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Piattella Hash: What Is It, and How to Make Piattella



Are you familiar with the newest trend that’s taken the cannabis community by storm? Yep, you guessed it, Piattella hash! This flavoursome solventless extract has been causing a stir among hash enthusiasts, with many proclaiming it to be the best hash available.

What is Piattella hash?

Piattella, also known as Piatella, is a type of hash that is becoming increasingly popular among cannabis enthusiasts. Rather than relying on traditional ageing methods, Piattella uses a unique production process that focuses on preserving the freshness of trichomes.

Piatella or Piattella?

Its name derives from the word piatto, which translates to “flat” in Italian and will become more apparent as we delve deeper into the extraction process. In Italian, Piattella is written with double T’s due to its natural grammatical and phonetic pronunciation. That second T is usually dropped in English and other languages, where it’s often referred to as ‘Piatella hash’.

Piattella hash or Piattella rosin?

Piattella hash should not be called Piattella rosin, despite common misperceptions. Unlike rosin, which is created by applying heat and pressure, Piattella hash is produced differently. It’s produced with the highest quality bubble hash, made from fresh frozen plant material, which is then cold-cured until it becomes butter-like in consistency. This technique intensifies the flavours and creates a distinctive texture that allows enthusiasts to experience high-quality hashish like never before.

Where did Piattella hash come from?

Zio from Uncle’s Farm Cannabis Social Club in Barcelona, Spain, is responsible for developing the techniques to create Piattella. To produce his innovative form of hash, Zio experimented with premium full-melt bubble hash sourced from renowned La Sagrada Farms and Slite 23. 

Zio knew curing can dramatically influence the final product’s flavour, potency, and consistency. He decided to try out various temperatures and observe the outcomes of each one. Then, using a technique that isn’t new to the hash world, he used a cold-curing technique that enables the hash to cure at temperatures ranging from 4 to 10°C. 

As exposure to heat and oxidation can lead to the degradation of the terpene and cannabinoid content, using a cold cure allows the bubble hash to transform naturally into a smooth and creamy consistency without being exposed to either. Zio discovered that the cold-curing process results in a superior terpene and cannabinoid profile in the final product, consistently enhancing its organoleptic properties compared to its original state. We spoke to Zio, and he explained:

“Piattella is not merely a technique; rather, it involves comprehending the process of oxidation, enhancing its organoleptic properties to the fullest, and preserving it using the cold curing process.”

Once enclosed in an airtight environment and placed in a vacuum-sealed container, the bubble hash will naturally start to sweat, which helps create the desired buttery consistency extractors are searching for. Due to its distinctive texture, Piattella is incredibly easy to manipulate and work with, allowing connoisseurs to enjoy a broader spectrum of terpenes that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

What makes Piattella hash unique?

One of the most important aspects of any cannabis product is the curing process, which makes the finished process unique. While oxidation is inevitable over time, the aim is always to reduce this as much as possible. If left to cure in the open air, the product can oxidate rapidly, which can degrade the terpene and cannabinoid content and subsequently darken the final product’s colour.  

Piattella stands out from other types of hashish due to its unique cold-curing process that reduces the oxidation rate, thus maintaining its light colour. This process has also played a vital role in increasing its popularity as it stabilises Piattella to such an extent that its shelf-life is extended.

Piattella’s unique characteristic lies in its production process that involves controlled oxidation, which results in a mutation from the original bubble hash made with fresh, frozen plant material. Freezing the whole plant immediately after harvesting helps minimise oxidation and preserves a wealth of terpenes and trichomes.

How to make Piattella hash?

While there are several ways to do it, here at Sensi Seeds, we have developed our own take on Piattella hash, and perfecting the process requires practice and patience. We encourage you to experiment and have fun along the way! Here’s our method:

  1. To produce Piattella hash, it is crucial to use premium quality, full-melt bubble hash extracted from fresh-frozen plant material. This approach helps to enhance the hash’s sensory properties to the fullest.
  2. Place it in a vacuum-sealing bag and carefully use a machine to remove all the air, compressing the hash together. This ‘flattening’ is where Piattella gets its name from. Alternatively, wrap the bubble hash in cellophane wrap.
  3. Store the hash in an airtight container away from heat and light. This will help the hash to melt naturally without any external disturbance, which can help preserve the colour and texture of the final product.
  4. During the cold-curing process, it is crucial to place the hash in a vacuum-sealed environment for an extended period until the oxidation/mutation is complete and the consistency becomes butter-like. Keeping temperatures between 4 and 10°C without fluctuations is vital to prevent degradation and preserve its texture. Exercising patience during this process is essential to achieve the desired results.

How is Piattella hash consumed?

Like most cannabis concentrates, there are various ways to consume them. You can mix Piattella hash with your joints, or if you want to enjoy the rich terpene profiles, dab rigs and vaporizers such as the Peak Pro by Puffco are perfect for maximising the taste of your concentrate! 

Is Piattella the start of the hash revolution?

Serge Damirjian, CEO of Fiore and Serge Cannabis, has recently expressed his thoughts on the increasing demand for Piattella hash, poised to impact the cannabis industry significantly.

Piattella hashish is the next emerging trend in the cannabis industry. As a community, we enjoy it, and it has been incredibly impactful on hashish connoisseurs.” 

Piattella has combined modern technology with traditional hash-making to create an aesthetically appealing experience that appeals to many.

One of the reasons people are drawn to Piattella hash is its practicality and extended shelf life, which are both results of the cold-curing process. Its high terpene content significantly contributes to its growing popularity, and its easy-to-handle texture makes it a promising addition to the cannabis industry. It’s exciting to see something new and innovative in the cannabis industry, and Piattella might be the start of a hash revolution.

  • Disclaimer:

    Laws and regulations regarding cannabis use differ from country to country. Sensi Seeds therefore strongly advises you to check your local laws and regulations. Do not act in conflict with the law.

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5 Fun Websites Where You Can Learn A New Skill




Learning new skills requires motivation and persistence. While some people thrive in school-like settings, others do not. An in today’s

Despite the fact that we’ve been very exposed to all sorts of screens and online activities throughout the past months, at this point in the pandemic, it’s natural to feel the urge to do something new, something that feels productive and nourishing. Luckily, there’s tons of websites out there designed to cater to people’s different set of needs and interests.

COVID introduced people to their kitchen and inspired people to expand cooking skills. But generally, everyone can still use a little help in terms of learning cooking skills and in finding some new recipes to keep our lives a little less boring. This website has a bunch of delicious recipes on hand that are simple and that will teach you to be a better home cook. There’s also videos, which are a great tool for visual learners.

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Sporcle is a trivia website, one of the most comprehensive in the world, containing quizzes for basically anything that’s of interest to you. While you won’t learn through the use of Sporcle alone, the site is a fun and engaging way of supporting whatever it is you’re studying, no matter how specific.

Edx provides access to thousands of online courses and degrees belonging to renowned schools and colleges like MIT, Harvard, Berkeley and more. While the courses are paid for, they’re much cheaper than the ones you’d find in other websites and institutions.

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Khan Academy is also another popular website for students and teachers alike. All content on their site is free and it also allows you to customize your experience as you go, whether you’re teaching your kid or are looking to learn a new skill.

Code Academy is one of the cheapest tools people can use when trying to learn how to code. You can have access to some basics for free but can pay $20 a month and gain access to a full roster of lessons. There’s different courses and programs that allow you to learn specifics and not get overwhelmed by too much information, whether you’re trying to get better at web design or are looking to learn the basics of computer programming.

At the very least, you will have a better understand what it takes to code.

Have a great time expanding your skills and your mind!

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Time To Ditch Monday Morning Meetings




It’s the beginning of a new week and you’re still reeling from the weekend. Maybe you have a hangover, maybe its fond memories of sleeping in and watching Netflix in bed for two days straight that has you a little fuzzy first thing on a Monday morning. Either way, you are likely not equipped to shift into “work mode” as soon as you log into your computer. You’re not a robot.

“Monday morning meetings tend to start my week off on the wrong foot,” one New York native, 27, told Moneyish, adding that it slows down his workflow and is ineffective, saying he’d much rather use the time to catch up on emails and unfinished projects. Plus, he says, “it is impossible to productively contribute to any conversation [that early].”

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If the feeling of dread creeps up on you on Sunday night, you’re not alone. According to Moneyish, studies have shown that as many as 81 percent of workers get the “Sunday Scaries” — a severe anxiety that bleeds into the beginning of their work week. And according to data, one in three employees is likely not to show up to a meeting that’s scheduled for early Monday morning.

Experts say it’s much more productive for everyone to delay meetings until later in the day, when people’s brains are a little less foggy.

“When the weekend rolls around we really need it, and we may not be ready to jump back into Monday,” Deb Lee, a digital productivity coach, tells Moneyish. “Heavier, and more intense meetings should be saved for later in the day, or even on Tuesday when you’ve gotten into the swing of things and feel settled.”

Moneyish points to a study from 2017 that found the highest percentage of tasks are completed on Monday (20.4%), compared to on Friday, when only 16.7% of work assignments are done.

But it’s important to specify that people complete the most tasks at around 11 a.m., just before lunch time, suggesting that the 9 a.m. Monday meeting your boss has planned won’t be the most effective, the study also found.

If you have an understanding boss, Lee suggests asking your boss if they’d be okay with moving the meeting.

“You can say to this person, ‘how would you feel about doing a lunch instead?’ or ‘Would you mind if we met later, there are some projects I’d like to work on earlier in the day.’

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“I wouldn’t approach it with, ‘I’m not a morning person and I don’t want to do it.’ It’s more like, ‘here’s my schedule, and here are some things I’m working on. Now you’re telling your boss that you’re invested in your work and in your schedule.”

Good luck to you.

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Tips To Make The Most Of A Distillery Visit




Nothing says fall then a drive though the country and visiting shops, seeing pumpkin patches and maybe even visiting a distillery. With hundreds of bourbon and whiskey distilleries now operating in the United States, there’s a good chance you’ll have the opportunity to visit at least one of them.

According to the Kentucky Distillers Association 95 per cent of all bourbon whiskey is produced in Kentucky, The important to remember though, is that all 50 U.S. states have at least one whiskey distillery.

A visit can be fun, informative and tasty, so here are so tips to make the most of a distillery visit.

Photo by Flickr user Raphaël Chekroun
  • Do your research and make a plan. Before you head out, check out what distilleries are in the area, when they’re open, and what kinds of experiences they offer. Some distilleries in major tourist centers are open seven days per week, while rural farm distilleries might only be open for business on the weekends. Distilleries’ websites are a good place to start, but social media accounts might have more up-to-date information about special events or offers.These days, most distilleries can serve at least tiny samples of their products, but all states are different. If you’re in the mood for a martini, you might be disappointed by local laws that prohibit distilleries from serving cocktails. Food, too, can be hit-or-miss, so check out restaurants on your route or see if any of your visits might have a food truck parked outside.

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  • Dress for success. If you’re doing a behind-the-scenes or “hardhat” tour, skip the stillettos or flip flops. Distilleries are factories, complete with slick or sticky surfaces, loud noises, and grated elevated walkways that look like the set from a John Claude Van Damme film. Closed-toed shoes and comfy clothes are a good idea.
  • Tackle transportation. Spirits samples add up fast. If you’re in a city, plan to take public transit, Lyft, or Uber. If you’re in the countryside, pick a designated driver or hire a car for the day—it’s way more fun than stressing out over your samples or abstaining from that single barrel super pour at the end of your tasting.
  • Be on timeespecially if you’ve made an appointment. Distillers are busy, and tasting room staff are often scheduled around existing appointments. Respect their time and stick to your schedule—or, if you know your plans are going to be fluid, choose distilleries with open tasting room hours and just pop in.

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  • Introduce yourself. All kinds of people come through the doors of that tasting room, from teetotaler neighbors who are just curious about what’s going on inside, to international whiskey collectors. If you already know a lot about the distillery and you’re a big fan of its products, tell them so! Distillers love to meet their fans—and, if you’re lucky, slip them special samples. If this is your very first time tasting rye whiskey, tell them that, too. Knowing customers’ experience level can help tasting room staff tailor their conversation to you.
  • Ask questions. There is no question too silly, too basic, or too nerdy to ask on a distillery tour. Usually, tour guides know an amazing amount about their products. And, if you do manage to land a stumper, well, there’s something satisfying about that, too.
  • If you like something, buy something, especially if it’s a smaller operation. Sometimes—although not always—distilleries make a better profit margin on the bottles they sell from the tasting room than those you buy at retail through a distributor.
  • Tip your tasting room staff. If you tip servers who spend five minutes taking your order, delivering your food, and clearing your plates, you can tip the guide who just spent an hour taking you on a tour and then served you a flight of mini-cocktails.
  • Get social. If you had a wonderful time, post pictures of your visit on social media. Distillers love seeing their business through their customers’ eyes, and it’s a great way to say thanks by encouraging your friends and family to visit.
  • Hangovers are the worst. Drinking plenty of water won’t undo overindulgence, but it’s still the best way to stave off the crud the next day.

Happy distillery visiting!

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