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Are Marijuana Gummies Good For Stress



Mariah Carey is in the air, every store is filled with things you need/want for the holidays and Black Friday ads pop up right after you mention something.  Yes, it is the holiday season. Researchers believe there is proof that we are, in fact, happier around the holidays because we can get joyful just by looking at pictures depicting holiday themes. In an experiment, Denmark researcher Brad Haddock showed two groups of people — those who celebrate Christmas and those who don’t — images of holiday themes as they underwent a brain scan. The front of the brain lit up for those who celebrated Christmas as the holiday images flashed before their eyes, showing that there is a “holiday spirit network” in the brain. Kind of like our own international Hallmark channel With all this joy going on, Starbucks plays Scrooge again.

Eggnog is the most popular drink at Christmas, leading pumpkin spice, hot buttered rum and anything with peppermint. Yet Starbucks stripped their stores of the offer in 2021.  The company who makes a living on coffee and sugary coffee drinks snatched a bit of joy from consumers during the holiday season.  Customers were devastated, leaving no joy in Whoville.

The seasonal latte, which contained espresso, steamed eggnog, and ground nutmeg, pretty much tasted like Christmas in coffee cup. The brainchild of Dave Olsen of Seattle espresso bar Il Giornale, which later merged with Starbucks, debuted in 1986 (via Starbucks) and has been a fan favorite ever since.  You could even just get eggnog – chilled or steamed.  Now they are pushing drinks like Caramel Brulée (is it even a part of the season?), iced Gingerbread Oatmilk Chai or even Iced Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte. These do not even touch the popularity of egg nog.

Gen Z’s interest in the nostalgic aesthetic makes them a fan of eggnog along with Gen X and Boomers, which leaves the Starbuck’s decision baffling. Visiting several stores, the staff seems exasperated and annoyed at the question if they have it. As if it is an often asked request.

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While culinary historians debate its exact lineage, most agree eggnog originated from the early medieval” British drink called posset, which was made with hot milk that was curdled with wine or ale and flavored with spices.

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It was thought that the use of “luxury” ingredients such as cream and alcohol would invite prosperity into the household for the coming year. In most households today, a cup of eggnog ushers in the good cheer of the holiday more so than any belief in impending wealth.

Starbucks recent announcement of their bringing back “fan favorites” provides all the joy of underwear and math workbooks as gifts under the tree.  We hope their heart will grow 3X and bring back the yummy goodness.

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Is Coffee Actually Healthy – The Fresh Toast




Around 30-40% of the world’s population consume coffee daily. In the USA, these figures are much higher and equate to about 65% In Canada, coffee is more popular than tap water in with 71% of Canadians drinking coffee regularly compared to 63%. Black, with cream, latte, iced – in all forms it is popular around the world. But is coffee actually healthy?

Everyone knows how they like their coffee, when they like it, sometimes in a special mug.  Too much coffee can give you the jitters….something which makes us think it is not healthy.  Mormons call out coffee and alcohol as bad and it wrong for them to consume it. But studies keep claiming that coffee, in moderation, might help you live longer and have better health.

Early research of coffee suggested it could lead to health problems, recent research provides strong evidence drinking coffee actually has a variety of health benefits.

“The overall evidence has been pretty convincing coffee has been more healthful than harmful in terms of health outcomes,” said Frank Hu, chair of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, in an April 5, 2021, article in Discover. “For most people, moderate coffee consumption can be incorporated into a healthy diet.”

Hu said moderate coffee intake—about 2–5 cups a day—is linked to a lower likelihood of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, liver and endometrial cancers, Parkinson’s disease, and depression. It’s even possible people who drink coffee can reduce their risk of early death.

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A study surveyed residents of the UK analyzed how coffee habits affect people’s overall health. These people were grouped and asked about their habits, including how many cups of coffee they consumed on a daily basis, and other factors such as smoking and more. Popular Science reports: “Across 502,641 participants ranging from 38 to 73 years old, both male and female, show the more coffee a person drank the less likely they were to die.”

Photo by Fahmi Fakhrudin via Unsplash

Since the study is completely observational, researchers can’t imply causation, and can only speculate with the numbers and results they were given. The study grouped participants according to six ways of consuming coffee: those who drank less than one cup a day, those who drank one cup a day, two or three a day, four to five, and so on. The last category was for those who consumed more than eight cups of coffee a day. The study found  the more people drank coffee, lived longer.

While the results are positive for coffee lovers, Popular Science points out there may be other influencing factors. For example, users have diseases like cancer might not drink coffee and are at higher risks of dying.

While studies like this one have been conducted in the past, this is the first one to account for genetic variations in caffeine metabolism, meaning the research accounted for people’s different reactions to caffeine. An example of this is someone who drinks coffee at night and still sleeps soundly. The research logically found those who have a higher tolerance for coffee were found to consume more coffee on average.

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It seems  a healthy amount of coffee, even decaffeinated, gives us a discernible health boost despite  found the reason. Scientists argue it could be the compounds in the drink (lignans, quinides, and magnesium) that give us a health benefit or the drink’s antioxidant properties. Someday we’ll know. Hopefully.

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Best Wasy To Have Marijuana In Your Coffee




In a commonly repeated legend, Kaldi, a 9th-century Ethiopian goatherd, first observed the coffee plant after seeing his flock energized by chewing on the plant. Most agree coffee drinking the middle of the 15th century in the accounts of Ahmed al-Ghaffar in Yemen. It first appeared in Italy around 1600 (thank you again Italy for something wonderful) and then spread to Europe and the rest is history.

Coffee is an integral part of daytime activity for billions, 30-40% of the world’s population consume coffee every day. First prepared in samovars across Semitic countries before dominating Southern Europe via Italy and France, it’s part of the story of global exchange. Now we know that cannabis was too. Combining it with caffeine is done to increase euphoric feelings and hopefully work output as well.

People have their coffee in a myriad of ways, but spiked with cannabis is one of the all-time greatest hits of psychoactive experimentation. Some people use the combination of cannabis and coffee to kick off mornings pain free, others use for a laser sharp focus. No matter your reason for this pairing, it’s a satisfying way to get your dose of both substances.

1.Non-Dairy Creamer

If you are a routine follower, you probably already know exactly how much creamer you need on a weekly basis. Simply adding a glycerin tincture to that coconut or almond milk creamer will enhance the flavor and be safe on the fridge shelf for the duration. Measure if you’re a perfectionist, eyeball if you’re more chill.

2. Bulletproof Canna-style Coffee

This much-touted ‘brainhack’ includes a dose of either butter or coconut oil in your morning cup. Those are two things you’re likely to have around if you cook with cannabis even occasionally.

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You may need to use some type of blender to get the consistency right, but people go crazy for it as-is. Imagine how good it is with some THC!

3. Cannabis Whipped Cream 

We squirted this on everything from hot cocoa to golden milk*, but having a canister of Canna-Whip in the fridge leaves you likely to add a swirl to your coffee. Each squirt is a pretty low dose, so you wind up with just the right amount per cup.

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That’s a bit of a feat for many, until overindulging in edible cannabis finally gets the analysis it needs to keep everyone high and healthy. Something this chill will be a nice boost but also incredibly delicious and gourmet feeling.

4. Cannabis Cold Brew Ice Cubes 

Check out my recipe for Cannabis Cold Brew for up to a week’s worth of generous and strong pours of glorious pre-iced coffee. Making cold brew is so easy that it qualifies as hipster meal prep. Put the last cup into an ice cube tray for simple microdosing your virgin coffee.

Original art from Danielle Guercio

5. Hash Honey

Have you actually had coffee with honey? It’s amazing. Mix .25g of decarboxylated hash with 1 cup of gently warmed honey for 4mg THC per teaspoon of honey that you can add to anything.

6. Chocolate Melt

Got weed chocolates? Put one in the bottom of a mug before you pour over your hot coffee. You don’t need to add cream or sugar to have a tasty treat, simply stir and enjoy.

7. Boozy Coffee

Alcohol based weed tinctures are usually very strong tasting and therefore aren’t always pleasant to consume. Add yours to a 1oz pour of rum and make some pirate coffee. It’s actually a halfway decent hangover cure!

Now you can always use the entourage effect with the extra points you get from coffee’s beloved stimulant, caffeine. There’s not much better than coffee and spliff, even if it’s a 2-in-

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How To Tell If You Are Sensitive To Caffeine




Caffeine is everywhere, from coffee to soda. So many of us need it to function in the morning to make us feel productive and awake. But there’s a lot of people who have a propensity for feeling very intense reactions when consuming caffeine, which can cause them jitters, sleep issues, headaches, and more.

Caffeine sensitivity tends to be pretty easy to notice, but sometimes, the symptoms aren’t all that clear. When experienced, it may be uncomfortable to a manageable degree, or it might simply make you feel terrible. If the latter is the case, coffee might not be the drink for you.

You Should Wait This Long Before Drinking Your Morning Coffee
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez via Unsplash

In order to know whether you experience caffeine sensitivity or not, Healthline recommends keeping a food and drink log to help you realize how much caffeine you are consuming and whether or not it produces some side effects. So you have an understanding of what caffeine sensitivity looks like, here are some of the most common symptoms that people who are sensitive to caffeine experience:

Your face gets hot

You Should Wait This Long Before Drinking Your Morning Coffee
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez via Unsplash

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A lot of people with caffeine sensitivity experience a hot or flushed face right after consuming a good serving of caffeine. This experience can result in people feeling flushed and even sweaty.

You have to use the bathroom often

Photo by Terry Vine/Getty Images

Caffeine has an effect on the GI tract, meaning it can result in a lot of unwelcome visits to the bathroom. It’s not know how or why this happens, whether it’s a shift in hormones or some elements that are present in coffee, people just know that this occurs with surprising frequency. Another symptom is experiencing the urge to pee more often; since caffeine is a natural diuretic, people with a sensitivity to coffee may find themselves in the bathroom for a whole bunch of reasons.

You can’t sleep

3 Tricks That Can Help You Understand Your Sleep
Photo by Mert Kahveci via Unsplash

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Some people need to cut off their coffee intake earlier on in the day since it messes with their sleep patterns. A sip of coffee can leave them jittery and wired for hours after they consumed it. While annoying, this symptom is manageable if people cut off their coffee intake early, having their last sip of coffee no later than around 4 p.m.

You feel uneasy or anxious

Sleeping Too Little May Increase This Group's Risk Of Dementia
Photo by Bruno Aguirre via Unsplash

Some of us feel more anxious after consuming our coffee, something that might go unnoticed since it’s usually early and we have to deal with a variety of stressors, like getting to work on time and completing our commute. There’s a reason for this — caffeine increases your stress hormones. Like stress itself, caffeine results in an increased heart rate and in higher blood pressure.

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