been cured for longer than a month, you can reduce this frequency to once every 5-7 days. As the weed cures, the moisture inside the flowers is moved to the surface by capillary action.  Privilege  

This is the moisture that forms the condensation on the walls of the container. Another method for curing cannabis involves placing the buds in a paper bag. This process helps prevent mold by removing excess moisture. The paper also absorbs excess wetness and allows the weed to cure.

Here follows a friendly reminder not to put too much in one bag, but rather to place the bag horizontally, spread out the buds evenly and fold over the side that’s open.

Another way to avoid mold is to use a pre-made humidity packet that will also avoid your precious yield from drying out. These packets can last for up to several months, so no replacing is necessary.

You can look forward to perfectly cured weed after about two months’ time, and at that time, the flavors, potency, and other nutrients will be at their highest levels.

Kindly sample your weed from time to time to determine whether it has reached the desired potency and taste. If your weed isn’t cured properly, its quality will degrade rapidly, and it may not be as potent as it could have been.

If you want to know how to grow a weed plant, you’d better know it has a lot to do with lighting. You’ll want to ready your lighting system for growing weed indoors step by step with A Pot for Pot. If you live in a house that gets very little direct sunlight, or a place where it rains 300 days out of the year, a Pot for Pot has your back.

Luckily even in these kinds of environments, you can easily grow great cannabis with a natural spectrum COB LED grow light. And a Pot for Pot offers one of the best on the market.

A 75-watt LED light emits the ideal, optimal wavelength to grow your plants abundantly indoors. This light is not only affordable, it’s also highly efficient and energy-saving, too.

Grow lights from A Pot for Pot are specifically designed for growing a small number of marijuana plants and are conveniently priced well under $200. This reasonable pricing proves that high-quality lighting need not be expensive.

Luckily the prices of LEDs have reduced since it first gained momentum – when the technology was still fairly new. The growing industry has certainly come a long way since then.


Learn How To Grow Cannabis!

Think about how expensive new technology like smartphones was when they first came out, and it often wasn’t worth it. But now, it’s a different story. A Pot for Pot’s LED grow lights can be bought individually alongside any Grow Kit.

A Pot for Pot 75-Watt LED lights are perfect for a pot with a 1.5 sq ft of canopy, while multiple of these lights can be used for larger grows.

Did We Mention the Money to Be Saved??

When you buy a Pot for Pot, you not only save loads of money, but you also acquire the skills required to grow your own cannabis well into the future and beyond.

But what does that mean? You can kick dispensaries to the curb and save a budload of cash to use for other purposes. For example, with a Pot for Pot‘s 5-gallon kit grow, you can grow up to 8 oz of flower for only $99! 

Of course, the equipment is a once-off investment, and compared to the cost of your average retail cannabis running at $79 per an eighth of an ounce – you can do the math for yourself and realize the boundless potential of growing your own weed.

Moreover, because a Pot for Pot partners with I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM), you will have access to coupons with every kit, so you don’t even have to save up for seeds.

Getting Your Grow On – With a Company That’s Got Their Pots in a Row!

This company comprises a group of passionate farmers and industry veterans who have been growing pot for years, and are just as passionate about teaching others how to grow their own pot. A Pot for Pot was started with the intention to empower people to grow their own medicine, and to combat the stigma it’s difficult to do.

A Pot for Pot has been approached by countless home enthusiasts who want to start small, but don’t know quite where and how to start. Overwhelmed with a plethora of information, most folks tend to think there must be some secret sauce to growing great buds, but there isn’t, really! Not with A Pot for Pot by your side, at least.

This booming company has created a kit for everyone and anyone to grow their own quality cannabis at home. Everything you need to grow your tops shelf bud is in the box. Add water, seed, and sun – and lots of love – and you’ll be the master of your own destiny in no time.

The simple directions that come along with A Pot for Pot take you through the process step-by-step, which makes it easy for you to grow your own natural herbs right at home.

Everything came full circle with this idea when the founder was a teenager and his Dad’s business partner caught him trying to germinate a seed in the boiler room.

The founder of A Pot for Pot has always had the belief that cannabis can have a profound impact on our culture by expanding our minds and healing our bodies, and we fully agree.

In 2009 the founder moved back to the USA, from England, to attend college in Santa Cruz. There he learned you could legally grow cannabis, this blew my mind, and it did not take him long to build up from a hobbyist grower to growing full time – and running a business!

Mini Complete Pot Grow Kit Review

If you’re looking for a ‘grow your own weed kit’, today is your lucky day! Growing weeds from seeds is easy with A Pot for Pot. When you grow at home, you save money, protect the environment, and avoid harmful artificial pesticides and other nasty stuff. We believe everyone should experience the joy of growing your own home stash!

These cute kits will brighten any home and are super fun and easy to grow. The 1/2 Gallon Mini Kit is designed for indoor or outdoor growing, can be powered by the sun or an LED lamp. Under the right conditions, you can harvest up to one ounce!

It contains everything you need. Just follow the simple guide and you’ll be growing your very own bonsai cannabis plant and enjoy the fruits of your labor in no time! Add only water, one auto-flowering seed, and sun. The included living soil blend provides all the sustenance your plant needs to grow beautifully from seed to harvest.

A Pot for Pot has poured all of their knowledge and experience into a box so you can learn to grow faster and easier. With this particular cannabis growing kit, you get an extensive growing guide, fabric smart pot, seed germination kit, nutrient-dense soil, and a cute little watering can!

Small Complete Pot Grow Kit Review

This cannabis grow kit is perfect for the first-time grower and for the green thumb who wants to learn more – and undoubtedly one of the best weed growing starter kits available for your convenience. The 2 Gallon Kit is designed to be placed indoors or outside – with sun or artificial lighting such as LED.

It contains everything you need to have a healthy harvest at home. Just follow our simple guide and you’ll be saving a bucketload of cash. Only add water, one seed, and sun. The included living soil blend provides everything your plant needs to grow beautifully from scratch.

These plants can grow up to four feet tall and yield up to four ounces. Here’s what you get with the Small Complete Pot Grow Kit from A Pot for Pot:

  • Grow Guide
  • $40 Seed Coupon (see below for details)
  • 2 Gallon Fabric Pot
  • Pot Drain Saucer
  • Seed Germination Kit
  • Superb Soil
  • Beneficial Bacteria
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Aeration Top Soil Mix
  • Coco Brick
  • Rooting Booster
  • Smartphone Camera Lenses
  • Natural Leaf Shine
  • Watering Can / Spray Bottle
  • Trimming Scissors

Medium Complete Pot Grow Kit Review

These A Pot for Pot reviews wouldn’t be complete without including a review of the Medium Pot Grow Kit. This marijuana starter kit is perfect for the first-time grower and for the green thumb who wants to take their skill to the next level.

This 5 Gallon Kit is designed for indoor or outdoor growing setups, and can be powered by the sun or artificial light. Feel free to use auto-flowering seeds, regular seeds, or clones.

It contains everything you need to have a healthy harvest at home. Follow our simple Grow Guide and you’ll save money while enjoying your own clean, green stash in as little as 80 days!

Just add water, seed, and sun. The included living soil blend provides all the food your plant needs from seed to harvest. Here’s what you get with the Medium Complete Pot Grow Kit:

  • $40 Seed Coupon
  • 5 Gallon Fabric Pot
  • Pot Drain Saucer
  • Seed Germination Kit
  • Superb Soil (x2)
  • Beneficial Bacteria
  • Diatomaceous Earth (Large)
  • Aeration Top Soil Mix (Large)
  • Coco Bricks (x2)
  • Rooting Booster
  • Smartphone Camera Len
  • Natural Leaf Shine
  • Watering Can / Spray Bottle
  • Trimming Scissors

The Medium Kit includes a generous Seed Coupon to discount your separate seed purchase. We recommend using auto-flowering seeds as they make it easy to harvest around about 3 months, regardless of your light cycle. This means you can plant it almost any time of the year and safely expect it to grow up to four feet tall with a yield of up to a good eight ounces!

Large Complete Pot Grow Kit Review

If you want to know how to grow a marijuana plant successfully, this kit can very easily become your new bestie. A Pot for Pot’s large grow kits are specifically designed to grow regular cannabis seeds that will grow up to staggering heights with seriously dank buds.  

Just follow the simple guide and you will be enjoying your own green flowers in no time! The included living soil blend provides all the extra nutrients your plant needs to grow abundantly from seed to harvest. Here’s what you get with the Large Grow Kit from A Pot for Pot:

  • Grow Guide
  • $40 Seed Coupon
  • 35 Gallon Fabric Pot
  • Pot Drain Saucer
  • Mini 0.5 Gallon Starter Pot
  • Jiffy Pellet
  • Superb Soils (x3 Large)
  • Beneficial Bacteria
  • Diatomaceous Earth (Large)
  • Aeration Top Soil Mix (Large)
  • Coco Bricks (Large)
  • Rooting Booster
  • Flowering Booster
  • Smartphone Camera Lenses
  • Natural Leaf Shine
  • Watering Can
  • Spray Bottle
  • Clover Cover Crop Seeds
  • Trimming Scissors

The large kit includes a $40 Seed Coupon that reduces your charge on any online seed order of 5 seeds and more. For the Large 35 Gallon Kit, it is recommended that you use regular seeds which perform best when planted outside in direct sunlight.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

marijuana extraction course
– Johanna Rose
Makes $24.50 @ THC +

This type of seed begins to flower when the light hours are equal to the dark hours. This means it will start to flower after about 4 months of growing.  These plants can grow eight feet tall and yield up to an entire pound of premium flower or more.

Alternatively, auto-flowering seeds make it easy for you by flowering after about 3 months, regardless of the light cycle. These plants can grow up to six feet tall and yield up to eight ounces. Note, these kits are privacy-wrapped for discretion before being mailed to you.

Expansion Cannabis Grow Kit Review

Whether you’re a first-time grower or a seasoned veteran, this pot-growing kit has everything you need to grow robust, thriving cannabis right at your own home.

This contains all the ingredients to add another pot to your grow, or it slots right into your existing grow tent. Their included Superb Soil blend makes growing a pleasure, and only requires water, seed and sun.

The plants you grow with this kit can grow up to ten feet tall and yield up to a whopping five pounds.

Note that all kits are privacy-wrapped for discretion before being mailed to your doorstep.

If you’re growing outside or in a tent, this kit simplifies the process. Plus, the living soil blend naturally grows healthy plants full of flavor. Here’s what you get with the Expansion Cannabis Grow Kit:

  • $40 Seed Coupon
  • 2- or 5-Gallon Fabric Pot
  • Pot Drain Saucer
  • Seed Germination Kit
  • Superb Soil(s)
  • Beneficial Bacteria
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Aeration Top Soil Mix
  • Coco Brick(s)
  • Rooting Booster
  • The better the soil and the lighter you have, the better your plants will grow. To make it easy, a Pot for Pot blends over 18 different ingredients into their Superb Soil so that it provides all the nutrients needed to go from a seed or clone into a beautiful budding plant.
  • A Pot for Pot includes everything you need to grow weed from seed – all through to the harvesting stage.
  • Remember that the cheapest way to grow pot does not mean skimping on certain things.
  • Don’t be a maximalist, but make sure to provide your plant everything it needs.
  • In addition to everything you get with A Pot for Pot, soil nutrients and natural pest control will increase your yield and help you get more bang for your buck.
  • Also be sure to follow the instructions provided with your cannabis growing kit for best results.

Within and between the lines of these A Pot for Pot reviews, you will have hopefully come to new knowledge pertaining to any previous questions you might have had regarding a weed growing starter, or how to grow your own weed kit – or perhaps you wanted to brush up on growing pot plants that pack a punch of potency and aroma.

Just imagine the following scenario for a moment: You stand gobsmacked at the rows of perfect cannabis plants your neighbor has got growing in their backyard. You’d better know that the nugs he blesses you with here and there are physical proof of his green thumb. You envy him and covet his plants and secretly curse your inability to keep plants alive. But hey, don’t swear off gardening just yet!

Where there is a weed, there is a way. And these “all you need to grow” kits from A Pot for Pot are just what Dr. Greenfinger ordered! A flawless way to grow the plants you were meant to smoke; it’s time to show that fellow grower a thing or two and be the gardener you were meant to be with A Pot for Pot’s easy-to-use growing setups.

To get $10 of your order use A Pot For Pot discount code CTU10 for orders over $50 (grow light excluded).

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The Leafly weed grower’s guide to 2024




Spring has sprung and with it fresh veggies in the garden. High season has also kicked in for cannabis gardeners: clone and seed sellers are doing brisk business as growers big and small ramp up for the 2024 full-sun outdoor run.

You can grow a pound of AAA-grade buds off a single outdoor plant if you get started today. Here’s how from Leafly’s weed grower’s guide to 2024.

Where to start

Start with Leafly’s first-ever Weed Gardener’s Almanac for 2024. Learn the right thing to do at the right time to stay synced with the seasons and maximize your investment in seeds, soil, water and time.

The official Leafly Weed Gardener's Almanac 2024 image

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The official Leafly Weed Gardener’s Almanac 2024

You can also start with Leafly’s Learn/Growing section—our evergreen guide to the basics of weed gardening.

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Leafly’s guide to growing marijuana

Can’t grow? No problemo

How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

What to grow

Man, do we have some options for you! Our affiliate link partners want you to start with “The best cannabis seed companies”. Featuring groups like:

Seed Supreme

DNA Genetics

Royal Queen Seeds

Homegrown Cannabis Co

Cookies Seed Bank

Premium Cultivars

The best cannabis seed companies image

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The best cannabis seed companies

Beyond that, we published our biggest, independently reported, 100% organic, 100% AI-free guide to the best seeds and clones to grow in 2024. Part 1 has the hot-hot new-new from the top dogs. Part 2 digs into strains related to Sour Diesel and Chemdog and such. Part 3 focuses on strains perfect for making extracts (aka hash) both old-school and new.

Modern cannabis too strong for you? No sweat, we have some excellent picks for strains with a balanced amount of THC (which causes euphoria) and CBD (which can moderate THC’s effects).

How to grow it

So you figured our where to start and what you want to grow—now you need to know how to grow it!

For that we got a fresh story on the ‘living soil’ wave sweeping cultivation. What is living soil? Read about it and start that compost pile today!

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What is ‘living soil’ weed and why does it rule?

For even more, check out: How to make organic soil

There’s even more to vegetation and flowering.

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How to top and prune marijuana plants

Get pest management tips from Kannabia Seed Company.

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How to keep your grow pest-free with Kannabia Seed Company

Leafly Strain of the Year 2023 is Permanent Marker—Here’s how to grow that strain and catch that wave.

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How to grow the Permanent Marker strain

How to harvest it

Growing is only half the battle. So much good pot is destroyed in the drying and curing phase where you got to keep temps low, humidity balanced, and avoid mold.

Shop highly rated dispensaries near you

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Here’s some fresh drying tips for an experienced master.

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Expert interview: The science of saving those terps at harvest

Then check out our evergreen guides to drying and curing:

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The ultimate guide to drying and curing cannabis for the best results

Troubleshooting your garden

If you want to make God laugh, tell Her your plans. When things go off the rail, practice a positive, solution-oriented mindset and enjoy the chance to learn something new from our troubleshooting guides.

The best part about growing weed is the friends you make along the way. You’ll be stronger and happier when you grow in community with your fellow gardeners and cannabis culture. Plug into your new network by attending these amazing cannabis events, all across the country.

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Ultimate weed contest calendar of 2024

Are you excited about growing a pound yet? You should be. The golden era of ganja shines even brighter when every garden has a seven-leafed tree poking out of it. Remember: She who is not busy growing is busy buying!

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autoflowering seeds

The best cannabis seed companies 2024




These recommendations on the best cannabis seed companies are made by Leafly Product Picks after extensive research, internal debate, and expert consultation. If you make a purchase through links on this page, we may earn a small affiliate commission. Updated for 2024.

A quick look at 2024’s best cannabis seed companies

Seed Supreme

DNA Genetics

Royal Queen Seeds

Homegrown Cannabis Co

Cookies Seed Bank

Premium Cultivars

Selecting seeds ahead of the planting season is one of the most exciting parts of growing your own cannabis for experts and novices alike. There are thousands of strains out there to try, with more dropping every season, so the only real question is where you want to start.

We’ve put together this list of the best places to buy seeds online to help you navigate where to find quality seeds you can count on. We’ve gone ahead and classified these into several categories like best genetics, best for beginners, etc, so read on until you find the right seed bank to fit your needs. Happy growing!

Top seed banks of 2024: Reviews and recommended products

Recommended product: Do-si-dos

best seed companies


  • Expert knowledge courtesy of Robert Bergman
  • Extensive resources for newcomers
  • Highly affordable

The cannabis journey of a thousand harvests begins with a single seed, and tons of happy hobbyist growers get their start with I Love Growing Marijuana, affectionately known as ILGM. Founded in 2012 by the incomparable master breeder Robert Bergman, is our recommendation for the best seed bank to start your growing journey due to their extensive online resources for novices, as well as plug-and-play grow kits that are ideal for those just starting out. That’s not all—ILGM will also include a free download of Robert Bergman’s Grow Bible with every purchase.

ILGM is the perfect company to teach you how to stop worrying and learn to love growing marijuana, and even have it love you back.

Do-si-dos: Winner of one of the biggest prizes in cannabis, our very own 2021 Leafly Strain of the Year award, Do-si-dos may be a total champion, but it hasn’t let all that fame go to its head. Do-si-dos is still the easy-to-grow sensation that arrived on the scene nearly a decade ago and has been a friendly introduction to the world of cannabis growing ever since.  Do-si-dos is a slightly indica-leaning hybrid that can hold up well in a variety of climates and growing conditions, although it slightly prefers an indoor environment. You can start your cultivation adventure with ten Dos-i-dos feminized seeds for just $149.

Pros Cons
Plug-and-play options Limited selection of rare strains
Free Grow Bible

Recommended product: Alien OG Feminized

best seed companies


  • Great for medical patients
  • Easy delivery
  • High-CBD options

Many growers first take to the hobby because they get tired of giving so much of their paycheck to the local dispensary. If you’re one of those cannasseurs that got into growing green to save some green, then look no further than Seeds Supreme. They have a massive selection of strains both common and rare, expertly collated into an easy-to-use webpage. You’ll be hard-pressed to find seeds for a better price anywhere, and Seed Supreme even frequently slashes their own already low prices with heaps of special deals and promotions.

Seed Supreme goes the extra mile when it comes to taking care of their customers who primarily grow cannabis to ease the symptoms of their medical ailments. Not only do they have multiple strains popular in the medical community, Seed Supreme allows you to sort strains via the particular symptom you are hoping to relieve or condition you are suffering from. Customers are able to browse either by ailment, like multiple sclerosis or arthritis, or by symptoms, like nausea or insomnia. This means that Seed Supreme is one of the best spots around for finding the perfect strain to help with whatever ails you.

Seed Supreme’s low prices means you’ll never have to pick between two of your favorite strains again. Thanks to them, the answer will always be both.

Alien OG Feminized: A true 50/50 hybrid the likes of which are increasingly rare, Alien OG is the sort of strain that’ll have you questioning your place in the universe. Hailing from outer space by way of the San Francisco Bay, Alien OG gets its potent DNA from Alien Kush and Tahoe OG Kush, two parents who are no slouches in the THC department either. You can expect your Alien OG buds to reach up to 28% THC in ideal conditions, enough to satisfy the strongest of tolerances and help anyone explore the farther reaches of the galaxy.

Pros Cons
Incredibly easy-to-browse website Automated customer support
Extensive options for medical patients

Recommended product: Chocolope Fem

best seed companies


  • Multiple award-winning genetics team
  • Incredibly in-depth growing information
  • Special members-only Seed Vault Club

With twenty years of excellence under their belt, DNA Genetics are some of the elder statesmen of the cannabis world. They’ve migrated from California to the Netherlands and back again, breeding legendary strains and filling their trophy case with prestigious awards. There’s hardly a cannabis award in the twenty-first century they haven’t won by introducing the world to favorites like Tangie, Kosher Kush, and Lemon Skunk, magical strains that continue to loom large in cannabis culture to this day.

DNA Genetics has begun to license its precious genetics to home breeders, spreading the DNA to be shared and iterated upon, in the true spirit of cannabis culture. If you’re interested in growing weed that is one step short of mythical, then DNA Genetics has the storied genetic legacy you’ve been dreaming of.

A team that got so tired of winning every single award that they decided it was only fair to let everyone else have a turn with their genetics. We’re honored to add one more accolade to this legendary group.

Chocolope Fem: The delicious winner of over ten awards, Chocolope is descended from OG Chocolate Thai, a hard-to-find cultivar notable for its chocolate and coffee aroma, and Cannalope Haze. Chocolope is a mouthwatering sativa-like that produces huge, resin-coated buds, perfect for the hash-maker or anyone who appreciates a stronger smoke. This strain is beginner-friendly, resilient, and oh-so tasty; there’s no reason not to treat yourself with a seed or twenty.

Pros Cons
Legendary genetics Smaller selection
Exclusive VIP members club

Recommended product: Titan F1

best seed companies


  • Custodians of classic strains
  • Innovative genetic team
  • Scientific outlook

Earning the crown for the most innovative purveyor of seeds is Royal Queen Seeds, a European seed bank that has had a British Invasion-level impact on American growers. Based in Amsterdam, a site of stoner pilgrimage for decades, Royal Queen Seeds has been the careful shepherd of cannabis DNA that goes back to the days of the coffeeshops. However, it’s Royal Queen’s ability to look towards the future that has earned them the spot on this list.

Royal Queen’s dedication to innovation extends to all levels of their business. Not only are they advancing the frontiers of cannabis genetics with their line of F1 Hybrids, but they’re also making sure growing weed is more accessible and fun than it ever has been before through tools like their online seedfinder. Touring Royal Queen’s incredible genetic library will surely have you seduced by a special strain that you can crown as your next fave.

Royal Queen Seeds has made monarchists out of us. With unrivaled respect for tradition combined with an innovative edge, RQS will have growers saying “Hail to the Queen.”

Titan F1: F1 strains are famed for their resilience and robust genetics, and Titan F1 is an exemplar even among the F1 crowd. A pioneering hybrid, Titan F1 is an inbred cross of princely genetics including stand-out strains like Blue Dream, Amnesia, and Sugar Magnolia. Cannabis inbreeding won’t result in your weed going pug-shaped—in fact, RQS uses the technique to reinforce beneficial traits like resilience to pests or high-THC content. Get Titan F1 growing in your garden today, and experience some truly titanic majesty.

Pros Cons
Innovative genetic team Somewhat slower order processing
Wide variety of classic & unique strains

Recommended product: Kyle’s Sweet Island Feminized

best seed companies


  • Great resources for growers of all levels
  • Several experts on staff
  • Unique cultivars

The best growers in the business will tell you that there’s always more to learn about cannabis cultivation. Like an iceberg, most of the substance of cannabis growing is below the surface. Growers who are interested in learning from some of the best minds in the cannabis industry should find a home at Homegrown Cannabis Co, a seed bank that offers extensive seed options as well as all the resources you could ever need to take your growing game to the next level. 

Homegrown Cannabis Co has a crew of cannabis-growing heavyweights bringing their knowledge to Homegrown customers by writing articles, producing videos, and recommending strains. These experts are a veritable Mount Rushmore of cannabis legends, including Parker Curtis, Victoria Rouland, Nikki Lasterto, Swami Chaitanya, and the incomparable Kyle Kushman. With combined decades of experience, you can’t go wrong consulting with these legends.

Homegrown’s team of experts is second to none. Talk about a blunt rotation!

Kyle’s Sweet Island Feminized: One of Homegrown’s Cultivars with Character (CWC), Kyle’s Sweet Island bears the stamp of approval from one of Homegrown’s biggest assets, the man himself, Kyle Kushman. Sweet Island has a robust pedigree featuring Sweet Pink Grapefruit and Big Skunk #1, two famous parents who always bring a tropical vibe. 

After planting Sweet Island, prepare for it to grow to a formidable height — this hybrid leans sativa and will bear the growing hallmarks of those strains. On the smoke, Sweet Island is an energizing, mentally stimulating strain that Homegrown recommends for a wake’n’bake companion. And with a respectable 19% THC, Sweet Island will give you just the push you need without sidetracking your whole day.

Pros Cons
Great community Limited rare cultivar selection
Expert advice

Recommended product: Fried Banana


  • Very innovative
  • Embedded in San Francisco culture
  • Originated world-famous strains

If you’re a seasoned hand at cannabis cultivation, and you find yourself craving something new and exciting to grow to keep the hobby fresh, then Cookies Seed Bank would like a few words. Cookies are legendary in the business, creating multiple world-famous strains, like GSC, a strain whose name pays homage to both the brand itself and the girls in green sashes. While picking up strains you’ve heard of before is certainly an option, in our opinion, the real reason to check out Cookies is the strains you haven’t. The team at Cookies is constantly cooking up new, unique strains that push the boundaries of cannabis cultivation. 

Cookies was founded by the dynamic duo of Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr, AKA Berner and the enigmatic growmaster known only as Jai. Berner is nothing short of a cannabis mogul in the mold of Jay-Z, hip-hop career included. His partner Jai is a pillar of the San Francisco Bay Area community and a foundational part of the broader cannabis culture. His creativity has influenced the makeup of American cannabis forever, and if you want to know which strain will take the country by storm next, there’s a decent chance Jai is dreaming it up right now. Get your seeds from Cookies and impress your friends with a harvest of the next big thing.

Want to know what the next five years of weed will look like? The last two at Cookies.

Fried Banana is the sensitive type; a skilled hand can be necessary to help this strain reach its full potential, but there’s no better investment to make. Fried Banana features a depth of flavor and aroma that’d have a sommelier stuttering, a true treat for the connoisseur of finer cannabis flower.

Fried Banana is a backcross of Cookies’ legendary Gelato #41, with additional genetics from Stardawg Guava, where Fried Banana gets its tropical flair. Make sure you keep an eye on Fried Banana plants when they reach maturity, they tend to grow spindly as they near harvest. The team at Cookies recommends providing Fried Banana a bit of support to make sure it becomes all it can be.

Pros Cons
Lots of unique strains Premium price point
Killer legacy

Recommended product: Jealousy

best seed companies


  • Impeccable genetics
  • Outstanding user community
  • Resources for all experience levels

There’s nothing quite like word of mouth to inspire trust, and a company that isn’t afraid of letting their customers speak freely is usually one you can bank on. Such is the case with Premium Cultivars, our selection for the seed bank with the best user community. Each strain available on the Premium Cultivars storefront features insightful, relevant reviews from growers all over the United States. This creates a dedicated community of growers that customers have access to, without digging through a dozen Reddit threads to find a worthwhile review from a real person.

Premium Cultivars was able to cultivate this online community because of the undeniable quality of their genetics, and the care they take in preserving that legacy. Growers respect quality and hate a scam, and the fact that Premium Cultivars has been able to inspire such a loyal community speaks incredibly well to their product. See for yourself what these seeds can do in your garden, and then pay it forward and leave your own review!

If you’re a nerd like us and love talking about weed as much as smoking it, then you’ll find your kind online at Premium Cultivars.

Jealousy: Jealousy is currently having a moment, earning a slew of accolades including the big one; the coveted Leafly Strain of the Year award. All this popularity has made Jealousy a hard girl to find, with many dispensaries selling out as fast as breeders can grow. Now, thanks to Premium Cultivars, you can snag Jealousy for yourself with these autoflowering, feminized seeds. The word from the Premium Cultivars community is that Jealousy is an easy, low-maintenance strain to grow, so pick up a pack of twelve seeds for just $129.00 and get to planting.

Pros Cons
Excellent user reviews No information listed for strain effects
High-quality genetics
Fast delivery

Why you can trust Leafly Product Picks

Leafly is the world’s leading cannabis discovery platform and provides a vast library of content from some of the most respected voices in cannabis. Leafly Product Picks prioritizes accuracy and integrity in our selections, working through mountains of research, testimonials, and testing to source products you can trust.

Jake Rosendale: Lead Content Writer, Brands & Products

smiling portrait photo of man in glasses and grey cap against an aquamarine background

Jake Rosendale is Leafly’s Lead Content Writer, Brands & Products. He’s been with Leafly since 2022, where he spends his time researching the best products in the wide world of weed. Jake’s been writing about cannabis, food, and wine in the Seattle area for 5 years. In addition to Leafly, you can find his work in Seattle Met Magazine and High Times. He loves sci-fi novels, country music, and Super Lemon Haze.

Anna Elliott: Senior Content Editor, Brands & Products

portrait photo of woman with short dark hair and glasses in a black polo shirt against an aqua-green background

Anna Elliott is Leafly’s Senior Content Editor, Brands & Products. She’s been with Leafly since 2021, managing and editing brand-related content and bringing the best stories on the industry’s top products to life. With a decade of experience reviewing products, covering brands, and editing stories, Anna loves talking up the people & products that make a real difference in readers’ every day. She’s found that Space Mints makes the perfect pairing for enjoying her frankly irresponsible vinyl collection.

Final thoughts

No matter the season, these seed banks are the best in the business. With options for every type of grower, from horticultural novices to captains of cannabis cultivation, our selections for the best cannabis seed companies are poised to kick off a renaissance in homegrowing. A greener world is a better world, so find the seed bank that’s right for you and get your hands in the dirt today!

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Can the Royal Queen Seeds online Seedfinder find your ideal strain? We find out.




RQS can help you decide on a seed in just seven questions

Finding the ideal strain for your home cannabis grow can be one of the most intimidating parts of starting a cannabis journey. Ph levels, light content, climate, indoor vs outdoor, all of these factors have a huge influence on your decision, and that’s not even to mention the most important part—that it’s gotta be fun to smoke as well. 

This isn’t just a problem for greenhorns either. Experienced cannabis growers can also struggle to find an exciting new strain to grow, and some exciting strains that they would love may fly under their radar, a missed connection that can leave growers missing out on their possible new favorite. Searching for a strain can feel like endlessly scrolling through a streaming service, paralyzed by the overwhelming amount of choice. 


How to set up an indoor weed homegrow for under $500

Royal Queen Seeds, one of the most forward-thinking and innovative seedbanks around, is out to help streamline the process and reduce analysis paralysis. They’ve developed an online seedfinder tool to help growers search Royal Queen Seeds’ huge library for the strain that best fits their needs and flavor preferences without the stress of doing painstaking research. No matter your situation, style, or location, Royal Queen Seeds has a strain that you’ll be satisfied with and a few more fun options besides. 

Now, that may all sound well and good, but how does it look in practice? We asked one of our writers to use himself as a guinea pig and go through the Seedfinder process to see how Royal Queens’ process works when faced with some real-world conditions. How did our intrepid writer/grower fare? Read on to find out, or click the link below to head straight to the Seedfinder!

Our writer takes a pot quiz

cannabis seeds
Image courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds.

Autoflowering versus photo-dependent

When curious growers like our writer navigate to the Royal Queen Seeds Seedfinder, they first have to decide whether they’re looking for an autoflowering or photo-dependent strain. This is one of the biggest decisions any grower has to make, and it behooves new growers to research the difference between these two categories of seeds to decide which best suits their needs.

Our writer decided to go for the autoflowering strains. While the increased crop yield of the photo-dependent seeds was intriguing, our writer instead opted for the unrivaled speed and convenience of Royal Queen Seeds’ premium autoflowers. While our writer has significant experience consuming cannabis, he’s a relative newcomer to growing and appreciates the low maintenance offered by Royal Queen Seeds’ autoflowers.

Where do you plan to grow?

cannabis seeds
Image courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds.

The nifty Seedfinder tool next asked our writer about his living situation, and whether he grew his weed indoors, outdoors, in a greenhouse, or on a balcony. Our writer lives in an apartment in a city in the Pacific Northwest, where sunlight is a precious commodity in short supply. He had a dedicated corner of his apartment given over to his growing supplies, but his windows face north and only catch sunlight at rare hours.

These types of limiting factors present the sort of situation that the RQS Seedfinder excels at solving; with just the addition of a humble, commercially available grow light and the right strain, our writer is well set up to grow and harvest his cannabis, even in the bleak, long darkness of the PNW winter.


Cannabis seeds 101: How to grow marijuana from seed

How much space are you working with?

The next question asks how much space you have in your growing area, and if you would prefer tall, large plants or cannabis of a more manageable size. Expert growers know that cannabis plants can look wildly different from each other once grown, with as much as a 100 cm difference in height between strains. This is due to the different phenotypic expressions of indicas, sativas, and the myriad of hybrids.


Where’s a better environment to grow weed: indoors or outdoors?

While tall and large plants can yield more smokable cannabis per harvest, our writer chose instead to make the most out of his apartment’s limited space with short and compact strains. Taller plants also require a bit more resources to remain healthy, and our writer has limited funds for potting soil. No preference for your grow? No worries. You don’t need to answer this question if you’re open to either tall or short plants. 

Ideal grow timeframe

Another important factor in finding your ideal seed strain is how much time you have once your plants begin to flower. It’s largely up to a grower’s personal preference if they like to harvest their cannabis as swiftly as possible, or if they have time to burn. Our writer isn’t going anywhere and isn’t in any hurry; he opted to limit his search to strains with an extended flowering period and settle in for the long haul.

Potency particulars

At this point, things start getting even more fun, as the test shifts from focusing on limiting factors of your cannabis seed options to the exciting details that growers dream about. To signify this change, Royal Queen Seeds’ next question is simple; how potent would you like your weed?


Connect to cannabis’ coffeeshop roots with Royal Queen Seeds

The stronger stuff is better for making edibles and concentrates, while lower-THC content cannabis is the preference of many growers who prefer a more mellow high. As you might expect from a writer at a cannabis publication, our writer has a formidable tolerance to THC, so he selected the high-THC strains for his grow.  

Multiple Choice

cannabis seeds
Image courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds

These next two questions are an important and unique part of the test; it’s the only section where you can select multiple different answers. We’re about to get into the psychoactive parts of cannabis consumption, so it’s important to note that everyone experiences cannabis a bit differently. While a strain may induce a certain effect like euphoria or hunger in the majority of cannabis consumers, your individual mileage may vary. 

Desired effects

The sixth question on the Seedfinder docket regards the effects that you want to experience when you finally get to consume your cannabis. RQS has split the massive field of cannabis effects into four broad categories; Physically Relaxed, Uplifted, Focused, and Psychedelic, which Royal Queen Seeds uses as their category for their intense strains meant for experienced consumers.


How to get the most out of these five unique strains by Royal Queen Seeds

As a note, the strains under the Psychedelic tag will not give you any sort of hallucinogenic effects akin to those of LSD or magic mushrooms, although they will most certainly get you quite stoned. Our writer opted for options B and D, Uplifted and Psychedelic effects, following his personal preference for sativa-like strains that don’t hold anything back. 

What’s your flavor?

The final question before the big reveal is another pleasure to answer; this time, Royal Queen Seeds wants to know how you like your weed to taste. This is the biggest preference that you’ll be selecting, and just like the question before, this one is multiple choice.

Our writer had his choice of Sweet, Earthy, Sour, and Dank options, an excellent breakdown of the four big categories of cannabis flavor. As an open-minded cannabis consumer, our writer initially considered selecting all four options. However, a quick inventory of his favorite strains revealed a predominance of Haze family picks, so he decided to stick with what he knew and only opted for the Sour tag. 

And the winner is…

cannabis seeds
Image courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds.

After less than five minutes with the Royal Queen Seeds online Seedfinder tool, our writer had the ideal strain for his growing conditions, Royal Haze Auto. Although it’s the progeny of famous parents Amnesia Haze and Skunk, Royal Haze is no nepo-baby, and some would argue the strain even rises above its well-known pedigree.

Royal Haze Auto will grow to around two to three feet tall and doesn’t mind a low-light environment, an eminently manageable combo for our writer’s PNW pad. While Royal Haze isn’t the strongest strain around, it has a respectable THC content that will be more than enough to help our writer feel energized and focused once his plants are ready to harvest. 

That isn’t all that Royal Queen Seeds’ Seedfinder has for our writer. It suggested four other knockout strains that all met his selection criteria. If Royal Haze Auto didn’t strike our writer’s fancy for any reason, the Seedfinder also suggested autoflowering varieties of Pink Runtz, Royal Cheese, Amnesia Haze, and Royal Jack. While all of these strains would excel in our writer’s grow area, they are all very different strains from one another, giving him the ability to make an informed decision as to which strain (or strains) to purchase.


Why you should be growing F1 hybrids from Royal Queen Seeds

And that is the real value of the Royal Queen Seeds online Seedfinder; not only does it give you a quick way to narrow down the many strain options, but it also teaches you how to think like one of Royal Queen Seeds’ expert breeders. The Seedfinder helps new growers learn what factors are important when it comes to selecting their strains, and what is just noise. The Seedfinder is also an invaluable tool for experienced growers looking to discover new favorites. Thanks to Royal Queen Seeds, all it takes to find the new superstar strain of your grow is five minutes and an internet connection. Take the quiz and uncover your ideal strains today. 

The online Seedfinder is just one of many reasons to check out the Royal Queen Seeds website. Not only can you browse their library of over 200 strains, but you can also peruse their online headshop and buy Royal Queen Seeds merch as well. They’ve also got heaps of online resources to help you take your grow to the next level. While you’re there, make sure to follow Royal Queen Seeds on social media (Instagram, X, Facebook) to keep up with all their new updates, like their collaboration with Mike Tyson and Tyson 2.0.

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