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Codeine demand drops when cannabis is legal according to study



Codeine demand drops when cannabis is legal according to study

Across the USA, we’re seeing a trend that shows the legal use of cannabis within them is reducing the demand for prescription codeine as the country continues its battle with opioid addiction.


The study, published in Health Economics found a significantly reduced number of people seeking codeine prescriptions in states where cannabis is legal, in what is positive news during a period where the country suffers from 10,000 overdose deaths per year due to prescription opioid misuse.


Prescription drug addiction is a growing concern in the country, with rehab canters welcoming more patients than ever, as well as hospitals having to treat more patients due to overdoses and other issues as a result of opioid misuse.

Delta Extrax


Of course, cannabis itself is addictive, but the potential for misuse and addiction is much greater in codeine, alongside the health concerns, and this report will surely see more states that haven’t legalised cannabis looking at the potential of it.


At present, 21 US states have passed bills for the recreational use of cannabis, and given it is having an effect on the number of people misusing opioids, it could be a real tactic for state officials to try and combat the ever-growing issue.


Shyman Raman, the lead author on the study said, “A reduction in the misuse of opioids will save lives.


“Our research indicates that recreational cannabis laws substantially reduce distribution of codeine to pharmacies, an overlooked potential benefit to legalizing recreational cannabis use.”


Key Findings Of The Study


Among the key findings of the study in those states that have legalised cannabis for recreational use, include:


  • A reduction in pharmacy based codeine distribution by 26%, rising to 37% in those states that have had cannabis laws passed for four years or more.
  • Minimal impact on distribution of other opioids, however, in any setting.
  • A minimal impact on codeine distribution in hospitals, which have stricter policies and regulations around the drug compared to pharmacies.


Many health professionals are considering it a useful finding and one that could aid public health, particularly when it comes to treating chronic pain.


Johanna Catherine Maclean of the George Mason University added on the study, “Increasing legal access to cannabis may shift some consumers away from opioids and toward cannabis.


“While all substances have some risks, cannabis use is arguably less harmful to health than the nonmedical use of prescription opioids.”

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America’s best bongs for the Big Game and more in 2024




We love our glass the way we love our favorite teams—what brings a group together quicker than ripping the same piece with the same fire weed while celebrating a raucous play? Sure, some people prefer to roll up for their sesh, but a good bong takes us to new heights every time.

So for the final battle between The Bongs and The Blunts, Leafly’s got all the action on the green. Whether you managed to get a ticket for the game, or you’re warming up the wings and nacho cheese at home this year, Leafly is handling the play-by-play and breaking down our dream starting lineup for bongs. Here are eleven of our top fantasy picks for a super bowl. 

Andy Roth Glass

Looking at one of Andy Roth’s bongs, you can see a love for not only glass, but also architecture and intricate design (they also make jewelry). His captivating pieces have sharp, clear lines and color arrangements that evoke a mid-century modern fireplace or vintage perfume bottle.

It’s the kind of bong an upscale therapist would have out on the shelf. You can check out Andy’s web store or see our friends at The Cave. Good art doesn’t come cheap, so expect to spend between 2 and 3k but functional art like this is more than just a bong, it’s a conversation piece.

Toro Glass


Everyone knows the beautiful glass grails, slurpers, caps, and core reactors J. Toro and company have released—we know you’ve even seen terp slides videos. But not everyone has the chance to marvel at the gorgeously-constructed glass tubes they create.

Old-timers will even remember the collaboration Alien Labs dropped a handful of years back. Expect to spend $600-$1,200 for a piece, but when you feel how effortlessly you clear the hit, you’ll feel like every penny was well spent. Check out Toro’s shop update on 2/8 or see the selection at Cloud9.

Leisure Glass

If bongs were carnivorous plants, then the gardens would be full of Leisure glass; the delicate lines, creative shaping, and colorful patterns expertly distract you while getting eaten. For people wanting to get started on a Leisure Glass piece, the selection available now through Forever Rolling High are, clear but contain the same shape and function for around $500 (check out the insane 54-arm bubbler as well). Anyone shopping for that #hypnotech can check out the selection at Big Al’s.

Subliminal Glass

(Courtesy Adam Vance)

A juggernaut of crafting real-life items from glass, Patrick McDougall has created everything from a tommy gun and glass dueling pistols to a fully rotating 50-caliber machine gun. His bong work is no less impressive, with intricate imagery and detail, like the sandblasting he did for the Miami Vice-inspired piece Glass2Grass displayed during Art Basel.

Though the pricier Woodgrain and Oni tubes he’s recently released are beyond the value of their $2-3K price tag, his selection of fully carved tubes will be all anyone can talk about during the halftime show. 

Tako Glass

There’s an underwater theme to much of the Tako Glass repetoire that makes you feel like you’ve unearthed something from a head shop in Atlantis. Regular readers of Leafly’s glass features will recognize this talented Washington-based artist from our Spoon pipe roundup last year but beyond the sections of pipes, bubblers and adult toys, you’ll find a whole selection of bongs to fit any price range.

I know it’s like a car schtick salesman to say their best is the most expensive, but this Crystal Seaweed bong is an insanely faceted work of art that contains an outrageous 96 cuts.


Did you know German glassblowing legends ROOR have a sister studio in California that has been operating for over 10 years? If you’re shopping for something that’s got options but always the same high level of quality, this is it. With a name built on performance, there’s a reason these guys have had to come after fakes in the past.

At The Cave Smokeshop, there are a whole variety of these U.S.-blown models currently on display ranging from the more affordable 14” clear and colored tubes, to the eye dropping, double-chambered ELEVEN30 models and beakers inlaid with Swarovski crystals.

Hi-Si Glass

Coming out of San Leandro, the family-ownedHiSi Glass has over forty years of experience in the game. They have five different bong models, each with a different style of percolation. But what gets me the hardest are their Ice Tubes.

Available in 15” straight tube or 5 mm and 7 mm-thick beaker versions, the ice catching “pinches” remind me of the old days—shoving a half-tray of ice cubes into the bong for those frosty hits. Each of these straight tubes clocks in at under $200 which is an absolute steal and if you want to go pinkie-out there’s a slightly more expensive Hexagon shape for just over $200.

Geo’s Glass

Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Geo’s Glass Gallery is the only store in the Cornhusker State that offers repairs and custom work. Their bongs come in two distinct styles, the Shredder, a straight tube with an inline percolator, and the Thrasher, which features an ice pinch within a thick grip.

Within these two you can choose to go with a standard, mini, mega, double, or the dreaded mega-double version—all customizable with 25 different colors, opals, showerheads and they take special requests. Standard models start at under $200 and a fully tricked out mega double tops out at around $1100

US Tubes

Looking for something a little taller? Why not check out the 17” and 20” bongs from US Tubes over in Berkeley California. They’ve been in the business of high functioning glass since 2008, and their bread-and-butter is the beaker shape although their Hybrid, which combines a beaker and a straight tube, has been a popular choice for smokers for ten years now. They make fixed or removable downstem bongs and four different styles of downstem. Anything 14” or shorter is $350 or less, and taller models will set you back anywhere from $400 to $650 for one of their opening day models – the massive, 20-inch, 9mm-thick beaker.

IG: @ustubes

Apix Design 

What about something made-to-order? The Bay Area’s Apix Design has some incredible, Tesla-esque bongs available now through his site, but you can also can a selection of different 17” and 18” stemline bongs, with options like silver fuming or a notched base, each sporting 3 hole glass bowl with a color horn that you’ll pick out yourself. They start at $300 and go up to around $600 depending on the level of fuming you want. These ready-to-order pieces take around one to two weeks to complete or you can contact the artist directly to see if anything from Glass Vegas came back to the shop.

IG: @apixdesign 


Let’s close this out with a brand that has a championship under their belt already. Zong has an impressive thirty plus years in the business, creating their signature Z shaped Zongs, Zubblers, and Zrigs. The Dr. Seuss-like “kinks” in the neck not only keep bongwater far away from your mouth, but act like the perfect space to toss in an ice-cube or two and enjoy some sub-zero clouds. Their webstore features a 9mm thick linebacker with your choice of up to 6 kinks, and either a beaker or bubble base. With a base price ranging from $150 up to $245, you won’t even blink at adding on the extra $50 for some sandblasted dragons on there.  IG: @zongglass.

No matter who wins what game, these bongs stay winning in 2024 and beyond. Just remember to keep them clean and cradle them to prevent any fumbles!

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Successfully Incorporating AI into the Packaging Converter Business




Successfully Incorporating AI into the Packaging Converter Business

By Jorge Olson, Co-founder & CMO – Hempacco 


When I was 15 years old, people would ask me if I thought computers were here to stay. That’s where AI is now. AI has begun to touch nearly every aspect of business, and already works in the background of many tools professionals in the cannabis and CBD industries use daily without even realizing it, like Microsoft Word, Teams, and Google products.


AI is only going to become more important as time goes on, especially in the evolving cannabis and CBD industries, and companies that fail to keep abreast of these developments will lose their competitive edge. That’s why business leaders in these spaces should study this innovative technology’s potential and start implementing it as soon as possible.

Delta Extrax


In particular, AI promises many advances for cannabis and CBD packaging. 


How AI assists packaging


Today’s AI can already be your graphic designer, painter, and illustrator. It can also be a fast, simple way to get ideas for a CBD or cannabis product’s packaging design, size, color scheme, styles, and more. For example, when I need to design a new package, I go to any of the free AI tools provided by Microsoft Edge, Google, or Stable Diffusion and ask the AI to send me ideas.


You don’t need to be a programmer or learn programming to use today’s AIs. All a designer, packaging designer, marketing manager, or art director needs to learn is prompting, which is also known as articulating in AI language. Basically, prompting means telling the AI what you want.


Learning to prompt the AI effectively is the largest challenge for newcomers, since it requires practice. In terms of CBD or cannabis packaging design specifically, the prompter should also have extensive knowledge of art, art styles, and even art history movements. That’s why, in my experience, it’s valuable to have artists, art professors, or art historians on your team who are familiar with the history of cannabis-inspired art.


Developing packaging with AI assistance


When I have an initial idea for a new CBD or cannabis product offering — complete with logo, packaging, and maybe even a counter display for convenience stores — I articulate my specifications to our software architect, who also happens to be a professional photographer. After running them through the AI image generator we’ve developed for packaging, he starts sending me ideas, and we rework the AI’s results until they are ready for my design team. 


Next, my design team explores how these ideas would look for various kinds of products (such as CBD gummies, hemp papers, smokables, or vitamins) and fabricate mock-ups. Once we identify the most promising possibilities, we use AI to produce 3D renderings of the packaging that we can now use on websites, sell sheets, e-commerce platforms, social media, and more.


We then test these prototypes with automated posts created by AI to see what the CBD and cannabis market thinks of our new product. Indeed, our marketing department uses AI in multiple ways, from writing articles and video editing to creating social media posts, analyzing web traffic, and more.


Finally, we identify which option performs best and move forward into production. My companies also use AI to create manufacturing models. At the moment, hardware and equipment lag in incorporating AI, however, since it takes a long time to engineer and manufacture machines to produce packaging.


The future of AI for packaging


Currently, AI cannot identify Pantone colors nor outline the different items you would need for a dieline, but I foresee it learning this information in the next few months as the CBD and cannabis industries continue to grow.


Indeed, AI will continue to improve and make our work easier in the future. As it gets to know this industry better, it will learn how to speak our language, so that we no longer have to articulate everything like a machine. It will conduct CBD and cannabis package research based on real online searches, buying behavior, and more to help you create a package and test it with your target market until you arrive at the best-selling version. Yes, it sounds a bit like magic, but that’s the AI revolution!


How to start using AI


Rather than resisting change, businesses in the CBD and cannabis space need to become fluent in AI. An easy way to start is to incorporate AI into your marketing efforts. AI can write content for your target audience, as well as conduct research for existing and emerging CBD and cannabis markets, test new marketing materials, and optimize them for search engines. This will allow you to craft better messaging and connect with more people, which will grow your business. 


— Jorge Olson is the co-founder and CMO of two publicly traded companies, Hempacco (ticker symbol HPCO) and Green Globe International (ticker GGII). He was born in Tijuana, Mexico, where he didn’t have running water or electricity and had to haul buckets of water across a block several times per day. Now he’s the author of business and inspirational books, as well as an authority on consumer packaged goods, beverages, and wholesale distribution. His partners are super-entrepreneur Sandro Piancone, Cheech and Chong, James Linsey, Rick Ross, and Snoop Dogg.


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Star signs and cannabis strains: January 2024 horoscopes




Hello Stargazers, and welcome to February: the month of love, chocolate, and all things cozy. This month’s marvelous alignment in the stars catalyzes a month of innovation and personal development. We find ourselves in the midst of Aquarius season, known for focus, progression, and originality, compounded by the movements of Mercury, Mars, and Venus. This planetary shift encourages us to review our ways of communicating, our passions, and our relationships. Now is the time to consider novel ideas and fresh approaches in various aspects of life, particularly our past obstacles.


12 throwback, weird, or revolting weed strains for 2024

The new moon in Aquarius in the middle of the month means new beginnings and intention setting, underscoring February’s theme of transformation and personal evolution. Consider this an invitation for some quiet reflective time, enhanced by a soothing cannabis session to deepen your thoughts. Use this period to ponder your ambitions and explore ways to move beyond conventional methods to fulfill them.

The influence of Aquarius increases our appetites for learning. In your relationships, strive for honest and open communication, and appreciate the uniqueness of those around you. The essence of Aquarius honors individuality while recognizing the value of community and shared experiences. Let this month serve as a reminder to find harmony between your own desires and contributions to those around you, nurturing unity and mutual understanding.

Your February horoscope



Happy Birthday, Aquarius! Your special season in February is time of personal renewal and empowerment. The Aquarius season is further energized by the transit of Mercury, Mars, and Venus into your sign, each bringing a unique boost to your personal endeavors and self-expression. With Mercury, your intellectual abilities are heightened, and your communication becomes more effective and innovative. This is an excellent period for articulating your ideas and engaging in stimulating conversations that reflect your unique perspectives and ideas.

The arrival of Mars in your sign infuses you with increased energy and drive, so break ground on personal projects or take decisive action towards your goals. Your assertiveness and confidence surge here, helping you to make significant progress in areas that matter most to you. Venus in Aquarius enhances your charm and social appeal—a great time for personal interactions and forming new connections.

The new moon in Aquarius means it’s time to focus on what you want to achieve in the coming year and align your actions with your true self. This month, Aquarius, is about embracing your individuality and innovative spirit, and using this energy to propel yourself forward in your personal journey. Enjoy your season and the unique opportunities it brings!

February strain: You never fake the funk, Aquarius. A February filled with intensified feelings and love will go down a lot smoother with Chocolate Skunk. Its uplifting and pungent mix of the earthy, chocolatey tartness of Chocolope with the classic aroma of old school Skunk parallels your heightened emotions and the need for creative expression in your relationships. Whether you choose planning a romantic getaway or a cozy night in, Chocolate Skunk brings the focus and energy needed to make every experience more vibrant and memorable.


Stay high in Dry January on Blue Dream—2024’s first Leafly HighLight strain



The Aquarius season brings a wave of introspection and self-awareness in perfect harmony with your inner world and subconscious mind, Pisces. This period is accentuated by the transit of Mercury, Mars, and Venus into Aquarius each with their own roles to play. With Mercury, your thought processes turn inward to explore your inner thoughts and feelings more deeply. This is a time where you might find yourself contemplating life’s mysteries or engaging in more meaningful and reflective conversations.

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The entry of Mars into Aquarius energizes your inner self, giving you the courage to confront and work through buried issues or past experiences that may be holding you back. Venus in Aquarius brings a gentle and harmonious energy to this introspective journey, helping you to find peace and balance within yourself.

The new moon in Aquarius will have you considering what personal barriers you wish to break through or what inner truths you want to uncover. This month, Pisces, is about melding your natural empathy and intuition with the innovative and liberating energy of Aquarius for profound self-understanding and emotional clarity.

February strain: You have a sweet tooth, Pisces. A calmer February for you means Chocolate Cheesecake is the perfect strain to complement your relaxed vibe without skimping on flavor. This hybrid, with its chocolatey flavor and a mix of Chocolope, Russian Ghost Ruderalis, and Legacy Skunk, offers a potent yet soothing high ideal for your moments of solo self-care, enhancing your peaceful retreat and keeping you uplifted and content.



Aries, you’ll find yourself amidst a wave of refreshing energy and innovative ideas throughout Aquarius season. This month is particularly significant for you as Mercury, Mars, and Venus all make their way into Aquarius. The presence of Mercury in Aquarius sharpens your intellect and emboldens you to communicate your unique ideas. It’s an excellent time for brainstorming and collaborative projects, where your natural leadership can shine through in a group setting.

The entry of Mars into Aquarius injects a burst of energy into your pursuits, especially those involving teamwork or technology. You might find yourself more drawn to social causes or group activities where you can make a tangible impact. Meanwhile, Venus graces your social sector, enhancing your connections with friends and colleagues.

The new moon in Aquarius gives you a pivotal chance to set intentions in your social circle and long-term aspirations, reflecting on your goals and how to align them with the collective good. Remember, this month is about finding balance between your individual desires and the needs of the community around you.

February strain: Hey rams, this February, Chocolate Diesel is your perfect companion as you navigate a period of cultivating empathy and deep connections. Its uplifting and creative buzz mirrors your horoscope’s call for slowing down and making time for introspection, helping you balance your spontaneous energy with planning and intention. As you enjoy your solo time and ponder life’s big questions, let this mouthful of dark chocolate and gas enhance your journey.



Taurus, as you step into February and Aquarius season, focus on your professional and public life. This month is marked by the movements of Mercury, Mars, and Venus into Aquarius, so expect new unfoldings in your career and reputation. Mercury’s transit may increase communications and mental activity in your work environment, so take advantage of networking and sharing innovative ideas with colleagues. You may find yourself more involved in discussions and planning, where your practical insights can greatly contribute to the success of projects.

The arrival of Mars in Aquarius energizes your ambitions, pushing you to take bold career steps. This is a period where your determination and hard work can lead to significant achievements. Embrace new challenges and step out of your comfort zone. Venus softens the competitive edge, fostering harmonious relationships with superiors and coworkers, while the new moon in Aquarius helps you set intentions.

Reflect on your professional path and envision where you want to be. Remember, this month is about balancing your steady Taurus nature with the innovative spirit of Aquarius in order to grow and excel in your career while staying true to your values.

February strain: As you dive into a work-focused February, bulls, Chocolate Kush is here to bring a sense of calm and balance. After a long day of innovative thinking and relentless dedication, this strain’s relaxing effects are perfect for unwinding and rejuvenating. Embrace the harmony of hard work and well-deserved relaxation with Chocolate Kush, enhancing your evenings with its soothing touch and rich, earthy flavors. 



Aquarius season casts a spotlight on your quest for knowledge and expansion, Gemini. The transit of Mercury, Mars, and Venus into Aquarius, each playing a unique role in your journey. Mercury enhances your natural curiosity, so you may find yourself drawn to new subjects, eager to absorb information and share it with others. This is an excellent time for educational pursuits, travel plans, or exploring philosophical ideas that broaden your perspective.

Mars, concurrently, injects a dose of energy into your adventurous spirit, so be bold in your explorations, intellectual or physical. You may feel more daring and willing to step out of your comfort zone, but Venus softens your empirical experiences, ensuring that you connect with others while learning.

Aquarius’s new moon presents a perfect opportunity to set intentions for personal growth and expansion. What knowledge experiences are you hoping for this year? February is about blending your Gemini adaptability with the innovative energy of Aquarius, leading to exciting discoveries and new connections.

February strain: In your busy February, Gemini, the classic Chocolope is here to lift your spirits during those gloomy days. Its energizing and mood-enhancing effects are a perfect match for your need to balance hard work with mental well-being. As you find moments for self-reflection and nature, let Chocolope’s singular blend of melon and chocolate keep your thoughts bright and your creativity flowing.


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Cancer, the energies of February usher in a phase of transformation for you, highlighted by the transit of Mercury, Mars, and Venus into Aquarius, each bringing a unique influence to your deeper self. With Mercury, your thoughts and communications may turn (even) more inward, encouraging personal changes and inner truths. This is an ideal period for journaling, therapy, or any activity that helps you connect with your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Mars motivates you to address and overcome deep-seated issues or fears—a powerful time for harnessing the courage and drive to make significant changes in your life. Venus in Aquarius cushions this intense journey, bringing a sense of harmony and ease to remind us that growth can be a gentle and rewarding process.

The new moon also sets the stage for setting intentions related to emotional healing and personal transformation; consider what aspects of your life to renew or change. Remember, this month is about blending your intuitive Cancer nature with the liberating energy of Aquarius for profound personal growth and healing.

February strain: As you embrace newfound self-confidence this February, gentle crabs, Chocolate Fondue is the perfect strain to complement your bold, creative surge. Its uplifting and arousing effects will enhance your innovative ideas at work and in your personal life. Enjoy the funky concoction of sweet and cheesy notes of Chocolate Fondue as you experiment with new styles and bring a fresh spark to your relationships. 



The Aquarius season brings a focus on your relationships and partnerships, Leo, marked by the transit of Mercury, Mars, and Venus into Aquarius. Mercury’s move enhances your communication in relationships. You’ll find it easier to express your thoughts and listen to your partners, both business and personal. It’s a great time for meaningful conversations and finding common ground in your most important relationships.

Mars also energizes your partnership sector, spurring on initiating new partnerships, tackling issues head-on, or simply injecting more enthusiasm into your existing connections. But remember to balance this assertiveness with consideration for others’ perspectives, which the harmony of Venus may help with by smoothing over any rough edges that Mars might bring.

For the new moon in Aquarius, think about what you want to achieve in your partnerships and the collaboration needed to reach these goals. This month, the key for you, Leo, is to quell your natural leadership qualities with the collaborative spirit of Aquarius, fostering relationships that are both fulfilling and equitable.

February strain: A more introspective and creative February for you, Leo, means you need an inspiring strain. The landrace Chocolate Thai is your ideal strain to spark those great ideas. Its uplifting and energizing effects align perfectly with your need to focus inwardly while nurturing your creative spirit. And it holds a unique flavor that’s been perfected over generations. Let Chocolate Thai enhance your moments of solitude, helping you to organize your thoughts and emerge with clarity and renewed energy.



As you navigate February’s Aquarius season, Virgo, let it cast its influence on your daily routines and work life. This month holds some major potential for your day-to-day due to the transit of Mercury, Mars, and Venus into Aquarius. Mercury enriches your intellectual capabilities,, especially in your work environment. This is an excellent time for problem-solving and innovative thinking. You might find yourself more inclined towards brainstorming and coming up with unconventional solutions to routine challenges.

The entry of Mars into Aquarius adds vigor and energy to your work ethic, making you feel more driven to tackle tasks and productivity. This is a great period to initiate new projects or to put extra effort into ongoing ones. And don’t forget to rest! Venus in Aquarius eases the workplace atmosphere, fostering pleasant interactions with colleagues and, we hope, a more harmonious vibe.

The new moon in Aquarius is a key moment for setting new intentions and maybe adopting new habits that improve your well-being or efficiency. February’s focus for you, Virgo, is to blend your natural meticulousness with the forward-thinking energy of Aquarius, leading to a more enjoyable and productive daily life.

February strain: Don’t fight stepping into the spotlight, Virgo! February brings a heightened need for self-expression and persuasion, so Chocolate Chunk is here to help you strike that balance. Its calming and grounding effects are perfect for those moments when you need to step back, relax, and give yourself the space you crave. Enjoy the rich, earthy flavors of Chocolate Chunk as it soothes you after a day of hustling, complementing your journey towards a more harmonious and less conflicted month. 



Smile, Libra, as the energies of February and Aquarius season invite you to explore and express your creativity and joy. Mercury, Mars, and Venus moving Aquarius bring new vigor to your playful and romantic aspects. Mercury sharpens your communication, making it an excellent time for artistic endeavors, expressing your ideas in new, vibrant ways, and enjoying stimulating conversations with friends and loved ones. You might find yourself drawn to intellectual pursuits that also allow for creative expression.

The arrival of Mars in Aquarius arouses your pursuit of pleasure, potentially sparking new romantic relationships. Take the lead in matters of the heart and pursue what brings you joy with enthusiasm, whether it’s a new hobby, a creative project, or a crush; Mars provides the drive and confidence to explore these areas. Venus in Aquarius subsequently enhances your charm and allure, making it a favorable time for putting yourself out there.

Aquarius’s new moon also presents an opportunity to set enduring intentions. Think about what brings you happiness and how you can incorporate more of it into your life. This month, Libra, is about blending your natural affinity for balance and harmony with the risk-taking and free-spirited energy of Aquarius, leading to a fulfilling and joyful expression of your true self.

February strain: Hey Libra, why not unwind this month with some Mint Chocolate Chip? This strain lifts your mood while keeping you grounded, perfect for balancing out those overwhelming days and easing any insomnia or headaches. Plus, its sweet, minty aroma perfectly suits the decadent, chill vibe you need to keep things harmonious this month. Stay balanced and breezy, scales! 


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February wants you to focus on your home and family life, Scorpio, encouraging a nurturing and innovative approach in these areas. The transit of Mercury, Mars, and Venus into Aquarius plays a significant role in connecting with your personal space and loved ones. Mercury enhances your communication within your family and close circles, so make time for open discussions that lead to deeper understanding and future family projects. Your thoughts may also turn towards innovative ways to enhance your living space to better reflect your inner-self.

The entry of Mars into Aquarius brings a burst of energy to your domestic life—tackle those home-related projects and address issues with a direct approach. This energy can also manifest as asserting your independence within family dynamics. Meanwhile, Venus in Aquarius cools the atmosphere, fostering harmony and positive interactions at home.

The new moon in Aquarius is a key moment for setting new intentions for your home life and emotional foundations. This month, Scorpio, is about blending your depth and intensity with the innovative and communal spirit of Aquarius, creating a nurturing and progressive home environment.

February strain: When you need a little pick-me-up out of your usual magnitude, Scorpio, to navigate your successful February, Chocolate Haze is here to match your vibe! This sativa-dominant strain, known for its bold chocolatey notes and hints of spicy coffee, will keep you focused and creative, aligning with your strong negotiation skills at work. After a day of achievements (and possibly planning that countryside trip), unwind with Chocolate Haze’s euphoric and soothing high—the ideal companion for both your professional and personal victories this month. 



As you journey through February, Sagittarius, the Aquarius season highlights the realms of communication, learning, and fun little trips. This period is enriched by the transit and influences of Mercury, Mars, and Venus into Aquarius. Mercury will elevate your already sharp mind to new levels of agility and innovation. This is a fantastic time for intellectual discussions, learning new skills, or exploring new ideas. Your communication style may become more forward-thinking, and your mind drawn to unconventional topics or means of expression.

The entry of Mars into Aquarius energizes your daily communications and local travels, with more drive to vocalize your ideas and opinions, or follow your curiosity with short getaways. Be mindful of being too impulsive in your speech, as Mars can sometimes make you more direct than intended. Venus in Aquarius brings a harmonious touch to these interactions, smoothing over the edges and enhancing your social charm.

The new moon also asks you to consider new ways to connect with loved ones and share your newfound knowledge. This month, Sags, is about your natural enthusiasm for knowledge gelling with the innovative and community-oriented energy of Aquarius.

February strain: Sagittarius, as you find your inner strength and balance this February, Chocolate Oranges strikes the perfect mix to accompany your journey. Its indica-dominant blend of Mint Chocolate Chip and Orange Valley OG, but still offers a talkative, tingly, and giggly experience for those moments when you need to forgive and move past disappointments. Embrace the uplifting vibes of Chocolate Oranges as you connect with nature and focus on the true friendships that matter, making this month a time of healing and joyous discovery.



Stay sharp, Capricorn, as February and Aquarius season usher in a period of focus on financial and material resources; Mercury, Mars, and Venus moving into Aquarius each affect your approach to finances and possessions in different ways. Your thoughts and communications may revolve around new financial strategies or innovative ways to manage your resources with Mercury. Budgeting, planning, and discussing financial matters with clarity and foresight are key. You might find yourself more open to exploring unconventional methods of increasing your income or managing your assets.

The arrival of Mars in Aquarius injects energy and initiative into your financial sector. You may feel more driven to take action regarding your financial goals, like seeking new income sources, investing, or tackling debts. Mars encourages you to be proactive, but also cautions, against impulsive financial decisions. Venus in Aquarius will bring opportunities for harmony and balance in your material world—a favorable time for smoothing over financial negotiations and appreciating the resources you have.

The new moon in Aquarius is a significant moment for considering what steps to take to build a more stable and satisfying financial foundation. This month, Capricorn, is for aligning your natural practicality and discipline with the innovative and forward-thinking energy of Aquarius.

February strain: This is a month for frugality and budgeting, Capricorn. As you navigate a February that requires restraint, Chocolate Mint OG is your perfect companion. This strain, with its deep flavors of chocolate, mint, pine, and spice, mirrors your need for relaxation and mental rest after being everyone’s go-to advisor on top of your own planning. Let a bowl of these calming effects help you unwind and recharge, ensuring you’re ready to face the hustle and bustle with renewed energy and a clear mind. 

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