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Coco Puffs – What’s the Deal with Mixing Cannabis and Cocaine? 



If you grew up in the late 1990s or early 2000s, you may have heard of coco puffs, which is a term used to denote the combination of cannabis and cocaine, usually rolled into a blunt and smoked. But does it actually do anything? And if so, what are the effects? Is it safe? Let’s take a closer look.  

What are coco puffs? 

As explained above, coco puffs (also referred to as cocoa puffs, chewys, or primos) is referring to a blunt, joint, or bowl laced with cocaine. Cocaine is a popular, yet risky, central nervous system stimulant made from the leaves of the coca plant, native to South America.

Initially, the term “coco puffs” was used to describe a cigarette whose end was dipped in coke, typically by dabbing the tip of the cigarette against the mirror, tray, or whatever else was used to do lines on in order to pick up the residual leftovers. Some people still use the phrase this way. However, a growing number of people are calling their coke laced weed, coco puffs now. Whenever I heard the term in my teen and early adult years, it was always in reference to cannabis and cocaine.  

Since I no longer experiment with party drugs, I honestly can’t say how common the mixture is these days. During a quick reddit search I was able to find some subreddits analyzing whether it works or not, how it feels, best methods, etc. Most of these threads were older, some dating back 10 years, but I found a couple from within the last few years and one as recent as 7 months ago. So it does seem like this was a more popular topic of discussion around the time I knew it to be trending, but clearly people are still trying it.  

Does it work? 

Although cannabis and cocaine are both drugs that produce unique and noticeable highs, that doesn’t mean that “coco puffs” is the best method for consuming them together. It seems easy and convenient, but not all drugs are meant to be smoked.  

Take shrooms for example… when you eat them, you get high, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Plus, mushrooms and cannabis go great together. If you eat some mushrooms and smoke a nice blunt afterwards, I assure you, you’ll be on cloud nine. However, if you were to smoke magic mushrooms by grinding them up and mixing them in with your weed, you wouldn’t feel a thing because exposing shrooms to direct flame degrades most of the psilocybin in the plant. It can also expose the smoker to a possible fungal infection. 

The same goes for cocaine. Powder cocaine will burn before it vaporizes, so smoking it will have very little (if any) effect at all. People who want to smoke cocaine cannot do so with the HCl Salt, so they convert it to a freebase form, otherwise known as crack which is much more dangerous and addictive (seriously, don’t smoke crack). So, mixing cocaine with your weed is basically just a very expensive waste of time.  

Can person get high by the placebo effect?

Although many swear that they do feel some effects from the popular combo, they’re most likely just psychosomatic. A psychosomatic condition is one that is characterized by the occurrence of physical symptoms lacking a medical explanation or root cause.  

There are quite a few situations in which a person can experience psychosomatic symptoms. At one end of the spectrum, we have hypochondria, a well-documented disorder in which a long-term and intense fear of having a serious health problem can lead to the onset of physical symptoms. At the other end of the spectrum, we have the placebo effect, when a person’s physical or mental health seems to improve after taking a placebo or ‘dummy’ treatment. 

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Discussions of the placebo effect are usually in the context of medical treatments, but it can certainly apply to recreational drugs as well. There have been several famous experiments in psychology where control groups have shown symptoms of being drunk after taking a placebo because they believed they actually drank alcohol.  

As a matter of fact, a study from McGill University published just a couple of years ago in Psychopharmacology suggests that, in certain situations, some people can even experience hallucinations and other “psychedelic-like effects” from placebos alone. In their research, a total of 61% of participants reported some “effect on the consciousness” after consuming the placebo. 

Final thoughts

Inside the human mind is a beautiful and complicated place. It’s crazy to think that our brains can make us sick, heal us, and even get us high, but it is possible, and that seems to be what’s happening in the case of this strange, fluctuating trend. To sum it up, mixing cannabis and cocaine is pointless. But if you’re intent on combining cannabis and cocaine in some way (although we’re not condoning it, once again, cocaine is dangerous and addictive), your best bet is pass on the coco puffs and just use them separately.

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Toast 4/20 With A THC Infused Mocktail




It is the high holiday of marijuana use.  You want to go out and have some fun, so why not toast 4/20 with a THC infused mocktail? Friday and Saturday are the busiest night at bars and sometimes you want something other than a vape or a gummy – so why not have a “cannabis mocktail”?  This way you can indulge with your friends, have a little sugar in your system and chill out.

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Non alcoholic cocktails – called the mocktail have been around since the 1860s with the temperance movement. The craft cocktail movement has spurred the cocktail renaissance, characterized by a revival and re-prioritization of traditional recipes and methods in the bar industry.  So why not do what you love and be part of the movement also?

cannabis cocktail
Photo by viennetta/Getty Images

The easiest way is to add a THC tincture to the mocktails while the staff aren’t looking.  Simply stop at your local dispensary and pick one up. Find something with a bland flavor so it will go with whatever you order. When looking for a mocktail, consider drinks with strong flavors and a little extra ice.  Remember, it will take 15-30 minutes at least for it to kick in (like a real cocktail), so don’t drink too quickly.

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You can also make your own marijuana simple syrup. It is bit involved but it’s still nothing too crazy if you love creating. You’ll need issome combination of water, fine granulated sugar, vegetable glycerine, marijuana, a bottle or jar, and cheesecloth. If the marijuana is baked before hand in order to encourage decarboxylation if can make a different. There is a bit of trial and error based on the strength of the plant used.

In 1971, 4/20 was born as a code word when five Californian high school students used to to connect.  They had a a treasure map to help them find an abandoned cannabis crop. Since them it has become a universal term used for weed and the date is biggest cannabis day of year.

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The Best Tips On How To Avoid Weekend Couchlock




Many a Saturday has been spoiled by too much fun on a Friday night.  Hangovers have been a weekend curse for generations. While it is fun to let loose, if you go to far it can spoil part of the weekend.  With marijuana mainstreaming, it is easy to enjoy Friday night after a busy work work and totally relax, but too sometimes you can have too much of a good thing and boom – couchlock!

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Couchlock is a term used to describe a particular state of intense physical relaxation, a stoned feeling, and impaired movement control. This occurs as a result of using certain cannabis strains. It is an experience in which someone feels so overwhelmingly relaxed they literally feel glued to the couch or chair where they are sitting. It becomes mentally difficult to get up or move freely. Here are tips on how to avoid couchlock.

Photo by Wokandapix via Pixabay

Know yourself  You know your tolerance so dose correctly to get to where you want.  Be careful about going bit. Remember it takes a little while for the full effects to kick in so stay patient during the process. It’s easy to over consume if you don’t wait until the peak of your high. If you are prone to couchlock, dial back your indica use and go with a blend or a sativa.

Drink your juice – Drink your juice Shelby has been a meme for yearsIf you are finding yourself nodding off on the couch, consider grabbing a sugary soft drink, energy drink or sweet snack. Sugar-loaded treats are brimming with glucose, which will give you a boost of insulin and energy. Juice, sugar sodas, a milkshake are all good.

Eat – Like drinking, it is always better to start with something on your stomach. Food will help stave off some of the most ardent impacts of weed. Food helps the body as it processes and absorbs the chemicals that you’ve ingested. And it might keep from the munchies if you are already full.

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Move – Couchlock sneaks up on you as you are relaxed and not moving.  Don’t let your body get too comfortable avoid succumbing to the sedative qualities of weed. A quick walk, dance to great music or just change locations – living room, kitchen, dining table can make a bigger impact than you might think. Fresh air can make a difference allowing you stay a bit more alert.

Talk – Making your brain engaging in a little conversation, especially something you enjoy can make a big difference.  Find a friend and enjoy a nice convo while letting your mind open up!  Just don’t overpromise while excited.

Have a great weekend and enjoy yourself.


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These 5 Woman Are Changing 4/20




The marijuana industry is still driven by men – but these 5 woman are changing 4/20 and upending the industry by focusing on the future.

Since it started becoming legal, the marijuana industry has been filled with bros trying to run everything.  Some smart, some shysters – they have had an oversized say in the direction of where legal marijuana is going.  But woman are having a moment, and a huge impact in the millions of newly legal consumers.  Be it in imagine, politics, or products, woman are making game changing changes on how cannabis is mainstreaming.  When 4/20 started in, the landscape was way different, the 5 woman are changing 4/20 today to a bigger, more mainstream celebration.

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Nancy Whitman

Nancy Whitman

Nancy co-founded Wana Brands in 2010, elevating it from her kitchen to an international cannabis edible powerhouse. With North America’s largest distribution footprint, it is a top international brand available in 17 U.S. states, the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico and nine Canadian provinces and territories, generating close to $300 million in retail sales annually across more than 3,000 dispensaries.

As a pioneer in the legal cannabis market, she has shown again and again commitment to research and crafting safe, innovative products. She understands the millions of canna-newbies who is looking for something to pair perfectly with the their non-stoner lifestyle.  Under her leadership, Wana was acquired by Canopy Grow, which is owned in part by alcohol behemoth Constellation.

Nancy’s inclusive vision led to an executive team that is 70% female, a rarity in the industry and reflective of her dedication to diversity. Her unique insights have given Wana an advantage as she understand the average consumer, which makes up the bulk of the market.

Senator Patty Murray

Sen. Patty Murray
Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

In the old boys club of Congress, Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) has risen in the ranks thanks to a willingness to focus on a solving problems, thinking of the average citizen and wielding her knowledge and strength.  As the third most powerful person in the Senate, she is working with Senate Leader Schumer (D-NY) and a bipartisian group to make significant inroads into federal marijuana policy. Long a champion of veterans, this will benefits those who have served who suffer from PSTD.

Shawna Seldon McGregor


In a sometimes rough and tumble industry with some wacky players, it is good to have a public relations firm you can trust. Mirroring the mainstream industry, Maverick PR, has helped the industry move past the old stoner, bro imagine and move into today. Founded by Shawna Weldon McGregor, she has become the consul to industry executives and a media whisper to keep the good players growing. Shawna’s ability to make marijuana messaging mainstream has been a hallmark of her career. Since the inception of adult use in Colorado, she has led effective publicity campaigns for top brands including Wana, Native Roots, Deep Roots Harvest and Botani.  Trusted by leaders, she has been able to understand and guide companies into changes like California sober.  Her understand of consumers and media has been invaluable to leaders.

Debra Borchardt

Debra Borchardt

Debra Brochardt was a respected media voice on Wall Street when she jumped in the marijuana world founding Green Market Report. Premiering at time when the industry was still shady and, as one executive said, people would come to meetings and put a gun down, she brought reason and truth to the table. Known for her straight reporting, she has taken on corruption, crazy leaders, and complicated financial deals. Venerable media company, Crains, recognizing the growth of market, acquired the asset and has only helped Brochardt reach her vision. Highlighting legit good companies, Green Market Report has become a must read for investors, politicians, and executives.

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Pamela Hart

Pamela Hart

With a talent for organization and building infrastructures, Hart jumped into the industry in 2015. Seeing an opportunity to be build infrastructures and platforms she brought her management skills to a variety of companies. As COO of Keneh Ventures She has helped review, fund and partial advisement for some of the investments including GoFire and AI startup WeDream World. Understanding the mainstream appeal, she has been a champion of Cannabition, a state of the art cannabis immersive experience opening next to Planet 13 in Las Vegas. She now has added Managing partner and operations manager of the exhibition alongside her other duties. She shared over the last 8 years the priorities of entrepreneurs and investors have matured as the market for cannabis has grown and become accepted by the general population. 

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