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Best Ways To Cope With A Workaholic Partner



You never know how a relationships evolve, but it always has hidden surprises…both good and challenging. Despite the current work at home atmosphere, hard work is praised in most of the corporate world. Research indicates workaholism hits between 27% and 30% of the working population. In popular culture, “workaholism” is a buzzword often used to describe devotion to work in a positive light — by defining themselves as workaholics, people often think they are showcasing their passion for their jobs.  But it can put big stress on a relationship.  Here are the best ways to cope with a workaholic partner.

Couples therapist Karen Hirscheimer shares there’s a clear difference between a workaholic and a hard worker, and it’s important for their romantic partners to know the difference. While the hard workers might find themselves spending some late nights at work, the workaholics can’t step away from it, even when they’re on their free time. Hirscheimer also says that it’s important to be aware of the nature of your partner’s job; if they hold an important position that comes with a heavy workload, it’s on you to be understanding.

Don’t compete with other couples

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It serves no purpose to compare your relationship with other couples who get to spend more time together. Everyone’s relationship and situation is different, and it’s important to keep that in mind before you add that extra pressure on your relationship. Think about the positive aspects of your partner and the benefits of the time that you get to spend together.

Use Calendars

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Schedule important appointments and events that matter to you, like dinner with friends or parents. It’s also important for your partner to use the calendar so they can add in important meetings and days where they’ll be unavailable. This precaution will help you both avoid misunderstandings and will make you happier in the long term.

Make the time you spend together count

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Make the most out of the time you have together by making fun dinner plans or by simply using the free time to watch a TV show or have sex. It’s also important for you to enjoy your alone time and to find stuff that makes you happy, that way both of you will feel fulfilled with your lives and individual paths.

Try to appreciate your partner’s passion for their work

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People who feel fulfilled with their jobs tend to be happy with their existence, so try to appreciate that since it’s not easy to find. “When my client loves what they do, that joy and fulfillment ripples through their relationships and results in positive outcomes,” says Naz Beheshti a wellness coach and consultant.

Approach relationship problems as if they were work problems

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Take advantage of their workaholic traits and try to apply them to your relationship, prioritizing communication and problem solving behaviors. Schedule in weekly conversations where you discuss your problems, the things you have in mind and the objectives you’d like to accomplish.

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Does Marijuana Have An Expiration Date




The good thing about vodka is it doesn’t expire.  But wine and beer can get old, lose flavor and just get plan bad. Nothing is worse than out of date milk, moldy bread and old meats.  But does marijuana have an expiration date?

Moldy and/or old weed, when taken, may not lead to damaging health issues, but it can affect you if you have underlying health conditions. If you are 100% healthy, you will observe that it isn’t as potent as when it was still fresh. Older weed also has a different feel, taste, and texture, making it quite unappealing to users. You wouldn’t like such moldy weed hence the reason it is advised that you don’t keep your weed for too long. So how long should you store your weed? And how long does weed stay fresh?

How long does weed stay fresh?

If you store the weed properly, it can remain suitable for six months to 1 year. After this stated period, the dried weed starts to lose its potency and aroma. Works of research suggests that weed loses 16% of THC when it is left for an entire year, and it continually drops from there.

From 16% at one year, it gets to 26% THC lost in two years, and 34% THC lost in three years. If you leave the weed for more than four years, you will lose 41% THC. What’s the purpose of weed without THC? Why would you keep the weed for that long?

In some cases, it is possible that you unintentionally left the weed; maybe you traveled for a long time or forgot that you had weed. Regardless of the reason, you should be intentional with how you use your weed such that if you will not use it within six months, don’t buy it.

How can I tell if my weed is old? 

The smell 

The first sign that your weed is old is its smell. The weed that has stayed for too long will have a different scent and an entirely different aroma from what you initially bought.

Some weeds may also have a harsh smell and taste, which can be a significant turn-over for anyone. Please pay attention to your weed’s aroma when you first buy it so you can tell the difference between a fresh weed and a thick weed.

The appearance

Next are the weed’s outlook and appearance, which gives you an indication that it is too old. Fresh weed doesn’t crumble or look spongy when you break a part of it: if any of these happens, it is too old. If it seems too dry or even too moist, it has become too old for use.

Feeling sick after consumption

We hope you don’t get to this third sign because it is unpleasant, but it is also a sign of old weed. If you consume old weed, you might feel unwell afterward: the primary symptom will be an upset stomach. If you are unsure how long you’ve left the weed, please don’t consume it to avoid this unpleasant experience.

Cannabis 101: How To Tell If Your Marijuana Is Moldy
Photo by Flickr user Thomas Bresson

When searching for molds, you must do it carefully as it is possible to miss the molds. Molds can be hard to see unless you take a more careful and closer look. You will see small, white fuzzy spots on the weed that has a powdery feel when you look closely. Molds also have a musty smell that will remind you of hay.

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Now, if your weed is not very old, it is still advisable that you do a mold inspection as sometimes molds appear on weed even when they are not very old. If you consume the molds on weeds, you will experience coughing, vomiting, and nausea.

For those with a weak immune system, inhaling the smoke or vapors of mold-infested weed can cause damaging illness and sometimes death (when it is taken excessively). Generally, if it looks or smells terribly, please toss it (even if it isn’t old).

How can I store my weed properly?

Now we need to learn the correct way to store weed, and there are some things you should know. Oxygen, temperature, humidity, and light affect your cannabis immensely, from its taste to its aroma and even potency.

Therefore to store weed safely without the negative impacts we’ve discussed, you should do the following:

Purchase the right jars

Please don’t use plastic bags to store your weed because they have static that affects the weed’s trichomes. Trichomes are the parts of the plant that produces cannabinoids and terpenes, and without these properties, the weed will lose its potency.

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The best storage option for weed is a glass jar: this is airtight, it doesn’t have a static charge, and limits the weed’s exposure to oxygen. Glass jars are also inexpensive and easily accessible for purchase.

marijuana is a lot more than just thc
Assorted cannabis bud strains.
Roxana Gonzalez/

Observe the humidity of your location

When you store the weed, monitor the location’s humidity: it should be at 59-63% and not more than this. If it goes beyond this percentage, you will trap too much moisture inside the container, thus encouraging mold growth.

If you are unsure about the humidity, please get a humidity pack for the containers you use, one meant for cannabis, and you would get it right.

Keep the weed in a cool, dry, and dark place

Weed should be kept in a cool, dry, and dark place away from sunlight. If you place the weed under sunlight, it will break down, and molds will start to grow on it. Keep it in the dark place like a cabinet at a temperature below 77°F.

Don’t keep it in the freezer

Your weed will become brittle and easily break off if you put it in a refrigerator. The refrigerator also exposes the weed to excess moisture, which leads to molds’ build-up, so avoid refrigerators.

Cannabis is fast becoming a treasured product because of its versatility to us both as a medicinal agent or recreational product. Take care of it like you do other drugs and valuable items in your home by storing it properly. Keep weed in a sealed container, safe from heat, sunlight, and moisture. With these safety tips and strategies, you can have very fresh and potent weed that can last up to a year.


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The Ultimate Guide To Marijuana Tasting




Wine tasting has become a huge sub industry with wineries offering tastings from Virginia to Washington state.  But do you know you can do marijuana tasting?

Visits to wineries are slightly down from 2019, but are still going strong. It seems from Total Wine and Bev Mov to local wineries and groceries stores are doing tastings. Thanks to Two Buck Chuck, palates have expanded and who doesn’t want a free taste of wine? So here is the ultimate guide to marijuana tasting.

There was great hope California would have consumption lounges allowing people to really dig into flavor and experience.  But Governor Newsom but a big stop on the concept.

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With marijuana is being treated more like alcohol these days, it stands to reason the scene could soon see an uprising in cannabis tastings. Similar to the swish and spit rituals taking place at wineries and other liquor-slinging establishments, the reach of marijuana will one day be given center stage for customers to hit samples before making a purchase. Cannabis discussions around tastings are become more commonplace not on in dispensaries, but in living rooms.


The first thing a true cannabis aficionado looks at is the overall appearance of the bud. These folks get excited when they see the herb is covered in crystals. That excitement spirals into an excitement when they realize the color of the crystals is more yellow than white. Typically, the more yellow, the more THC. But no matter how yellow the crystals, always ask the weed steward when they what is their roll plan so you can be prepared.

Photo by HighGradeRoots/Getty Images


Now that you’ve identified a good-looking bud, the next step is to examine its aroma. Don’t worry. You do not have to be well versed in the art of cannabis selection to represent like a marijuana master. Similar to how it is done in beer and wine tastings, just wave the herb under the nose and take shallow sniffs. The goal is to try and get a feel for its components. You might catch a whiff of citrus, pine or even the business end of a skunk. But, as a rule, if the aroma is pleasing, chances are you will be happy with the next step.

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There are a variety of methods in which to capture a rush of optimal flavor. Some say a French inhale is the best method for tasting bud. But the most important aspect of this process to remember is the first hit is when the magic happens. Unless a person has been assigned to pen an elaborate tasting profile on a particular strain, the best advice here is to just take in the smoke, hold it in, and search for the flavors that turned you while testing the aroma. Chances are you will stumble onto something new to tickle the senses. Just make sure the device you are using to sample the bud is clean.

Photo by David McNew/Staff/Getty Images


This is the fun part — the test drive. Just kick back and see how the herb hits. Does it make you chatty, sleepy, or does it turn you into a cartoon character? It is important to understand how a strain works on you personally. But remember, there are more strains to sample. A good weed testing will consist of around 5-6 strains. You’ll need to try all of them. But be sure to cleanse your palate after every sample. Fruit juice or plain crackers are good for this.

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Best Ways To Introduce Someone To Marijuana




If you have a marijuana consumer, you feel pretty good about cannabis.  Cheaper than cocktails, better for your body than alcohol, and lower calorie than beer.  You can’t help but be a fan and an a friend who is canna-curious.  Data shows people have their first experience with weed for a variety of reason – medical, anxiety, the need to sleep or just for fun…but are usually hesitant because they don’t have a good guide or friend to help them.  Here are the best ways to introduce someone to marijuana.

If your first time was a good experience, great! If not, you can help prevent unfortunate event for your loved one. So get out your stash and remember: a friend with weed is a friend indeed.

1. Knowledge Is Power


Some people want to know everything going into their body right down to the syllable count on the ingredient list of their most recent Whole Foods purchase. Others may not care, but since potential effects probably do matter, it helps  to discuss why they want to get high and what they expect out of it. Here are some cursory talking points.

THC: Is the stuff in cannabis which gets you high. Generally speaking, the higher the THC percentage, the more potent the cannabis will be. There are, however, other factors come into play. Dosage (see below), method of ingestion (more later), and even age and weight, can affect the high. Legal cannabis should have a label with the THC level (15 percent or less is good for first-timers) and the level of the next substance …

CBD: Is the pain-relieving compound in marijuana. Does your buddy want to finally understand why so many otherwise smart people freely listen to Pink Floyd? Or does their back really hurt and they are scared to death their doctor will prescribe opioids? If it’s the latter, a high CBD percentage (4 is considered  “high” CBD) is better.

Indica vs. Sativa: These two strains are the ying and yang of pot. Simply put, Sativa is the “head” high making most users happy and some even use to pass mundane tasks such as housework or filling out taxes (seriously, does your accountant look baked?).  The latter was a joke, but if you want to spend some time talking and laughing, Sativa may be the better choice.

Indica is the “body” high. It promotes rest, sleep and helps with pain (or, in the author’s case, spending a pleasant evening watching the NBA). In its most potent forms it can put a user to sleep in short order or promote “couch-lock” which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

At most legal pot shops there are a wide variety of hybrids which mix the two. And as a practical matter, most marijuana you will buy is some sort of hybrid.

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If you’re a veteran cannabis consumer, a few questions of your rookie should help you decide on what THC/CBD levels and strain are best to get started on. If you’re not sure, be very specific with your budtender about what effect they are going for. As one asked me when my team was in the Super Bowl and I was shopping for game day, “Do you think they are going to win or lose?”

2. Comfortable Surroundings


Your friend’s first time is not suitable for a Taylor Swift concert with the dazzling lighting effects and massive dance numbers. Or to show off your new 7.1 surround sound system with the fillings-rattling subwoofer.  Although it is impossible to overdose on the herb, the resulting confusion can lead to paranoia which can lead to panic in some cases. Make it easy on your friend.

One long-time cannabis consumer who has helped many friends and family members for the first time offers this advice:

“The most important factor is comfort. Talk through the expectations. If the first-timer is too nervous or anxious, it certainly will not be a positive experience. Make sure there is a place for your friend to sit down and relax if the experience becomes uncomfortable.”

This usually means at their place at a time when they don’t have to be any place until tomorrow and bed is a short shamble away. Put on a favorite old movie.  And have plenty of water.  Try to avoid booze. They need to learn what being high is like before mixing. And have food. Preferably pizza. Is there anything more satisfying and relaxing than pizza? Two great tastes, etc …

3. Fools Rush In


Take it slow. Just because Jeff Spicoli is your spirit animal, doesn’t mean you should

Try to smoke it all at once. Even if you are a semi-regular cannabis enthusiast, you will have built up some tolerance. Start with a small dose. Share  a bowl or half a joint. When they feel it coming on ask them to describe the feeling. If they want to do more, do more. But slowly. Then ask again.

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Marijuana isn’t for everyone. But everyone deserves, their first time out, to not feel like their brain has been clubbed with a rubber mallet … repeatedly.

4. Smoke Or Vape


Your friend might not smoke. And have apprehension about smoking or vaping. But this a manageable way to moderate. The onset from eating an edible can take up to two hours and there variables in addition to strength. During that time there’s a natural impulse to go “Nothing’s happening. Maybe I need more.” Which sounds benign until you end up like Maureen Dowd, the New York Times columnist who traveled to Denver and ended up writing what can be viewed as a cautionary tale of not doing your research.

Photo by Jamie Grill/Getty Images

Your new marijuana buddy will feel the effects sooner and can quit after just a few puffs. One fast rule: Do not dab. For a first-timer, it can literally be too much of a good thing (see above).

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