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Vape Pen Clogged, Again? – How to Fix a Clogged Cartridge or Disposable Vape Pen



Taking a drag from your vape, only to discover that the cartridge isn’t functioning, is incredibly disappointing. If you’re unable to inhale correctly, it’s a sign that something is wrong—most likely, your vape has become clogged. The worst part? A clogged vape can result in a mouthful of vape juice and sticky hands instead of the smooth, flavorful hit of THC you were anticipating.

Causes Of Clogging In Vape Cartridges.

Clogged vape cartridges can be caused by two primary reasons: condensation and chamber flooding. But don’t fret! These issues are easily preventable and fixable with the simple solutions outlined below.

1. Condensation Accumulation

A clogged cartridge is often the result of condensation accumulation within the airway. As this condensation builds up, it can eventually block the mouthpiece, making it difficult to inhale. The result? A clogged mouthpiece and an unpleasant surprise in the form of a mouthful of bitter vape juice instead of the delicious THC you were expecting.


Condensation buildup usually gives you warning signs before it becomes a full-blown problem. If you’ve ever experienced tiny droplets of liquid on your tongue while taking a hit, it’s a sign of this buildup. Don’t wait for it to escalate into a frustrating issue – take action to clear your clogged cartridge as soon as you notice the liquid hitting your tongue during inhalation.

2. Chamber Flooding

The second reason for a clogged cartridge is chamber flooding. This occurs when the carts have been unused for an extended period. The delta-8 THC distillate thickens when it’s stored at room temperature. Over time, this causes the distillate to sink to the bottom of the cart, saturating the wick and “drowning” the coil. When this happens, the heating element (coil) has difficulty reaching the proper temperature, making it difficult to vaporize the liquid effectively.


Chamber flooding will become apparent when your vape isn’t producing enough vapor or hitting as expected. You might also encounter a foul, burnt taste and smell while taking a hit. If you detect a burning odor or taste, it’s best to stop vaping immediately. Continuing to heat a soaked wick can result in irreparable damage, making the cartridge and its contents unusable.


Step-By-Step Process On How To Fix A Clogged Vape Cart

No need to panic if you’ve clogged your vape cartridge. It’s a common issue, and with our straightforward troubleshooting guide, you’ll be back to vaping in no time. With a few quick steps, you’ll be enjoying your THC again soon.


Method #1: Solving Minor Clogging (Condensation Accumulation)

Step 1: Pull Hard Through The Mouthpiece

The first step in clearing a cartridge clogged with excessive condensation buildup is to forcefully pull through the mouthpiece without activating the vape. This will help remove any excess liquid accumulated in the mouthpiece. While this is a quick solution, the cartridge will likely clog again unless you proceed to step two.

Step 2: Clean Out Excess Liquid

To fully clean the cartridge, you must clean out excess liquid from the mouthpiece. You can achieve this using a slender wire, pin, or paper clip. Carefully insert the tool into the mouthpiece and scrape out the accumulated residue by moving it from side to side and up and down. Be cautious not to damage the inside of the cart. Most of the buildup can be removed this way, as delta-8 THC is thick, dense, and sticky. It’s recommended to perform this task when the cartridge is cool, as the liquid will have a higher viscosity.


Step 3: Remove Trapped Debris

The third step to unclogging your vape cart is to apply heat to break down any trapped residues in the mouthpiece. This can be achieved by using a hairdryer on low heat or placing the cart in a sealed bag and submerging it in warm water. The heat will help to loosen the clog, causing the sticky liquid to flow back into the chamber. Allow the cart to sit upright after heating so the fluid can settle. This final step should leave your vape cart clog-free and ready to use.


Method 2: Solving A Severe Cart Clog (Flooded Chamber)

Step 1: Shake The Cart Gently From Side To Side.

A quick shake is your first line of defense when dealing with a major clog due to a flooded chamber. Give the cart a gentle flick back and forth to redistribute the liquid, helping to loosen and remove any buildup in the process.

Step 2: Blow Air Into The Cart.

The next step in fixing a primary clogged cart with a flooded chamber involves clearing the excess liquid. Either blowing air can achieve this through the cart or the bottom of a disposable pen to remove the liquid from the wick and coil. If you have a refillable cart, disassemble the chamber, manually clear out the excess liquid from the wick and coil, and reassemble it. Just remember, only use blowing to clear the flood and never inhale to pull it through, as this will only worsen the problem by further saturating the wick.

Step 3: Turn On The Vape Device.

To finally resolve a flooded chamber in your vape cart, gently press the button to heat the device for a short time. Be careful not to inhale during this process, as this will only worsen the problem. A quick, one to a two-second burst of heat should vaporize the remaining liquid and clear the chamber. If all else fails, it may be time to invest in a fresh cartridge or a new coil and wick if your tank is refillable.


If you’ve found yourself with a clogged vape cart, don’t despair. With some know-how and patience, you can get your vape up and running again. Whether it’s minor condensation buildup or a flooded chamber, the two methods outlined above should help you clear the blockage and get back to enjoying your Delta 8 THC experience. Remember always to be careful when manipulating the cart, as overheating or inserting objects too deeply can damage it beyond repair. If all else fails, consult your local vape shop or a professional. Happy vaping!





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What Hunter Biden’s Verdict Means for Cannabis Users




I wrote about Robert Hunter Biden’s indictment for violation of federal gun laws in a post entitled “What the Hunter Biden Indictment Means for Cannabis Users” back in September 2023. On June 11, 2024, a jury in a federal district court in Delaware found Hunter guilty of three felony counts. Today I want to look at how this could affect cannabis users.

Cannabis legalization and gun control laws

Below is a list of prior posts from our blog on the intersection between cannabis legalization and federal gun control laws, which give a lot of background to what this post discusses:

Without rehashing these prior posts, the main issue is that federal law prohibits ownership or possession of guns by persons who are addicted to or unlawfully use controlled substances. This includes cannabis, even in states where it is legal, and even if it is for purely medical purposes. In fact, the ATF’s required form to purchase a firearm states this clearly.

In 2022, the US Supreme Court rendered a decision in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen, which changed the tests courts use to determine whether laws infringe the Second Amendment.

Following Bruen, numerous federal court challenges have been lodged against the federal prohibition on gun possession or ownership by cannabis users. Many of these cannabis-related challenges have been successful. In fact, federal courts have already found different federal firearm restrictions unconstitutional, and the US Supreme Court is expected to rule on a similar challenge (not cannabis-related) this month.

In other words, it’s likely that in the next few years the US Supreme Court will consider an appeal regarding cannabis users’ gun rights. Based on my review of the current landscape of decisions, I believe the US Supreme Court would hold that cannabis users still have Second Amendment rights, but it would qualify that decision by allowing restrictions on possession by persons under the influence of cannabis.

The Hunter Biden matter

Now, how does this relate to Hunter Biden? Hunter’s case involved allegations that he was addicted to crack cocaine (not cannabis) when he purchased a firearm. Two of the charges related to false statements on governmental forms, and one related to possession of a gun in violation of federal law. As mentioned, the jury found him guilty on all three charges.

Once the Delaware court sentences Hunter, he is likely to challenge the above-mentioned federal laws on the grounds that they are unconstitutional under Bruen. While crack is obviously much different from cannabis, federal gun control laws treat all controlled substances the same. In other words, the law that Hunter was found guilty of violating would also apply to similarly situated cannabis users. Likewise, if the law is held to be unconstitutional with respect to drug users, it would likely apply equally to Hunter and cannabis users.

All that said, the difficulty for Hunter will be in the fact that he was charged for lying on a federal form. Even if the prohibition on gun ownership by drug users were held unconstitutional, there is still the problem that what he wrote on a federal form was not accurate. This is also an issue that some of the cannabis challengers could face as well.

What’s next for cannabis users and gun control laws

Ultimately, these federal challenges have a long way to go, and there is always the possibility that he is pardoned before an appeal is exhausted. That said, it’ll be interesting to watch folks from very different political persuasions linking up to challenge federal gun laws. As always, we’ll keep posting with more updates, so stay tuned to the blog.

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Will the German Cannabis Market be Worth $100 Billion in the Next 5 Years?




german cannabis market size

Germany Legalized Recreational Cannabis

The Biggest EU Market For Weed Recently Legalized Weed For Adult Use! What’s Next For Weed In Europe?

Last March, Germany announced that they would be legalizing recreational weed.

Thousands of German residents are relieved that the country has finally legalized adult use marijuana; medical use has been legal since 2017 but the German marijuana market has been plagued with issues. These include extremely strict regulations, access and supply issues. After all, cultivation (as well as possession) of marijuana was illegal, as per the German Federal Narcotics Act. The law only made exceptions for specific and rare circumstances, which added complexity to the legal framework.


Yet, given the sheer size of Germany’s medical marijuana market – with approximately 6.71 million people who were taking cannabis for therapeutic reasons in 2022, one can say that these problems are expected.

And despite having medical marijuana laws, the black market is still prevalent in Germany. Young people and minors always found a way to buy weed off the streets, which was becoming a problem. Other issues they faced, which is common among other countries where recreational use still isn’t legal, include contaminated weed.  

Finally, as of April 1, 2024, Germany became the third European country to legalize weed for recreational use. According to the government, there would be other benefits to legalizing cannabis for personal use, such as tackling the illegal drug trade, minimizing the risk of contaminated weed, and allowing police the resources to go after actual serious crimes.


According to the new law, adults can possess as much as 25 grams of weed for recreational use. In addition, adults are now allowed to grow up to 3 cannabis plants at home. Consumption of weed is restricted to no more than 100 meters of a school or playground entrance, confirms the AP. Furthermore, Germans above the age of 18 will be allowed to join cannabis clubs, which are nonprofit organizations with 500 members maximum. Individuals can only be a member of one cannabis club at a time.


The law also states that marijuana use will still be illegal for minors.


“This is better for real addiction help, prevention for children and young people and for combating the black market, for which there will soon be an alternative,” wrote Germany’s Health Minister, Karl Lauterbach in X.

The government will also be working on amnesty for marijuana-related crimes, since they are no longer considered illegal in the country. This will give those convicted of cannabis crimes in the past a chance to reverse these charges, after being reviewed by the judicial system.


Of course, the legalization is not without criticism, although that is only normal, as we’ve seen in other nations. According to Katja Seidel, who works as a therapist in a marijuana addiction center focusing on young children: “From our point of view, the law as it is written is a disaster,” she told the AFP. The police have also expressed worries that it will be a challenge to enforce the laws. “From April 1, our colleagues will find themselves in situations of conflict with citizens, as uncertainty reigns on both sides,” said GdP police union Vice President, Alexander Poitz.

Biggest EU Market For Legal Weed: What Can Germany Expect On The Economic Side?


Aside from being the third nation in the EU to legalize adult-use cannabis, Germany is now also the biggest legal weed market. The eyes have been on Germany for several years now, especially among those who want a piece of the pie: being the largest cannabis market in the EU also means that businesses and investors can expect to reap generous rewards after legalization.


A few days before April 1st, the decriminalization date, marijuana stocks already began skyrocketing. Out of these companies, Canopy Growth saw the biggest stock price rise, with over 50% year to date, according to Investor Place. “Germany’s reform brings significant advancements in patient access to medical cannabis and a much-needed liberal approach to cannabis that we have advocated in favor of,” said Dirk Heitepriem, the head of Aurora Europe’s external affairs has said.


We can expect the medical marijuana market in Germany to grow like a weed, and in an impressive timescale. That said, there’s still a lot of work to be done to ensure that there are improvements made in terms of patient access and supply.


There will also be a growing number of opportunities for equipment, facility rentals, jobs and services, and other ancillary businesses. The growth of the adult-use market itself may be slow to start with, especially because there are financial issues affecting the market, caused by inflation, rising interest rates, and other factors. Thankfully, the German government is supportive of that; the Growth Opportunities Act will support and facilitate capital access, research, and help simplify taxation issues.


There will still be the usual challenges, such as ensuring that the German recreational cannabis laws comply with EU laws as well as international drug treaties. They will have to develop effective regulations to prevent any loopholes when it comes to legal purchases, enforce the laws, work out the logistics, and so on.




This year marks a new era in Germany, though their laws are still stricter than other jurisdictions around the world. Regardless, it’s a start; experts forecast the market to be worth as much as $100 billion come 2030, so we may soon be witnessing the growth of a giant in the MMJ industry in Europe!





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Should You Smoke Weed on the First Date?




smoke weed first date

The top dating app for Black singles, BLK, has conducted a poll that reveals fascinating information on the relationship between cannabis culture and contemporary dating. The poll looks at marijuana-related views and behaviors, emphasizing how the relationship between cannabis and love is changing.


Cannabis use on dating apps is relatively new phenomen with recent legalization and social use. BLK’s survey offers a comprehensive look at how cannabis use is woven into dating experiences:


– Daily Participation: 53% of respondents engage in cannabis-related activities daily, with an additional 25% participating frequently and 7% regularly, indicating the widespread use of cannabis among daters.


– Profile Preferences: Almost half (47%) of participants view a “420 friendly” tag in a dating profile positively, suggesting strong compatibility through shared cannabis interests.


– First Date Reactions: A significant 82.8% of respondents are open to their date using cannabis on a first date, showing high acceptance of cannabis use early in the dating process.


– Communication and Libido: While only 40.5% believe cannabis positively affects communication with their partner, 58.5% feel it boosts sexual desire or libido, highlighting its perceived benefits in intimate settings.


– Foreplay Preferences: Over half (51.1%) prefer incorporating cannabis into foreplay, underscoring its role in enhancing intimate moments.


– Advice for Novices: The majority (50.6%) recommend being open to new experiences without letting cannabis define the connection, emphasizing the importance of balance and authenticity in navigating the 420 dating scene.


Insights from BLK


The survey’s findings highlight how important cannabis is to many people’s dating experiences. A tendency toward increased acceptability and integration of cannabis into social and romantic connections is shown by the openness towards 420 activities. This trend reflects wider societal developments as cannabis becomes more popular and acceptable.


The report also emphasizes how crucial it is for couples to communicate and understand one another’s cannabis use. Although cannabis can improve intimacy and connection in a relationship, partners need to approach this with open communication and mutual respect.


Cannabis’s place in dating and relationships will probably change as it becomes more and more ingrained in society, opening up new avenues for intimacy and connection.


Changing Attitudes Towards Cannabis in Dating Profiles


The survey reveals that nearly half (47%) of participants view a “420 friendly” tag in a dating profile positively. This suggests that shared cannabis interests are becoming a significant compatibility factor in modern dating. As cannabis use becomes more widespread and socially accepted, individuals are increasingly looking for partners who share their lifestyle choices, including their attitude towards cannabis.


This transition mirrors a larger cultural shift in which personal behaviors, such as cannabis usage, are no longer vilified but rather viewed as a possible source of connection. The existence of a “420 friendly” tag can act as an icebreaker, allowing users to identify common ground and develop more open and honest discussions from the start.


This trend also indicates a shift in dating toward greater transparency. People can attract compatible partners who are more likely to have similar beliefs and recreational tastes by outwardly declaring that they are cannabis-friendly. Since both parties are upfront about their lifestyle preferences from the start, this openness can result in more meaningful and suitable pairings.


The “420-friendly” term may appear in even more dating profiles as cannabis continues to gain popularity. This changing mindset indicates rising ease with incorporating cannabis usage into social and romantic relationships as well as daily living. The acceptance of different lifestyle choices and the search for real relationships founded on common values and interests are reflected in the normalization of cannabis use in dating profiles.


Navigating Cannabis Use in Relationships


The results of BLK’s poll highlight the significance of partner communication and comprehension surrounding cannabis usage. While intimacy and connection are two areas where cannabis may improve a relationship, navigating this territory successfully calls for honest communication and respect for one another.


The poll revealed several interesting findings, one of which was that 58.5% of participants thought cannabis increased libido or sexual desire. This shows that a lot of people think that adding cannabis to their personal lives is advantageous. On the other hand, opinions on cannabis’s influence on communication are more divided; just 40.5% of participants believed it improved their relationships with their partners. This discrepancy emphasizes the importance of open communication between partners regarding cannabis usage and how it affects their relationship dynamics.


Incorporating cannabis into a relationship might create new chances for connecting and sharing. For example, more than half (51.1%) of respondents prefer to include cannabis in foreplay, showing that marijuana can play an important role in improving intimate moments. These shared experiences can assist in deepening the emotional and physical bond between spouses.


Couples must, therefore, approach cannabis usage from a balanced stance. Although cannabis can improve some parts of a relationship, it is important to ensure that cannabis does not become the relationship’s defining characteristic. The majority of study respondents (50.6%) advise keeping an open mind to new experiences but avoiding allowing cannabis to control the interaction. This counsel emphasizes how crucial it is to be true to yourself and make sure that your relationship is based on a solid foundation of respect for one another and shared ideals.


Eventually, marijuana’s place in dating and relationships will probably keep changing as it gets more popular. Couples who are honest with each other about their cannabis usage and how it affects their relationship will be better able to incorporate cannabis into their life in a way that is both healthy and constructive. Partners may negotiate the challenges of cannabis usage together by creating an atmosphere of trust and understanding, which strengthens their closeness and connection.


Bottom Line


BLK’s survey highlights the growing role of cannabis in dating, showing many are open to integrating it into their romantic lives. Nearly half view a “420 friendly” tag positively, and 82.8% are fine with cannabis use on a first date. While 58.5% say cannabis boosts sexual desire, only 40.5% believe it enhances communication, stressing the need for open dialogue. As cannabis becomes more accepted, its role in relationships will likely expand. Couples discussing their cannabis use can better enjoy its benefits, maintaining a balanced and authentic connection, ultimately enhancing their dating experience.





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