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Freakshow Strain Review and Seeds



Freakshow strain review.

Freakshow is a hybrid strain that is believed to have originated from the Bay Area in California. The exact genetics of the strain are not widely known, but it is thought to be a cross between two or more different strains, potentially including Blue Dream, Green Crack, and Skunk #1.

Freakshow Weed Strain Yield

In terms of yield, Freakshow is known for producing moderate to heavy yields, with large, dense buds that are covered in a heavy layer of trichomes.

Freakshow Strain THC Percentage

The THC percentage of Freakshow can vary, but it is generally known to have a high THC content, often ranging from 20% to 25%.

Freakshow Strain Effects

The effects of Freakshow are described as uplifting and energetic, with a strong sativa influence that can lead to feelings of euphoria and creativity. This strain is also known for providing a boost of energy and focus, making it a popular choice for daytime use.

Some users may experience slight paranoia or anxiety when using this strain, especially if they are inexperienced with high THC strains.

Freakshow Strain Seeds

Freakshow seeds can be purchased from a number of different seed banks, both online and in-person. It is important to purchase seeds from a reputable source to ensure that you are getting high-quality genetics.


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Freakshow Strain Terpenes

In terms of terpenes, Freakshow is known for its fruity and sweet aroma, with hints of blueberries, strawberries, and other sweet berries.

Freakshow Weed Taste

The taste of this strain is similar, with a sweet, fruity flavor that is accented by earthy and spicy undertones.

Freakshow Strain Summary

Overall, Freakshow is a high-THC hybrid strain that is known for its uplifting and energetic effects, as well as its sweet and fruity aroma and flavor.

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If you are looking for a strain that can provide a boost of energy and creativity, Freak Show weed strain may be a good choice to consider.

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What Happens When You Combine Two Cannabis Strains




While you’ve probably smoked from a pipe or a bowl that had remnants from a different strain of weed, mixing two strains is not something people usually do, at least not as a first choice. Are you able to produce different highs when mixing two types of weed? Can you specially tailor a high by playing scientist? Some people believe you can. Some don’t.

Mixing strains together can boost cannabis’s much discussed entourage effect, that feeling when different elements of cannabis come together and produce a powerful high, much stronger than one you’d get when consuming a single cannabinoid by itself. The entourage effect is the reason why so many people claim that consuming one cannabinoid for relaxing or therapeutic effects is not as effective as consuming the entirety of the plant, terpenes and all.

If you’re after truly unique effects, mixing two strains together can do that, for better or worse. In any case, mixing two strains isn’t rocket science; while you could get a very strong high or something that puts you right to bed, nothing bad should happen, especially if the cannabis you purchased is good quality.

What you should do

What To Do If Your Marijuana Edibles Aren't Getting You How
Photo by Margo Amala via Unsplash

Stick to one product and use your common sense. If you’re smoking flower, choose two strains you like and pair them in equal parts. Don’t mix a vape with flower, or an edible with flower. Start off slow and reign in your creative monster. When prepping your bowl, care for your flower, placing it in glass containers and out of the sun, stored in a cool, dry place. This will preserve the plant’s terpenes and allow you to have fuller and better experience.

Which strains should you mix?

Should You Be Vaping Or Smoking Your Cannabis Flower?
Photo by Jeff W via Unsplash

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You should pair similar components, whether that’s flavors or effects. Ask around in your dispensary and you’re sure to come up with dozens of different pairings. When it comes to mixing weed, it’s a blank canvas. You can really do whatever you want.

What are you after?

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Ask yourself this question before you make your mix. Choose a strain you love and try to perfect it with something else. Are you after a couch-like indica effect that won’t knock you out instantly? Pair an indica with a hybrid that can help you kick up your high into something fun but still mellow.

Lastly, if you’re pairing two strong elements, be careful. When mixing two strains you’re opening yourself up to a completely new experience, one that’s more likely to result in something new but also a bad high, the type where you’re hyped up but also feel like sleeping for hours. Start off slow and ask questions in your dispensary. The point of it all is to have a good time and to try something new.

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Why Does Marijuana Have Different Colors




Once you start consuming marijuana, you start to learn that it’s a complex plant, with a lot going on in it. Experienced cannabis users know what they like and know how to get different results with the plant depending on factors like strain, terpenes and simply knowing what goes on in their bodies.

While marijuana is primarily green, there are many different shades ranging from lime colored buds to bright purple ones. Where do these come from and why is there so much variability? Plants have thousands of compounds that affect their shape and color. Temperature, time of harvest and other factors are big influences on the plant’s color.

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marijuana cannabis
Photo by Esteban Lopez via Unsplash

Most plants are green due to chlorophyll, the main compound responsible for absorbing sunlight and completing the photosynthesis process. The cannabis plant falls under this spectrum. Strains that have dark shades, such as purple, red, blues and pinks are generally high in anthocyanins, a compound that appears once the plant matures. These types of plants are more likely to have stronger smells and are also very eye catching, which is why they’re so popular, particularly the purple ones.

Colors like orange and yellow are produced by carotenoids, which are present in vegetables like squash, sweet potatoes and pumpkins. These chemicals tend to appear in plants that grew in alkaline soils.

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While the colors in marijuana make for more attractive plants on a visual level, perhaps influencing the way in which they smell or feel, the drug’s effects aren’t generally altered.

When consumed, these different colors may give your body some of the perks (like vitamins) that these chemicals are known for, maybe even increasing cannabis’s entourage effect.

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adult-use cannabis

Star signs and cannabis strains: September 2023 horoscopes




Welcome to Virgo season, Stargazers! It’s time to sweat the small stuff—get your to-do lists, budgets, and plans in order.

As we say goodbye to scorching summer days and anticipate the mysterious allure of the upcoming spooky season, September brings with it a number of noteworthy celestial events. Mercury, the planet of communication, is still in retrograde until September 15. This means that all zodiac signs might experience some glitches in their communication, so make sure to double check plans, revisit old projects, and avoid making impulsive decisions.

Like Beyonce on the Renaissance tour, Virgo season is in full swing, catalyzing practicality, organization, and attention to detail. Those born under this sign might feel a surge of energy and clarity, while others can harness this Virgoan energy to declutter, plan, and set intentions for the upcoming months. It’s a period during which meticulous planning and a grounded approach will serve everyone well.

Lastly, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, enters retrograde until the end of the year. This longer retrograde phase encourages introspection and re-evaluation of our goals and aspirations. While it might seem like progress is slow, this period is crucial for realigning with our true desires and ensuring that we enter and/or stay on the right path. Embrace the unhurried pace, reflect on your journey, and trust that the universe has your back.

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Woman reading a book with a flower in her hair on green background and the word "Virgo"
(Savina Monet)

Happy Birthday, Virgo! Virgos, ruled by the planet Mercury, are known for their meticulous attention to detail and strong sense of duty. Those born under this sign are practical, reliable, and analytical.  Need something done right? Call your closest Virgo friend!

September shines a spotlight on Virgos, as it’s your season—a time when your natural traits of precision, organization, and introspection amp up. However,  with your ruling planet of Mercury in retrograde until the mid-month, you may start second-guessing decisions or overanalyzing situations more than usual. It’s essential to trust your intuition during this period and avoid getting bogged down in the minutiae. Remember, sometimes the bigger picture is just as crucial as the details.

Virgo season encourages all signs to embrace a more methodical approach, but for Virgos, it’s like coming home. This month practically begs you to set intentions, declutter your space, and focus on personal growth. Jupiter’s retrograde complements this introspective energy, prompting a deeper reflection on your aspirations and life’s direction. While you might feel the urge to push forward, this is a period of preparation and alignment. Take this time to ensure your actions resonate with your core values, setting a solid foundation for the months to come.

September strain: Sometimes you can’t help but see the world in black and white, Virgos, but we have a strain that helps you see the world in its full spectrum. Oreoz has an aroma reminiscent of campfire s’mores, with additional delicious hints of chocolate and diesel. The name and its creeping effects remind one of cozy indoor moments, perhaps enjoying some cookies with a warm beverage while the leaves turn outside.


Scales on sky background with rounded pipes and the word "Libra"
(Savina Monet)

As September unfolds, you Libras might find yourselves seeking balance more than ever, especially with the influence of Mercury’s two-week retrograde. This planetary shift throws a wrench in communication nuances; for Libra, a sign that prizes harmony and clear connections, this means listening will be essential to navigate conversations with patience and understanding to keep relationships in equilibrium.

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The grounding energy of Virgo season gives Libras an anchor to their airy tendencies. This month, consider focusing on tasks that require attention to detail, or delve into organizing aspects of your life that have felt a bit chaotic. Another retrograde in Jupiter makes introspection all the more necessary, encouraging you to reflect on your personal growth and future aspirations. While the world might seem to move at a slower pace, this suits Libras in aligning their actions with their heart’s true desires for a harmonious path forward.

September strain: September can be a transitional month, with the shift from summer to fall leading to potential stress, especially for Libras, who strive to keep balance. You need something sweet and relaxing, so try some Maple Leaf Indica, a strain that has stood the test of time and traveled far from its origins in Afghanistan. Its body-focused effects help with stress and insomnia, ensuring that Libras get their beauty sleep with a mind free of worries.


Scorpion and bongs on a blue and pink background with the word "Scorpio"
(Savina Monet)

September offers Scorpios a chance to delve even deeper (if possible) into their introspective nature, especially with Mercury in retrograde until September 15. This planetary movement can stir up intense emotions and bring unresolved matters to the surface.

For Scorpio, notorious for depth and passion, approach situations with a calm demeanor and seek clarity before making decisions. While your instinct might be to probe and investigate, sometimes letting things unfold naturally is the best course of action.

Virgo season brings organization and practicality, and provides a counterbalance to your intense energy. This month, Scorpios can benefit from making an effort towards meticulous planning and methodical execution in all endeavors. Jupiter in retrograde further invites rumination on broader life goals and personal growth. Embrace this slower-paced energy as it guides you in reassessing your path and ensuring that your actions align with your deepest desires and values.

September strain: You’re a rare one, Scorpio. As September, the new autumnal season, and its mysteries unfold, Rare Darkness seamlessly aligns with your profound depths. Embrace the month’s tranquil moments, allowing the strain to be your grounding anchor with its soothing effects and grape-flavored palate.


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An archer pulls a bow in front of a fiery orange weed background with palm blunts and the word "Sagittarius"
(Savina Monet)

September brings a blend of introspection and action for you, Sagittarius. Mercury in retrograde until September 15, you might find your usual forward momentum slightly tempered. Keep cautious with communication and avoid jumping to conclusions. For Sagittarius, a sign known for its adventurous spirit and optimism, this period is a (hopefully) welcome reminder to pause, reflect, and ensure that your actions are well-considered.

The grounding influence of Virgo season gives Sagittarians a fresh focus on the details—a contrast to their typical big-picture approach. This month, consider dedicating time to organizing your space or refining plans for future adventures. Additionally, with your ruling planet, Jupiter, in retrograde, you’ll feel drawn to reevaluating personal aspirations and beliefs. This might feel too slow at times, but this valuable period helps Sagittarius realign with their true north, ensuring their journey is both meaningful and fulfilling.

September strain: What haven’t you tried, yet, Sag? Sometimes a classic strain trumps even the most beguiling new genetic crosses. So reacquaint yourself with the flavorful Biscotti. This Cookies family strain gets its name after a baked good, and offers that creative kick perfect for those chilly fall mornings with a cup of coffee before the thrall of the day begins.


A horned goat and weed leaves on a green background with orange border and the word "Capricorn"
(Savina Monet)

September ushers in chilly temps and a period of reflection and recalibration for you, Capricorn. With Mercury in retrograde for the first half of the month, prepare for disruptions in your usual methodical approach. It’s a time to exercise patience, especially in communication and decision-making. For Capricorn, lovers of structure and discipline, this period will show you the importance of flexibility and adaptability, reminding you that an occasional detour can lead to valuable insights.

The influence of Virgo aligns well with Capricorn’s natural inclination towards order and diligence—call it an earth sign advantage. Tap into that Virgoan energy to refine your strategies, set clear goals, and perhaps even reorganize aspects of your personal or professional life. With Jupiter in retrograde, your broader ambitions and life’s trajectory might need an update. Embrace this languid energy as it guides your reflections and ensures that your efforts are in harmony with your core values and long-term aspirations.

September strain: Capricorn, we know you won’t settle for less. As autumn leaves begin their dance, rolling up some Cap Junky, a strain made in collaboration between two of the best breeders in the industry, will bring out the best of your steadfast nature this September. Cap Junky, also called Miracle Mints, offers a tranquil companion for your autumn reflections that’s bursting with creamy, menthol, and pastry terps.


water pitcher and weed pipes on sky background with word "Aquarius"
(Savina Monet)

September presents a blend of introspection and external shifts for Aquarius. The influence of Mercury in a two-week retrograde foresees unexpected changes in plans and a need for clearer communication. You love innovative thinking and independence, Aquarius, so this period is a reminder to stay receptive to feedback and pay attention that your ideas are conveyed with clarity. Time to revisit past decisions and perhaps make adjustments where necessary, ensuring that your path forward works in favor of your intentions.

Virgo season, with its focus on detail and organization, offers a grounding counterpoint to Aquarius’s free-spirited nature. This month, consider channeling the Virgoan energy to better structure your creative endeavors and streamline your routines. Jupiter’s retrograde motion further amplifies the need to reflect on your personal growth and future aspirations. While the pace might feel more contemplative than usual, this period provides Aquarius with a valuable opportunity to ensure that their actions and goals resonate with their true self and vision for the future.

September strain: Aquarius, as autumn’s golden hues unfold, Gold Leaf resonates with your unique spirit this September while proving a little mystery—after all, its exact genetic heritage has yet to be publicized. Ground yourself in the season’s gentle transformation, feeling harmony with each mellow moment while letting this decant indica strain bedeck your brain in a golden glow. 


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two fish swimming in stars and cannabis leaves on a blue background with bongs and the word "Pisces"
(Savina Monet)

September brings a gentle ebb and flow of energies for you, Pisces, with your natural deference to the rhythms of the universe. The presence of Mercury in a weekslong retrograde might stir the waters of communication, leading to obstacles to clarity in conversations. For you dreamy fish, this period invites you to get grounded and work so that your feelings and thoughts are expressed with both empathy and precision.

The influence of Virgo season emphasizes practicality and organization—a welcome balancing energy for Pisces. This month, harness the Virgoan traits to structure your dreams and turn them into actionable plans. With Jupiter (a co-ruling planet for Pisces) in retrograde, there’s a deeper call to reflect on personal aspirations and spiritual growth. Embrace this introspective energy as it guides your journey and ensures that your path aligns with your heart’s true desires and the greater cosmic dance.

September strain: Pisces, as autumn unveils its gentle palette and shortens the days, Misty Morning aligns seamlessly with your introspective September energies. This whimsical strain has unique earthy flavors and effects that wash over you like waves. Embrace the season’s transition, finding balance and serenity with each calming inhale. 


blunts and a ram with the word "Aries" on a fiery orange background
(Savina Monet)

September marks a transitional phase for you, Aries, as the warmth of summer fades and the allure of the spooky season lurks on the horizon. With Mercury in retrograde until September 15, get ready for some minor communication challenges. It’s a time to practice patience, especially when expressing yourself or making decisions. Double-checking (even triple-checking) plans and revisiting past conversations will help you navigate this period smoothly.

During Virgo season, the energy shifts towards organization and practicality. For Aries, this means tapping into a more methodical side, which doesn’t always come naturally. Use this time to declutter your space, set clear intentions, and plan for the months ahead. With Jupiter in retrograde, make time to reflect on personal growth and aspirations.

While the pace might seem slower than what you’re used to, this presents a valuable period for Aries to realign with their goals and ensure head in a direction that truly resonates with them.

September strain: To mentally prepare for the autumnal transition, roll up some of Lumpy’s Apple Fritter. This hybrid strain evokes the feeling and palate of warm apple pastries, perfect for the crisp fall weather and waning days. After a busy summer, September is the time for Aries to wind down and reflect, making this strain a perfect companion for introspection, evaluation, and planning for the rest of the year.


Bull on a green background with cannabis on the border and the word "Taurus"
(Savina Monet)

As September unfolds, Taurus will find themselves at the crossroads of summer’s end and the beckoning of the cooler season. The presence of Mercury in retrograde until the middle of the month induces a need for caution in communication. We know you value stability and clarity, bulls, so this might mean taking a moment to pause before speaking or acting. It’s a favorable time to reevaluate decisions and reconsider some paths you’ve been exploring in your professional and personal lives.

Virgo season, with its emphasis on organization and practicality, aligns well with Taurus’s natural inclination towards order and structure. This month, harness the Virgoan energy to refine your surroundings, streamline your routines, and set tangible goals. Meanwhile, Jupiter’s retrograde motion prompts a deeper introspection about personal aspirations and growth. Taurus should embrace this slower tempo, using it as an opportunity to ensure that their efforts align with their true desires and values.

September strain: You love the creature comfort of a rich meal, Taurus, and nothing goes better with the flavors of fall than Cornbread. This stony strain bred by Rare Dankness is known for its heavy, tranquilizing effects that deeply relax the body—it has a savory palate connoisseurs and casual consumers will love. After a busy summer, September is a time for Taurus to unwind and rejuvenate, and Cornbread makes the perfect companion for those cozy nights in.


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two women looking at each other confidently on sky background with pipes in the corners and the word "Gemini"
(Savina Monet)

September ushers in a period of reflection and recalibration for always-on-the-move Gemini. With your ruling planet, Mercury, in retrograde for the next two weeks, you might find your usual quick wit and adaptability tested. Communication, a strength for most Geminis, may require a bit more care and focus this month. We advise a pause to think before making any major decisions or commitments, ensuring that your choices are well thought-out and in line with your long-term goals.

The grounding energy of Virgo season offers a counterbalance to Gemini’s airy nature. This month, Geminis benefit from embracing a more organized and methodical approach, in both personal projects and daily routines. Jupiter’s retrograde further emphasizes introspection, nudging you to reevaluate your aspirations and the paths taken to achieve them. While the pace might feel more meandering, this period is valuable for realigning with your true desires and setting a clear course for the future.

September strain: Treat yourself to a piece of the pie with Elderberry, a strain from Spain with flavors reminiscent of berries, wood, and tree fruit. This unique combination of sweet and astringent gives your taste buds a unique experience, perfectly suited to Gemini’s taste-making nature. As September marks the transition from summer to fall, the calming and relaxing effects of Elderberry can be perfect for those cooler nights when Geminis want to take a break and reflect.

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Dab rigs and a large crab on a blue background with the word "Cancer"
(Savina Monet)

September brings a gentle shift in energies for you, Cancer, and your deep resonance with the ebb and flow of emotions. With Mercury in retrograde for the first half of the month, you might find yourself reflecting more on past interactions and memories. Approach communication with a touch of caution, ensuring that your words are both kind and clear. While revisiting the past can be comforting for many Cancers, set intentions to stay present and avoid getting too caught up in nostalgia.

Virgo season offers a burst focus on order and practicality to whimsical Cancer, and an opportunity to ground their emotions and create a stable environment. This month, consider organizing your living space or setting clear boundaries in relationships to cement your sense of security. Jupiter’s retrograde further encourages introspection, so don’t slack on assessing your goals and how to achieve them. Embrace this period of reflection, allowing it to guide you towards a path that resonates deeply with your heart and aspirations.

September strain: You’re a sensitive soul, Cancer, and the changes in the planets and weather can take their toll. To stay alert and present in your day-to-day life, the sativa-dominant Apple Jack ​​has a reputation for helping users feel focused and energetic. It has the zesty pep of Jack Herer and the creative juices of White Widow wrapped up in a mouthful of skunky, apple terps. This strain will make the transition to shorter, cooler days easier while keeping your eye on the prize.


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Pink lion and joints on orange psychedelic background with the word "Leo"
(Savina Monet)

As September dawns, Leo, you might feel a shift from your typical fiery energy to a more subdued and introspective mood. The influence of Mercury in retrograde until September 15 can lead to some communication challenges. Leos thrive on clear expression and the intensity of the spotlight— so listen as much as you speak and be patient with both yourself and others. Taking a step back and reflecting before making decisions will serve you well during this period, we promise.

With the onset of Virgo season, you’ll get to channel organization, planning, and attention to detail through your innate vivacity. Take time to channel your creative energies into structured projects or refine ongoing endeavors. Jupiter in retrograde, as the planet of growth and expansion, nudges you to reevaluate your ambitions and ensure that your goals align with your true passions. While the pace might feel more measured than usual, it’s a valuable time for Leo to recalibrate and set the stage for future successes.

September strain: We know you don’t slow down for hardly anything, Leo, and you love the finer things in life. If you’re looking for a strain that can help you relax, reflect, and recharge as you transition from the fiery summer months to the cooler autumn season, Peach Crescendo awaits. This Ethos Genetics hybrid has a palate as complex as you, with peach, chem, and citrus notes on top of a balanced high that keeps you focused on the future. 

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