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Coco Puffs – What’s the Deal with Mixing Cannabis and Cocaine? 



If you grew up in the late 1990s or early 2000s, you may have heard of coco puffs, which is a term used to denote the combination of cannabis and cocaine, usually rolled into a blunt and smoked. But does it actually do anything? And if so, what are the effects? Is it safe? Let’s take a closer look.  

What are coco puffs? 

As explained above, coco puffs (also referred to as cocoa puffs, chewys, or primos) is referring to a blunt, joint, or bowl laced with cocaine. Cocaine is a popular, yet risky, central nervous system stimulant made from the leaves of the coca plant, native to South America.

Initially, the term “coco puffs” was used to describe a cigarette whose end was dipped in coke, typically by dabbing the tip of the cigarette against the mirror, tray, or whatever else was used to do lines on in order to pick up the residual leftovers. Some people still use the phrase this way. However, a growing number of people are calling their coke laced weed, coco puffs now. Whenever I heard the term in my teen and early adult years, it was always in reference to cannabis and cocaine.  

Since I no longer experiment with party drugs, I honestly can’t say how common the mixture is these days. During a quick reddit search I was able to find some subreddits analyzing whether it works or not, how it feels, best methods, etc. Most of these threads were older, some dating back 10 years, but I found a couple from within the last few years and one as recent as 7 months ago. So it does seem like this was a more popular topic of discussion around the time I knew it to be trending, but clearly people are still trying it.  

Does it work? 

Although cannabis and cocaine are both drugs that produce unique and noticeable highs, that doesn’t mean that “coco puffs” is the best method for consuming them together. It seems easy and convenient, but not all drugs are meant to be smoked.  

Take shrooms for example… when you eat them, you get high, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Plus, mushrooms and cannabis go great together. If you eat some mushrooms and smoke a nice blunt afterwards, I assure you, you’ll be on cloud nine. However, if you were to smoke magic mushrooms by grinding them up and mixing them in with your weed, you wouldn’t feel a thing because exposing shrooms to direct flame degrades most of the psilocybin in the plant. It can also expose the smoker to a possible fungal infection. 

The same goes for cocaine. Powder cocaine will burn before it vaporizes, so smoking it will have very little (if any) effect at all. People who want to smoke cocaine cannot do so with the HCl Salt, so they convert it to a freebase form, otherwise known as crack which is much more dangerous and addictive (seriously, don’t smoke crack). So, mixing cocaine with your weed is basically just a very expensive waste of time.  

Can person get high by the placebo effect?

Although many swear that they do feel some effects from the popular combo, they’re most likely just psychosomatic. A psychosomatic condition is one that is characterized by the occurrence of physical symptoms lacking a medical explanation or root cause.  

There are quite a few situations in which a person can experience psychosomatic symptoms. At one end of the spectrum, we have hypochondria, a well-documented disorder in which a long-term and intense fear of having a serious health problem can lead to the onset of physical symptoms. At the other end of the spectrum, we have the placebo effect, when a person’s physical or mental health seems to improve after taking a placebo or ‘dummy’ treatment. 

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Discussions of the placebo effect are usually in the context of medical treatments, but it can certainly apply to recreational drugs as well. There have been several famous experiments in psychology where control groups have shown symptoms of being drunk after taking a placebo because they believed they actually drank alcohol.  

As a matter of fact, a study from McGill University published just a couple of years ago in Psychopharmacology suggests that, in certain situations, some people can even experience hallucinations and other “psychedelic-like effects” from placebos alone. In their research, a total of 61% of participants reported some “effect on the consciousness” after consuming the placebo. 

Final thoughts

Inside the human mind is a beautiful and complicated place. It’s crazy to think that our brains can make us sick, heal us, and even get us high, but it is possible, and that seems to be what’s happening in the case of this strange, fluctuating trend. To sum it up, mixing cannabis and cocaine is pointless. But if you’re intent on combining cannabis and cocaine in some way (although we’re not condoning it, once again, cocaine is dangerous and addictive), your best bet is pass on the coco puffs and just use them separately.

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Biden Administration

The Feds Have Until November To Help Veterans




Soldiers have returned with PTSD and other serious ailments. The AMA and science said medical marijuana can help – but time may be running out.

In an acknowledgement from the medical community, the American Medical Association supports the rescheduling of cannabis to a Schedule III because it has proven medical benefits. A portion of the medical benefits help soldiers returning from service with both physical and mental scars. Unfortunately, time may be running out to help.

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Both Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) did the research and agreed to the rescheduling. They are important organizations being clear it will help are military veterans. PTSD is real to the point of over 30,000 active duty personnel and veterans who have served in the military since 9/11 have committed suicide. That is the roughly the same amount of wiping out all of Fairbanks, Alaska.  More veterans committed suicide, almost 100,000, after Vietnam, than in the war (roughly 58,000). Opioid addiction, which medical marijuana can combat, is raging among veterans with PTSD and chronic pain. But leaders like Mike Johnson (R-LA) have worked hard to block help.

Photo by SDI Productions/Getty Images

While veteran facilities are federal property and therefore do not allow marijuana on premise, even in legal states, they have become supportive of medical marijuana. There have been significant treatment changes including:

  • Veterans will not be denied VA benefits because of marijuana use.
  • Veterans are encouraged to discuss marijuana use with their VA providers.
  • VA health care providers will record marijuana use in the Veteran’s VA medical record in order to have the information available in treatment planning. As with all clinical information, this is part of the confidential medical record and protected under patient privacy and confidentiality laws and regulations.

The clear case for medical marijuana has been proven by science, but with veterans, it is an important step to helping them in a return to civilian life. Representative Johnson has indicted with more control, marijuana could return to the outlaw status and the new GOP VP has stated he is not a fan of cannabis. The DEA must follow the recommendations and make a move quickly for this to happen and to help soldiers.

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Bipartisan congressional lawmakers are seeking to remove a controversial section of a Johnson approved spending bill which would block the Justice Department from rescheduling marijuana.

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Marijuana Can Bond Grandparents To Family




Like wine with dinner or a beer in the backyard, marijuana is becoming very common.

With almost 60% of adults drinking alcohol, it has been a staple of family events. Relatives including grandparents, cousins, adult grandkids and more have sat at a table and toasted with beer, wine or booze….and now cannabis may be in the mix.  As legalization has grown, cannabis is being embraced by more people and is popping at all sorts of family gatherings. And, it seems, marijuana can bond grandparents to family.

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In a third party survey sponsored by Sanctuary Wellness, some interesting data has given hope about intergenerational bonding. There are all sorts of concerns about boomers and Gen Z not relating, but marijuana like music is showing a positive trend. Nearly one in three have tried cannabis, far less than alcohol, but still a significant number.  In the survey, Millennials use the most followed closely by Gen X then Gen Z and finally Baby Boomers. And while a whopping 86% of Gen Z and Millennials support the legaization of weed…a full 71% of Baby Boomers do also.

Gen Z is slowly turning away from alcohol and feel they have way more stress than their grandparents.  Due to the embrace from the medical community, Boomers are starting to see cannabis as aid in dealing with chronic pain and sleep issues. The plant can be very effective without as many harsh side effects.

Once interesting factor in the survey is the use of gummies. Microdosing has become huge and Gen Z sees it as a way to manage anxiety.  With gummies, you see 76% use of Baby Boomers and 72% with Gen Z….far higher than Millennials and Gen X.

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For many Europeans, alcohol is a part of their culture and viewed as a social activity. In Italy for example, children are eased into drinking with a bit of wine at dinner. They’re taught from an early age that alcohol is something to drink casually and in moderation. Alcohol abuse is less coming in Italy and France due to the generation training.  Maybe marijuana, which has clear medical benefits, could be another thing which generations share to make for a better life.

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Data Says Summer Is The Time To Try New Things




While in school, summer was the dream. Weeks of days open to adventure, sleeping in, exploring and hanging with friends. It held a magical quality and there usually always seemed something new to try. It turns out people carry the feeling into adulthood, in fact, a majority of adults see the summer as a chance for a bit of adventure.

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Not everything is crazy like a cross country road trip, but maybe having different foods, camping or learning to grill. Data says summer is the times to try different things. One survey was clear 59% of people want to try something new this summer. Among the desires include 17% cited a desire to go to see a new state or city, while more than a third (39%) said seeing friends and family is a must for their summer vacation. Going bungee jumping, paragliding, trying marijuana and making your ice cream are also things people want to explore.

Photo by Cassie Gallegos via Unsplash

Some people have already made or have completed some of their summer wish list. Among the actives include waterskiing (44%), wakeboarding (43%), surfing (41%). Other want to learn something new like how to make water balloons, bowling and gardening. Others want to attend outdoor concerts, travel and most of explore.

And, some want to experiment with craft cocktails, summer drinks, and marijuana.

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Studies have previously discovered teenagers and college students were more likely to try alcohol, tobacco, or marijuana for the first time during summer months, but a study published in the Journal for General Internist Medicine, focused its attention on age groups including adults. In addition, the researchers were interested in the time of initiation for cocaine and hallucinogenic drugs for various demographics.

Palamar, an associate professor in the Department of Population Health at NYU School of Medicine, and other researchers suggested an explanation for why people were more likely to experiment with drugs in the summer. The emergence of music festivals and outdoor concerts along with more free time in the summer.

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