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Best Ways To Cope With A Workaholic Partner



You never know how a relationships evolve, but it always has hidden surprises…both good and challenging. Despite the current work at home atmosphere, hard work is praised in most of the corporate world. Research indicates workaholism hits between 27% and 30% of the working population. In popular culture, “workaholism” is a buzzword often used to describe devotion to work in a positive light — by defining themselves as workaholics, people often think they are showcasing their passion for their jobs.  But it can put big stress on a relationship.  Here are the best ways to cope with a workaholic partner.

Couples therapist Karen Hirscheimer shares there’s a clear difference between a workaholic and a hard worker, and it’s important for their romantic partners to know the difference. While the hard workers might find themselves spending some late nights at work, the workaholics can’t step away from it, even when they’re on their free time. Hirscheimer also says that it’s important to be aware of the nature of your partner’s job; if they hold an important position that comes with a heavy workload, it’s on you to be understanding.

Don’t compete with other couples

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It serves no purpose to compare your relationship with other couples who get to spend more time together. Everyone’s relationship and situation is different, and it’s important to keep that in mind before you add that extra pressure on your relationship. Think about the positive aspects of your partner and the benefits of the time that you get to spend together.

Use Calendars

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Schedule important appointments and events that matter to you, like dinner with friends or parents. It’s also important for your partner to use the calendar so they can add in important meetings and days where they’ll be unavailable. This precaution will help you both avoid misunderstandings and will make you happier in the long term.

Make the time you spend together count

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Make the most out of the time you have together by making fun dinner plans or by simply using the free time to watch a TV show or have sex. It’s also important for you to enjoy your alone time and to find stuff that makes you happy, that way both of you will feel fulfilled with your lives and individual paths.

Try to appreciate your partner’s passion for their work

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People who feel fulfilled with their jobs tend to be happy with their existence, so try to appreciate that since it’s not easy to find. “When my client loves what they do, that joy and fulfillment ripples through their relationships and results in positive outcomes,” says Naz Beheshti a wellness coach and consultant.

Approach relationship problems as if they were work problems

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Take advantage of their workaholic traits and try to apply them to your relationship, prioritizing communication and problem solving behaviors. Schedule in weekly conversations where you discuss your problems, the things you have in mind and the objectives you’d like to accomplish.

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Important Steps If Your Dog Has Marijuana




Summer is fun, but can be a bit hectic…and one look away and a dog can eat anything – don’t panic, but here are the steps if he gobbles some weed.

Family vacations, car trips, camping, outdoor bbqs…summer is filled with all sorts of great activities. For the 44+% of households who have a dog, it can be a bit of a challenge. Dog are curious, hungry and able to spot a “treat” a hundred miles away.  So don’t panic, but here are the important steps if your dog has marijuana.

Dog sniffs food before they eat it. They are trying to get a good sense of what they are about to consume. If the food is stale or spoiled, they may refuse to eat, or it simply might be because it does not taste/smell good or familiar. It is unlikely a dog will eat flower because of the taste, but edibles, gummies and other things with little smell could be fair game.

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No matter how much marijuana your dog consumes, you should keep an eye on their symptoms and learn what marijuana poisoning looks like. Symptoms can change depending on the size of the dog and the amount of cannabis that was consumed. These can include vomiting, drooling, wobbly movements, barking or howling, lethargy, rapid heart rate and changes in body temperature. While the symptoms seem to be all of ver the place, they reflect how the dog is feeling. Like alcohol, which should never been given to an animal, dogs can’t process why their world is suddenly altered.

“While marijuana is not exactly toxic for dogs, if your dog ate it in the form of an edible, other compounds may cause adverse reactions. Some of the ingredients in edibles, like chocolate or the sugar substitute Xylitol, can be deadly,” says Michael San Filippo, spokesperson for the American Veterinary Medical Association.

If you are concerned your dog has consumed, the best way to ensure that nothing goes wrong is to contact your vet and if needed to him to emergency care. This lets the experienced experts determine a solution. Be honest with your concerns so they determine the course of treatment and save the life of your dog.

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While it’s best to consult a doctor, making your dog vomit is kind of simple and could help them get the toxins out of their stomach. When done within 15 minutes of ingestion, this could help prevent toxins from seeping into their bloodstream. “Give one teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide orally per 10 pounds of dog. Your dog should throw up within about 15 minutes,” said Gary Weitzman, president of the San Diego Humane Society.

Another key thing to do is remember a dog is not a human, they can’t reason what is going on, enjoy the journey, chill out and sometimes remember the blue gummy made them sick. No matter the bad experiences, some dogs don’t learn and try to eat something again if it smells ok. Ensure the marijuana and edibles are in a place out of reach, where the elements can’t fall and where the dog won’t be able to find them. All household members should know to keep marijuana out of your pet’s reach.

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5 Key Things To Check On A CBD Label




Science and the public have been good to CBD.  It helps with the ever popular issue of sleeping and it can help reduce anxiety.  Discreet, convenient and semi fast acting – it can be a help mate for first dates, stressful family events, or just rough days. The CBD/cannabis Epidiolex has been proven to reduce seizures and is the first cannabis-derived medicine approved by the FDA.  So lots of benefits, but since it is still a bit of a newbie on shelves…you need to be careful of what you buy.  Here are 5 key tags to check on a CBD label.

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Reading product labels is often confusing, overly technical and filled with materials no one understands. Add to the mix the fact CBD is still in FDA limbo, and you need a list like this to point you in the right direction. Here are 5 things to check when reading a CBD label.

Make sure CBD is in on the label and in the product

First thing’s first: make sure there’s actually CBD in your CBD product.  Today’s CBD landscape is filled with products that claim to contain CBD while really containing just hemp oil, or lie about the amount of CBD they contain. Look for either CBD or cannabidiol and be wary of products containing hemp seeds, cannabis sativa, hemp seed oil, etc. Although these ingredients sound weedy, they’re not the same thing as CBD.


The FDA's Relationship To CBD Is Confusing Everyone
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Check the dosage and ingredients

Dosage in key in how effective it will be. Be understanding it you time the amount you need then time out when you might want to take it again.  Additionally, look for a full list of ingredients, including the carrier oil used. Check for any potential allergens or additives you want to avoid.

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Keep an eye out for COA

COAs guarantee the product you’re looking at has been tested by a third party facility that has no relationship to the maker. Their results are unbiased and thus trust worthy. Reputable companies should feature this information on their labels, which should come in the shape of a bar code and should be easily accessed via smartphone. If this isn’t the case, the COA should appear on the product’s website.

Here's How Long It Takes To Feel CBD's Effects
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Look for the CBD oil source

One of the first red flags of fake CBD products is a label that’s vague or doesn’t state where the CBD oil was sourced. CBD can be sourced from cannabis plants or industrial hemp, and most quality products tend to be “full spectrum,” “broad spectrum,” or “CBD isolate.”

Know your cannabis state laws

This is important since CBD label requirements vary by state, with the best labels being from products sold in areas where marijuana is legal. If you’re purchasing a product from out of a legal state, these packages should at least imitate how regulated products look.

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How To Manage Warring Political Conversations




The presidential campaign is in full swing – but why should it interrupt friend and family gathers…here are the best tips to managing different political perspectives.

With the presidential race heating up and the country seemingly divided, how can you hang with the people you have known who might have a different political perspectives. Patience, grace and planning can make it a bit easier.  Here are some tips on to manage warring political conversations at events.

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First, think and understand people are different than you and rarely do people all have the exact same opinions.  Also think why you are gathering, what is the purpose and is it more about

When it comes to your boundaries, don’t mince words. If you know yourself and feel you won’t be able to engage in a discussion regarding politics without become heated, let other people know that you won’t be talking politics. If you want to have a discussion with someone, try to be the person you’d like to have a discussion with, taking turns to listen and talking while measuring your words and not being insulting.

Plan ahead

If you are organizing an event, think about why you are pulling people together. If it a birthday, to celebrate a happy occasion or a good catch up, think of the guests and how they will interact. Taking the time beforehand and sharing behavior no-nos like yelling, dominating a conversion, snide comments or bullying tactics will not be accepted.  Recognize people are being invited to something enjoyable, not a cage match.

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State your discomfort

If you’re having a conversation and it starts to get heated, state your discomfort. Try to avoid awkwardness and instead push for being as sincere as you can. Your response will vary depending on the person you’re talking to; if speaking to a coworker, try to change the subject or state that you’re not in the mood for politics. When speaking to friends and family, you can try a more honest approach.

Know when to end a conversation

The more you’re exposed to different kinds of people, the more you learn how to read their physical and verbal cues. Be aware of them, so when the conversation turns heated, change the course. Election eve might be too late to change someone’s mind, especially if they have strong political views. Save yourself the stress and try to preserve that relationship if it’s important to you.

Have an open mind

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It’s always important to have a discussion with an open mind; try to understand why this person thinks the way they do. This doesn’t mean that you have to agree with them, but it can help you have a more civilized conversation, ensuring that the relationship won’t be lost due to the heat of the moment. Empathy can go a long way.

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When it comes to your boundaries, don’t mince words. If you know yourself and feel that you won’t be able to engage in a discussion regarding politics without screaming, let other people know that you won’t be talking politics. If you want to have a discussion with someone, try to be the person that you’d like to have a discussion with, taking turns to listen and talking while measuring your words and not being insulting.

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