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Does Medical Marijuana Work? – 9 Out of 10 MMJ Patients Reduce Prescription Drug or Alcohol Use, or Both, Says New Study



cannabis patients drop prescriptoin drugs

According to a survey conducted by EO Care, Inc., 88% of medical cannabis users reported that it reduced their reliance on prescription drugs, alcohol, or both. Additionally, 51% of respondents expressed a likelihood or strong inclination to utilize cannabis if it were offered through their health plan.


This survey encompassed 1,027 participants from states where cannabis was legally accessible for either medical or recreational use. It also revealed that 65% of those surveyed would feel more at ease using cannabis for medical purposes if it were professionally administered and dosed by a qualified clinician.


Of the participants, 18% had used cannabis for health-related reasons in the past year, 19% had used it recreationally, and 14% had employed it for both medicinal and recreational purposes. The most prevalent motivations for cannabis consumption among respondents were anxiety, pain relief, and sleep enhancement.


In a statement, Sean Collins, co-founder and CEO of EO Care, emphasized the challenges in obtaining clinical guidance for medicinal cannabis, given the limited knowledge among most medical practitioners and the inadequate provision of medical advice in retail dispensaries.


As a result, we see tens of millions of Americans turning to cannabis for health reasons, lacking essential guidance on product recommendations, proper dosage, potential drug interactions, and consideration of their medical history and associated health risks. Considering that the sales of cannabis for health purposes surpass those of most prescription drugs, this presents a significant concern for healthcare as a whole,” stated Collins in a press release.


The survey also unveiled that 56% of participants indicated they would be more inclined to work for a company offering cannabis-based healthcare in their employee benefits. In comparison, 44% would reconsider applying to a company that conducts prior cannabis use testing or prohibits off-duty cannabis use.


Collins further remarked, “Ninety-four percent of Americans reside in states where cannabis holds some legal status. We’re aware that a substantial portion of the population has used cannabis in the past year, and this is undeniably impacting employees and their health outcomes.


With appropriate guidance on medicinal cannabis, employers can assist their workforce, enhance health results, and become pioneering leaders in providing a crucial benefit that employees will increasingly expect.


The Opioid Crisis and the Role of Medical Cannabis

The opioid epidemic has emerged as one of the most critical health challenges of the 21st century, causing widespread suffering in communities across the United States and beyond. Prescription opioids, such as OxyContin and Vicodin, though frequently prescribed for pain relief, have led to a troubling increase in overdoses and fatalities due to their highly addictive properties.


Medical cannabis is now emerging as a hopeful alternative for managing chronic pain, offering the potential to reduce dependency on opioids. Multiple studies have demonstrated that patients using medical cannabis to alleviate pain often require lower opioid doses or can even entirely replace them.


For example, a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine in 2018 revealed that states with legalized medical cannabis experienced a 14.4% decrease in opioid prescriptions, indicating a significant connection between access to medical cannabis and reduced opioid usage.


The endocannabinoid system, an intricate network of receptors spread throughout the body, plays a pivotal role in pain regulation. Cannabinoids, the compounds found in cannabis, interact with this system, providing a potential pathway for non-addictive pain management. While further research is necessary to fully grasp the long-term effects and safety of using medical cannabis as a substitute for opioids, the initial findings are promising.


Alcohol and Cannabis: A Shifting Relationship

The interplay between cannabis and alcohol is complex and often influenced by individual preferences and societal norms. Some individuals have reported turning to medical cannabis as an alternative to alcohol for managing stress, anxiety, and social situations. This substitution effect has raised questions about the potential of medical cannabis to decrease alcohol consumption.


Research has indicated that in states with legalized medical cannabis, there has been a decrease in alcohol-related traffic accidents and fatalities. This correlation is attributed to the idea that people may opt for cannabis instead of alcohol when it’s legally accessible. While some individuals may use both substances concurrently, the overall impact is still a reduction in alcohol consumption.


It’s essential to recognize that the relationship between cannabis and alcohol is not uniform for everyone. For specific individuals, combining cannabis with alcohol can lead to heightened impairment and an increased risk of accidents. The influence of this intricate relationship remains an active area of research and debate, and its effects vary from person to person.


Challenges and Concerns

The potential advantages of medical cannabis in diminishing the utilization of prescription medications and alcohol are not devoid of challenges and apprehensions. Detractors contend that additional research is imperative to ascertain the safety and effectiveness of medical cannabis for various medical conditions. The absence of standardized dosages and regulations across states and nations can also give rise to complications.


Furthermore, while medical cannabis may curtail the consumption of prescription drugs and alcohol for some individuals, it can have a contrary impact on others. Certain people might employ medical cannabis alongside other substances, heightening the potential for unfavorable interactions and potentially leading to more substantial health concerns.


Moreover, the stigma associated with cannabis in many regions of the world continues to be a significant impediment. Individuals may be reluctant to explore medical cannabis as a treatment option due to societal norms, legal reservations, or the fear of being categorized as recreational users.



The EO Care, Inc. survey unveils a fascinating shift in the realm of medical cannabis, showing a growing inclination among users to replace prescription drugs and alcohol with this natural alternative. An impressive 88% of respondents reported a reduced dependence on these substances, highlighting the potential of cannabis in healthcare.


Yet, this journey is not without its challenges. The survey underscores the pressing need for professional guidance and standardized dosing in the realm of medical cannabis, navigating the uncharted waters of a budding industry.


Furthermore, it delves into the intriguing dance between cannabis and alcohol, revealing how the former might become a contender in reducing alcohol consumption. However, it also highlights the complex, individual-specific dynamics at play.


Nevertheless, the survey paints a vivid picture of a rapidly evolving landscape in which societal norms are being reshaped, and medical cannabis is emerging as a compelling player in healthcare’s future.






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Grading the Presidential Candidates on Marijuana: Kamala Harris




Kamala Harris is a heavy favorite for Democratic Presidential nominee, now that Joe Biden has dropped out of the race and endorsed her. This means we should re-open our short series on the 2024 Presidential candidates and marijuana. I thought we were done with this stuff.

We can trot out some deep cuts with Kamala Harris here on the blog. In January 2018, I picked her out of the pile as an example of a politician who talks a big game on cannabis while doing nothing helpful. I also surveyed her record on marijuana, which was pretty miserable at the time. In that post, I noted:

As California Attorney General, Ms. Harris did little to advance her state’s interest as to cannabis. In 2014, when she was asked for her opinion on legalizing adult-use cannabis, her response was dismissive laughter. As a state Senator, she has failed to sponsor or even co-sign any bill to re- or deschedule marijuana (and there are some good ones). Aside from lots of talking, Harris’ one big move has been to put together a petition to decriminalize marijuana nationwide (but not to revise the CSA). My eight-year-old niece could do that.

Ms. Harris was a California Senator at the time I wrote those words. She later threw her hat in the ring as a Presidential candidate in the 2020 election. The national sentiment on cannabis policy, along with the Democratic Party’s, was fluid at the time. Harris seemed to evolve along with it. She began to call for legalizing marijuana on social media in 2019, and, as we pointed out in another blog post, her campaign website advertised:

Kamala will take action to legalize marijuana, further reform federal sentencing laws, end private prisons and the profiting off of people in prison, and push states to prioritize treatment and rehabilitation for drug offenses.

We commented:

As a Senator, Harris’ rhetoric has become increasingly pro-legalization. Most recently, in 2018 Harris co-sponsored the Marijuana Justice Act which would legalize marijuana if passed. Her apparent pro-legalization stance, however, hasn’t always translated into legislative action. Her recent co-sponsorship of the Marijuana Justice Act comes only after she passed up many opportunities to co-sponsor or sign bills which would have legalized or rescheduled marijuana. The timing of her co-sponsorship of the bill — just over half a year before her official announcement of her presidential candidacy — suggests her sponsorship was a political move. Harris knows she must visibly adopt the pro-legalization platform to have a shot at the presidency as the majority of Americans support legalization.  But we wonder how much priority she would actually give the issue if elected into office.

Harris didn’t win the Party’s nomination that year. Interestingly, a searing, cannabis-related takedown by Tulsi Gabbard helped submarine Harris’s candidacy. Gabbard led her indictment in that viral debate moment by saying: “She [Harris] put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations and laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana.” Gabbard then assailed Harris on criminal justice more broadly. Harris’s candidacy never recovered.

Still, Biden picked Harris for his running mate, and most of us were fine with that. I put together another post in August of 2020 titled “Kamala Harris Will Help With Cannabis Reform (and That’s Good Enough for Me).” In that post, I summarized:

… It’s not how you start, but how you finish. Harris has really picked up the charge on cannabis issues lately, including in her role as Senate sponsor of the MORE Act. As drafted, the MORE Act removes marijuana from the federal Controlled Substances Act and provides expungement for certain cannabis offenses (and has a 3% chance of actually becoming law someday).

Still, if Harris keeps at it her advocacy will be a real boon, especially given Biden’s perplexing unwillingness to support cannabis legalization (we gave Biden a “D”), and especially given the Democrats’ failure at large to add marijuana legalization to the party platform once again this year. (Pretty disappointing, especially considering where the party was at in the run-up to the 2016 convention).

So we should credit Harris for coming around on cannabis, especially where the center of her party is still a half step behind. It is true that the Biden-Harris ticket is not the best that legalization advocates could have hoped for; but, like the U.S. at large, the Democratic party continues to float toward inevitably ending prohibition. Harris is going to help with that, even if it doesn’t happen as quickly as we had once hoped.

You know the rest. Biden and Harris were elected into office, with Harris supporting cannabis legalization and Biden pledging to “decriminalize the use of cannabis and automatically expunge all prior cannabis use convictions.” None of this happened, or will happen by November.

Instead, Biden ordered some overhyped federal pardons, and eventually, an administrative review of marijuana’s CSA placement. The latter directive resulted in a recommendation to move marijuana to schedule III. In the big picture, I offered that “what Biden did here may ultimately be helpful, but certainly not as helpful as possible. Biden passed the buck, putting us on an uncertain, circuitous path.”

Which is where we stand today. Kamala Harris, as Vice President, has mostly been silent thought all of it.

So what would Harris do as President, with respect to marijuana? I think the right answer is: “Kamala Harris would do whatever is politically expedient, but she would not otherwise prioritize cannabis reform.”

Today I am giving Kamala Harris a “B” grade, if only because she is a Presidential candidate who has called for cannabis legalization. And I think she would likely make that happen– provided she doesn’t have to work for it.

For prior posts in this series, check out the following:

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Best Seed Banks, Strains, & Genetics




best cannabis seeds to order 2024

Many of us will spend years buying cannabis from a local dispensary until the thought eventually strikes us: what if I started growing my own cannabis? If this describes your situation, we will help you get started with the best cannabis seeds – so you can start saving money and grow your own supplies at home. 

If you are ready to start growing your own cannabis in 2024, we have prepared all of the best seed banks to check out first. Below, we will break down the best cannabis seeds, where to buy them, and some tips for getting the best deals. 

Seed Banks to Buy the Best Cannabis Seeds in 2024

  1. Seed Supreme: Best overall place to buy cannabis seeds

  2. Homegrown Cannabis Co: Best assistance with growing

  3. ILGM: Great selection of cannabis seeds

  4. Seedsman: Solid selection selection of Sativa & Indica strains

  5. WeedSeedsExpress: Fast International shipping

1. Seed Supreme – Best Cannabis Seeds Overall

best cannabis seed overall


  • Rated #1 seed bank by many major publications

  • Great pricing & free shipping

  • Largest overall strain selection

  • Free seeds with every order

  • Each order has a germination guarantee

  • Prompt customer support

  • Fast flowering & potent buds




If you’re looking to buy the best cannabis seeds from the best seed bank, we highly recommend Seed Supreme. They are kind of a big deal in this industry – even listed as the top seed bank by various major publications for several years. As a result, this seed bank remains the clear front-runner in 2024. 


Some of the standout features that we notice right away here include a vast plant selection, the best genetics & strains on the market, and a guarantee that each cultivar will germinate from their seeds. Let’s go ahead and break them down in greater detail.


Strain Selection: 9.75/10 


We find thousands of different strains available here, which is a critical reason this remains the place with the best cannabis seeds in 2024. They work with over 1500 cultivars too, giving you the confidence that you will be able to buy the best cannabis seeds – from the best seed bank. 


Some of our favorite strains at Seed Supreme include Blue Dream, Fruity Pebbles & Grandaddy Purple. You can also shop for their high CBD seeds, feminized, autoflower, and more when you buy from this highly-acclaimed seed brand cultivar supplier.


Quality of Seeds & Genetics: 10/10


Each of the seeds at Seed Supreme comes from high-quality genetics & cultivars, giving you immediate confidence that you will be growing the best buds, the best seeds, and the largest selection of fine genetics. Not to mention, each order comes included with a germination guarantee, so you can rest assured that there won’t be any duds.

The genetics are what stand out the most with this seed bank. They have carefully crafted a unique variety of many different types of seeds and strains. Some of the highlights include feminized, autoflower, high THC, and high CBD seeds. 

Considering the sheer number of cultivars available, customers have the power to sift through the best seed banks on one platform and get the best cannabis seeds. They also feature top-selling seeds so you can pick from the best – if this is your cup of tea. 


Customer Feedback & Support: 9.75/10 


There is a germination guarantee on all orders. As a result, most people will have little issues or need to find themselves needing support after placing the order. However, they have 24/7 live chat support, email best seed banks support, and even phone support.


Customers have also, in large droves, said great things about Seed Supreme. One of the common themes that we see when considering customer reviews is that they have a great discreet method of shipping alongside a large selection of plant strains.


Deals & Promotions: 9.75/10


It seems that Seed Supreme always has a great promotion up its sleeves. At writing, the 420 season was heating up and buyers could get 20% off any order alongside free seeds. Remember, they already offer free seeds with each order – so even more free seeds came as an extra bonus. 


To see the latest deals, we recommend heading over to their home page. They typically have the deals placed right at the top, alongside a code that you can use at checkout. 


>> Check Out the Best Cannabis Seeds at Seed Supreme

2. Homegrown Cannabis Co. – Best For New & Novice Growers

home grown cannabis seeds



  • Expert customer & cultivation support

  • Both seeds & grow kits are available 

  • Germination guarantee with each order

  • Backed by industry experts like Kyle Kushman

  • Fast & free shipping with no hidden fees.




Homegrown Cannabis Co. is another one of the heavy hitters in the seed bank industry. They hit the ground running in 2020, and have never looked back. What made them eventually stand out is their clear commitment to helping both beginners and novice growers make the most of their cultivar orders with great resources & assistance at each step.


Of course, their commitment to high-quality genetics is also a big reason why they quickly rose to the top. Now, they have been consistently ranked across many major publications as a top-tier place to get the best cultivar banks-and for good reason.


Strain Selection: 9.75/10 


Although we don’t find quite as many strains here as we do at Seed Supreme-you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who does! There are over 500 different strains to check out here. Some of our favorites include beginner seeds like Northern Dawn, Gorilla Glue #4, and Bruce Banner. Citrus fruits are a common terpene profile found in many cultivars.


We also recommend checking out their New Strains page consistently as they are always searching around for the latest and greatest in the cannabis seed world. At writing, we found some interesting new options like Bazooka Punch-which is a hybrid with tetrahydrocannabinol levels that typically go up to 28%


Quality of Seeds & Genetics: 9.75/10


Homegrown Cannabis Co. has a very similar mark of quality that we find with Seed Supreme. In the world of best seed banks, a clear indicator of quality is how much confidence the vendor puts into the cultivar product.


Whenever you buy seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co., you receive a germination guarantee. If your best cannabis seeds seeds don’t germinate, you can rest assured that they will make it right and send you new seeds. However, we haven’t received any report that this was ever necessary in the first place! 


Customer Feedback & Support: 10/10


Whether you are a beginner or a novice grower in 2024, you likely will be overwhelmed with all the small details involved in growing your own cannabis. However, you will find tons of resources to help you every step of the process on their website & YouTube channel. 


As a customer, you will experience various methods of payment including both cryptocurrency and credit card. There is a live chat support, email support, and even phone support that you can reach out to with any concern.


Deals & Promotions: 9.5/10


In addition to having the best cannabis seeds and strains, they also offer some cheap seeds and alternatives for those seeking out the best promotions on their deals page, which is a great page to check out anyway before you make your final purchase. 


This page is consistently updated to give their latest promotions. At writing, we found some great BOGO deals for plant strains like Zkittlez, Bubba Kush, Red Runtz, and more. They also often put bulk deals and other great deals on this page.


>> Check Out the Best Cannabis Seeds & Homegrown Cannabis Co.

3. ILGM – Good Overall Cannabis Seeds Collection

ilm cannabis seeds at home



  • Good resources for beginners

  • Seed mix packs available

  • Free seeds with many orders

  • Seeds for both indoors & outdoors



  • A little pricey

  • Slow customer support


ILGM stands out as a company that has been buzzing for years, and therefore, is difficult to not mention whenever the best cannabis seeds come to mind. They have a great set of resources for beginner growers, free seeds on most orders, and seeds for many types of plant operations. Their seeds are known for their accessibility.


Founded by Robert Bergman in 2012, he initially just wanted to do some blogging to help cannabis seed growers. Since then, it has turned into a store and resource for growers alike! We think it stands out as a good overall place for finding a wide range of citrus cultivar seeds.


Strain Selection: 8.5/10 


When compared to most players in the cannabis seed world, we find that ILGM has a comparatively high selection of the best cannabis seeds, with hundreds of options to consider. You can choose from cheap seeds to high-THC seeds. 


There are also some great beginner seeds to check out like Papaya Kush, Grease Monkey, and Yuzu. However, we find that the overall seed selection at Seed Supreme& Homegrown Cannabis Co. is better than what we see here. Plant accessibility is key.


Quality of Seeds & Genetics: 8.5/10


The seeds that you get at ILGM are usually pretty solid with some exceptions. One big potential concern that we see right away is that there don’t seem to be many unique cultivar strains here, implying that they typically source their seeds from similar providers that other seed banks use.


However, we also like how they offer fertilizer packs and many types of seeds, including feminized, autoflower, and more. We hope that they continue to place in hot new seeds in the future, though. 


Customer Feedback & Support: 9/10 


ILGM stands out as top-tier in terms of its customer support. In addition to having a vast library of resources for both beginner and novice growers, they have an accessibility support line that typically replies back within a day.


However, we hope that they also add phone and live support in the future, as this will help growers get a little more confidence that help is always around the corner. This is also what we see in top-tier seed banks like Seed Supreme& Homegrown Cannabis Co.


Deals & Promotions: 8.5/10


There is usually something brewing at ILGM as far as special deals and promotions go. At writing, they were offering a buy 10 get 10 free deal for all Phylos seeds. You can usually find the latest deals on the home page of their website. 


In addition, if you want to get some cheap deals, we recommend checking out their beginner deals section, where you will usually find some great deals on classic strains. At writing, we saw some bulk deals for strains like Grape Octane, Sweet Tartz, and more.  


>> Check Out the Best Cannabis Seeds at ILGM Here. 

5. Seedsman – Great Choice Between Strains

seedman cannabis seeds review



  • Nice collection of Sativas, Indicas, & hybrid

  • Free seeds with each order

  • High-quality genetics



If you want to have a great experience choosing between a large selection of of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains, and a good amount of biodiversity, this is another solid seed bank to consider. With such a nice balance between strains, those who want a higher level of accessibility to different strains alongside the insurance of a germination guarantee often say great things about this site.

Strain Selection: 8.0/10 

Seedsman boasts a remarkably extensive variety of cannabis seeds, offering thousands of strains for customers to choose from. Whether you’re looking for feminized seeds, autoflowering strains, or high-CBD options, Seedsman has it all.

This wide selection ensures that both novice and experienced growers can find something suitable for their needs. Popular strains include Mama Thai, California Indica, blueberry, and many more, catering to various preferences and growing cultivar conditions.

Quality of Seeds & Genetics: 8.0/10

Quality is a hallmark of Seedsman’s offerings. They emphasize robust genetics and high germination rates, sourcing seeds from reputable breeders. This commitment to quality ensures that growers receive potent, healthy plants enriched with biodiversity. Each seed undergoes rigorous quality control to meet Seedsman’s high standards, making them a reliable choice for growers seeking top-tier cannabis plants.

However, our biggest complaint here is that we don’t find many unique strains that you cannot find anywhere else. This may imply that they source many of their seeds from some of the same top-quality providers that heavy-hitters like Seed Supreme & Homegrown Cannabis Co. do.

Customer Feedback & Support: 8.5/10 

Customer reviews for Seedsman are generally positive, with many praising the discreet shipping and quality of the seeds. Their customer service is accessible through various channels, including live chat, email, and phone support. While they are known for their responsive and knowledgeable support team, the vast selection can sometimes be overwhelming for new customers, which can impact the overall customer experience.

Deals & Promotions: 9.5/10

Seedsman frequently offers promotions and discounts, making it easier to find great deals on cannabis seeds. They often run special offers such as buy-one-get-one-free deals and discounts on bulk orders. Additionally, they include free seeds with every order, adding extra value and making them a cost-effective choice for buyers looking to maximize their purchase.

Seedsman remains a top-tier seed bank thanks to their extensive selection of high-quality cannabis seeds. Their focus on quality genetics, excellent customer service, and frequent promotions make them a standout choice for both novice and experienced growers. Whether you’re looking for popular strains or unique cultivars, Seedsman has something to offer.

>> Check Out the Best Cannabis Seeds From Seedsman

4. WeedSeedsExpress – Fast International Shipping

weed seed express cannabis seeds






Next up, WeedSeedsExpress is another solid option for those who want great worldwide shipping – including fast USA shipping. Compared to many other places to get the best cannabis seeds, we find that they are sent to a high number of countries quickly. 


In addition, there are lots of resources on the site that you can reference for beginners and novice growers. We think this may be the best seed bank for those seeking fast shipping for international destinations like the UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, and best seed banks.


Strain Selection: 8/10 


There is an adequate number of strains on this site, including Indica, Sativa, and hybrid options. There are hundreds of great strains on here. However, we don’t find that there are quite as many cultivars to choose from when compared to other seed banks.


Some of our favorite strains here include Godfather OG, C. Banana, and AK-47. We like how they include seeds for beginners, feminized, and autoflower options. At writing, the highest THC strain we could find could produce tetrahydrocannabinol content up to 30%-which is great.


Quality of Seeds & Genetics: 7.5/10


Right off the bat, the quality of the seeds is not being brought into question by us. However, it does seem that they themselves may question the quality of their seeds. Interestingly, we couldn’t find any sort of germination guarantee-implying that some orders may not lead to germination. However, it’s worth noting that insurance may be available.


In addition, it doesn’t seem that there are many (if any) unique cultivar seeds to check out here that cannot also be sourced by other best seed banks. As a result, this is just another great cannabis seed provider to check out-but not quite hitting top-tier.


Customer Feedback & Support: 7.5/10 


If you need assistance, it is always right around the corner here at WeedSeedsExpress. They have a live chat that you can reach out to, an FAQ page, a phone number, and an email address that you can reach out to for accessibility. In addition, customers tend to say great things about best seed banks like this one.


There is also a Learning Center where you can access resources for growing their cultivar. When compared to a comprehensive help center, blog, and YouTube videos that we see at places like best seed banks, though, the support is just good enough.


Deals & Promotions: 7.5/10


Finally, there is a deals page at WeedSeedsExpress where you can find some of their latest offers. However, when we browsed it the best deal we could find was three seeds for $65, which is really not that enticing.


Perhaps the best way to get access to deals with this seed bank is to sign up for their loyalty program. Loyal customers tend to get access to deals that the deal page doesn’t offer publicly to the organic new cultivar.


>> Check Out the Best Cannabis Seeds at WeedSeedsExpress

Things to Consider When Shopping For the Best Cannabis Seeds

Strain Selection


The first thing that you should consider before shopping for the best cannabis seeds is the overall number of strains that the seed bank offers. Although more seeds don’t always mean that it’s a better seed bank, having 1000s of cultivar options like what we see at Seed Supreme helps you ensure you get the best possible selection.


Quality of the Seeds & Genetics


Next up, a great provider of the best cannabis seeds will always have top-tier genetics from many different cultivars. Usually, a great sign of top-tier genetics is whether or not they have a germination guarantee. Whenever the seed bank offers a guarantee like this, alongside feminized and autoflower options, you can usually be sure it’s a great source of the best seed banks.


Customer Feedback & Support


The buds don’t lie-just as much as the customers don’t lie. Try to search around for reviews of each cultivar’s best seed banks before purchasing to confirm anything we say here. Don’t just take our word for it, consider the advice of others who have purchased from each of the seed banks above to get the best possible results.


Special Offers & Other Promotions


Finally, be on the hunt for special deals and promotions before you make any final decisions. Sometimes, you might be able to find the same strain across many best seed banks. If so, see if there are any sort of blowout deals or promotions. Usually, the promotions for each seed bank should be seen right front and center on the site’s homepage.

Why Should I Buy From Seed Supreme? 

Still not sure why we picked Seed Supreme as the best cannabis seeds provider in 2024? Here are some additional facts to consider: 


Widespread Appeal: We’re not even close to being the first ones to rank them #1 in this market. They have been ranked as the best seed banks across many major publications in the past couple of years. Different opinions from varying sources count for something!


Germination Guarantees: A subpar seed bank will send you your seeds and then wish you good luck. A top-tier seed bank like Seed Supreme will not only send you cannabis seeds but guarantee that they will germinate – or give you fresh new seeds!


1000s of Strains: You will have a very difficult time finding another place with as many types of cannabis seeds as we find here at Seed Supreme. If you are after the largest possible selection, you came to the right place. There are tons of unique strains, lemon strains, beginner strains, and classic strains here.


>> Check Out the Best Cannabis Seeds at Seed Supreme

What Are the Best Strains At Seed Supreme? 

Looking for some great strains to check out first? Here are some of our favorite strains that are offered by Seed Supreme. 


Fruity Pebbles: The buds you get from this hybrid strain will have THC contents sprouting over 20% with each grow – giving you the same quality that you will find at a typical dispensary. It has a flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks and is great for both beginners and novices alike. 


Blue Dream: This strain has been the best-selling strain across Seed Supreme and North America for quite some time. This is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a relatively high THC Content of up to 20%. You can expect it to flower anywhere between 8 to 10 weeks. 


CBD Girl Scout Cookies: Not everyone hoping to grow their own cannabis wants to experience the psychoactive effects of tetrahydrocannabinol. Many are after the medicinal benefits of CBD. If this describes you, we recommend starting off by checking out this high CBD cultivar, with CBD levels over 10% and a flowering time of just 6 to 8 weeks.

Guide For Buying the Best Cannabis Seeds

What is the Best Way to Germinate Cannabis Seeds?

To start, make sure that you source your cannabis seeds from a provider like Seed Supreme with a germination guarantee. Then, make sure that your seeds are placed in a warm, dark, and humid place. Soak the seeds consistently in a growing substrate. Typically, it will take up to 10 days before you start to see your seeds germinate. 

Where to Buy the Best Cannabis Seeds? 

If you want to get the best cannabis seeds, we recommend heading over to a top-tier platform like Seed Supreme or Homegrown Cannabis Co., Top dispensary marketing services recommend them to their clients too!  Otherwise, you risk not getting a germination guarantee, and accordingly, the high-quality cultivar buds you need. 

What Are the Best Cannabis Seeds? 

Usually, the best cannabis seeds come with a germination guarantee, a relatively quick flowering time, and a high THC content. We recommend starting off by trying Fruity Pebbles, Blue Dream, and Northern Dawn if you want one of the best cannabis crop cultivar seeds.

What Are the Best Medical Plant Seeds For Sale? 

Out of the many great medical plant seeds to check out, we recommend starting off with a proven strain such as Blue Dream, Fruity Pebbles, or Grandaddy Purple.

What Are the Best Cannabis Plant Seeds For Sale? 

There are many great cannabis plant seeds on the market in 2024. Some of our favorites include Northern Dawn, Gorilla Glue #4, and Bruce Banner.

What is the Best Way to Store Cannabis Seeds? 


For best results, keep all seeds in a cool & dark area – away from humidity. We recommend using airtight containers like mason jars or a vacuum-sealable bag to ensure that the seeds stay safe from moisture and air. 

What is the Best Cannabis Seed to Grow Outside?

Cannabis seeds grown outdoors produce a classic look and feel not found in other growing mediums. Grandaddy Purple, Bruce Banner, or Northern Dawn are all good choices to check out first if you want to grow your crop outdoors.

What is the Quickest Cannabis Seed to Grow?

If you want seeds that are going to be quicker than a typical seed to grow, we recommend checking out autoflower seeds. They tend to have quick growth cycles that are usually between 8 to 10 weeks. 

Final Breakdown of the Top 5 Cannabis Seed Banks

As a brief recap, here are our top 5 sources of the best cannabis seeds, and why we chose them. 

  • Seed Supreme: This is the best overall place to get cannabis seeds in 2024. They have the largest selection of strains and the best overall genetics on the market. 

  • Homegrown Cannabis Co.: From seed to bud, you simply won’t get the support you find here anywhere else. They have a wide selection of great strains, grow kits, and also a vast set of resources for both beginners and novice growers.

  • ILGM: ILGM has an overall good selection of cannabis seeds to check out. They also help their users make the most of their seeds by offering free growing resources to help them along the way. 

  • Seedsman: Accessibility to many Sativa & Indica strains to help your harvest include a diverse selection are the main reasons we recommend heading over here to Seedsman. They also have great insurance in the form of a germination promise.

  • WeedSeedsExpress: If you want to secure cannabis seeds from an international destination, this might be the best choice. They offer shipping across many parts of the world, and ship quickly! 

Tips For Buying the Best Cannabis Seeds

Before you head off and start your own research, we have some tips for you to keep in mind to help you find the best cannabis seeds to suit your individual needs. 

  • Check the reviews for a seed bank before buying them

  • Check reviews of strains before buying them.

  • Consider whether you want psychoactive or medical benefits

  • Consider prices across multiple sources to find the best deal

  • See if there are loyalty programs if you sign up with your email

  • Buy hybrid strains with high THC content if you are after psychoactive effects

  • Seeds that produce high CBD buds are best for medical conditions

Ready to Get Some of the Best Cannabis Seeds? 


If you are after the best cannabis seeds on the market, we recommend starting off your search at Seed Supreme. They have 1000s of high-quality cultivars and the best genetics on the market. If you need a little extra assistance along your growing journey, we recommend also checking out Homegrown Cannabis Co.


Finally, ILGM remains one of the classic sources of high-quality cannabis seeds with a great stock and many strains to choose from. Wherever you decide to purchase your best seed banks, though, be sure to do plenty of research on your own and find the cultivar that best suits your personal needs and preferences.


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What Entity Type is Best for a Cannabis Startup?




At our firm, we’ve helped numerous cannabis startups navigate the complexities of choosing the right business entity. Because every startup is unique and has different goals and needs, a one-size-fits-all approach just won’t work. Below, I’ll explore some of the key considerations we focus on when finding the optimal entity type and structure for a cannabis venture.

The problem with sole proprietorships

Laypeople often mistakenly think that a business owned by a single person and a sole proprietorship are the same thing. Sole proprietorships, however, are generally unincorporated businesses. Imagine John Smith opens a lemonade stand and calls it John Smith Lemonade. It won’t be a separate legal entity unless he files a document with his state’s secretary of state.

Sole proprietorships like this completely miss out on “limited liability,” the hallmark of entities like corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), limited liability partnerships (LLPs), and some other business types. Limited liability shields the owners of a business from the debts and liabilities of the business. In other words, an owner can’t be sued if the business breaches a contract or incurs another liability to a third party.

Without limited liability, a sole proprietor can be sued individually for the business’s conduct. In my sole proprietorship example above, that would be the case whether John Smith or one of his employees sold spoiled lemonade that made someone sick. Generally speaking, all of that goes away for business owners who form an entity offering limited liability (yes there are some exceptions for fraud and wrongful conduct, but those are the exceptions, not the norm).

With that in mind, I’ll talk about the two most common entity types we see in the cannabis space.

Corporations v. LLCs

Corporations have shareholders (owners) who elect directors to manage the big picture operations of the company. Directors hire officers to run the day-to-day affairs of the corporation. Depending on the state, there may be many different kinds of corporations. For example, California has general stock corporations, close corporations, and a host of non-profit corporations. All of them are different and may have different benefits for specific business types.

LLCs are much simpler. Where corporations have shareholders, directors, and officers, LLCs only have members (owners). They can (but don’t have to) appoint managers or even officers to run the business. But otherwise, LLC governance requirements are much simpler.

So the first big question for cannabis startups is how much governance they are prepared to deal with. Corporations can have a lot of benefits, but owners have to understand that they come with more governance baggage.

Which entity is better for taxation?

Corporations are taxed on their income at the federal corporate tax rate is 21%. Shareholders are then taxed on their dividends, if any are paid. This is known as “double taxation” and the “C-corporation” model. Corporations can also elect to be treated as “S-corporations” for tax purposes by making an election with the IRS within a certain timeframe. S-corporation taxation is similar to partnership taxation in many ways. However, S-corporations have many restrictions that make them impractical for some businesses.

Single member LLCs are “disregarded” for tax purposes. Multi-member LLCs are taxed on a pass-through basis (“partnership” taxation). This means that profits and losses of an LLC are treated as profits and losses of its members for tax purposes unless the LLC timely elects to have C-corporation taxation. [Note, there is also something called S-corporation taxation, which is similar to partnership taxation but outside the scope of this post.]

Despite “double taxation,” corporations may be the right entity for a cannabis business in some contexts. Here is an example of ours from a few years ago:

For example, a C corporation that earns $100,000 will pay tax of $21,000 ($100,000 *21%). If that same corporation dividends 100% of its earnings to shareholders, the maximum tax at the individual level is $23,800 ($100,000*23.8%). So the combined amount of tax is $44,800 ($21,000 + $23,800).  In comparison, a partnership (or S corporation) results in less overall tax to the owners $37,000 ($100,000 *37%).

However, a C corporation is the preferred structure if the plan is to limit the amount of dividends paid to shareholders. For example the total tax hit to a C corporation and its shareholders that paid out dividends of $50,000 is: $32,900 [$21,000+ $11,900($50,000 * 23.8%)]. In this case, a C Corporation saves $4,100 of taxes compared to operating as a partnership. The C Corporation has the additional benefit of insulating shareholders/owners from personal liability for federal income tax.

On the other hand, partnership taxation can be ideal in some circumstances, such as:

  • The individual tax brackets of the LLC members are below 37%;
  • The individual member/partners qualify for the favorable 20% deduction for flow-through income under IRC section 199A;
  • The business plan emphasizes distributing cash to investors over reinvesting cash into the business (growth);
  • The business is not a retailer, and is able to claim a reasonable amount of costs of goods sold (COGS) in its tax reporting.

None of this is meant to be tax advice, but highlights some of the key challenges businesses face in making tax and entity type decisions.

How does the parent/subsidiary company model effect entity choice?

Many cannabis ventures are structured with separate operating companies owned by a single company. Generally speaking, the operating companies are LLCs due to simplicity of operation and pass-through taxation, whereas the “parent” is a C-corporation.

Corporations tend to be the better choice for raising equity and investments, which usually happens at the parent level. Institutional investors are more comfortable investing into corporations than LLCs, where they can secure director seats, define the classes of preferred or other equity they will get, etc. Not to say this can’t be done in an LLC, but the traditional C-corporation parent model tends to be the choice of most cannabis businesses.

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