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Archive Seeds and The Alchemist warm up The Astor Club LA’s grand opening



If you had doubts about the state of cannabis culture in 2024, The Astor Club’s bicoastal launch from New York to LA will put them to rest.

The dankest club in high society was packed for its grand opening in Los Angeles on January 13. The private, members-only cannabis lounge made a name for itself in lower Manhattan by appealing to every type of cannabis connoisseur—unique genetics, pop-up brand activations with limited drops, and unforgettable vibes. And now, the cannabis community in LA has a new safe, sociable smoking haven.


New York City weed visitor’s guide 2024

On the evening of the grand opening, cannabis from Wonderbrett and tunes by The Alchemist smoked out the two-story space. Infused soda company Mary Jones took over the rooftop with an offering of new, bubbling flavors.

Astor Club members gain access to coveted cultivars and hard-to-find weed offerings year-round. Depending on the seas, rare finds include hash from Uncle’s Farm, the inventor of piatella, Moonbow from Archive, and even The Ten Co.’s coveted Zushi lineup.

The space is co-owned by the mainstay cannabis brand Viola, founded in 2011 by former NBA player Al Harrington. Where else besides The Astor Club LA can stoners shoot hoops on a working basketball court? Celebrity sightings abound at both New York and LA locales of The Astor Club.


How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

At a recent Alien Labs private cultivar tasting, I smoked with Juice from Flatbush Zombies, saw rapper Buddy, and even spotted Drake’s dad decked out in a full Hot Cheetos fit. The Astor Club is a place to smoke amazing weed and be seen. Don’t sleep on it.

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90 points and up

Dark Web—Alien Labs, CA, winter 2024




95 points out of 100

Price: $64/eighth

Batch size: 60 lbs.

Dark Web is a winner, baby. Descended from Zoap bagseed obtained by the award-winning Sacramento-based grow at Alien Labs/Connected Cannabis Co., Dark Web is a welcomed addition to the lineup of killers from the two brands, picked from a recent pheno hunt. These packed purple-and-golden-laced buds are truly some of the tightest, densest cola structures I’ve seen in a while. Shockingly colorful on the eyes, this cultivar opens up to a fluffy green, gold, and bright violet cloud on the grind. 

This stunning batch tested at 30.11% THC and 0.07% CBD. The Dark Web dry pull hits savory and gassy but coy—hiding its complexities. A unique twist from the minds of Alien Labs, Dark Web is unexpected. Immediately, you’ll feel elation and cyberpunk Matrix-level confidence. Dark Web sneaks up on you with strong, melodic, and soothing body highs for hours following the sesh.

Alien Labs’ Ted Lidie says “It will be added to the roster going forward, for sure.” Dark Web hits stores by 2/16/24.

(Courtesy Lindsey Bartlett)


How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

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Lindsey Bartlett

Lindsey Bartlett

Lindsey Carmela Bartlett is an author, photographer, and social media editor who has documented the evolutionary cannabis industry for the past decade. Born in Denver, Colorado, today she resides in Los Angeles, California. Bartlett is a current contributor at Forbes and Insider and a two-time judge at The Emerald Cup. Her career includes roles at The Denver Post and The Cannabist, which was the first cannabis publication ever founded by a Pulitzer Prize-winning daily newspaper. Her reporting grew to include an industry focus at MJBizDaily and Hemp Industry Daily, where Bartlett led social media coverage for MJBizCon, the largest cannabis business conference series in the world. She has taken on writing, social media, and editing roles at Weedmaps, Green Entrepreneur, High Times, Westword, Marijuana Moment, MJBizDaily, Leafly, and Merry Jane. Bartlett is a cannabis media fellow alumni of the UVM Pace Plant Biology program.

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Fall 2023’s best weed bags and storage solutions




What an era to turn age 21 as a cannabis initiate. The plant is in a Golden Age, with freedoms blossoming from sea to shining sea. Flower, cart, dab, tincture—a myriad of modalities boggle the mind. But this begs the question—where do we store it all?

We hear you, Leafly Nation, when you lament grappling with exactly what to do with our cornucopia of clean, tested, potent, and affordable cannabis products. So we’ve responded with 15 stash solutions for back-to-campus stoners.

Fancy boys and girls—time to ball out. Cookie lovers—get ready to floss. Hash heads—let’s keep those terps cool. Doomsday preppers—well, we got your vault. 

And we’re not leaving terps behind at any tax bracket. These picks run from $10 neoprene bags to $299 Terp Kooler hash fridges that run on USB-C. So keep it secret. Keep it safe. Keep it fresh.

Alien Labs Travel Stash

(Courtesy Alien Labs)

One of the most useful stash bags on the market today, with a top-notch level of odor protection. Alien Labs created a dopp kit-style stash bag with five layers of smell protection and customizable dividers that holds around an ounce of weed in up to eight standard-sized jars. Along with your herb, the zipper pouch on the side holds glass tips and papers. The heavy duty zipper and smell proofing do the job so well, you can toss it right into your bag without any worry—even stuffed full there’s still enough room for a small rolling tray nestled on top. $55

TERPS Terp Chiller

If you’re heading out for the day, the Terp Chiller made by TERPS is a refrigerated cooler that you can take on the go. It’s about the size of a classic Igloo and holds an impressive eight 2-gram myron hash jars at a time. You can bring its interior temperature down to as low as 32ºF in half an hour. Bigger than anything of its kind, the unit has a fold-down top handle, and gives you 6-8 hours of performance on a full charge. The Terp Chiller comes with both a wall and car charger but you can purchase additional batteries to change out during a long adventure. $275

(Courtesy Cookies)

One of the most unique bags the Bay Area-born brand has ever created. The cylindrical shape has a padded main compartment to sit your dab rig and a zipper pocket for swabs. Underneath, an insulated compartment holds an ice pack and cooling puck with space to store a couple jars—but don’t take anything that might roll around in the jar. For that, you’ll want to use the insulated mini-cylinder that attaches via a locking carabiner and has its own ice pack and puck, or just use it to stash a small container of alcohol. $120


Leafly review: Puffco Proxy classes up the hash pipe

Real Deal Resin Terp Cooler

(Courtesy Real Deal Resin)

Do you love wrestling and smoking hash? Mendocino solventless brand Real Deal Resin has released four different models of their padded, insulated Terp Cooler. Each one offers a take on some of your favorite wrestlings heroes. These have a single, spacious compartment that fit up to nine eighths of weed (that’s over an ounce!), or your rig, ice pack, cotton swabs, concentrates, and iso. It doesn’t have any interior pockets or compartments, but it’s spacious, versatile, fits over your shoulder, and never fails to get a response when you enter the room. $10

Kalya mini-cooler

(Courtesy Kalya)

For the hash communities on the West Coast, these are a mainstay for backpacks and refrigerators. Each Kalya neoprene cube holds an impressive number of jars, with a pocket in the back for wax paper or q-tips and they stack or line up nicely on a shelf. Soft, square ice packs fit in nicely, but I often find these are best for organizing your home hash collection without taking over large sections of fridge drawers. Speaking with Scott from Kalya in Oregon, it seems like the team has a 2.0 version on the way. $10


Hittin’ the road: Summer travel cannabis gear guide 2023

Zig Zag Crossbody Bag

(Courtesy Zig Zag)

Here’s something for the mylar crowd, from one of the oldest and most respected brands to sell picks and shovels to all us weed miners. This Zig Zag bag comes with a combination lock for the zippers, smell-proof layering, and enough pockets to keep everything you need to roll up and roll out. Note the Zig Zag logo stylishly emblazoned on the strap, and their classic icon on the front. I managed to fit four Grove bags, my Flower Mill, some Proper Doinks glass tips and three packs of Zig Zag’s signature rolling papers without worrying that anything might get squashed. $45

Terp Kooler

(Courtesy Terp Kooler)

The serious hash acolyte needs a dedicated fridge to hold all those precious flavors. Nothing is quite as suited for the task as the Terp Kooler. The unit is about the size of an air fryer, but looks just as good in the office as it does in the kitchen. Adjustable from 46-64ºF, you can monitor temperature and moisture levels through its front-door display, which also locks to keep people out of your hash while you’re away. Terp Kooler also has three USB ports so you can keep your e-rig and your phone fully charged. $299


World’s best weed gear for 420 2023

Truly Red Panda

(Courtesy Truly Red Panda)

The cannabis community has its own staple fashion objects, with names that ring out a lá Louboutin or Marc Jacobs. Truly Red Panda is one of those names. His embroidered Carhartt bags feature key slogans that tell people: “I have this Carhartt bag because I’m working on myself.” The duffel bag is the largest offering and can hold all your distilled water, alcohol, Pelican case, dab accessories, and still have room for a hoodie and a couple mason jars of flower. While not smell-proof, this gear bag is super rugged and made by a company that’s been supplying pants for hill workers since hill work began. $120

Bergy Bag

Bergy Bags were designed to keep your cosmetics cool inside your bag during hot afternoons, but work just as well with weed. Along with a main interior pocket, these insulated pouches have a special pocket that fits a custom-molded cold pack. Made from scratch-resistant, Italian Saffiano leather in white, black, or pink, these have a high-end department store look to them. The interior has a wipeable poly liner, so tossing a dab tool inside isn’t a big worry. The company says that you can keep items cold for up to four hours under normal conditions. For lighter storage options, this is fashion and function. $130

OPSAK by Loksak

(Courtesy Loksak)

The “Super Saiyan” of bag options. When a bag says “bear-proof,” you know the smell-blocking power is next level. If you tend to travel with your cannabis items (including those smelly pipes and bubblers), you need a strong, odor-blocking and inconspicuous storage solution. These thick polyethylene OPSAKs have a hermetic seal that keep strong smells from leaking out when you have to get into your bag in public or stay somewhere while keeping things under wraps. If you’re outdoors, they’re also watertight and airtight. $12-$30


(Courtesy Lokkboxx)

An ultra-modern and easy way to keep your weed in a humidor. Cool to look at and fun to use, Lokkboxx boasts an impressive, handmade maple wood construction and five glass bell jars that each hold up to 3.5 grams of cannabis. These glass chambers connect to a central spot where moisturizing hydro beads maintain a consistent, controlled humidity. There’s also a dedicated stash spot for your grinder, pollen press, and even labels. What’s amazing about this device is how easy it is to introduce yourself to the concept of keeping a weed humidor. $215

Jonathan Adler Canisters

Blue white Jonathan Adler cannabis cannister
(Courtesy Jonathan Adler)

The number-one stylish way to store your cannabis goodies is, without a doubt, the Jonathan Adler ceramic druggist canister. Right below its gold and blue accents are the colorful, almost circus-themed high-fired porcelain canisters, available in both large and small versions. Besides “Weed,” “Hash,” and “Ganja,” they also have versions for your edibles, peyote, LSD, mushrooms, or quaaludes—if you know someone with a stash from the ’80s. These are high-end housewares for the fancy smoker who owns a Houseplant ashtray. $240/$110/$30

SESH Storage boxes

(Courtesy SESH)

There’s something about these highly organized stash boxes that just make your brain happy. Bright and bubbly, the easily labeled, airtight stash containers hold 21 grams of flower, with space leftover for concentrates, vape pens or even some RSO. Each SESH has a rolling tray stashed in the lid and a little scoop you choose to keep any ground up flower in there. While there isn’t a lock and key, it is smell-proof and could easily pass for a storage kit from IKEA in six different colors.$65

Blackbox Vault

(Courtesy Kulbi)

The ultimate doomsday vault for your stash. The Vault by Kulbi is made from carbon fiber-infused fabric, making it crush-proof, slash-proof, shock-proof, heat-proof and water-resistant (and the company still offers a lifetime guarantee). Inside, you can customize the compartments to fit around an ounce of flower or any combination of edibles, concentrates or vape cartridges. The Vault has a triple layer odor protection and a brass combination lock for security. This is the kind of bag you could drop off of a building and know that your glass jars are safe. $89.99

Stash Book

(Courtesy Stashbook)

A classic solution to keeping your stash secret. Discreet Smoker’s hollowed out “dictionary” looks totally unassuming—until you flip it open to reveal the 9×6 zinc-alloy metal box inside. There’s the standard combination lock on here plus a grinder, doob tube, and a selection of smell-proof bags so you can seal up your goods to store inside. Perfect for people who want that murder mystery vibe when they go to roll a joint, keep a stash at work, or parents who need a spot where small hands won’t go.$39.99

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