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New Study Finds Cannabis Use is Surging Among Older Americans




Marijuana Makes 70 The New 50




While cannabis isn’t the face of the fountain of youth, your body may feel younger thanks to consuming

The buzz is Gen Z is turning away from alcohol to marijuana and California sober is the new thing for the other 35 set. But look around the corner and you see seniors are also using marijuana more.  Part of the reason is helps the body feel and act younger. Marijuana makes 70 the new 50.  Even Fox News viewers are pro-marijuana legalization.

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The Drug and Alcohol Dependence journal published “marijuana use is becoming more prevalent in senior population.”  There is sound reason for it, cannabis can reduce anxiety, body aches, inflammation and enhance a relaxed mood which can lead to other things.  Alcohol tends to have more damaging affects to the body, especially over longer periods of time.

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Science has proven cannabis can have many benefits for seniors. The 65+ set may benefit from cannabis for chronic pain, sleep difficulties, tremor, spasticity, agitation, nausea, vomiting, and reduced appetite.  All key things, but what are the lifestyle benefits of marijuana use.

Help with inflammation which can lead to more movement including walking, dancing, and more. Several studies showed that cannabinoids downregulate cytokine and chemokine production and, in some models, upregulate T-regulatory cells (Tregs) as a mechanism to suppress inflammatory responses. Joint pain can be reduced giving more body mobility.

It can also reduce anxiety. THC can reduce stress at lower doses, higher doses can induce panic, paranoia and anxiety. A small amount, say half a gummy, can help with anxiety and allow you to feel more optimistic about life. A potential benefit is being a bit more chill in the approach to new things.  Despite the changes in cognition that may come with age, older adults can still learn new things and adjust as they age.

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Cannabis can affect someone’s sex life is wide, from simply helping people feel more turned on, to opening the mind to deeper intimacy and promoting mindfulness. When applied to seniors, cannabis can provide an even larger influence, offering relaxation and increased libido, while also treating symptoms that naturally appear as people grow older and their bodies start to change.

Aside from body aches and pains, cannabis also has a variety of lubricants and intimacy oils that can help boost sex, especially post-menopausal women who sometimes experience decreased libidos. These oils can heighten arousal and provide different opportunities for bonding, whether that means an intimate massage or simply something new that couples can try out together.

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Studies show that cannabis use among seniors steadily increases year after year, with a majority of people growing more educated on the subject and learning to use the plant to their advantage.  Dosage is key, so start with low potency dosage to find the right comfort level.  Talk with an expert either in your doctor’s office or at dispensary about how you find the right level for you.

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Study: More older adults are using cannabis post-pandemic




Hunter Boyce | (TNS) The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A new study, published in the Cannabis and Cannabinoids Research journal, found more older Americans are using cannabis today than before the pandemic. According to researchers with the University of Michigan’s Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation, roughly 1 in 8 Americans over 50 currently use the substance.

“As the stress of the pandemic and the increased legalization of cannabis by states converged, our findings suggest cannabis use increased among older adults nationally,” addiction psychologist and study lead Anne Fernandez told the University of Michigan.

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3 Ways CBD Can Help The 50+




CBD is used by people of all ages, but as you age, the body changes and it could use a little extra help. Older adults can generally use CBD safely without experiencing any adverse effects when combined with their existing medications, which can be a benefit. By your 40s, your the wear and tear on your body start to increase and there are activities and self care to minimize the damage. Here are three ways CBD can help the 50+

Seniors traditionally struggle with chronic conditions, less restful sleep, more physical injuries, and the decline of their mental health. While CBD still lacks scientific support, some key studies and large amounts of anecdotal evidence show that CBD can improve people’s quality of life, especially when taken as a supplement.

Here are three ways in which CBD can help seniors:

Better sleep

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Insomnia occurs due to a wide variety of reasons, ranging from stress, to medications or bad habits. The condition is the same for people of all ages, but it affects seniors more often.

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Seniors struggle with their sleep due to their age and the fact that their hormones are fluctuating. They no longer produce the growth hormone — one of compounds responsible for our sleep patters — in the same amounts. Seniors are likely to get less deep sleep than younger people, which influences their mood and health.

CBD’s effect on sleep hasn’t been studied in-depth, but CBD and its short term effects on stress, anxiety, and PTSD have been documented. These conditions are almost always connected with poor sleep.

Pain management

How To Talk About Cannabis With The Elderly
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CBD oils and topicals can treat different kinds of pain, whether they’re occasional and obtained from an injury or recurring. These conditions can affect muscles and joints and can be very debilitating.

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CBD has analgesic and most importantly anti-inflammatory properties, helping people find relief from their injuries while also speeding up the recovery process.

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How CBD Helps Seniors Exercise
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One of the best parts about CBD is its untapped potential. Since the compound can treat a wide variety of conditions, it’s one that a lot of researchers are interested in, especially since it can rid us of the negative side effects that are associated with medications.

Although more research is needed in order to understand the full capabilities of CBD, including its possible side effects, for the time being, nothing dangerous has been recorded. Studies have found that the compound can provide relief while also decreasing the amount of medications that seniors consume.

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