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Cannabis Jobs in Las Vegas



It is not that hard to find available cannabis jobs in the city of Las Vegas, especially since both medical and recreational marijuana has been legalized in the state. This is where residents and tourists can go to buy weed legally.

Medical cannabis was the first to be legalized in Las Vegas and in July 2017, recreational weed or adult-use marijuana made its introduction into all local cannabis dispensaries. This opened up the doors for various employment opportunities for thos interested in changing careers or landing a job.

Cannabis Job Certifications Las Vegas

In order to be considered for one of the cannabis jobs in Las Vegas, it is highly recommended that you get the appropriate training. Yes, it is better to be qualified than not or you will have to take an entry level job instead and then it would take more time to get a promotion and moreover, you would have to earn that promotion by performing extremely well on the job. In other words, the employee would have to see your potential for that promotion.

Training at the Cannabis Training University will help you to land one of the cannabis jobs available in the industry because of your qualification.

With good training and certification, you would be able to compete for most of the available cannabis jobs in Las Vegas. How do you become certified to work in the cannabis industry? Well, glad you asked.

To Become Certified in Cannabis

The Cannabis Training University offers students a chance to sign up for comprehensive online cannabis programs tat cover all aspects of the booming cannabis industry.

After paying the affordable one-time fee, students are immediately allowed to enter the online platform to start taking courses right away.

Students start off with a basic course first and then advance to more complex topics like the characteristics of cannabinoids, advanced cannabis cultivation, and cannabis extraction methods.

CTU provides interactive videos for more clarification and explanation. The school also offers electronic books that are well researched and always available for students to search for information.

Cannabis Training University has an industry most over 350 hours of cannabis education content, including over 200 cannabis training videos and many thousands of pages of cannabis e-books from top authors such as Ed Rosenthal, the Guru of Ganja!

The Weed Jobs in Las Vegas

Becoming CTU certified gives you more leverage. You will be in demand and you will be a competition to others looking for employment in the cannabis industry. You can expect to see various cannabis jobs, but for the most part, you will find employment in the cannabis industry for:

Cannabis Budtender

Bud Trimmer

Marijuana dispensary manager

Cannabis Sales manager

Cannabis Accountant

Cannabis Lawyer

Cannabis Cook


Learn how to cash in on the Green Rush!

Cannabis Extract Technician

IT professional

Master Grower

Assistant Cannabis Cultivator

You can use your experience to land one of the cannabis jobs available. However, you still will need to understand the industry and be able to work your way in.

Las Vegas Cannabis Laws Updated

Cannabis rules in Las Vegas are still substantially the same as they were in 2017 as of 2023. Cannabis can still only be lawfully purchased or consumed in private places by persons who are at least 21 years old. 

One ounce of marijuana flower and one-eighth of an ounce of marijuana concentrates are the maximum amounts that people are authorized to buy.

With a few restrictions, marijuana is legal in Las Vegas for both medical and recreational use. To purchase goods from a dispensary, medical patients must possess a current registration card issued by the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services.

Patients’ residences can get deliveries from dispensaries in Vegas that only cater to medical clientele. With the proper registration card, medical goods can also be acquired at adult-use dispensaries.

However, the majority of registered pot shops will provide higher potency goods for people seeking a stronger experience.

Additionally, selling or providing cannabis directly after midnight on any day of the week is prohibited for all cannabis businesses, including dispensaries in Las Vegas.

Although recreational sales in Las Vegas only started recently, the market has grown quickly since then, thanks in large part to the city’s thriving tourism industry and the encouragement of local government authorities.

One of the top producing markets in the country, the city alone recorded cannabis sales worth $438 million in 2021.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

marijuana extraction course
– Johanna Rose
Makes $24.50 @ THC +

Given that this impressive number is expected to rise over time as new laws are implemented and consumers gain knowledge about safe purchasing and consumption practices, it is likely that Las Vegas will continue to play a significant role in fostering cannabis industry innovation for many years to come.

Once you become certified, you should include the certification on your resume. This will be quite impressive to any potential employer. Thank goodness for CTU, you will be able to access their marijuana job board as a student. You have that privilege when you signed up as a student.

Therefore, it is recommended that you access the job board and begin your search. Send your resume off to potential employers and companies and watch your inbox fill up with responses.

Learn more about cannabis jobs in Las Vegas, by enrolling at the Cannabis Training University today!

Accredited Cannabis College in Las Vegas

Cannabis Training University is internationally accredited by IACET/ANSI. If you are looking for an accredited Las Vegas cannabis college, CTU is the school for you!

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Andrew Mellon

The Gilded Age Heiress Who Helped The Marijuana Movement




Shows like Downtown Abbey, Palm Royale, and more have showed the  big, big rich lives – and a few even touched the marijuana counterculture movement.

It seems we can’t get enough about the lives of the very rich. Shows including Downtown Abbey, Succession, the Gilded Age, and Palm Royale are all over and people are loving it. Ryan Murphy has done well and is just off his latest series Truman Vs.The Swans.  All of this highlights the extremely well to do and how they live life.  But did you know about the gilded age Heiress who helped the marijuana movement?

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The Mellon family is in the rare category of being big then and still today. On the East Coast they continue to still have pull and cache like the “new money” Gates, Zuckerberg and Bezos.   An old family from Pittsburgh, they made the start of it all in banking, the Mellon in today’s BNY Mellon. The family includes Andrew Mellon, one of the longest serving Treasury Secretaries, along with famous members in the judicial, banking, financial, business, and political professions.  Bunny Mellon was one of the great philanthropists and art collectors.  A dear friend of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, she designed a number of significant gardens, including the White House Rose Garden

But it was Peggy Mellon Hitchcock, another Mellon heiress who helped the counterculture. Her mother was a Mellon and her father, Thomas Hitchcock Jr., was a leading polo player and a partner at Lehman Brothers.  Peggy was a spitfire and was as comfortable in the family’s many homes as in a smokey jazz club with artists. Spirited and fun she was always open to what’s new and what’s next.  She had an unlikely relationship with Timothy O’Leary. She persuaded her brothers to let O’Leary have use of their joint family estate Daheim (also known as Millbrook or the Hitchcock estate).

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For 5 years, O’Leary, thanks to Peggy lived like a king and had guests including Allen Ginsberg, Charles Mingus, and R. D. Laing to the old monied manse. What went on is the stuff of legends with a blend of art, marijuana, money, new ideas, psychedelics, music and love. The The New York Times’ Luc Sante, described it as “a period filled with endless parties, epiphanies and breakdowns, emotional dramas of all sizes, and numerous raids and arrests.” Nina Grabol shared it was “a cross between a country club, a madhouse, a research institute, a monastery, and a Fellini movie set.”

Peggy was responsible for helping the counterculture rest, regroup, and move forward.  Who knew this would be the early path to rescheduling?

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The Economic Impact of Cannabis




The Economic Impact of Cannabis: A Growth Engine for Local Economies

The rapid expansion of the cannabis industry is reshaping local economies, injecting over $100 billion into the US economy in 2023, with a projected 12.5% growth in 2024. This significant impact is supported by companies like Seed Connect, a US-based cannabis seed bank.

Beyond direct sales, the broader economic ripple effect benefits various sectors, enhancing both community development and financial prosperity. The contribution of cannabis to local economies extends beyond mere financial injections.

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For every $10 spent on cannabis products, an additional $18 flows back into the economy, driving economic activity that supports small businesses, creates jobs, and generates substantial tax revenue.  This multiplier effect underscores cannabis as a robust driver of local economic growth.

marijuana money
Photo by Cappi Thompson/Getty Images

States like California, Colorado, and Washington have seen cannabis tax revenues surpass those from alcohol, highlighting the industry’s potential as a significant fiscal contributor.

The ongoing legalization and increasing acceptance of cannabis across the U.S. promise to amplify these economic benefits. Furthermore, the cannabis sector has become a critical employment hub, supporting over 400,000 full-time jobs nationwide.  This number is expected to rise as the market expands, illustrating the industry’s role in fostering a diverse range of job opportunities across retail, cultivation, and beyond.

The economic dynamics of the cannabis industry also include enhancing public health outcomes.

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Many localities utilize cannabis tax revenues to fund public services such as education and healthcare, directly benefiting community welfare.

Moreover, the industry’s growth encourages sustainable agricultural practices and technological innovations that further enhance its economic and environmental impact.

Considering these factors, the economic influence of cannabis not only represents a compelling narrative for States contemplating or already benefiting from legalization but also positions the industry as a pivotal element in future economic planning.

Investors, policymakers, and community leaders are increasingly recognizing the potential for sustained economic benefits, making cannabis a crucial area of interest in economic development discussions.

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, its capacity to contribute to economic stability and growth becomes ever more apparent, ensuring a dynamic and resilient future for local economies.

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Cannabis Industry Employs The Same As These Companies




The cannabis industry has had a rough couple of years, but things are looking brighter.  The one constant positive is consumer demand has continuously increased. You know it is good when Missouri has over $1 billion in sales last year. And, despite the struggles, the industry continues to grow.  In fact, surpassing other job reports, the cannabis industry grew 5%. Around 440,000 work in market as of today.  It is a clear indicator legal cannabis is here to stay.

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While 440,000 is a big number – how big is it in relation to other industries?  BDSA, an analytical firm who covers cannabis, reported the industry made $29.5 billion in the legal market. It would have been over $30 billion if not for the chaos and huge illicit market in New York.  Like most industries, the weed one includes dispensaries, manufactures, some ancillary services, farmers and management.  It is also a very small sliver of greater farming community. America’s farm families represent two percent of the population and help feed the other 98%.

standing people during daytime

Subway Sandwiches with a revenue of 16.5 billion employees roughly 410,000 including the franchises.

Grocer Kroger employs 430,000 in 36 states in 2,700 locations with sales of $150,000.

Target has 440,000 in their US retail stores with sales of $107 billion.

Starbucks and their famed coffee have 381,000 brewing almost $36 billion in sales at 16,449 locations.

Dentists, clocking in at half the number at 202,000, but if you fold in everyone in the industry including dental hygienists, they have 1,140,861 people employed in the US dental industry as of 2023.

CocaCola’s total number of employees in 2022 was 82,500. This helps drive the juggernaut of beverages with more than 1.9 billion servings of drinks sold in more than 200 countries each day.

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The US alcohol industry supports around 4 million jobs, including employment in production, distribution, sales, bartenders and other related services.  They help drive the drinks market of $183.5 billion last year.

Constellation, the alcohol company invested in cannabis has approximately 10,000 employees and Diageo has 3,100 people across North America.

Tobacco manufacturing in 2021 had 16,767 people and generated $886.09 billion in 2023.

The U.S. pharmaceutical industry employs over 1.3 million people. It is the largest pharmaceutical market generating over $550 billion dollars.

There are 29,711 people employed in the Strip Clubs in the US as of 2023.

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As the cannabis market continues to grow and partner with adjacent industries, it will another part of employments, economy and everyday life.

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