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Cannabis Advertising

Twitter now allows ads for cannabis and THC products



While most platforms push back against cannabis content, the bird is now welcoming weed ads, and even offering financial incentives to new ad buyers.

Licensed cannabis brands can now market themselves on Twitter effective immediately, the social media company announced on Tuesday.  Twitter also will offer incentives to brands that take advantage of the new policy before March 31, and pledges to match up to $250,000 for new ad buyers.


Could Elon Musk’s Twitter end the cannabis social media ban?

AdCann reports that there were more than 20 million cannabis-related tweets in the last year. That’s more than coffee, golf, and the NHL, AdCann says. On February 4, Twitter CEO Elon Musk tweeted, “420.” Musk, who famously smoked a joint on the Joe Rogan podcast in 2018, is now responsible for making Twitter the most 420-friendly social media platform in the mix. Meanwhile, competitors like TikTok and Meta (Facebook, Instagram) harshly censor cannabis posts and flatly forbid advertising, even by legal operators.

Here’s what’s permitted under Twitter’s updated cannabis advertising guidelines

Advertisers can now promote the following on Twitter:

  • CBD and similar cannabinoid products.
  • THC and similar products.
  • Cannabis-related products and services, including delivery services, labs, events and more.


SAFE Advertising Act could bring weed ads to TV and radio

New restrictions cannabis advertisers must follow when advertising on Twitter

Twitter will still require cannabis advertisers to abide by the following rules:

  • “Advertisers must be licensed by the appropriate authorities, and pre-authorized by Twitter.
  • “Advertisers may only target jurisdictions in which they are licensed to promote these products or services online.
  • “Advertisers may not promote or offer the sale of Cannabis (including CBD– cannabinoids). Exception: Ads for topical (non-ingestible) hemp-derived CBD topical products containing equal to or less than the 0.3% THC government-set threshold.
  • “Advertisers are responsible for complying with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and advertising guidelines.
  • “Advertisers may not target customers under the age of 21.”

Rosie Mattio, CEO of cannabis marketing firm Mattio Communications, tweeted that her company will help Twitter with the transition. “Kudos to @twitter for being the first major social network to welcome Cannabis advertisements,” Mattio wrote in response to the announcement.

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Mitch McConnell Has Been A Roadblock For Marijuana





Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has made a name for himself as a tough, focused, political powerhouse. He has wrangled presidents along with the Senate and House. He has a vision and focused on it no matter who is in the way – political opponents, the president, and even the general public. He is a legend and Mitch McConnell has been a roadblock for marijuana.

McConnell has even embraced his Darth Vader meme and is ok with being a hatchet man.  But this week, he startled everyone  at the Senate Republicans’ weekly press conference.  McConnell abruptly stopped speaking, and was eventually escorted away only to return later to answer questions. In March he fell and sustained a concussion, and some Senators have quietly expressed seen changing in the Minority Leader.

Convincing Mitch McConnell To Support Legal Weed Is Still The Only Way It Happens
Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

One thing is clear, McConnell is not swayed by public opinion and is definitely not a fan of cannabis or the industry. He has remained stubborn and pushed for his values no matter what the issue and has been friend and foe to seven presidents.  Since taking office as a US Senator, McConnell has gathered a fortune estimated at $34 million.

Advocates and executives are up in arms after opposition from the then Senate GOP Leader resulted in Congress failing to pass SAFE Banking, key cannabis banking bill, dealing a massive blow to the industry.

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edible marijuana
Photo by Vanessa Nunes/Getty Images

Mitch McConnell, the senior senator from Kentucky and the Senate Minority Leader, has had a mixed history with marijuana reform. McConnell has been a advocate for the legalization of industrial hemp, a form of cannabis that can be made into a wide variety of products. He pushed to get a provision legalizing hemp into the 2018 Farm Bill, which essentially legalized hemp by removing it from the definition of marijuana under federal drug laws. This, of course, meet jobs for his home state.

Despite his support for hemp, McConnell has been a vocal opponent of medical marijuana. However, his home state of Kentucky recently became the 38th state to legalize medical marijuana, suggesting that his views may be evolving or he didn’t think it was worth the political capital to stop the bill.

He has been a consistent opponent of recreational marijuana, and has panned proposals to add marijuana provisions to defense bills.  He has blocked SAFE Banking and it is said marijuana reform will not pass as long as he is a Senate leader.

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SAFE Banking is currently being lead by Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) and they have gather 40+ bipartisan Senators, but McConnell remains an unknown. Perhaps if he knew science agrees medical marijuana may help those who have had a stroke who could allow it to pass.


While McConnell’s public statements suggest that he is opposed to marijuana reform, he has also been known to engage with the industry in a more lighthearted way. For example, he was photographed frolicking in a field of cannabis in 2020.  

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Social Media And Marijuana




Twitter becoming X has been big news, the global online chatroom has been stirring the pot since Elon Musk acquired the company for $44 billion. In February of this year, Twitter (now  X) updated its advertising policy to allow cannabis ads on the platform in states where cannabis is legal. A huge win for market and makes them a rarity.  It seems social media and marijuana, ugh when it comes to growing the industry.

With 90% of the public ok with some form of legal cannabis, you would think social media would be more accepting. But actually, marijuana falls into a similar category as alcohol with some of the largest players.

social media
Photo by OsmanZekiDemirkale/Getty Images

Here is a quick review of the policies.

Meta (Facebook and Instagram)

Meta prohibits the advertising of cannabis, topical CBD, ingestible hemp products, and CBD products such as hemp seeds and ingestible CBD. However, Meta now allows limited CBD and hemp advertising on apps like Facebook and Instagram for educational, advocacy, and public service announcement purposes.

Meta allows alcohol advertising under certain restrictions and with strict guidelines.


TikTok prohibits paid advertising for cannabis.

TikTok prohibits ads promoting alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, spirits, etc. They also prohibit ads for alcohol clubs/subscription services, alcohol making kits, and alcohol-sponsored events

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YouTube’s policies prohibit content that endangers the emotional and physical well-being of minors, including promoting products that contain drugs, nicotine, or controlled substances. YouTube’s policies also consider the nature of the upload, such as whether it is educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic in nature.

As of June 2021, YouTube no longer accepts Masthead Ads from certain verticals, including alcohol.

edible marijuana
Photo by Vanessa Nunes/Getty Images

A study demonstrates the ways in which cannabis is promoted on social media apps, and how this has opened up the market to include people who don’t fit the typical stoner stereotype.

The study, published in Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal, found that women have slowly introduced themselves into the equation, disrupting what’s traditionally thought of as a cannabis consumer. These women promote cannabis in different ways, incorporating it into their daily lives and activities.

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Researchers used Instagram as their social media platform of choice, analyzing illegal sellers in Switzerland with “cannabis influencers” in the U.S., and spotting their differences. Researchers found that cannabis influencers were challenging what has long been considered appealing to cannabis markets, something that could have a global impact.

“Our findings show that cannabis influencers on Instagram are changing the stereotypical characteristics of illegal cannabis culture as being almost entirely dominated by men, to one where cannabis is represented as a desirable accessory in certain feminine lifestyles,” write the study’s researchers. These influencers painted cannabis as an activity that can be pursued by mothers, people who are invested in their physical and mental health, and more.

turned on gold iphone 6

Study authors recognize how cannabis influencers have had to get creative on platforms like Instagram considering how the app prevents its sale and censors its content. In their posts, influencers make it clear that they’re not selling cannabis and are simply endorsing it, tying it to appealing images and to a lifestyle that other people are interested in replicating.

“When cannabis is marketed by legal influencers rather than illegal dealers, we find a shift in the use of symbols related to amateurism versus professionalism, intimacy and lifestyle and argue that these changes are bound up with how the influencers do gender differently than sellers,” explain the researchers

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Marijuana use has evolved over the years, becoming less of a taboo topic and something that can be discussed and consumed openly. In places where the drug is legal, it makes sense social media always promotion as something that’s just another activity to partake in.

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